How To Ship A Package To Japan?

Drop off your package at your nearest FedEx drop-off location for delivery to Japan in 10-16 business days. DHL eCommerce – This tracked mail service is the cheapest way to ship from the US to Japan. Drop off your parcel at your local USPS Post Office for delivery to Japan in 11 to 22 business days.
We Make it Easy to Ship US and UK Products to Japan.

How can I ship to Japan from USA?

Shipping to Japan from USA never been easier. Nex offers both Parcel shipping services to Japan and Freight shipping services to Japan With NEX Worldwide Express, you can be sure your documents, samples, personal effects, cars, heavy machinery or whatsoever you are shipping to Japan arrives on time and at the lowest cost.

What is the cheapest way to send packages from Japan?

The cheapest and easiest way to send packages overseas from Japan is by international mail from Japan Post. This article introduces how to ship overseas parcels from post offices in Japan. There are four shipping types — Surface Mail, Economy Air (SAL), Airmail, and Express Mail Service (EMS) —available for international mail from the post office.

Where can I ship packages to my parents in Japan?

Did you purchase too many items on your travels? Would you like to send packages to your parents in your home country? Choose to ship parcels internationally at Japan Post offices. Learn about their four shipping methods, features, and prices alongside precautions before shipping overseas.

How long does economy shipping to Japan take?

On average, economy shipping to Japan takes between 7-15 business days. You can pay for expedited delivery and get your package there in 1-2 days, but for a higher price. Say we’re sending a 2-pound package to Kyoto from Los Angeles, CA. We’ll use the Free Shipping Rate Calculator from Easyship to get quick estimate on delivery times.

How much does it cost to send a package to Japan?

Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Japan from the US

Service Price
USPS Priority Mail International $60.55
UPS Worldwide Expedited $143.47
UPS Worldwide Saver $153.13
FedEx International Priority $162.13

What is the cheapest way to send a package to Japan?

At just over $26, USPS First Class International is the cheapest way to ship to Japan. You might prefer to use DHL eCommerce Priority for just $2 more, since the delivery timeline is comparable, and DHL is reputed to be more reliable than USPS.

Is USPS shipping to Japan?

Secure, Affordable Global Shipping

USPS® international mail services go to more than 180 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Australia.

Can I mail a package to Japan?

✈️ Does USPS ship to Japan? Yes, USPS delivers to Japan. They offer several methods including Postal Service: Fully Tracked, USPS Priority, USPS Express. With Planet Express, you will get discounted rates on these methods so you can save a lot of money.

Is Japan accepting packages from USA?

Any mail sent from these countries to Japan will still be accepted by Japan Post and delivered as normal. Countries such as the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom are unaffected by the suspension.

Can UPS deliver to Japan?

Along with faster delivery for time-sensitive shipments, UPS is also extending pickup cut-off times to end of business day and providing earlier deliveries as early as 12pm for businesses in selected cities in West and Central Japan.

Does Amazon deliver to Japan?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to Japan. You’ll normally have to pay around ¥1,100 JPY to have your Amazon purchase shipped to Japan, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in Japan will be delivered by Japan Post Holdings.

How much does it cost to ship a 5 lb box USPS?

2021 USPS Parcel Select Ground Shipping Rates

Parcel Select (wt. not over) Zones 1 & 2 Zone 5
3 lb $7.75 $9.29
4 lb $7.85 $10.08
5 lb $7.95 $11.35
6 lb $8.06 $13.97

Does USPS deliver internationally?

USPS provides reliable and affordable international delivery to about 180 countries through Priority Mail International. Most Priority Mail International shipments include tracking and insurance: up to $100 for nonnegotiable documents and up to $200 for merchandise.

What is the cheapest way to send mail internationally?

USPS Priority Mail International – Flat Rate is the cheapest way to mail a package internationally.

To find the cheapest international shipping rates, we compared USPS shipping rates with those from leading express couriers, including:

  1. DHL.
  2. FedEx.
  3. UPS.

How much does it cost to send a package internationally?

International Shipping Rates

Mail Class Shipping Rate
Priority Mail Express International Flat Rate Starts at $44.95
Priority Mail International Starts at $37.47
Priority Mail International Flat Rate Starts at $28.13
First‑Class Package International Service Starts at $14.11

What Cannot be shipped to Japan?

Plants (including herbal products) Pharmacological materials, medicinal drugs, medical samples (i.e. diagnostic samples, blood, tissue samples) Guns, weapons, swords, ammunition and their parts. Liquids.

Does FedEx deliver to Japan?

Together, FedEx and Japan Post will offer a faster and more reliable international delivery service to customers in Japan and around the world.

How do I fill out USPS customs form for Japan?

How to Fill Out a Customs Form for International Shipping

  1. Name and complete address of sender.
  2. Complete address and name of receiver.
  3. Item description (if there are several different products in the same package, note them all separately)
  4. Quantity of items.
  5. Value of each item.
  6. Weight and dimensions of package.

How do you mail a package to Japan?

  • Global Express Guaranteed. Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service delivers international shipments in 1 to 3 business days 2,including next-day delivery to many locations in Canada.
  • Priority Mail Express International.
  • Priority Mail International.
  • First-Class Package International Service.
  • First-Class Mail International.
  • Airmail M-Bags.
  • How to send a package from Japan to the US?

  • First-Class Mail International and Priority Mail International Flat Rate don’t require customs forms.
  • Customs forms are available at the U.S.
  • To save time,improve legibility and reduce reading errors,use electronically generated USPS customs form and shipping labels.
  • How long does shipping take from Japan to US?

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport,California
  • Anchorage International Airport,Alaska
  • Shipping to Japan

    Deliver packages to Japan from the United States at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest amount of time by comparing quotes from international airlines and booking low-cost shipping services to Japan with Parcel Monkey.Whether your goods necessitates fast shipment or a more cost-effective ePacket shipping solution, our shipping calculator can assist you in finding the most cost-effective courier service for your needs.Get a free, no-obligation quotation.

    Cheap shipping to Japan

    Rather of wasting time getting shipping estimates from several carriers, you can use our easy shipping calculator to find the most cost-effective option to ship to Japan in the shortest amount of time.To begin, simply enter the weight and dimensions of your box, and we’ll return you with estimates from different shipping providers in seconds, allowing you to compare rates and select the option that best meets your needs.

    How much does it cost to ship to Japan?

    Depending on the size and weight of your shipment, shipping to Japan will cost you more or less, but our shipping prices to Japan are among the most affordable on the market.See our Light Packet service or one of our discounted monitored mail services, which are provided by DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post, for the most affordable shipping options to Japan.Listed below are some sample samples of our low-cost courier services to Japan, along with approximate arrival times:*

    Economy shipping to Japan

    • Depending on the size and weight of your shipment, shipping to Japan will cost you more or less, but our shipping prices to Japan are among the most competitive in the industry. See our Light Packet service or one of our discounted monitored mail services, which are provided by DHL eCommerce or EMS Parcel Post, for the most affordable delivery to Japan. Listed below are some sample instances of our low-cost courier services to Japan, along with expected arrival times:*

    Express shipping to Japan

    We provide the most affordable express courier service to Japan, which is International Priority Drop-Off. Offering completely traceable shipping from the United States to Japan in as little as 1- 3 working days. Please drop-off your package at the local FedEx drop-off facility or, for an extra fee, arrange for a courier collection from your residence or place of business.

    Request a no-obligation quotation. *Please keep in mind that delivery timeframes are estimations supplied by our carrier partners and are based only on delivery to major cities and metropolitan areas. More distant regions may require an extra day or two of travel time.

    USPS shipping to Japan

    As a result of the large number of USPS Post Offices, many clients prefer to utilize USPS delivery services for their international mailing, and we can provide low-cost postage to Japan from the United States through our discounted USPS services.Drop off your box at your local United States Postal Service Post Office after booking a USPS First Class Package International, Priority Mail International, or Priority Mail Express International shipment.Please double-check that your item does not appear on our list of forbidden and restricted products before shipping it.Calculate your shipping costs right now.

    Customs Information

    When shipping to Japan from the United States, you will be required to submit a customs declaration form; however, this will be handled automatically throughout the Parcel Monkey booking process.Individual-to-individual gifts are subject to strict regulations by the Japanese customs authority, which requires a detailed description of the contents of your shipment, including the value of each item and the words ‘gift shipment’ printed on the outside of the package, as well as the recipient’s full name, address, and telephone number, among other things.If the contents of your shipment have a monetary value of 37858.00 Japanese Yen or less, it must be delivered with a completed copy of the customs declaration form, which may be found here.

    Prohibited items

    Firearms, explosives, literature, and obscene or immoral materials (both print and video) that might endanger public safety or morality are among the things on the restricted items list. Furthermore, you may anticipate that plant and animal goods, as well as dirt and soil, would be outlawed. View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Firearms, explosives, literature, and obscene or immoral materials (both print and video) that might endanger public safety or morality are among the things on the restricted items list. Furthermore, you may anticipate that plant and animal goods, as well as dirt and soil, would be outlawed. View our complete list of forbidden items..

    Do you offer door to door delivery?

    The Parcel Monkey marketplace makes use of a shipping calculator to determine the most cost-effective way to transport your things from point A to point B using a variety of different carriers.With full tracking available on practically all of our delivery services, you can keep track of your product from the minute it leaves your possession until it reaches its destination.We always recommend that you provide the contact information for the receiver so that the courier may contact them if there is a problem with the delivery.Some of our courier services are delivered to a local Post Office, where the receiver will be required to pick up the box, such as DHL eCommerce to some distant places, hence it is necessary to include a working contact number when submitting your order.

    • Items transported through Parcel Monkey are also shipped DDU, therefore it is possible that Customs will need payment from the receiver prior to delivering the package to them.
    • If you want assistance with the completion of any Customs Documents, we can provide it.
    • If you would like to learn more about what a courier is and how to select the most appropriate service for your shipment, we can assist you.

    Can I add protection cover to my order?

    When you place an order through the Parcel Monkey marketplace, you will have the option to add protective coverage to your item throughout the booking process.We guarantee that you will be compensated if your item is lost or damaged as long as it does not include any banned items, has been packaged properly, and you complete our Claims Procedure.Some of our services do not include any form of protection, while others do, and some even provide free protection up to a particular dollar amount.When you receive a shipping quote from our shipping calculator, you will be able to see this information.

    • Please double-check that the item does not appear on the list of restricted items, since doing so will render it invalid.
    • Keep in mind that your shipment will be shipped by international carriers and will most likely be processed by a variety of customs and airport agencies.
    • Be careful to package the item securely so that it is properly secured and cannot move about in the box.

    How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

    Take the time to assess how fast you need your product to arrive before deciding on a shipping method.The shipment destination and the courier service you select from the Parcel Monkey marketplace are the two most important things to consider when estimating transit timeframes.When you select a courier from our marketplace, we will provide an anticipated delivery time, which is supplied by the couriers themselves as they handle the goods in their possession or custody.You can see how long it will take for the package to arrive with the recipient, and we recommend that you share this tracking information with the recipient so that they are aware of when the package is expected to arrive.

    • Always provide the recipient’s contact information when making a reservation in case the delivery courier wants to get in touch with them.
    • If you’re wanting to save money, you may pick slower economic services such as DHL eCommerce, or you can choose a faster Express option that gets the box delivered more quickly, such as our 2-5 day International Drop Off service provided by FedEx, which is also available as a Pickup.
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    Finding the Cheapest Shipping to Japan

    • Important considerations: On average, economy shipping to Japan takes between 7 and 15 working days
    • From the United States, it takes between one and two weeks for economy rates to reach in Japan.
    • If you ship to Japan using Easyship, you may save up to 89 percent off regular shipping charges.

    Japan is a well-established eCommerce market that presents a fantastic chance for online retailers to expand their businesses.Finding the most affordable shipping to Japan, on the other hand, might be difficult.This is due to the fact that the cheapest shipping prices to Japan are frequently offered by local and regional carriers.As a small business owner, you may not be aware of the existence of these couriers and hence fail to take advantage of the discounts.

    • Easyship has developed a free tool to assist you in locating the most cost-effective shipping options to Japan.
    • Our free shipping rate calculator provides you with up-to-date, accurate quotes from every international courier service that ships to and from Tokyo.
    • In other words, our service compiles the lowest shipping costs to Japan from all of the main courier companies in order to streamline the process of finding the best deals.

    Table of Contents

    01 The Most Economical Method of Shipping to Japan 02 International Shipping to Japan 03 8 Tips for Low-Cost Shipping to Japan 02 International Shipping to Japan 03 International Shipping to Japan 04 Easyship offers low-cost shipping to Japan.In general, the cheapest shipping rates are the ones that take the longest to arrive.If saving money is your first objective, check for competitive shipping rates from organizations such as the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and regional carriers in Japan.Economy delivery to Japan takes between 7 and 15 business days on average, depending on the carrier.

    • You may pay for accelerated delivery and have your goods delivered in 1-2 days, however the cost will be greater than regular delivery.
    • Consider the following scenario: we’re shipping a 2-pound cargo to Kyoto from Los Angeles, CA.
    • Easyship’s Free Shipping Rate Calculator will be utilized in order to provide a rapid estimate on delivery timings.
    • As predicted, packages sent by USPS economy rates take between one and two weeks to arrive in Japan from the United States of America.
    • We can expedite our delivery with DHL, a fast and dependable worldwide express provider, for an additional 30% of the cost of standard shipping.

    The Cheapest Way to Ship to Japan

    • Shipment costs are governed by a small number of different factors. The distance between you and the delivery point is the most crucial factor, and the speed with which you deliver may have a significant impact on the price. However, aside from delivery distance, the elements that have the most impact on how much you pay for shipping are the weight and size of your shipment. Package weight: It is more expensive to send heavier packages. You may save money on shipping by removing unnecessary packing from your shipments.
    • Package size: Couriers such as the United States Postal Service (USPS) charge extra for transporting bulky and irregularly-shaped packages. Saving money on shipping by using standard boxes of the smallest available size can help you save money.

    Let’s utilize our shipping calculator to compare charges based on the weight of the package.First and foremost, these are the shipping costs for our 2-pound cargo from Los Angeles to Kyoto.Our calculator examines all of the available prices from courier websites and then displays the costs that are the most affordable.With a cost of little more than $26, USPS First Class International is the most affordable method of shipping to Japan.

    • Because the delivery timelines are comparable and DHL is regarded to be more trustworthy than USPS, you could want to spend the extra $2 to utilize DHL eCommerce Priority, which costs only $2 more.
    • Here are the most affordable shipping charges for our 15-pound box on its way to Kyoto from the United Kingdom.
    • Shipping a heavier cargo increases the cost of our shipment to Japan, which is unavoidable.
    • Now, DHL is the company that offers the quickest and most affordable solutions, with the cheapest option costing less than $75.
    • Ensure that you have the most exact weight for your item when calculating shipping charges, which should include the box and any packaging materials.
    • You’ll be able to receive a low-cost and precise rate quote this method.
    • Finding and comparing the most affordable rates is a simple when you use a rate calculator to help you.
    • There will be no more nitpicking over which courier service to employ.
    • There will be no more bouncing around from site to site.
    • There will be no more taking notes.
    • In addition, you may check the prices from smaller courier companies, which frequently provide lower costs than larger courier companies such as DHL or FedEx.

    International Shipping To Japan

    Even in Japan, international shipping is more complicated and expensive than domestic shipping, and this is true around the world. There are two main causes for this: customs charges and taxes, as well as customs documentation and administration. Here’s a short rundown of each of these procedures.

    Customs Duties and Taxes in Japan

    Japan, like every other country, charges import duties and taxes on every shipment that crosses its borders.The amount of these import costs varies depending on the weight, category, and worth of the package, among other criteria.All things considered, it might be difficult to compute these quantities for each and every order.In the meanwhile, shipments with a value below a particular level are not subject to any costs.

    • Easyship developed a Free Tax and Duty Calculator for Japan in order to make the complicated world of charges and taxes a little easier to understand.
    • It’s now possible to simply enter your shipping information and receive instantaneous duty and tax estimates.
    • The following are the customs and taxes that must be paid on a $200 sweatshirt that was imported from the United States to Japan.
    • Don’t forget to include any import fees in your overall shipping charges.
    • You’ll be able to tell whether your exports to Japan are lucrative or not in this manner.

    Customs Paperwork

    Customs documentation are required for importing products into Japan, and there are various types.This comprises documents such as a commercial invoice, a packing slip, and other similar documents.Customs agents use these documents to evaluate whether or not you owe duty and tax.With Easyship, all of these papers are created automatically for every international shipment you make using our service.

    • For a comprehensive overview of shipping to Japan, please see our eCommerce guide on shipping to Japan.

    8 Tips for Cheap Shipping to Japan

    Finding the most affordable shipping rates is only the first step in the shipping process for eCommerce companies. In order to be successful, you must make certain that your product arrives on time and in good shape. Here’s how to be a rock star when it comes to inexpensive shipping to Japan:

    1. Verify the following address: If you provide an incorrect delivery address, your product will be held up at customs for many days. In order to avoid delays, double-check that you are using the correct address. To circumvent this prevalent problem, address validation software may be included into your store’s checkout process.
    2. Avoid putting yourself in any restrictions:
    3. Japan, like every other country, has import restrictions and prohibitions on certain commodities. Before you press the submit button, make sure you’ve read the list of forbidden items for Japan.
    4. Items that are delicate should be labeled as follows: When transporting fragile items, make it clear that they are fragile. Attach a sticker to the package and inform the courier of what is included within it. It is preferable to pay additional handling costs than to have your things arrive damaged at your doorstep.
    5. Provide insurance coverage: Package theft, loss, and damage occur more frequently than you may expect. The majority of international courier companies provide insurance for items up to $100. Easyship can also assist you in insuring valuable goods up to $5,000 in value.
    6. Consider the impact of tariffs and taxes: On your Japanese imports, you or your customers will be responsible for the payment of customs and taxes. Calculate these fees for your typical shipment before making your final choice on whether or not to proceed. Decide whether you will pass these costs forward to customers or whether you will bear the charges yourself.
    7. Declare your return policy: Customers want to know how to return an item if they are dissatisfied with their purchase once it arrives. Your return policy should be clearly stated on your website and in your post-purchase communications.
    8. Provide alternatives, such as: People want to have a few shipping and delivery alternatives to choose from. As a result, they have some control on the price and timeframe of the delivery. Providing alternatives at checkout helps companies reduce cart abandonment among price-conscious consumers who are picky about their purchases.
    9. Tracking information should be shared as follows: Modern customers like being able to keep track of their packages while they are in transit. By providing consumers with tracking information, you can alleviate their fears and reduce the amount of time you spend on follow-up and customer support.

    Cheap Shipping to Japan With Easyship

    The ability to get the most affordable shipping to Japan might provide you a competitive advantage in the rapidly expanding eCommerce sector.Easyship provides you with two free tools – our Shipping Rate Calculator and our Duties and Taxes Calculator – to assist you in saving both time and money throughout the shipping process.Because Easyship is a direct partner with all carriers, from the United States Postal Service to FedEx to local Japanese enterprises, all of our charges are up to 89 percent less than retail.Create a free Easyship account now to start saving money on your next cargo to Japan.

    Understand how to send a parcel to Japan, from customs to addresses

    While you’re enjoying your time in Japan, you’re missing home and have requested that your friends and family send you some delicacies to cheer you up.You’ve been to Japan for a while and are enjoying yourself.To ensure that your sweets get in Japan on schedule, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips.Although a lot of this is the same as shipping a package to another nation, there are a few factors that can make a significant difference in this land of laws and restrictions.

    What you can and can’t send

    First and foremost, consider what you can and cannot send and conduct thorough study.Items that are forbidden in each country differ, and this is true in Japan as well.To assist you before you pack your belongings, you may consult the Japanese customs website, which contains a very informative guide.The importance of this is magnified if you’re sending items to Japan in advance of your relocation.

    • It’s an exciting, but sometimes stressful moment, and you don’t want to arrive and discover that your belongings haven’t arrived with you.
    • Be aware that, in addition to Japan’s import and export rules, the courier company you choose to ship with will frequently have a long list of products that you cannot send with them since some items can be impossible to insure or move without penalties.
    • Living objects, such as plants (so you can’t send your houseplants), certain food items (typically no meat or animal products), and money or precious items (it’s preferable to keep them on your person anyhow) are all examples of prohibited items.
    • Due to the fact that food is generally one of the more popular products that people prefer to send, the best rule of thumb for getting your gift through customs is to think rationally and follow the same guidelines that you must follow when travelling.
    • Items that spoil quickly, such as fruit or meat, are obviously out of the question.
    • Items that are prepackaged to keep the product sealed and fresh are more likely to be accepted, ensuring that you can acquire your salt and vinegar crisps.
    • Because aerosol cans are also restricted, you will be unable to bring your tinned cheese into the country.

    Rules and regulations – be prepared

    The next step is to ensure that your package is delivered to its intended destination.It is at this point that the regulations of packing come into play.Wrapping stuff properly is essential if you’re delivering fragile items, or even those that have the potential to be squished or broken.Make sure you wrap them in plenty of bubble wrap, newspaper, or other soft materials to keep them safe.

    • While the Japanese postal service is well-known for being cautious and respectful of your belongings, it’s possible that the postal services of the other countries through which your package will pass will be less so.
    • Then there’s the paperwork.
    • You will need to specify the whole contents of the box, along with the worth of each item.
    • This will be part of the documents you must fill out when booking the shipping, and this should assist you through the process of listing the contents.
    • Even if you have a large number of minor objects, avoid using phrases such as miscellaneous or random.
    • If at all feasible, group them together in more understandable terms.
    • The value should be the amount it would cost to replace the item if you had to do so.
    • This will not only allow the Japanese customs authorities to apply any applicable taxes and levies, but it will also allow you to insure the cargo adequately in the event that it goes missing or any of the contents are damaged during transit.
    • It is possible that no duties will be charged if the entire worth of the parcel is less than 10,000 yen; thus, you might wish to consider this when the parcel is being prepared.

    Getting it to the right place

    And last, the location.With all of your language study, your Japanese writing abilities are likely to be improving, but it is unlikely that your friends and family will be able to grasp the right kanji.It’s all right, though!You may either provide them the complete address in Japanese, which they can print out on a label, or you can send them the address in Roman characters, which will still be delivered.

    • It’s critical to get this correctly, so double-check that the building number and zip code are accurate and full, as this will ensure that it gets to the correct location even if the rest of the information isn’t particularly clear.
    • 160-0023 3-10-5 160-0023 3-10-5 サンライズビル 田中健太 Mr.
    • Kenta Yamada’s full name is Kenta Yamada.
    • Nishishinjuku is the name of the building, its number, and the district in which it is located.
    • The ward and prefecture in which it is located is Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and the zip code and country in which it is located is 160-0023 JAPAN.
    • You are now ready to proceed.
    • If you’ve followed all of these instructions, your package should be flying across the world and on its way to Japan, where it will be filled with goodies.
    • Following your first experience, you’ll be receiving care packages on a monthly basis.
    • Continue to read our Go!
    • Go!
    • Nihon blog for additional helpful hints on how to survive in Japan.
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    Shipping to Japan From the US

    As a result of its increasing urban middle class, industrialized economy, and robust logistical infrastructure, Japan is receiving a great deal of interest from ecommerce players and businesses.With a diverse range of items shipped from the United States to Japan, ranging from cereal to electronic equipment, it is simple for rapidly expanding US-based companies to extend their operations in this market.Interested in offering your goods for sale and shipping to clients in the third largest ecommerce market in the world?Information on how to ship a package from the United States to Japan is provided, as well as suggestions on how ecommerce businesses may better organize international shipping operations using ShipBob, in this tutorial.

    Cost & delivery speeds for shipping to Japan from the US

    The Japanese ecommerce business is extremely developed, and customers have come to anticipate speedy and free delivery as a matter of hygiene.This is why your company has to select a shipping partner that can ship within a day or two of receiving your order while still charging reasonable charges.The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers flat rate box shipping to Japan that ranges from $40.55 to $106.55 for arrival in 6 to 10 days.And we estimated the following prices using the pricing calculators provided by each airline for a consistent example of a 2.2 lb package in November 2021, as shown below.

    • Prices are subject to change without notice.
    • Please keep in mind that these are standard shipping alternatives for customers.
    • To learn more about what ShipBob has to offer when shipping to other countries, such as Japan, please submit a quotation request here.
    • As a result, ShipBob’s actual costs for clients will vary since we charge a ‘total fulfillment cost’ that covers everything from selecting and packing to shipping and handling, among other things.
    Service Price Delivery Time
    USPS GXG Envelopes $132.80 1-3 business days
    USPS Priority Mail Express International $75.65 3-5 business days
    USPS Priority Mail International $60.55 6-10 business days
    UPS Worldwide Expedited $143.47 3-5 business days
    UPS Worldwide Saver $153.13 1-3 business days
    FedEx International Priority $162.13 2-3 business days
    FedEx International Economy  $149.28  4-5 business days
    DHL International Standard $57.97 8-14 business days 

    How to choose a shipping carrier

    When selecting a shipping partner, you should consider a variety of factors, including delivery time and costs, as well as if the company can provide Japanese customers various payment choices.In this case, four major US vessels meet the criteria and export cargo to Japan.The following is a straightforward table that outlines the advantages and drawbacks of utilizing each shipping service provider:




    • The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides flat-rate shipping and allows for drop-off at numerous sites around the country.
    • There is no pickup cost, and there are less fees.
    • It is more effective for less delicate packages.
    • Doesn’t provide the same level of reliability as the other three carriers
    • It is not recommended for time-sensitive shipments.
    • It does not provide adequate last-mile tracking assistance.
    • Increased shipment dependability and tracking of last-mile deliveries are provided by FedEx.
    • Provides a substantial presence in the United States, making drop-offs more simpler
    • This ensures prompt delivery.
    • It is shipped with insurance for worldwide delivery.
    • When it comes to shipping, it accepts packages weighing up to 150 pounds.
    • Discounts are available for bulk shipment
    • Shipping charges are increasing.
    • One-time shipments are subject to a pickup charge.
    • There are fewer choices for free packaging
    • UPS Picking up shipments is made easier due to the company’s extensive domestic reach.
    • Works with a variety of shipping partners in order to cut logistical expenses
    • Picks up your goods from your front door
    • Large-scale shipping services at their best
    • Small companies that utilize their services on a regular basis are eligible for further savings.
    • Shipping charges are significantly higher when compared to USPS
    • a pickup fee is charged.
    • DHL Is more focused on foreign business
    • does not charge for pick-up services.
    • Environmentally friendly procedures are employed.
    • It is shipped with insurance for worldwide delivery.
    • Provides courier services from door to door
    • Because of the company’s limited presence in the United States, it is difficult to identify drop-off locations.
    • When compared to FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service, shipping charges are relatively expensive.
    • Levies greater surcharges

    Shipping to Japan from the US with USPS

    The United States Postal Service provides courier services to more than 180 nations, including Japan. This autonomous agency of the executive arm of the United States federal government maintains a comprehensive network throughout the country, making package drop-offs considerably more convenient.

    When to use USPS to ship from the US to Japan

    When you’re working with a limited budget and a flexible delivery schedule, USPS is your best bet.Shippers can transport larger items to Japan at a lower cost because the carrier charges a flat fee for parcels of varying sizes.When it comes to shipping to Japan, Priority Mail International is the most cost-effective option available, with delivery guaranteed within 6 to 10 working days.The USPS GXG Envelopes, on the other hand, promise delivery within 1 to 3 days for a greater price.

    Shipping to Japan from the US with UPS

    This package transportation firm, which has been in operation for 114 years, links businesses and people in more than 220 countries. Although it is somewhat more expensive than USPS, it is often regarded as providing significantly more dependable and on-time services.

    When to use UPS to ship from the US to Japan

    Among the worldwide options offered by UPS, UPS Worldwide Saver is the most affordable. You should select this option if you want our shipment to be delivered to consumers in Japan within 1-3 business days.

    Shipping to Japan from the US with FedEx

    In addition to being established in the United States, FedEx has a significant presence in its home nation, which makes courier drop-offs quite easy. While at the same time, the company’s worldwide shipping services are quite dependable. It charges a premium for its services, but in exchange, you receive savings on large-scale orders.

    When to use FedEx to ship from the US to Japan

    The FedEx shipping service is recommended for online businesses who are particularly fussy about last-mile shipment monitoring, speedy delivery, and having their packages insured.FedEx International Economy is the cheapest option available from the company for delivery to Japan within 4 working days.Meanwhile, select the fastest shipping option (International Priority), which assures arrival within 2 days of purchase.In addition, the carrier has cooperated with Japan Post to improve the management of logistics once the cargo has arrived at its target country.

    Shipping to Japan from the US with DHL

    DHL, with its extensive international network spanning more than 220 countries worldwide, is the ideal choice for long-distance shipments to Japan. Although this German carrier does not have a significant domestic footprint, it is a reliable partner for cross-border pick-up, delivery, and ecommerce returns solutions.

    When to use DHL to ship from the US to Japan

    In the event that your price is not a major limitation and you want to ensure that your package reaches Japan swiftly and with the least amount of disturbance, you might want to consider using DHL.It provides shipping insurance as well as door-to-door courier services, and it is one of the most well-known and dependable shipping businesses.It also does not charge a fee for pick-up.Businesses who are concerned about the environment should let their customers and employees know that they are committed to improving their operations in order to lower their carbon footprint.

    Duties & taxes when shipping to Japan

    In Japan, import tariffs are computed based on the transportation expenses and the value of the transported goods, which is referred to as the CIF value (cost, insurance, and freight).Japan will only charge import taxes on shipments whose reported value exceeds ten thousand thousand dollars (10,000 JPY) in value.Additionally, all items sold in Japan are subject to a 10 percent value-added tax (VAT/GST), with a tax threshold of 10,000 JPY.Here are some examples of items that are subject to import duties on a regular basis:

    Fees Description 
    8.1% Fashion
    35% Dry food and supplements
    3.2% Sports
    4.6% Luggage

    Japan customs information

    Once your foreign consignment has arrived at Japan’s customs department, you should instruct a customs broker to process duty payments (if any are due) and submit all required documents, such as an invoice and a freight statement.Typically, once these procedures have been completed, the items will be released to your clients by customs officials.For further information on Japan’s customs procedures, please see their official website, which may be found here.

    Prohibited items when shipping to Japan

    Every country has a list of items that are allowed and prohibited from being carried into the country.It is illegal for a wide range of items, including alcohol, dairy products, fertilizer, medication, sugar and toys for babies to cross Japan’s international borders without prior approval.In order to export certain things from the United States, you must first get a special authorization from the Japanese government.Additionally, the following are some of the things that are absolutely prohibited from being shipped to Japan:

    Items you can’t ship to Japan from the US

    Agricultural and meat products
    Counterfeit goods
    Obscene materials

    Make careful to double-check the official Japanese customs website before shipping your purchases, since the list of restricted and prohibited commodities is constantly changing.

    What ecommerce businesses need to know

    Japan’s cross-border ecommerce business is predicted to rise to $5,748 million by 2030, according to forecasts.After all, 10.2 percent of the nation’s 76 million internet buyers make purchases from websites in other countries.Interested in snagging a piece of this pie?Here are a few pointers that can assist your company in attracting more clients while maintaining smooth logistical operations:

    1. Offer flexible payment options

    Cash on delivery is still preferred by a significant proportion of the people in Japan (COD).More than 60% of customers make purchases using credit or debit cards as a form of payment.You will also discover a large number of customers using convenience store payments, sometimes known as ″Konbinis,″ to pay for their online transactions.As a result, it is recommended that you provide your Japanese consumers with a variety of payment choices, such as cash on delivery (COD) and credit/debit card, on your ecommerce website.

    2. Focus on a mobile-first selling platform

    By January 2021, the number of smartphone users in Japan had already reached 83.1 percent of the population.And, in particular, the younger generation of buyers is becoming more comfortable with the idea of making payments with their mobile phones.When developing your online store, it is advisable to choose a mobile-first ecommerce platform in order to make it simpler for the Japanese to browse your SKUs and complete purchases while on the go.

    4. Localize your communication

    In Japan, people tend to feel most at ease chatting and performing commerce in their native language of Japanese. Because of this, it is extremely crucial to localize all of your company’s communications. To this purpose, you must take steps such as translating your website into Japanese and hiring customer service representatives who are fluent in the Japanese language.

    5.Try to acquire deal-seeking shoppers

    While Japanese customers are willing to spend a lot of money on premium things, they are also eager to take advantage of big sales or severe reductions.In order to maximize your business’s exposure in Japan, make sure to take advantage of the hundreds of local festivals that are held throughout the year.This will provide you with ample material for sales throughout the year.In addition, don’t forget to provide free delivery on orders above a certain amount to attract the bargain-hunting bulk of customers.

    Partner with ShipBob: a best-in-class international 3PL

    A hard and time-consuming operation, international shipping is not for the faint of heart.It frequently employs a completely different and more complicated shipping approach than domestic shipment.A third-party logistics provider (third-party logistics provider, or 3PL) can assist.ShipBob provides worldwide shipping solutions for rapidly expanding businesses.

    • With ShipBob, you can broaden your geographic reach, offer competitive international shipping prices, and deliver best-in-class ecommerce fulfillment and shipping services to your customers.
    • ″External shipping is really essential to us – not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of the whole client experience.
    • After seeing that ShipBob was growing into Canada and Europe, I felt we needed to partner with them to increase our physical footprint.
    • I was right.
    • This provides us with the potential to decrease the taxes and tariffs that are associated with overseas shipping and distribution.
    • Our Canadian customers will benefit from a significant decrease on shipping expenses.
    • It is our goal for everyone to receive our items in a few days or less, with no customs or taxes applied at the time of delivery.
    • Our ultimate objective is to remove all impediments to purchasing from the equation.
    • Now, our clients may get their shipments without having to pay an additional 25 euros or Canadian dollars in customs and taxes after they have made their purchases.
    • ShipBob has been really helpful to us throughout the process, and we are looking forward to expanding our operations outside of North America with them.″ Ombraz Sunglasses co-founder Nikolai Paloni discusses his company’s history.
    • Are you ready to begin shipping to Japan from the United States?
    • Get started with ShipBob right away.
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    Fill out the form below and we’ll get in contact with you to learn more about your organization.

    Shipping to Japan FAQs

    Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding sending packages to Japan from the United States.

    What’s the cheapest way to ship to Japan from the US?

    The cheapest choice for shipping products from the United States to Japan is the United States Postal Service Priority Mail, however the travel time will be 6 – 10 working days. Meanwhile, for an additional $15, buyers may choose for USPS Priority Mail Express International, which ensures that their purchases arrive in 3-5 business days.

    What’s the cheapest way to ship large packages to Japan from the US?

    Using USPS Priority Mail, you may send items from the United States to Japan for the least amount of money. However, the travel period is 6 – 10 working days. For an additional $15, consumers can choose for USPS Priority Mail Express International, which ensures that the products arrive in 3-5 business days after they are shipped.

    What’s the fastest way to ship a package to Japan from the US?

    We use USPS GX Envelopes, FedEx International Priority, and UPS Worldwide Saver to ensure that your orders arrive within 1 to 3 business days after being placed.By cooperating with ShipBob, you can expedite the shipping process even further.We make certain that merchandise is dispersed to warehouse locations that are closest to your customers in order to ensure that last mile transportation is swift and efficient.

    Do I have to pay customs duties and fees when shipping to Japan from the US?

    If the value of your shipment exceeds 10,000 JPY, you will be required to pay a 10 percent Goods and Services Tax. Furthermore, customs tax is only paid on specific items such as baggage, sporting goods, fashion, dried fruits, and nutritional supplements.

    What’s the easiest way to ship something to Japan from the US?

    UPS or FedEx are the best options for shipping items to Japan since they have a large number of drop-off locations throughout the United States, provide doorstep pickup services, and provide dependable last-mile tracking features.

    International Shipping: Sending A Parcel To Japan

    • Shipping an item from the United States to Japan appears to be a tough task, considering the distance between the two countries is almost 6,000 miles. Sending a package worldwide has become much more convenient and quick as a result of technological improvements. In order to guarantee that a product reaches on time, in the best possible shape, and without any complications, it is still necessary to be familiar with international shipping best practices. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions that will assist you in shipping to Japan effectively. Certain items are subject to limitations or prohibitions in Japan, as they are in most other nations. Finding out what can and cannot be delivered into the nation is the first step toward a stress-free shipping experience. Check the official Japanese customs website to ensure that the things you are sending do not fall under any restrictions or are otherwise forbidden. Alternatively, if your item is not on the list, you can ship it to Japan. More information about the customs processes in Japan may be found here. Avoid delays by carefully identifying the items that are contained within your box. When declaring your things, try to be as descriptive as possible. For example, instead of declaring ″Electronics,″ declare ″Sony PlayStation Vita gaming console″ rather than ″Electronics,″ as the latter may cause Japanese customs personnel to detain the box and open it for examination in order to identify what sort of ″Electronics″ is included within it. It is important to make an accurate goods declaration so that the local customs office can charge you the right tariffs and fees as soon as possible and establish whether your commodities are forbidden or restricted from entrance. Be aware of and complete all of the appropriate papers that must accompany your shipment in order for it to be permitted admission into Japan. This should be something that the shipping business that you hire can aid you with. Please keep in mind that packages with a total value of less than 10,000 yen are free from customs and import taxes. If the value of your items exceeds 10,000 yen, they will be subject to customs and fees, which you can choose to pay yourself or have them paid for you (ask about it from the carrier you are using). If this is not done, the Japanese customs will require the recipient to pay this amount before the shipment may be released. When exporting food items internationally, adhere to the following international food shipping guidelines: Food goods should be shipped in their original manufacturer’s packaging.
    • Make certain that the package is properly sealed and has not been tampered with in any manner.
    • A complete list of all contents must be included on the label, and the label must be in tact.
    • Food products should have a shelf life of at least six months from the date of shipment. Food goods with a shelf life of less than six months will be categorized as perishables, and thus may not be accepted by courier services.

    In the event that you are mailing a present, do not wrap the shipping box in gift wrapping paper, as this may cause the box to be damaged during transit or subjected to inspection, which may result in delivery delays.Instead, double-pack gift-wrapped products in a strong shipping box to ensure safe delivery.Make certain that the contents of the gift-wrapped gifts are appropriately declared in order to prevent the possibility of an inspection.


    You might receive your delivery in as little as two days.Can’t wait to get your things in the mail?Choose from a number of speedy shipping alternatives to ensure that your products arrive as quickly as possible!When you consolidate packages, you can save money.

    • MyUS may save you up to 80% on shipping costs by consolidating products from various retailers into a single shipment.
    • Thousands of US shops offer SALES TAX-FREE shopping in the United States.
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    • Knowing the precise time that your shipment leaves our facility and when it arrives at your door is essential.
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    • Apply to international shipment from the United States by DHL, FedEx, UPS, or ″Budget Carrier,″ as well as other modes of transportation.
    • Oversized shipping and palletized packages are excluded from this offer.

    Excessive length, width, and height are measured in linear dimensions (total length + width + height) higher than 72 inches (183 cm).The MyUS TruePrice pricing system does not apply to items that need certain types of special packaging (for example, crates).The MyUS TruePrice guarantee does not cover any additional or optional services like as insurance, dangerous goods fees, customs, levies, or taxes, among other things.


    • The free package consolidation services provided by MyUS, as well as our exclusive connections with FedEx, DHL, the United States Postal Service, and UPS, enable us to offer our members cheap shipping rates to Japan. Use our shipping cost estimator to find out how much it will cost to ship a certain item to Japan and how long it will take. Your shipping costs will vary based on the following factors: your MyUS membership level
    • the weight of your order
    • and the destination of your order.
    • If you choose express delivery, you will receive your package faster.
    • Exactly how many products you are condensing into a single box
    • What the weight of your shipment is

    MyUS calculates international shipping rates from US retailers only on the basis of package weight, as opposed to other consolidation businesses or freight forwarders, who calculate prices based on the weight of the box as well as the size and form of the package.This transparent price eliminates the possibility of unexpected delivery expenses if your shipment is greater in size than anticipated.**) The MyUS membership program provides access to a real-time shipping calculator that provides you with actual shipping prices and side-by-side comparisons of which shipping alternatives will be the most affordable and fastest methods to ship your goods from the United States to Japan.


    Get your own US and UK mailing addresses, affordable international shipping costs, and other benefits when you join MyUS.Shop at your favorite US and UK retailers without paying sales tax, and then ship your items to one of our MyUS facilities.As soon as we get your items, we carefully combine them into one shipment, allowing you to save money on international shipping.You have the option of selecting your favorite shipping carrier.

    • Your items can be delivered to your home in as little as two days.


    • Express shipping (recommended) takes 3 to 4 business days
    • economy shipping takes 5 to 10 business days
    • and international delivery takes 14 to 21 business days.

    All shipping to and from the United States and the United Kingdom originates from our shipping warehouses.

    The MyUS Advantage:

    As soon as they create their ship requests, members may simply compare shipping methods and charges, as well as delivery schedules, in order to swiftly locate the fastest or most cost-effective delivery method available.


    • Is it only that you prefer FedEx for shipping? Is DHL your preferred courier service? Do you need your package to arrive in two days? As a MyUS member, you have the freedom to choose which worldwide carrier service you wish to utilize with each shipment! Shipping costs and delivery periods vary depending on the carrier. Small Pack Saver: 7-20 days
    • FedEx Intl Connect: 6-12 days
    • Budget Economy: 5-10 days
    • Budget Express: 4-9 days
    • FedEx Economy: 2-5 days
    • FedEx Priority: 1-3 days
    • DHL Express: 1-4 days
    • UPS Expedited: 2-8 days
    • UPS Worldwide Saver: 1-4 days
    • FedEx Intl Connect: 6-12 days
    • FedEx Economy: 2-5 days
    • FedEx Priority: 1-3 days
    • DHL Express: 1-4 days


    MyUS allows you to purchase at thousands of US and UK retailers! Check out our top-rated stores in the United States and the United Kingdom by clicking here! Always keep in mind that just because your shop isn’t on the list doesn’t mean that it isn’t accessible.

    We’re your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

    Shopping at any online retailer in the United States or the United Kingdom is simple with the aid of MyUS. Create an account, acquire your MyUS addresses, and send things from retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom to our distribution center. Once we have received your order, we will assist you in having it shipped directly to your home.

    Have Questions? We Have Answers!

    • The de minimis value in Japan refers to the declared value of your shipment that is below which duty and tax will not be charged. If you are importing a package with a total stated value LESS than this amount, duty and tax will not be applied, and you will not be liable for the payment of these fees and taxes. Certain items, on the other hand, may be subject to a variety of additional fees and taxes. Japan* has a de minimis value for duty purposes
    • Japan* has a de minimis value for tax purposes.
    • United States Postal Service De minimis Value for Duty and Tax: 10,000 JPY*
    • United States Postal Service De minimis Value for Customs: 10,000 JPY*
    1. *With the exception of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, where duty and VAT are applicable.
    2. The option to send shipments with Delivery Duties Paid is available for qualifying shipments through MyUS (DDP).
    3. This means that you may pay any relevant duties directly to MyUS when you submit a ship request, rather than having to pay them in your nation after the goods have been delivered to your doorstep.
    1. When you choose this option in your online account or shipment request, you will be able to pay for all tariffs and shipping expenses in a single payment, eliminating the need to make several payments.
    2. This simplifies the delivery procedure, allowing you to settle all of your charges with a single payment, and MyUS assures that the money you pay will be received.

    The MyUS Advantage:

    Before we ship your products to you, we’ll notify you if any of your purchases are prohibited from being imported into Japan or if any of your merchandise is damaged. This means that you will not be charged for shipping, customs, or taxes on any products that you may need to return to a US retailer.

    We Make it Easy to Ship US and UK Products to Japan

    Do you enjoy shopping online but become dissatisfied when you discover that some businesses do not ship internationally to Japan? In this case, MyUS is the solution to the worldwide shopping dilemma. With MyUS, you have the freedom to shop at virtually any retailer you choose. What is the procedure?

    1. Sign up for MyUS and you’ll have your very own MyUS shipping addresses right away.
    2. Buy things online as usual, then input your new MyUS addresses as your American or UK shipping addresses at the time of purchase
    3. In our secure US facility, we’ll collect your goods and combine them for more effective packaging (and hence lower shipping costs to Japan)
    4. You may expect to get your delivery in as little as 3 to 4 business days!

    Shopping for the finest prices online from practically any store—even ones that won’t ship to a Japanese address—is simple wi

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