How To Tell Ups To Leave Package At Door?

Whenever your business receives packages through UPS, you have the option to provide specific delivery instructions for the driver to leave it at a certain door or other safe location.
UPS. To give a gate code, or instructions such as “leave the package in the back door or the patio,” go to or call (800) 742-5877. Tip: For future deliveries, UPS stores your instructions.
Sometimes UPS has no choice when it comes to choosing to leaving a package on your door – if the package requires a signature and you aren’t home, they will have to take the package back to the local delivery hub.

Can UPS leave package without signature?

If the package doesn’t require a signature, but you’re concerned UPS may not leave it for you, you can click the “Provide Delivery Instructions” button at the right side of the details view. Click the “Leave At” box and select a location where you’d like UPS to leave the package.

Can you give delivery instructions to UPS?

Once you have an account through UPS My Choice, you will have the ability to add instructions for the driver when you have a package on the way. You can simply open up your account, view the relevant delivery, and add any notes that you wish to pass along.

Can you tell UPS to leave package in mailbox?

Ups is a private company. USPS is government owned. Only as a contracted, last-mile arrangement with USPS. UPS cannot leave notes or packages in USPS mailboxes otherwise.

Can you tell USPS to leave package?

Recipients can also ask the Postal Service to leave their packages at a specific location, such as a front or back door, or garage or porch. To use the tool: n Enter the relevant USPS Tracking number(s) under the “Quick Tools” section of the site.

Does UPS deliver to apartment doors?

Does UPS deliver to apartment buildings? UPS delivers parcels to apartments. UPS will make three attempts to deliver your package and leave a UPS InfoNotice in a visible place to let you know that a UPS carrier has attempted delivery.

How do I know if my UPS package requires a signature?

How can you tell if a UPS package delivery requires a signature? You will be emailed tracking information that will indicate if your package requires a signature. If there isn’t any information in the email that indicates a signature is required, check the UPS tracking page.

How do I know if my USPS package requires a signature?

How do I know if my USPS package requires a signature? You’ll receive notifications from USPS, or see the requirement on your USPS tracking page using the information sent to you by the shipper. A shipping label requiring you to append your signature will also be attached to the package.

Does UPS leave a note?

Any items selected can tell you where your package may be, or when we’ll attempt to deliver it again. If your package has been redirected* or has delivery requirements**, your driver will leave you a note here.

Do UPS drivers call you?

UPS drivers do sometimes call customers, but when that happens, they provide the tracking number of the package in question, which the customer can verify on UPS’ website.

Do UPS call you?

UPS says a legitimate employee caller will always provide you with a tracking number, which you can verify on their website or by calling them directly. UPS stresses it will never ask customers to pay any money up front for items ordered online.

Does ups leave packages at Your Doorstep?

Specifically ask UPS to leave your package on your doorstep, under the doormat or in another safe area near your front entrance. On the date of expected delivery, tape the note for UPS on the outside of your front door before you leave the house.

How do I return package at UPS?

– Your customer requests to return an item – You direct your customer to the nearest The UPS Store location – Your customer presents the return to The UPS Store location – The UPS Store processes the returned item per your instructions – You receive a consolidated and itemized monthly bill of all transactions

How does ups lose a package?

– Tracking and reference numbers for the package that is lost – The day that the package was shipped and its originating location – The expected delivery date and how long it is overdue – A description of the package and a general idea of the contents – A general idea of the value of the items that were being shipped and the price of shipping paid

How to Tell UPS Where to Put a Package

You have the option of providing special delivery instructions to the UPS driver so that the package is left at a certain door or other secure area whenever your company receives packages through the company’s UPS account.You may either add the instructions to your package’s tracking page for no additional fee prior to the planned delivery or redelivery date, or you can try to leave a note for the driver in the delivery box.Other alternatives include intercepting the shipment and having it diverted to a different address, or having it held at an authorized site until you can pick it up at a time that is convenient for you.

Providing UPS Delivery Instructions Online

For businesses, setting up a free UPS My Choice account is a simple method to request that a package be delivered to an address of your choosing, such as a specific door or your garage, rather to a general location.All incoming packages will be displayed on a calendar, and you will be able to pick a single delivery day and item to view all of its data.Additionally, you can have access to the same option if you run your tracking number or InfoNotice number via UPS’s tracking tool directly and then log in with your UPS My Choice account to authorize the modification.Above the current tracking information, you’ll discover a button that says ″Add Delivery Instructions,″ which you should click.The package can be left at the front, side, or back door; on a porch; with a neighbor; in a garage; or at a specific place specified by the customer.

A text box will also be provided for you to enter any extra information, such as the address of a neighbor or instructions to the custom location you wish to utilize, if you so desire.Remember that if your package requires a signature, someone will still need to be present at the package drop-off location in order to sign for the package.It is possible, however, to determine whether or not your shipment qualifies for an online signature option, which should be available on the parcel’s UPS tracking page.

Changing a Delivery Address

When you need to completely modify the delivery address, such as if a product was accidentally dispatched to the wrong address, you can attempt to perform a package intercept.On the tracking page for your UPS item in UPS My Choice, you’ll find a ″Change Delivery″ button that you may click.When you click on it, you will be presented with the opportunity to deliver to a different address and to select the location and contact information.Unless you are a member of UPS My Choice Premium, UPS will also inform you of the cost you will be charged for the request.After you submit your request and make any necessary payments, you will get confirmation that the adjustment was made and that it was successful.

Please keep in mind that some package senders may not enable you to modify the delivery address, so you may discover that this option is inaccessible for some items, such as those with a high monetary value.Alternatively, you may choose to contact UPS customer support at 1-800-742-5877 to arrange for the package to be left at a UPS Store, a UPS Access Point, or another permitted site.In that circumstance, you might potentially get in touch with the vendor.

Considering Other Delivery Options

Because of technical difficulties, you may be unable to designate the package drop-off location online.In this case, you might try leaving a note for the UPS driver at the area where he typically drops packages for your organization.However, this does not guarantee that the delivery will be delivered at the specified address.It also won’t function for packages that require a signature but where no one is available to provide the signature.The UPS Store also provides several locations where you may have your package discreetly kept if you won’t be there or don’t want to drop it off in a public or insecure area.

In some cases, you may choose to have your UPS shipment held at your local UPS Store or at a UPS Access Point such as CVS, Michaels, or other local businesses.You’ll see the option to hold your shipment at one of these locations on your tracking page, and you can use the UPS locating tool to identify the locations that are closest to you.

How to Leave a Note for UPS

When a UPS package arrives and no one is home to sign for it, the UPS delivery person may be forced to attempt to deliver the package on another day, which can be extremely frustrating.In the event that you are expecting a package but are aware that you will not be present to accept it, you can take steps to ensure that the package arrives on the first delivery attempt.Leave a note for UPS and you will not have to wait another day for your package to be delivered.

Track Your Package

The first step is to obtain the tracking number from the sender, if you haven’t already done so.Track your parcel on the UPS home page or on the UPS Tracking web page by entering the tracking number for your cargo into the Tracking or InfoNotice Numbers area on the UPS home page or on the UPS Tracking web page.By monitoring your cargo, you will be able to determine when the shipment is due to arrive.Once you have input your tracking number into the UPS website, you will be able to view your tracking information.You may track the progress of your shipment, including where it is now located, as well as the expected delivery date.

Write Your Note

Write down your UPS delivery instructions in a handwritten letter once you’ve tracked down your item and determined when it’s likely to be delivered.UPS should be instructed to put your package on your doorstep, beneath your doormat, or in another safe location near your front entry, specifically.Before you leave the house on the day of planned delivery, tape the notice for UPS to the outside of your front door and then close the door.It is possible that this will not be an acceptable alternative in circumstances when the package requires a signature; nevertheless, you can still leave a message if you arrange ahead of time.

UPS Signature Required

When it comes to deciding whether or not to leave a box at your door, UPS has no option – if the parcel requires a signature and you are not home, they will have to return the package to the local delivery hub.It’s possible to place a letter on your front door, requesting that UPS leave your box with a neighbor if your delivery necessitates a signature or if you are concerned about leaving a parcel alone on your doorstep.Take care to ensure that the neighbor you ask to assist you will be available to sign for your shipment during the day.

UPS Package Intercept

If you do not have a neighbor you can rely on or if none of your neighbors will be home throughout the day, you may go to the UPS website or call the company directly to alter your delivery options to one of the ones listed below: Will Call, which holds the package for collection; Reschedule Delivery, which holds the cargo for delivery at a later date; Return to Sender; or Deliver to Another Address are all options for shipping options.The term for this is ″requesting a Delivery Intercept,″ and it is also an excellent alternative if you forgot to leave a note in time and the box was not left on your doorstep, or if you know of a day or address when it would be more convenient for you to pick up your delivery during the working day.It’s important to note that, with the exception of the Will Call option, all of these alternatives include the payment of a charge.

Tricks to get UPS to leave pkg w/o signature?

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The girl at UPS informed me that they will not leave a package that requires signature even if you write a lovely letter. Any ideas, recommendations, or techniques to convince the person to leave the package would be greatly appreciated.

Instruct your sender to specify whether the package should be left at your door, a neighbor’s door, or another location. You should be aware that if your shipment is stolen, you’ll be out of luck.

It’s strange how some people complain about UPS putting packages at their door when they are not home, while others moan about UPS NOT leaving items at all.

Both UPS and Fedex drop off things on my side porch, which is really convenient for me. Years of leaving notes on my front door saying ″If no one responds, please put package on side porch″ and ″If no one answers, please leave parcel on side porch″ have led me to believe this is the case. *shrug*

UPS sent deliveries to my home without requiring a signature on a regular basis. This includes a 1200 laptop computer. Stupid, obtuse individuals.

To some extent, it is dependent on the neighborhood. When people believe they are concealing a 1 foot box by covering it with a doormat, I think they are being ridiculous.

If they refuse to leave, your best chance is to have a neighbor sign for it until they do.That’s exactly what they’ll do.I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the signature.I’m required to sign on occasion.Others, on the other hand, simply ignore it.

Here’s a short story: Once, I placed an order for a monitor while sitting in my friend’s garage a couple of doors down from my house, talking to him.I saw the UPS vehicle approaching my residence.So I sprint up to the driver on the sidewalk and inform him that the device in question is my monitor.He drives away after handing it to me.Afterwards, I sat there thinking, ″I could have been anyone, and he would have handed my monitor to them!″:Q

    UPS left my Arctic Cooler in the bush next to my porch:Q

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Once, I was driving back to my house to see whether my package had arrived at my door. No, I received a yellow slip in the mail. Nonetheless, I had spotted the UPS driver, so I returned to find him, parked behind his truck, and approached him, informing him that he had my delivery; he asked for my name and then handed the box to me. I was quite delighted with myself!

They are delivered to my front porch, where I have a gated entrance and a signed Fed Ex statement, and they are stashed beneath a chair for me.In addition, I have a good friend who works for UPS, so they do the same thing as well.One thing that irritates me is that the USPS leaves them directly on the step, six feet from the side walk, and while I don’t live in the best neighborhood, it isn’t that horrible, there are thieves and a lot of people that pass by my house on a regular basis.You’d think they’d be clever enough to at the very least open the storm door and move it to the porch.

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Fed Ex delivers my packages to my covered front porch, where they are hidden behind a chair until I am ready to receive them.Also, I have a good buddy who works for UPS, so they are following in the same footsteps.However, what really annoys me is that the United States Postal Service places them directly on my front step six feet from the side walk.Although I don’t live in the best neighborhood, it isn’t that horrible, there are thieves and a lot of people that pass by my house on a regular basis.Surely they would have had the foresight to at the very least open the storm door and place it on the porch.

The UPS delivers to my house twice or three times every week, and I’m not always present to sign for them.In order to remedy the situation, I requested a supply of delivery notices from my normal UPS carrier.(This is the yellow notification that they leave when you aren’t present.) I’m typically aware of when an item is likely to arrive.Whenever I’m not going to be home, I sign a delivery notice and tape it to the front door of my house.(Along with specifics on where to leave the package) The UPS driver is protected, and I receive my items without experiencing any delays.

Here are the guidelines for drivers, which I learned from my previous experience as a driver.It is not possible to deliver a delivery without a signature in some locations.High-crime regions, business districts, and urban areas are examples of such locations.2.The shipper has the choice to need a signature for delivery; if they do not require a signature, the driver has the option to leave the package on your doorstep, which includes computer monitors.

There is an unwritten rule that no laptops can be delivered without a signature, but if a driver knows his or her way around the neighborhood, he or she may be able to leave it there on occasion.3.If the driver believes it is safe to do so, he can have a neighbor sign for the delivery; nevertheless, this is entirely up to the driver’s discretion.4.Even in the locations from 1 if the driver is familiar with the area and feels comfortable leaving a package, he will do so.If you have a regular driver, spend some time getting to know him; it will make a difference in the quality of your service.You could even gift him some cookies or something.

Of course it is if you used to work there =), and I send all of my stuff to my home address rather than to the school where I am now enrolled. Apt because I ALWAYS receive my packages on time at my residence, since I live in one of those ″safeleave on doorstep″ neighborhoods.

Because the package will be delivered overnight by UPS, I will know exactly when it will arrive. Nonetheless, I don’t understand how signing their yellow form differs from me leaving a signed note asking with them to leave the package. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and see what happens.

There’s a type of lock box that’s particularly designed for this purpose that you may purchase. I recall seeing it addressed on this topic, but I don’t recall the specifics. I’m sorry.

They leave things at my door on a regular basis. It is not an issue for me because I reside in the middle of nowhere. I recall one instance (I’m not sure if it was UPS or someone else) in which the boxes were placed IN A CAR! It was written on the door that you should examine inside the automobile. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

I’m fortunate in that I reside in an apartment. UPS and FedEx will just drop my things at the apartment building’s front desk.

It’s strange how some people complain about UPS putting packages at their door when they are not home, while others moan about UPS NOT leaving items at all.*They are in the status quo No more responses will be accepted.Cookie technology is used on this site to help you personalize the material you see, customise your experience, and keep you signed in if you have registered on it.By continuing to use this site, you are indicating your agreement to our usage of third-party cookies.

FedEx Release Signature Form – Leave Packages at Door without Signature

  • The FedEx release signature form is a legal document that grants FedEx authorization to leave shipments at a house or company without the requirement for someone to sign for the items. Individuals should be aware that FedEx corporate policy prohibits any delivery person from delivering packages unless a written document is on file with the firm. Someone close to you (e.g., a close neighbor or a neighboring company) might take the package on your behalf if the person(s) do not want to make the document available. However, the document would need to be sent to FedEx with a different address on it if this is the case. It is also company policy that the driver has the authority to deliver at their discretion for the purpose of protecting their own personal safety as well as the safety of FedEx property and the property of the customer who has been loaded. Notes. DT is the first letter of the FedEx door tag tracking number, which is then followed by 12 digits. FedEx direct signature authorization is required: FedEx requires a signature from a person who will be present at the delivery address. To sign on FedEx, select the ″fedex sign for parcel online″ option from the drop-down menu. Step 1: Download the file in Adobe PDF format (.pdf). In Step 2, begin by printing the document to be used in the event that the intended recipient is not accessible on the day of delivery. The package will not be left if there is no valid signature
  • one document must be completed for each parcel to be delivered
  • provide the chosen delivery location
  • indicate the preferred delivery time
  • Step 3 – Obtaining Authorization – Please include the tracking number.
  • Name of the recipient
  • entire mailing address of the recipient
  • telephone number
  • zip code
  • As soon as the delivery is delivered, check the intended location by selecting it from the boxed options supplied
  • If the delivery is to be delivered to a neighbor, provide the address where the package will be delivered.
  • Step 4 – Signature – The declaration of authorisation and release of liability to FedEx must be read by the actual receiver.
  • If everyone is in agreement, print the first and last name of the person who will be receiving the letter.
  • Submit the signature of the intended recipient
  • Date the signature in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy
  • The remainder of the material is intended solely for the use of FedEx Corporation.
  • The paper must then be attached to the front door of the recipient’s dwelling or place of business by the recipient.

All product names and business names included in this document are solely for the purpose of identification, and some of them may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. has no affiliation with or representation in any manner with any of the businesses featured on this website. Signature Form for FedEx Shipments

How to Sign For a Package Online (So You Don’t Have to Wait at Home)

You are not need to be at home to sign for a shipment, even if you have a box on its way to you that requires your approval.A large number of items may be signed for online by UPS and FedEx, and the United States Postal Service also allows you to authorize deliveries that would otherwise not be made if you weren’t present in person.The services listed below are the same ones that allow you to examine USPS, UPS, and FedEx items before they are delivered to your home or workplace.Moreover, they’re all completely free, but UPS and FedEx do charge for some additional capabilities, such as the option to arrange delivery at a specified time of day.


UPS My Choice, a free service provided by the company, provides this functionality.If you don’t already have a UPS My Choice account, get one now, then login in and click the arriving package icon on your dashboard to get things started.You may also sign for items using the UPS app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices.When you sign into the app, tap on a shipment to see the delivery choices available for it.The ″Sign″ button will appear if you are able to sign for the box while it is being delivered.

You will not see that choice if your shipment does not require a signature or if you do not have the ability to sign for it online.For example, the sender may have specified that it must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21 who lives at the address.The ″Provide Delivery Instructions″ button may be found on the right side of the details screen if the item does not require a signature but you are afraid that UPS will not leave it for you.Select a place where you’d want UPS to leave the parcel by clicking the ″Leave At″ box and typing in the address.Tell them to leave it at the rear door, on the deck, or with a door person or management office at your home, to name a few possibilities.

Additionally, if you want the UPS delivery person to enter through a secure gate or door, you can supply a security code to them.


With the UPS My Choice subscription, you may use this option for free.If you don’t already have a UPS My Choice account, get one now, then login in and select the arriving package icon on your dashboard to get the process underway.Alternatively, you may use the UPS app for iOS or Android to sign for packages.When you sign into the app, tap on an item to see the delivery choices for that product.The ″Sign″ button will appear if you are able to sign for the shipment online.

This means that either the shipment does not require a signature or you are not able to sign for it online.The sender may have specified that it must be signed for by an adult over the age of 21 at the address.The ″Provide Delivery Instructions″ button may be found on the right side of the details screen if the item does not require a signature but you are afraid that UPS may not leave it for you.Select a place where you’d want UPS to leave the package by clicking the ″Leave At″ option and typing the address in the box.You may, for example, instruct them to leave it at your rear door, on your deck, or with a door person or management office at your location.

The UPS delivery person may also be required to pass via a secure gate or door, in which case you can supply a security code.

US Postal Service

Sign up for the free USPS Informed Delivery service if you want to authorize the release of a parcel from the United States Postal Service.On your dashboard, choose a shipment that is scheduled to arrive.If you haven’t already, you may sign up for it online.However, you will need to wait for the United States Postal Service to send you a code in the mail before you can access your account.With the USPS Informed Delivery app for iPhone or Android, you may also complete this process on your phone.

Sign into the app and select a bundle to see the choices associated with it.Here, you may add delivery instructions by clicking ″Add Delivery Instructions.″ If you notice the message ″Note: DI not available for this shipment,″ it means that either the package does not require a signature or that you must present a signature in person to complete the transaction.For example, the USPS Informed Delivery FAQ states that delivery instructions may not be accessible for a variety of reasons, including when the item is insured for more than $500, needs an in-person signature, or was delivered as Registered Mail.While many packages will be ineligible for delivery instructions, delivery instructions are still a convenient way to tell the United States Postal Service to leave a package at your address that they would otherwise only hand to you in person, as the US Postal Service’s social media team has pointed out on its website.When you click the ″Select One″ box, you will be able to instruct USPS on what to do with your shipment.

Consider having them leave it on your back porch or handing it over to a neighbor who you have designated as a safety deposit box (or both).Front door, back door, side door, on the porch, Neighbor (address required), Other (further instructions necessary), and garage are all available as options for delivery.For some UPS and FedEx deliveries, you may also be able to prepare a handwritten letter instructing UPS or FedEx to leave the box in a specific area (or with a neighbor), sign it, and leave it taped to your front door on the day the delivery is scheduled to take place.However, if UPS or FedEx would accept a physical note in this manner, you should be able to sign for the shipment online in the same manner as well.

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How to Provide UPS Delivery Instructions

  1. You need to be able to shop online with confidence because you need to know that your packages will be there waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.
  2. Even though porch piracy is a real problem, you can take steps to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.
  3. If you want to keep thieves at bay, one thing you can do is provide detailed delivery instructions to the UPS driver who will be delivering your package.
  4. No matter if you want the driver to place the package in a delivery lockbox such as the PARCELBIN, or if you just want them to put it behind a bush, you can easily provide that information to them.
  1. Listed below is information on how to provide UPS delivery instructions.

Getting Started

  1. In order to be able to provide delivery instructions for your UPS driver, you must first join up for UPS My Choice, which is free.
  2. You will be able to handle a number of things through this account, including providing delivery instructions.
  3. Signing up for My Choice is completely free, while there may be a price connected with some of the services that are made accessible (such as making changes to your delivery).
  4. Signing up for an account with UPS is well worth your time if you anticipate getting deliveries from the company on a regular basis.
  1. This will ensure that you have access to the company’s numerous services whenever the need arises.

Adding Pertinent Information

  1. In the event that you have a box on its way and you have a UPS My Choice account, you will be able to include instructions for the driver when the package is delivered.
  2. You may just go onto your account, examine the relevant delivery, and enter any additional remarks that you desire to share with the recipient.
  3. The process will be completed in a couple of minutes once you have figured out how to browse the website.
  4. A common application of this method is to instruct the driver to leave the delivery at a certain place.
  1. If your front porch is plainly visible from the street, for example, you can request that the delivery be put around the rear or even at a side door instead of on the porch.
  2. Being able to conceal a package in plain sight from the street can assist to lessen the likelihood of it being stolen.
  3. More outstanding parcel theft prevention advice may be found on our blog.
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Providing Access

  1. PARCELBIN protects the contents of your parcels.
  2. A lock box for receiving deliveries could be an excellent option for increasing your property’s security a level higher than previously thought.
  3. This might be an excellent precaution to take in order to secure your goods and provide you with piece of mind.
  4. The only thing your delivery driver will want is access to the box.
  1. Consider utilizing a combination lock and sending the driver with the combination lock instructions via the UPS My Choice platform, which is available online.
  2. The driver should be able to refer to your instructions, unlock the lock, place the product inside the box, and then seal the lock to complete the delivery process safely and securely.
  3. You will not feel the need to rush home to carry the box inside, and you will be confident in the knowledge that it will be there waiting for you in a safe location.

Remember to include the directions, which is a critical step that must not be overlooked.If you do not supply the driver with the combination to your lock, the package will be unable to be placed inside the vehicle.Make it a practice to include this message with your scheduled deliveries as soon as feasible so that you may take full benefit of the lock box you have installed on your property.

Information is Power

  1. Besides providing you with the ability to provide delivery instructions for UPS deliveries, the UPS My Choice program will also offer you with relevant information about your deliveries.
  2. This function is quite useful since it allows you to know when your items will be delivered, where they are on the route, and whether or not you may request special delivery locations or leave additional remarks.
  3. When it comes to buying online, there are a lot of positive aspects to consider, but the fear of having your items stolen from your front porch is not one of them.
  4. With a few precautionary measures taken on your side, the burglars will be forced to search elsewhere.

PARCELBIN Keeps Your Deliveries Safe

  1. Take control of the situation when it comes to parcel theft by using the following measures: In addition to providing your delivery person with specific instructions, consider installing a package lock box on your premises, such as the PARCELBIN, to protect your packages.
  2. Having a robust and stylish lockable box on the front porch is a terrific way to ensure that goods are received safely, especially if you purchase online frequently.
  3. Place your purchase as soon as possible!
  4. Where Can I Find My PARCELBIN?

Up and Down the Block: USPS Customizes Delivery

  • Consumers and companies will find it simpler to accommodate package deliveries into their schedules thanks to the Postal ServiceTM Delivery Instructions service.
  • Customers with accounts can request that their USPS® carriers leave their packages at a different domestic address on the same carrier route for free, or at a different domestic address outside the carrier route for the cost of postage, rather than having them delivered in person.
  • Besides that, they can request that the box be held for pickup at a Post OfficeTM, and they can upgrade their shipments to Priority Mail Express® or Priority Mail®.
  • Additionally, recipients can instruct the Postal Service to drop their items at a specified place, such as a front or back door, a garage, or an enclosed porch.
  • How to make use of the tool: n In the ″Quick Tools″ area of the website, enter the applicable USPS Tracking number(s) to be tracked.

n On the right-hand side of the website, click on the ″Delivery Instructions″ option and follow the on-screen instructions.— 3-3-16, New Products and Innovation, Shipping Products and Services, New Products and Innovation

How to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

You’ve just moved into your new apartment and have been busy acquiring things to make your new home more comfortable. You might be wondering, ″How do things get delivered to apartments?″ You are not alone. It is not as difficult as you would think to get packages delivered to your flat.

How does getting packages delivered to an apartment work?

  • A parcel or mail carrier, for example, will handle package deliveries to apartments in a somewhat different way than the other types of carriers.
  • Mail carriers can only deliver to a mailbox or parcel box in an apartment complex, but parcel carriers can transport the delivery to a doorstep, leasing office, or a special lockbox if the package is large or fragile.
  • You should make arrangements to be at home when your box is delivered by the parcel carrier so that you may receive it in a timely and secure way.
  • If you are unable to accept the item, ask a roommate, neighbor, or the leasing office to do so on your behalf.

Who are the major delivery companies?

  • FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amazon are some of the most well-known parcel delivery services.
  • The United States Postal Service distributes solely to mailboxes assigned to certain units.
  • While the dimensions of apartment mailboxes might vary, the Postal Service only distributes mail and small parcels that can fit inside a mailbox that is no more than 3 inches high by 12 inches wide and 15 inches deep, according to the Postal Service.
  • If your shipment is too large to fit in your mailbox, you will receive a notification instructing you to pick up the item at your local post office.
  • If your apartment complex has a parcel locker, the postal carrier will leave big parcels in the locker if the facility is available.

Does FedEx deliver to apartment doors?

  • FedEx delivers to apartments in the following ways: Does FedEx deliver to the front door of your apartment building?
  • When you move into an apartment and wish to receive shipments, you may be perplexed by the following questions.
  • If you are not at home when the box is delivered, the parcel carrier will leave a note on your door indicating that an individual attempted to deliver the gift.
  • FedEx carriers will not often leave a box in front of a door if the area is not secure, according to the company.
  • FedEx will make three attempts to deliver your package to its destination.

After three failed delivery attempts, you’ll receive a notification informing you that you must pick up the product from a FedEx location in your area.You can also request that your box be held at the FedEx site until you have the opportunity to pick it up, or you can set a delivery day and time when you will be at home.

Can I have my FedEx apartment delivery sent to the leasing office?

You might inquire with the leasing office employees to see whether they are prepared to accept parcels on your behalf. If you choose this option and the leasing office agrees to accept your shipments, please be kind and pick up your products as soon as possible once they are delivered to your apartment.

Does UPS deliver to apartment buildings?

  • Packages are delivered to residences via UPS.
  • In order to notify you that a UPS carrier has tried delivery of your item, UPS will make three delivery attempts and leave a UPS InfoNotice in a prominent location to notify you that a UPS carrier has attempted delivery.
  • When ordering a product through UPS or any other service, be sure to include your apartment address in the order.
  • Fill up the blanks with your complete name, street address, particular apartment unit number, and any other information that may help the driver deliver your delivery to you.
  • It’s possible that the driver will not be able to locate you, in which case UPS will hold the box in the local UPS facility and send you an undeliverable postcard through the US Postal Service stating that you must contact them for more information.

The driver might be informed that it is OK for the box to be left with your roommate or neighbor in the event that you are not going to be home.

Does DHL deliver to apartments?

  • DHL operates in the same way as other parcel delivery services, and will bring a package to your flat door.
  • If the entry to the apartment complex requires a key to be used, you’ll need to grant access to those who need it.
  • For DHL deliveries when you won’t be home, make arrangements for the carrier to deliver the package to another location or have DHL store the parcel at their facility until you can pick it up.

Will a parcel carrier deliver to a walk-up apartment?

  • If you reside in a walk-up apartment, the delivery courier will make contact with your building first before delivering your package.
  • Once you have granted access to the individual, the parcel carrier will go up the stairwell to deliver the box to your residence.
  • When a package is delivered, the parcel carrier will need to see your name and apartment number on the item in order to know that he or she has delivered to the correct person and unit number.
  • Be sure to compliment the delivery man for his efforts when he must climb up several flights of stairs in order to deliver your product.
  • FedEx drivers are not permitted to collect gratuities.

However, if you get a lot of things delivered to your flat on a regular basis, try leaving them a thank-you letter to demonstrate your appreciation.

How are Amazon packages delivered to apartments?

  • Amazon delivers items to flats in a manner similar to those of other parcel delivery services.
  • Consider using one of Amazon’s parcel lockers if you have a hectic schedule and aren’t able to be at home at all times.
  • In many public venues, such as supermarkets and shopping malls, there is an Amazon Locker facility located within the structure.
  • You’ll need to specify the locker location you’ll be utilizing when you check out at Amazon.
  • You’ll be sent an access code after Amazon has delivered your order.

Getting your Amazon parcel couldn’t be easier: just walk to the locker location and input the one-time code.Amazon also provides apartment managers with Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers, which the management may have installed in the apartment complex on their behalf.

Can I have my apartment package delivery sent to my workplace?

  • You must inquire with your employer about the possibility of having items delivered to your place of employment.
  • If your employment is tiny and has a laid-back atmosphere, your boss may be willing to allow you to have items delivered to the workplace.
  • You’ll want to make certain that your employer approves of your deliveries to the workplace before proceeding.
  • However, be careful not to abuse the privilege.
  • Before you move into your new apartment, investigate the many options for package delivery to flats that are appropriate for your scenario.

The moment you decide to begin your search, you’ll discover that Zumper has thousands of available apartments for rent around the country.

Get Proof of Delivery with UPS Signature Required

  • Signature on UPS Receipt Required Delivery confirmation will be obtained through the recipient’s signature (or electronic acknowledgement), and you’ll be given an additional printout as evidence of delivery from UPS.
  • Adult Signature Required for UPS Packages UPS will get the signature of the adult receiver and send you with a printed copy of the document, which is also accessible for viewing online.
  • Delivery Confirmation from UPS In the event that you do not require a signature but still want proof of delivery, you can select UPS Delivery Confirmation service with your UPS shipping.
  • This service is only available for domestic shipments.
  • For more information on using UPS Signature Required and Delivery Confirmation services with your UPS shipment, please contact your Unishippers account team, or click here to get a UPS shipping quotation from Unishippers.

Is it necessary for UPS to obtain a signature?It is probable that you may require Signature Required Delivery Services if you are sending high-value merchandise such as guns, drugs, or alcoholic beverages.What is the best way to determine whether a UPS package delivery requires a signature?You will receive an email with tracking information, which will include a note indicating whether or not your package requires a signature.

Examine the UPS tracking page to be sure there is no information in the email indicating that a signature is required for delivery.If it doesn’t turn up anything, you might want to consider phoning UPS.What should I do if I am not going to be home to accept my UPS package?Alternatively, you may contact UPS and have your shipment rescheduled for delivery on a day when you will be at home, or you can have the product sent to a UPS customer center for pick-up.

USPS Signature Required Explained (+ FAQ)

  • Important Points:USPS Signature Confirmation is a value-added service that requires the recipient or a responsible party to sign for the release of a package
  • USPS Adult Signature Confirmation requires someone 21 years or older to sign for the package
  • USPS Express Signature Confirmation requires someone 21 years or older to sign for the package
  • The USPS Signature Confirmation service is only available for shipments within the United States.
  • It is now more vital than ever to ensure that packages are delivered safely. Nowadays, internet buyers have come to anticipate dependability from online retailers. Meanwhile, parcel theft (also known as porch piracy) is becoming more prevalent. Signature confirmation services assist you in ensuring that shipments arrive in the condition that they were intended. Signature Confirmation is a value-added service provided by the United States Postal Service that requires the receiver or a responsible person to sign for the delivery of an item. This service provides peace of mind to both shippers and consumers, which is especially important for companies shipping high-value products. It is only available for delivery within the United States. There are four delivery confirmation services offered by the United States Postal Service for a modest fee: USPS Signature Confirmation, USPS Adult Signature Confirmation, USPS Restricted Delivery, and USPS Adult Signature Restricted Delivery.
  • In this article, we will go through Signature Confirmation and other comparable USPS services in further detail.
  • Do you want to save money on USPS shipping?
  • Easyship provides you with immediate savings of up to 89 percent off the USPS retail rates.
  • You’ll also save money on more than 250 international shipping solutions, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  • Try our shipping free shipping rates calculator to get an idea of the savings you can expect.

Table of Contents

  • 01 What is USPS Signature Confirmation and how does it work?
  • 02 The Cost of Signature Confirmation by the United States Postal Service 03 Restrictions on the Use of the United States Postal Service Signature Required 04 How to Make Use of the United States Postal Service Signature Confirmation Easyship offers five different USPS signature options.
  • 06 Frequently Asked Questions About USPS Shipping Confirmation
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What is USPS Signature Confirmation?

  • Signature Confirmation is a value-added service provided by the United States Postal Service that requires the receiver or a responsible person to sign for the delivery of their item. In other words, the package cannot be delivered unless the receiver is physically there to accept it. They must also present a valid picture identification card to prove their identity. The parcel will not be delivered until a signature has been acquired from the recipient. When a package is delivered, the United States Postal Service (USPS) notifies the sender by sending a delivery confirmation. The date, time, and place of delivery are all included in this information. Packages that are not signed for are returned to the delivery hub where they were first delivered. The delivery person leaves a paper notice as well as an online message to let you know that a delivery attempt has been made and that another effort will be made shortly. Using these alerts, a shipper may check on the status of a shipment and determine whether or not it has been delivered securely. Meanwhile, the receiver may be confident that their order will only be in their possession when it is intended. The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides four delivery confirmation services, including: Signature Confirmation through the United States Postal Service: The shipment can be signed for by the receiver or any other responsible adult in the home.
  • Adult Signature Confirmation (USPS): The shipment must be signed for by someone who is 21 years or older.
  • Only a specific person may sign for and receive the parcel when it is delivered via USPS Restricted Delivery. You must use this service in conjunction with another additional service, such as Signature Required, Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery (COD), Insured Mail (over $500), or Registered Mail. USPS Adult Signature Restricted Delivery: Only a specified adult can sign for and receive the package. USPS Adult Signature Restricted Delivery: Only a specified adult can sign for and receive the package. It is only possible to use this service if you send certified mail, insured mail (above $500), COD mail, or registered mail.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers the option for recipients to sign for their parcels online.

Benefits of USPS Signature Confirmation

  • It is possible that receiving delivery confirmation will make you and the receiver feel more at peace. Particularly relevant in the case of high-value and sensitive cargo
  • Delivery with care: The USPS Adult Signature Confirmation service helps to verify that sensitive goods such as alcohol or CBD products are handled by responsible adults.

The Cost of USPS Signature Confirmation

  • The service of signature confirmation can be ordered in conjunction with your shipping label for a nominal cost. Signature Confirmation from the United States Postal Service and similar services can be obtained for the following shipping services: Priority Mail, Parcel Select, First Class, Media Mail, Retail Ground, and Package Services are some of the options available.
  • Bonus: Priority Mail Express packages receive signature confirmation services automatically. The cost of USPS Signature Confirmation and its variations varies depending on the service. You may purchase these services via the United States Postal Service website, shipping providers such as Easyship, or at a Post Office location. Here are the charges for USPS delivery confirmation services: Signature of the United States Postal Service Required: Postage at the post office is $3.20
  • or Easyship is $2.70
    USPS Adult Signature Required:

  • $6.90
  • Delivery by the United States Postal Service with Restrictions: A signature confirmation costs $8.10 online and $8.60 at the post office
  • certified mail costs $9.15 and COD costs $5.40
  • insured mail costs $5.40 and registered mail costs $5.34
  • registered mail costs $5.34 and insured mail costs $5.40.
    USPS Adult Signature Restricted Delivery:

  • $7.15

Restrictions of USPS Signature Required

  • There are certain limitations to USPS Signature Confirmation and related services, including the following: It is only accessible for domestic shipments within the United States that USPS Signature Confirmation is utilized. When shipping internationally, this service is accessible to you.
  • The package must be more than 3/4 inch thick in order to be considered for delivery. During transportation, thinner things must be packed in a sturdy box or container so that they do not lose their shape or collapse
  • Limited availability: USPS Signature Confirmation is not accessible for mail delivered to APO/FPO/DPO addresses or parcels addressed to ZIP codes in certain Freely Associated States and Territories, as noted below:

How to Use USPS Signature Confirmation

  • Signature confirmation services function in the same way as standard USPS tracking services.
  • The tracking page for your cargo will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the progress of your shipment.
  • You can also contact the United States Postal Service’s customer service number.
  • If the addressee is not at home, the driver of the United States Postal Service leaves a letter.
  • This letter informs the receiver of the next planned delivery time as well as the address of the nearest Post Office where they can pick up their parcel.

The United States Postal Service will make a further 1-2 delivery efforts after the first.Undeliverable packages that have not been delivered after a few tries are kept at the local Post Office for 15 days before being returned to the sender.

USPS Signature Options With Easyship

  • Is a signature required by the United States Postal Service?
  • Unless you acquire Signature Confirmation or equivalent services, you will not be able to.
  • For a few dollars, you can ensure that your shipment reaches its final destination safely.
  • In the event that you’re delivering valuable or expensive things, one of the USPS signature needed services may be right for you.
  • Customers may save up to 89 percent off all USPS retail prices by using Easyship to send their packages.

Take, for example, the savings you’d receive if you sent an 8-pound item from New York to Denver using a shipping calculator.Considering the savings of 66 percent over USPS Priority Express, the $29.99 monthly charge for Easyship pays for itself in a relatively short period of time.Alternatively, if you ship 100 or less parcels every month, Easyship is completely free for you.Are you ready to start putting money aside?

Create a free Easyship account to get started.FAQs about USPS Shipping ConfirmationCan I opt out of USPS’s signature confirmation program?Yes, you can opt out of the United States Postal Service’s signature confirmation requirement, allowing the carrier to deliver mail without the recipient’s signature.What is the best way to determine whether my USPS shipment requires a signature?You will get alerts from USPS, or you will see the requirement on your USPS tracking page if the shipper has provided you with the necessary information.A shipping label requiring your signature will also be affixed to the shipment, which you will need to sign.

  1. Is it possible to provide signature confirmation after shipping?
  2. No.
  3. When shipping, this service must be bought either online at or in person at the Post Office during normal business hours.
  4. When it comes to certified mail, what is the difference between that and signature confirmation?

Certified mail provides the sender with a postal receipt as confirmation that an item was delivered on a specific date, as well as the option of requesting electronic verification of arrival if desired.Signature confirmation informs the sender of the recipient’s signature, as well as the recipient’s name, delivery date, and delivery address, among other information.Is it necessary to have a signature for Priority Mail?Priority Mail packages are eligible for signature confirmation by the United States Postal Service.It is the shipper’s responsibility to charge a fee for adding signature requirements to their goods.What happens if you aren’t at home when a package is delivered?

It is possible that delivery personnel will leave a letter at your property informing you of the next planned delivery attempt or providing you with instructions on how to pick up your item at the nearby Post Office.

Scam alert: Delivery call too good to be true

  • As soon as the 876 phone number appears on his caller ID, Robert Meyer announces to his wife, ″Hey, look!
  • Our buddy’s calling back!″ Robert Meyer’s wife laughs.
  • ″Buddy″ is a touch generous in his description: In reality, the caller is a straight-up scammer who has shown himself to be quite persistent in his attempts to defraud others.
  • Meyer characterized the ruse as follows: The caller claims to be a UPS driver who has been dispatched to deliver Meyer’s $3 million prize money.
  • For Meyer to be eligible for the mind-blowing reward, he only requires that he purchase a prepaid credit card and deposit $350 onto it.

Meyer, 68, of Loveland, Colorado, informed me last week that he was born at night, but that he was not born yesterday night.He is one of four persons who have come forward to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to allege similar frauds.Another four people have filed complaints with the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection, and it’s possible that there are many more attempted victims who aren’t reporting their experiences to authorities.My spouse was one of them, so I should know what I’m talking about.

When we were coming back from vacation, we received a phone call from a man identifying himself as UPS driver David Miller, who inquired when we would be available to take a delivery.My husband was skeptical, so he lied and said we had already returned home, but ″David″ was persistent.He inquired as to our particular location numerous times, and when that line of questioning proved fruitless, he inquired as to whether we had our ″confirmation number″ to accept the shipment from – wait for it – Publishers Clearing House.″I’m not planning on taking the box,″ my spouse said emphatically.″I didn’t place an order with them at all.″ ″So you aren’t interested in a Mercedes and $850,000?″ says the narrator.David was the one who inquired.

  1. ″Not much,″ my husband responded, and then – at my urging, because I planned to follow up as a reporter – he inquired as to David’s phone number, which I provided.
  2. Click.
  3. David got off the phone.
  4. We were so alarmed by the phone call that we notified the authorities and demanded that our home be checked for health risks (all was clear).

I inquired of Kate Hanson, a spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General, about if she had received any complaints from other people.She had, in fact, done so.A Heath lady said that a caller described himself as ″Mr.Joseph Kennedy″ (I think that he has no connection to the Kennedy family, with whom I happen to be connected by chance).The woman’s alleged gains amount to $2.5 million.The woman stated that her husband would be able to take the delivery, and her skepticism quickly turned to amusement when the caller revealed that he didn’t recognize her last name.

″Fraud may take many forms, including online, through email, through other computer-based techniques, over the phone, and even through the use of UPS services to transfer fraudulent checks or money orders,″ UPS spokesperson Susan Rosenberg told me in an email.Impersonating UPS drivers have been known to imply that an item is waiting to be delivered.Personal information or money in advance of making the delivery may be requested from you by the delivery company.

  • As a reminder, Rosenberg says that UPS does not require receivers to pay in advance for products bought online, and that the company does not take payment for these direct transactions by credit cards, cheques, cash, PayPal, or Western Union money transfers.
  • ″We, as the carrier, would not be informing anyone about any awards that were being offered,″ she explained.
  • UPS drivers do occasionally contact consumers, but when they do, they offer the client with the tracking number for the box in issue, which the customer may then verify on UPS’ website if necessary.
  • ″Generally speaking, in this sort of scheme, the con artists will not really appear,″ Hanson said to me.
  • The fraudster instead attempts to persuade his or her victim to pay money through wire transfer or prepaid money card in order to allegedly settle taxes, processing fees, or other charges associated with the fictitious windfall.
  • According to Hanson, ″They have stated that if the money is not provided promptly, the award would be lost.″ ″In the end, though, it’s all a ruse to trick you.

There is no reward for this game.″ Targets of the fraudsters have reported seeing a variety of phone numbers on their Caller ID screens, including the 876 area code that Meyer mentioned in his article.That one is headquartered in Jamaica, but there have been others that have been domestic, such as the 212 or 718 area codes in New York.I phoned each of the phone numbers supplied by the complainants, and none of the numbers were operational on Wednesday.The individual that phoned my husband had his phone number banned by the caller.Robert Meyer said he was delighted to register an official complaint in the hope that it would prevent someone else from being a victim of the same situation.

  • ″I’m sick and tired of being used by these individuals,″ he expressed his frustration.
  • Is this an offer that is too good to be true?
  • The short answer is yes.
  • Here are a few red flags to look out for: You receive notification that you have won a contest that you did not enter.

To be eligible for a reward, you must pay a fee.Payment is requested by wire transfer or pre-paid money cards, which are the favorite payment methods for fraudsters since they are difficult to track down and identify the originator of the payment.You receive a phone call from someone saying that you have won a reward from the Publishers Clearing House.As stated on the company’s website, ″we do not contact our contest winners via phone.″ Where to file a complaintYou may file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by contacting 800-282-0515, which is located in Columbus.Visit the website of Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway at for further information.

At the federal level, you can file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.More information on preventing UPS fraud may be found at slot=″timestamp.″ publishdate=″2015-02-13 22:37:37 +0000 UTC″ publishdate=″2015-02-13 22:37:37 +0000 UTC″ publishdate=″2015-02-13 22:37:37 +0000 UTC″ updateddate=″2015-02-13 23:45:07 +0000 UTC″> updateddate=″2015-02-13 23:45:07 +0000 UTC″>

UPS phone scam

Gray Hall’s bio |email address WWBT-TV in Richmond, Virginia reports on the latest in the ongoing investigation into the death of a young woman in a car accident.A worried viewer emailed us regarding a UPS phone scam that he had heard about.It is vital to remember that if you receive a call from UPS, double-check that it is the real stuff.UPS is warning consumers about a phone fraud that has been going around.Here’s how it works: you’ll receive a phone call from someone pretending to be from UPS.

They will tell you that you have won a substantial reward, but that you must pay a charge up front in order to collect it.When you call back, UPS tells you to hang up since it is not them.The viewer who received the bogus phone call claims that the person on the other end informed her that she had won $750,000.They demanded that she pay $300 in order to co

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