What If My Amazon Package Is Stolen?

  • Sign in to Amazon and click on “Your Orders.”
  • Click on the “Amazon Pay” tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click “Details” next to the lost or stolen item.
  • Under the list of suggested issues to report, select “Where’s my stuff?”
  • Amazon will automatically create a message to the seller explaining that you haven’t received your items yet.
  • If that’s the case for your purchase, Amazon requires that you first contact the Amazon Seller and try to settle the issue with them. But if you’ve waited two or more business days for a response or the seller is uncooperative, you can file a claim with Amazon and they’ll likely issue a refund.
    – Three days have passed since the maximum delivery date, or the tracking shows a delivery confirmation, whichever is sooner. – The order is different from expected and you’ve requested a return with the seller. – You returned an item via a trackable shipping method and the seller hasn’t issued you a refund.

    What to do if your Amazon package gets stolen from the porch?

    Step 3: Contact the seller or retailer. If you are now entirely sure that your Amazon package got stolen from the porch, you can directly contact Amazon. Chat with customer service to let them know the details of the issue. Amazon retailers should be able to send out new packages or can issue refunds to the customer.

    How do I file an Amazon stolen package claim?

    File an Amazon stolen package claim. There is a program available through Amazon known as the A-to-Z Guarantee. If you are unable to get a resolution from your seller, consider filing a claim through this program.

    How often are packages stolen from Amazon?

    Some of the latest reports state that 1.7 million packages are stolen every day. It can be really frustrating if you suspect a package has been stolen, but following a few steps will help you focus on making sure the situation is handled properly. Go to your Amazon account and make sure you listed the proper address when you placed your order.

    How do I recover my lost package from Amazon?

    Here’s what we recommend you to do recover your package. Go to Amazon.com > sign in > Account & Lists > Your Orders > Find order in question and click ‘Order Details’ > view ‘Shipping Address’ to ensure it is correct

    What to Do If Your Amazon Package Is Stolen

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    Porch pirates are swiping Amazon packages left and right, and you might be the next victim. Take these steps if your Amazon package is stolen or lost.

    1. Amazon has made buying more convenient than ever, yet a misplaced or stolen Amazon box may be a major hassle for the recipient.
    2. Furthermore, as the popularity of online shopping grows, so does the possibility of being a victim of package theft.
    3. According to a Value Penguin poll, nearly one in every five Americans reported having their goods stolen last year.
    4. Steve Weisman, a professor of white-collar crime at Bentley University and author of The Truth About Avoiding Scams, says the number of victims of porch pirates has increased significantly during the pandemic.
    1. ″As could be expected, with more people shopping online during the pandemic, the number of victims of porch pirates has increased significantly during this time.″ Find out all you need to know about tracking down a misplaced parcel or making a claim with Amazon to hopefully get your money back if you suspect your shipment has been stolen or lost in the mail.
    2. In addition, regular online consumers should be aware of what to do if a product is damaged, how to receive a refund on anything, what a brushing scam is, and what happens to undeliverable mail that does not have an address to return it to.

    How to track down a missing Amazon package that’s listed as “delivered”

    • According to Weisman, you may discover extra information on Amazon under ″Your Orders″ that will assist you in tracking down a stolen or missing shipment that seems to have been delivered on your Amazon account. He proposes that you take the following actions: Make sure the shipping address is correct. It’s possible that the shipment was delivered to a different address associated with your Amazon account.
    • Look for a message that a delivery attempt has been made. If you requested that a signature be obtained upon delivery and no one was present, it is possible that the product was moved to a nearby location for pickup.
    • Look for a photograph of the package being delivered. Sometimes Amazon delivery drivers would place the box in a difficult-to-find position
    • this is known as ″hidden delivery.″

    If you are still unable to locate it, it is time to file a missing parcel complaint with Amazon. For further instructions, scroll down to the section labeled ″How to report a missing shipment from a third-party seller on Amazon″ towards the bottom of this page.

    How to find missing packages that aren’t trackable

    • Even if you search for it, you should contact Amazon to report the shipment as lost. For step-by-step instructions, continue reading to the section labeled ″How to report a missing shipment from a third-party seller on Amazon.″

    In case you’re wondering, this is what happens to undeliverable mail when it’s not delivered.

    How to report a missing package from a third-party seller on Amazon

    • Rd.com If your Amazon delivery hasn’t arrived within 48 hours, you should make a claim with Amazon to receive a reimbursement for your inconvenience. However, according to Weisman, you must first contact the third-party vendor directly in order to report the problem. Customer service representatives at Amazon insist that consumers contact the vendor before registering a claim on the website. You can report missing shipments from an online third-party vendor in the following ways: Create an account on Amazon and go to ″Your Orders.″
    • Activate the ″Amazon Pay″ menu option in the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Click on ″Details″ next to the item that has been lost or stolen
    • Choose ″Where has my stuff gone?″ from the list of suggested concerns to report from the drop-down menu.
    • Amazon will automatically send a communication to the seller informing them that you have not received your products as of the time of writing. Any further information that the seller may require might be included in the message after it has been written.
    • Select the ″Send to merchant″ option from the drop-down menu.
    • In the majority of circumstances, the vendor will examine the missing shipment and either replace it or refund the purchase price. However, if the seller does not react within 24 hours, you have the option of filing a claim with Amazon.

    Depending on whether or not the shipment in issue contains a gift, you may want to look at this list of last-minute presents that will arrive in time for the big day while you figure out what to do about this predicament.

    How to submit a missing package claim to Amazon

    • Rd.com Fortunately, Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee ensures that your purchase is protected in the event that an Amazon delivery is stolen or misplaced. Remember to submit your claim within 90 days after the purchase date, otherwise it will not be recognized by the insurance company. While the following instructions were written for use with a desktop computer, they may alter significantly when used to the Amazon app on a mobile device. Click on ″Your Orders″ after logging into your Amazon account.
    • Locate the order and choose ″Problem with Order″ from the drop-down menu.
    • Whenever you are prompted to choose an issue, pick the option that states that the item has not arrived.
    • After that, pick ″Request Refund,″ fill out the text box with any other information you’d like (if applicable or required), and click ″Submit.″
    • The Amazon Pay tab allows you to keep track of the status of your claim. If your claim is granted, you will get a refund in the form of the original payment method. Items that have been damaged or opened, or that have been delivered more than 30 days ago, may only be eligible for a partial refund or may not be eligible at all. If you don’t receive a refund, you might want to consider shopping at one of these shops with the finest return policies the next time you need anything.

    Additional steps to take

    1. Amazon is not the only location where you may register a claim for a ″Amazon shipment stolen.″ According to Robert Siciliano, a cybersecurity educator at ProtectNow, if you have exhausted all of the options listed above, the next step may be to call the police, the shipping company, and your credit card provider.
    2. The fact that many credit card companies offer purchase-protection features that cover the cost of lost or stolen delivery is one of the reasons why online purchases are among the items that should always be paid for using a credit card, according to Weisman.

    How to protect your Amazon deliveries in the future

    • Weisman recommends taking efforts to keep your shipments safe from porch pirates, such as demanding a signature upon delivery or shipping the box to your workplace address, among other measures. Moreover, according to Siciliano, Amazon offers a variety of different delivery service alternatives. Ship products to Amazon lockers located in neighboring locations such as Whole Foods Market, or install the Amazon Key Smart Lock system in your house for a more secure method of receiving deliveries. Using the technology, delivery drivers may scan a barcode to request entrance to your front door or garage, where they can then deposit the box inside while being monitored by a security camera system. Aside from an Amazon Prime account, the Key by Amazon app, a smart lock, and a camera with Wi-Fi connectivity are all you need. Now that you’ve learned what to do if your Amazon shipment has been stolen, brush up on some lesser-known Amazon techniques that every customer should be familiar with. Also, educate yourself on how to recognize an Amazon email scam
    • this knowledge may come in helpful in the future. Value is a source of information. According to Penguin, ″Nearly one in every five consumers has experienced package theft since the beginning of quarantine″
    • Steve Weisman, professor at Bentley University and author of The Truth About Avoiding Scams
    • Amazon: ″Find a Missing Package That Shows as Delivered″
    • Robert Siciliano, cyber social identity protection instructor at ProtectNow

    What To Do If Your Amazon Package Is Stolen

    1. Over the past several months, there has been an increase in the frequency of a new stealing trend, notably in the United States.
    2. Porch pirate is the act of stealing packages that have been placed on a porch or anyplace near the main door of a house before they can be picked up by the intended recipients.
    3. Approximately 23 million Americans have had their parcels taken from their homes as of 2021, which is a horrific level of theft.
    4. In the case of Amazon lost deliveries, an average of 51 parcels were reported missing or stolen every year on average.
    1. In response to the epidemic, porch pirates have taken advantage of the increase in online shopping to steal from others.
    2. Unless you happen to be one of the unfortunate persons who had their Amazon delivery taken from their front porch, don’t worry just yet.
    3. Amazon makes it as simple as possible to get in touch with them and resolve the Amazon missing shipment issue that you’re experiencing.
    4. Getting in contact with Amazon can be difficult, despite the fact that it appears to be so.

    But don’t worry, they have a comprehensive customer support program ready to assist you whenever you have a problem.We’ve outlined below the procedures to take in order to obtain assistance or report an Amazon shipment as missing.

    Package Is Missing, Now What?

    As a fresh victim of Amazon porch piracy, we are here to walk you through the process of determining whether your package has been stolen or lost. Before calling Amazon to file a claim of an Amazon missing item, there are a few things you should check to make sure your box did not get taken from your doorstep.

    Step 1: Track the Amazon lost packages.

    1. If the box was marked as delivered before they arrived, be aware that this is a common occurrence on Amazon’s part, and that the product will come within 48 hours.
    2. When you have waited for 48 hours, you can look about your property for a probable drop-off location for the package.
    3. It’s possible that courier firms will deliver products to unexpected locations on your home, such as the back porch or behind your potted plants.
    4. If, after 48 hours, the Amazon delivery has not been located, you should call your courier immediately for assistance.
    1. It’s possible that your shipment is still in the possession of the shipping company.
    2. Instruct them to trace your package using the tracking number you provided.
    3. However, suppose the courier firm is completely confident that your delivery was successfully delivered to your doorstep without incident.
    4. You should file a report with Amazon if you believe your shipment has been stolen in such scenario.

    Step 2: Check if your neighbors saw it or held onto it for you

    1. Whether your box has been stolen, check with your neighbors first to see if they witnessed or were able to film the arrival of your item on their security cameras before reporting it to Amazon.
    2. Alternatively, they might be keeping an eye on your delivery to ensure that it is not taken at all.
    3. You should hold off on venting your rage to the Amazon Customer Support Team for the time being.
    4. It would be less than nice if your box was just brought into the house by your kind and friendly neighbor for the purpose of safety.

    Step 3: Contact the seller or retailer.

    1. If you are now absolutely certain that your Amazon box was taken from your porch, you may contact Amazon directly to report the theft.
    2. Customer support should be contacted to provide them with the specifics of the problem.
    3. Customers should be able to request replacement shipments from Amazon sellers, or they should be able to request refunds from Amazon.
    4. As part of Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee, you can contact the seller directly for orders placed through a third-party Amazon seller.
    1. You should let the merchant a day or two to react to your conversation.
    2. After that, you may begin the process of filing a claim for the shipment that has gone missing or been stolen.
    3. Make sure to make your claim within 90 days after receiving your purchase.
    4. Assume that the vendor is unwilling to settle the situation by delivering a replacement shipment or issuing a refund.

    If that is the case, Amazon will determine whether or not to issue it to you based on your responses to the claim process questions.If your claim is denied, don’t be discouraged; you still have the option of appealing.

    Step 4: File a claim with the shipping company

    If the seller is transferring responsibility to the shipping firm, you should be aware that you have the right to submit a claim with the latter as well. UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service, and DHL all offer an online claims process for reporting an Amazon shipment that has gone missing.

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    Step 5: Claim high-value items with your homeowners’ insurance

    1. Trying to file a claim with the vendors or shipping firms may not be successful, so you may want to check into homeowner’s or renter’s insurance plans that cover shipments that have been stolen.
    2. However, keep in mind that this will only be beneficial if the return is greater than your deductible.
    3. The filing of this claim might also be a bother owing to the prospect of homes insurance providers increasing your premiums as a result of your lawsuit; nonetheless, the burden is not worth it for a single package refund.

    Step 6: Use the purchase protection features on your credit card

    1. Because making a claim with your homeowners’ insurance can be time-consuming, you may want to seek assistance from your credit card provider.
    2. Consider the scenario in which your credit card issuer provides a purchase protection plan.
    3. Alternatively, you can contact them directly to seek reimbursement for your stolen property.
    4. However, be certain that the item was totally paid using that credit card.
    1. Notify the card issuer of the problem as soon as possible so that they can accommodate your claim.

    Step 7: Report the theft to the police

    1. If you shop from Amazon on a regular basis and your items are consistently missing, it might be a hassle to continually filing claims for Amazon lost packages.
    2. So, in order to prevent this from happening again, you should report the occurrence to the police so that they are aware of similar activities occurring in the community.
    3. The police can increase their monitoring around your neighborhood in order to catch the porch pirates before they take anything else.

    How To Stop Porch Pirates

    Preventative medicine is preferable to curative medicine. In order to avoid being a victim of porch piracy in the future, it is preferable to take preventative steps against these contemptible individuals.

    Schedule for in-person delivery

    1. What is the most effective method of ensuring that your shipment gets delivered?
    2. It is usually preferable to have it delivered in person.
    3. A signature is necessary for delivery, and you can notify the courier provider of this requirement.
    4. Additionally, you may instruct them that someone must be there to accept your products while they are being delivered.
    1. If you are required to be away from home for work on a regular basis, you can ask a neighbor to accept the item on your behalf or change your mailing address to your workplace.

    Use a lockbox service

    Amazon provides lockers so that you may simply pick up your items whenever it is convenient for you. If the stores provide this option, take advantage of it if you are unable to physically accept your deliveries. You won’t have to be concerned about your Amazon box being unprotected on your porch this way.

    Ensure your packages

    High-value things, such as smart gadgets, might be purchased with a few more dollars to ensure that they are delivered on time. These services are provided by retailers or courier firms in order to provide additional protection and insurance for your package’s safety.

    Install a security camera

    Finally, if porch piracy is a problem in your community, it is always a good idea to install a smart security system on your property. Security cameras can aid in the identification of the ruthless individual who is stealing your shipments on a regular basis. When you file a police report on a reported case, you can utilize the tape as evidence.

    Someone Stole My Amazon Package – What Can I Do?

    1. The ease with which Amazon allows you to place your order is fantastic.
    2. Items may be mailed right to your home from the website, which sells just about anything you can think of.
    3. Having said that, the procedure of having products delivered to your home is not without its shortcomings.
    4. Delivery packages are frequently subjected to the potential of theft, especially if the recipient is not going to be home when the package is delivered.
    1. Throughout this piece, we’ll go through what you should do if someone steals your Amazon delivery, and we’ll also discuss various ways to assist you avoid future theft.

    How Common Is Package Theft?

    1. Using Amazon as a shopping source is quite convenient.
    2. Items may be mailed right to your home from the website, which sells just about anything you could think.
    3. Having said that, the procedure of having products delivered to your home is not without its flaws and shortcomings.
    4. Delivery packages are frequently subjected to the potential of theft, particularly if the recipient is not going to be present when the package is delivered.
    1. During this post, we’ll go over what you should do if someone steals your Amazon delivery, and we’ll also discuss viable ways to assist you avoid future theft.

    Responding To Amazon Package Theft

    In an ideal situation, you will be able to take actions to prevent theft from occurring in the first place. We’ll get to that point in a moment, but first, let’s talk about what you can do if someone steals your Amazon delivery from your doorstep. Follow these actions if someone has already taken advantage of you by stealing one or more parcels that were left on your doorstep.

    1. Start with the delivery company.

    1. It is likely that if a box has been tagged as ″delivered″ but has not arrived on your front porch, you will presume that it has been taken from there.
    2. That very well might be the case, but you need look into it a little more to be certain.
    3. The first step is to get in touch with the delivery company and question about the status of your product.
    4. To find out if your item has been shipped, look for a tracking number and contact the relevant shipping provider.
    1. Alternatively, it’s conceivable that your product was accidentally left behind in the truck or in the warehouse and is still in their control.
    2. Take this step first since it is the quickest and most straightforward resolution if it turns out that there was no theft at all.

    2. Contact the seller.

    1. It is possible that many of the items you purchase on Amazon are actually sold by third-party retailers who are using the Amazon platform to sell their merchandise.
    2. As a result, if you have determined that a theft has occurred, you should contact the seller and inquire about a replacement or a refund.
    3. Depending on the vendor, the outcome of this choice will differ from one to the next.
    4. It should be noted that sellers are not obligated to replace a stolen package, but some may choose to do so in specific circumstances.

    3. File an Amazon stolen package claim.

    1. The A-to-Z Guarantee is a service offered by Amazon that protects customers against purchasing items that are not as described.
    2. You might consider using this application if you are unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution from your merchant directly.
    3. There is typically coverage provided here up to $2,500, so there’s a good chance that this will be the extent of your legal recourse in this situation to resolve the situation.
    4. It’s important to note that Amazon will frequently ask you to contact the seller first and attempt to fix the issue through the seller.
    1. In addition, the A-Z Guarantee is only valid for products purchased from a third-party seller on the platform.
    2. If you have any problems with things you have purchased straight from Amazon, Amazon recommends that you contact their customer support department.

    4. Credit card coverage.

    1. If a third-party seller refuses to issue a refund or if your Amazon claim is denied, you may be able to obtain assistance from your credit card company.
    2. Transaction protection may or may not be available to you depending on the credit card you used to make the purchase on.
    3. When it comes to credit cards, the procedure you must follow differs from one to the next.
    4. Check with your credit card issuer to find out the intricacies of the procedure.
    1. Many credit card issuers, on the other hand, will have some method of canceling a payment in the event of fraud.
    2. A refund or replacement item might be a time-consuming process when you need one.
    3. The odds are strong, though, that you will not be liable for any losses if you see the situation through to completion and submit all relevant documents.

    Solutions To Prevent Theft

    1. PARCELBIN Package Lock Box with a combination lock In order to avoid being forced to respond after a crime has occurred, it is more preferable to just prevent theft from occurring in the first instance.
    2. That may not appear to be a simple task, but it is more doable than you may believe.
    3. With a little forethought and forward thinking, you can ensure that burglars have little opportunity of stealing your hard-earned possessions and valuables.
    4. Consider the following steps to keep your packages safe from theft:

    Plan ahead to be home.

    1. Orders should be placed as early as feasible in the day so that the delivery can take place when you are there to accept the parcel if at all possible.
    2. For example, if you are utilizing Amazon’s two-day delivery service, you may place your purchase two days ahead of time on a day when you know you will be home.
    3. If you are present to receive the box directly from the delivery person when it arrives, a burglar will be unable to remove it from your porch.
    4. The main disadvantage of this approach is that you will be required to guarantee that you are there, which might be tough if you have a demanding schedule.

    Deliver to the office instead.

    1. You’re not going to be home and you don’t want to take the chance of having your shipment stolen.
    2. Instead of having your item delivered to your home, consider having it delivered to your workplace.
    3. Of course, this will not be acceptable to all companies, so you should check with your boss ahead of time to ensure that this is something that is permitted in your workplace.
    4. Also, keep in mind that the item will need to be transported back to your house, so large items that would not fit in your car would not be a good selection for this method of transportation.

    Use a package lock box.

    1. Another wonderful method for preventing porch pirates is to install a lock box on your front porch or in your garage.
    2. In a manner that no other solution can, your lock box can accept shipments on your behalf while you are away and keep them safe from unauthorized access.
    3. Of course, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality product that looks good in front of your house and is difficult to tamper with.
    4. This is when the PARCELBIN comes into play…

    Consider The PARCELBIN Package Lock Box

    1. Consider purchasing a PARCELBIN package lock box if you want to place orders from Amazon or other online sources without having to worry about theft or identity theft.
    2. When a PARCELBIN is in place, the delivery person will have a safe spot to leave the parcel at any time of day or night.
    3. When you go home, you may simply take the box out of the trash and put it back in the bin.
    4. Between the theft prevention and the protection from bad weather, this is a beautiful lock box that you will be pleased to have on your property.

    Your Amazon Package Stolen? Do This Immediately (Updated for 2022)

    1. Without a doubt, the items from Amazon that have been delivered to your home are essential to you.
    2. In today’s world, Amazon is the retail e-commerce behemoth of choice.
    3. A wide range of products, from electronics and literature to groceries and home goods, are available for purchase on the website.
    4. Even better, Prime delivery provides customers with free one- or two-day shipping, which encourages them to order more than they would have otherwise just because it is more convenient than shopping in-store.
    1. The fact that Amazon was able to more than quadruple its earnings to $5.2 billion by the summer of 2020 demonstrates how many people utilize their services to place orders for things on the internet.
    2. Package theft, on the other hand, has become a big source of anxiety for consumers who purchase on Amazon on a regular basis.
    3. Consider the seriousness of the expanding parcel theft problem, as well as what you should do if your Amazon delivery has been taken.

    Package Theft Is a Growing Problem in the United States  

    1. In the second quarter of 2020, retail e-commerce sales in the United States topped $210 billion, according to the United States Census Bureau.
    2. This goes to demonstrate how many parcels were created and shipped out via parcel carriers such as the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, or FedEx for home delivery.
    3. Unfortunately, many of the customers who were looking forward to receiving such parcels were left feeling quite disappointed when their packages failed to arrive.
    4. A rise in package delivery has coincided with a rise in the number of parcels being stolen, which has reached an all-time high.
    1. In 2020, over 43% of internet consumers have stated that they had had at least one delivery stolen from them.
    2. Since the beginning of 2019, the number has increased by 7%.
    3. The delivery point might be used to pick up possibly two out of every five house deliveries.
    4. According to the most recent figures, almost 1.7 million shipments are stolen every day.

    Steps to Take If Your Amazon Package Is Stolen

    If you fear that a shipment has been stolen, it may be quite aggravating; but, by following a few simple procedures, you can keep your focus on making sure the problem is handled appropriately.

    Check Everything on Your End Before Reporting the Package Stolen 

    1. Go to your Amazon account and double-check that you entered the correct shipping address when you placed the transaction.
    2. If you go to your prior orders and click on ″Order Details″ beside the order in question, you will be able to get the information you need.
    3. If the address is valid, go to the next step and check the shipment status.
    4. Keep track of the package and check the notations to make sure the information indicates that the delivery was successfully delivered.
    1. If everything looks okay, take a brief walk around your property to make sure the box hasn’t been hidden somewhere inconspicuous.
    2. Examine the footage from your porch camera to check if somebody has taken advantage of you and stolen your order.

    Contact Local Authorities If You Have Footage of Theft 

    1. If you are fortunate enough to have video evidence of the theft, you should report it to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.
    2. The fact that so few package thefts are recorded is one of the reasons why porch pirates who conduct these crimes are able to continue their operations.
    3. The sooner you make a report, the more probable it is that the perpetrator will be apprehended and prosecuted.
    4. Package theft is a major crime in some areas, and the authorities are cracking down on those who engage in it.
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    File a Report That Your Package Was Stolen

    • Before making a report with Amazon regarding a stolen shipment, it is suggested that you wait 36 hours. Some shipments do appear after they have been recorded as delivered, and it is not uncommon for a parcel to just appear at a neighbor’s house after it has been marked as delivered. After waiting 36 hours, you should register a complaint with the package delivery company that delivered the device. The procedures to be followed when filing a report with the three major carriers are detailed in our other guidelines, which are as follows: A FedEx package has been taken
    • what should you do next?
    • a UPS package has been taken
    • and a USPS package has been taken: what should you do now?

    Once you have made a claim with the package delivery service, contact Amazon through their messaging center and inform them that your purchase has been stolen. In order to proceed, they will want proof that you have filed a report with the appropriate carrier, so any documentation you can provide would be good.

    Take Measures to Prevent Future Package Thefts

    1. Despite the fact that Amazon is well-known for providing excellent customer service and assisting customers who have had goods stolen, going through the procedure again and over again may be a nuisance.
    2. For those who have experienced package theft in their area, it is recommended that you install an outside video system on your porch and purchase a locked parcel box, where items may be stored safely until you can pick them up yourself.
    3. Nathan Robinson is a young man who lives in the United States.
    4. A gang of porch pirates stole my delivery, and now I’m on a quest to prevent them from doing the same to you.
    1. In order to keep up with the latest porch lockers and other equipment that might aid prevent package theft, I’m always studying, examining, and informing myself.
    2. I’m adding new free stuff to my library on a daily basis — join me and together we can battle the porch pirates.

    What to do if your Amazon package is stolen — Prevent Package Theft

    Have you placed an order on Amazon and feel your box has been stolen? There are a few measures you may take to attempt to recover your package or get it replaced as fast as possible.

    Recovery efforts

    1. If your Amazon delivery is stolen, the initial set of measures you should take should be geared around attempting to retrieve your box from the thieves.
    2. Here’s what we recommend you do in order to recover your package:Go to Amazon.com > sign in > Account & Lists > Your Orders > Find the order in question and click ″Order Details″ > check the ″Shipping Address″ to make sure it is correct.If the shipping address is incorrect, contact Amazon customer service.
    1. If your Amazon delivery has been stolen, the initial set of measures you should take should be geared around attempting to retrieve your box from the thieves.
    2. Here’s what we propose you do in order to recover your package:Go to Amazon.com > login in > Account & Lists > Your Orders > Find the order in question and click ″Order Details″ > check the ″Mailing Address″ to make sure it is accurate.If the shipping address is correct, go to step two.
    • Look for packages in and around the building
    • Seek advice from relatives, housemates, and neighbors (it’s possible that someone noticed your box and carried it in to safeguard it from porch pirates)
    • Do you have a porch surveillance camera? Examine the tape to see if you can spot any activity that would give you a better indication of when and where your box was delivered, as well as whether or not someone picked it up

    Recovery efforts

    • Wait at least 36 hours before making a complaint. Waiting helps to establish that the problem was not just a result of a delayed parcel or an intervening party that did not disclose what they did with your box while you were waiting. Amazon requests that consumers wait for 36 hours before filing a complaint since some shipments appear to have been delivered up to 36 hours before they were really delivered.
    • After 36 hours, contact the delivery company that delivered your Amazon product and submit a complaint.
    • Amazon.com > sign in > Account & Lists > Your Orders > Carrier Information to find out which carrier delivered your delivery. Amazon Locate the order in question and select ″Track Package″ from the menu bar. If you click on the ″Shipped with.″ link, you will be able to view your tracking information as well as the name of the carrier that delivered your goods. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to go to the carrier’s website and file a report about the missing item. The following are links to the forms for all major carriers: FedEx, the United States Postal Service, and other courier services

    Contact Amazon and advise them that you have reasonable grounds to suspect your shipment has been taken. To get in touch with Amazon, go to this page. Inform them that you have followed the steps outlined above and that you will be sharing any proof you have acquired. Make sure you’ve selected the order that you feel has been stolen on the contact form before sending it in.

    Wishing you the best of success in retrieving your parcel, and if that is not possible, in obtaining a reimbursement from Amazon. Experiencing package theft is never pleasant, but knowing what to do in the event that your Amazon box is stolen will significantly increase your chances of recovering your parcel.

    What Happens If My Amazon Package Is Stolen – TheCabinetRefinishing

    1. Is There Anything I Can Do If My Amazon Package Is Stolen?
    2. In the majority of circumstances, the vendor will examine the missing shipment and either replace it or refund the purchase price.
    3. However, if the seller does not react within 24 hours, you have the option of filing a complaint with Amazon.
    4. Will Amazon reimburse me for a box that was stolen?
    1. Step 3: Make a list of all of the things you want to do.
    2. Get in touch with the seller or merchant.
    3. When it comes to dealing with stolen property, different merchants have different rules and procedures in place, but you are normally entitled to a refund or a replacement.
    4. Amazon’s ″A-to-Z Guarantee Protection″ provides coverage for the majority of stolen packages.

    Is Amazon obligated to pay customers whose parcels have been stolen?A-to-z Guarantee Protection, which covers the vast majority of stolen packages on Amazon, provides shoppers with peace of mind.If you’re having trouble getting your money back from an Amazon seller, you can file a claim for a refund with Amazon.

    Can I get a refund for a stolen package?

    If your mail was insured, the United States Postal Service may be able to pay you for stolen, lost, or missing parcels. If your goods were not insured, it is probable that you will not get a reimbursement. Instead, you’ll want to get in touch with the vendor. This holds true for other types of delivery services as well.

    What do I do if my package says delivered but I never got it?

    Contact your local United States Postal Service post office. If you have any questions, please call your local post office rather than the USPS hotline. Your local post office will be able to give you with more timely and efficient service. Inquire as to who delivered the parcel and what time it was delivered on that particular day.

    Who is responsible if a package is stolen?

    To summarize, the Buyer is mostly placed in the position of resolving the issue by contacting the Seller or filing an insurance claim with the Delivery Company. In addition, the Buyer is liable for notifying the authorities of the criminal activity.

    What to do if Amazon delivers a package that isn’t yours?

    If you get an item that was intended for someone else, please notify Customer Service immediately. If you are certain that the box addressed to you was not ordered by you or anyone you know, you can report the parcel online by completing the Report Unwanted Package form on the United States Postal Service website.

    Who do I contact if Amazon delivered to wrong address?

    After their delivery is sent to the incorrect location, customers can contact Amazon customer support by calling 1-877-586-3230, where Amazon will either endeavor to retrieve the box or provide them with a refund or an alternate shipment, if the original item cannot be recovered or replaced.

    How do I contact Amazon about a missing package?

    Report the situation to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406 to obtain instant support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Do delivery drivers steal packages?

    While it is always possible that a delivery person will take your product, the chances of this happening are quite minimal. While there are dishonest persons in any profession, delivery businesses such as Amazon, the United States Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx have a strong interest in preventing items from being stolen.

    Is it illegal to keep someone else’s Amazon package?

    Packages are simply packages, and there is no particular Amazon package regulation in effect right now. Accidents may happen now and again, especially when items are delivered to the incorrect location. It would be difficult to establish that someone intentionally opened mail or a package.

    What do I do if I get an Amazon package with my address but different name?

    Let’s imagine, on the other hand, you receive an Amazon box that is addressed to someone else. If that is the case, you can contact Amazon and request that it be returned. Always remember that the corporation is required to cover any shipping charges that may be incurred on your behalf.

    Is there a phone number to call Amazon customer service?

    Suppose, on the other hand, you received an Amazon shipment that was intended for someone else. It is possible to contact Amazon and request that it be returned in this situation. Always remember that the corporation is required to cover any shipping expenses that may arise.

    Do Amazon delivery drivers get punished?

    According to Motherboard, Amazon’s artificial intelligence cameras punish drivers who use their side mirrors and are cut off. Penalties like this have a negative impact on the performance ratings of workers and DSPs, as well as their prospects of receiving more money.

    Do Amazon employees steal?

    Amazon warehouses adhere to extremely strict security protocols, and the company keeps a close eye on its employees to prevent potential thefts. The conclusion of the day requires personnel to remove their wallets, keys, and other personal belongings from their pockets and go through a metal detector near the warehouse exit.

    Can you steal from Amazon warehouse?

    Loss prevention teams are stationed in Amazon sites, and their primary responsibility is to prevent theft. In addition, there are surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the facility to detect illicit behavior. Theft by an associate results in immediate termination and possible exclusion from future employment at Amazon or any of its subsidiaries.

    Is stealing an Amazon package a felony?

    If you steal from more than one address, or if you steal from the same address more than once, you will face substantially more severe fines and punishments. In this situation, you may find yourself facing accusations of mail theft, a class C felony in most jurisdictions. If you are found guilty, you may face a sentence of up to five years in jail and a fine of $10,000.

    Is it illegal to keep a package wrongly delivered to you?

    According to the Federal Trade Commission, you have the legal right to retain it because it was given to you as a free gift (FTC). Sellers are also not entitled to demand payment for things that have not been requested, and the Federal Trade Commission asserts that consumers are under no responsibility to inform the vendor of incorrectly delivered merchandise.

    What is a brushing scheme?

    Brushing is the name of this scam, and it has been showing up all across the country recently. Boxes of Amazon product that has not been ordered (by the receiver) begin to arrive all of a sudden. In some cases, there is no return address provided; in other cases, the package just looks to have arrived from Amazon or another shop, and the recipient has no idea who bought the things.

    Can I keep a package that was delivered to my address?

    It is referred to as a ″unsolicited good″ when a corporation gives you a product that you did not request. Keeping children in these situations is well within your legal rights. If you receive products that you did not request and do not intend to keep them, you are under no duty to return them or to pay for them.

    Why do I get Amazon packages I didn’t order?

    It is referred to as a ″unsolicited good″ when a corporation delivers you something that you did not request. Keeping children in these situations is well within your rights. Unless you specifically requested them, you are under no duty to return or pay for any products that have been provided to you.

    What happens if you get someone else’s package?

    When you receive a wrong delivery, contact the delivery company’s customer care department and explain the problem. Please provide them with the tracking number from the shipment, in addition to the name and address from the package if it is different from yours. It is expected that the firm would pick up the merchandise within a fair amount of time.

    Does Amazon refund your money if you cancel an order?

    It is important to note that the dollars you spend when you purchase something from Amazon remain in your bank account until the shipment procedure has been completed. Because of this, when you cancel a purchase with Amazon, your money is refunded immediately, and you should get your funds in no more than two days.

    Porch Pirates: 6 Steps to Take if Your Package Is Stolen

    1. According to a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin, nearly four out of every ten customers has had a package stolen before it could be delivered to them.
    2. While the quantity of deliveries increases over the Christmas season, this data serves as a reminder to consumers that package theft is a widespread problem throughout the year, regardless of the season.
    3. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a parcel stolen from your front door, here’s what you should do to recover your package.

    What to do if a package is stolen from your porch

    If your mail has been stolen, you must follow these procedures in order to be paid or to get a substitute item.

    Step 1: Track the package

    1. First and foremost, if you have reason to believe your product has been stolen, you should look for tracking information in the email you received upon purchase.
    2. Typically, you will be provided with a tracking number, which you may use to keep track on the progress of your order throughout shipment.
    3. Sometimes all you need to do is click on this number or button, but other times you may need to copy the number and input it on the retailer’s or shipping company’s website, depending on the situation.
    4. For shipments to be delayed, especially during high shipping seasons such as the holidays, this is to be expected.
    1. The shipment status will inform you of the location where your package was last recorded as well as the date on which it was delivered to the shipping destination.
    2. If the item is indicated as having been delivered, go to step 2.
    3. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
    See also:  What Is A Package Policy?

    Step 2: Check if your neighbors saw it or held onto it for you

    1. Check with your neighbors to see if the item has been delivered once you’ve verified that it has.
    2. It’s humiliating to lash out at a customer service agent only to realize that the sweet lady next door noticed your shipment and grabbed it to save it from being stolen or rained on while you were away.
    3. Even if they don’t have your package, it’s possible that your neighbors saw it earlier in the day and are unaware of it.

    Step 3: Contact the seller or retailer

    1. Immediately notify the vendor or shop that sold you the goods if it looks that your shipment has been stolen or misplaced.
    2. When it comes to dealing with stolen property, different merchants have different rules and procedures in place, but you are normally entitled to a refund or a replacement.
    3. Amazon’s ″A-to-Z Guarantee Protection″ provides coverage for the majority of stolen packages.
    4. Purchases that are labeled as ″fulfilled by Amazon″ are sometimes derived from retail partners known as ″Amazon Sellers,″ rather than from Amazon itself.
    1. (You should be aware of this at the time you place your purchase for the item).
    2. It is mandatory for you to contact the Amazon Seller in order to try to resolve the issue with them if this is the situation with your purchase, according to Amazon.
    3. You may make a claim with Amazon if you’ve waited more than two business days for a response or if the seller is being unhelpful.
    4. Amazon would most likely offer a refund in this case, as well.

    In many circumstances, stores will agree to send you a new item within a short period of time.However, if they refuse to accept responsibility and give a replacement, there are still certain actions you may take to obtain recompense.

    Step 4: File a claim with the shipping company

    1. Occasionally, stores may attempt to transfer responsibility to the shipping provider or will need you to make a complaint and wait a specific number of days before learning for definite whether your shipment will or will not be delivered.
    2. If you find yourself in this situation, you may wish to submit a claim with the shipping business as well, just to be safe.
    3. UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service, and DHL all have online claims processes that you may use to report your lost item, and you can also call them to report your missing item.

    Step 5: Use the purchase protection features on your credit card

    1. When you use a credit card to make a purchase, many issuers will provide purchase protection that will repay you if an item is stolen.
    2. This is true as long as the item was paid wholly with that credit card and the card issuer is contacted within a certain timeframe.
    3. Check the website of your credit card provider to see whether this coverage is available and to learn how to make a claim.
    4. Some credit card providers, however, do not provide coverage for high-value products (usually anything that is worth more than $500 to $1,000).
    1. Depending on the company, they may ask you to submit a police complaint before they can issue your refund.
    2. Finally, credit card purchase protection is sometimes referred to as ″secondary coverage,″ which indicates that it only kicks in after you’ve previously used main coverage, such as homeowner’s or renters insurance, to safeguard your purchases.
    3. This takes us to the sixth step.

    Step 6: Claim high-value items with your homeowners insurance

    1. The majority of homeowners and renters insurance plans include coverage for stolen shipments.
    2. Unfortunately, this is only beneficial for items that are more valuable than your deductible.
    3. Given that the majority of homes insurance deductibles range between $500 and $2,000, submitting a claim for the majority of stolen shipments will be a waste of time.
    4. However, even if the value of the lost item exceeds the deductible, you’ll need to consider the risk that your homes insurance provider would raise your rates as a result of your claim, not to mention the inconvenience of submitting the claim itself.

    How to prevent package theft

    When a package is stolen, it may be quite stressful, and the claims procedure can be much more unpleasant. If you wish to reduce the likelihood of losing shipments while you’re away from home, consider the following solutions for protecting your packages while you’re gone.

    Schedule for in-person delivery

    1. The most effective method of preventing mail theft is to personally accept your shipments.
    2. To do this, either notify your postal service business that you require a signature for delivery or arrange for your mail to be carried to a location where someone is constantly on hand.
    3. Consider asking a neighbor if they would be willing to accept delivery if you are frequently away from home.
    4. Alternatively, if it is acceptable to your business and your shipment is modest, you can choose your office as the delivery destination.

    Use a lockbox service

    1. When using a service such as Amazon Locker, you may have goods delivered to a lockbox, which will help to prevent mail from being stolen.
    2. In addition, several supermarket and convenience stores provide this sort of service, or you may have your box delivered to your local UPS or USPS center and pick it up when you get to that location.
    3. A combination-protected lockbox that stands on your doorstep and safeguards your parcels until you return home is an option if you prefer a shorter journey than driving to the post office.

    Insure your packages

    Whenever you purchase a high-value item online, such as a new iPhone or iPad, spend a few additional dollars for delivery insurance to protect your investment. Typically, you may accomplish this either directly with the seller or through the delivery company.

    Install a security camera

    1. There are various low-cost home security cameras that are simple to install around the perimeter of your property, including bullet cameras.
    2. Most of these cameras are compatible with your WiFi network and even have a smartphone app, allowing you to keep track of parcels left during the day.
    3. The sheer appearance of these cameras may be enough to deter would-be porch pirates, but even if it isn’t, you’ll still have proof to use as the basis for a police report if necessary.
    4. As an extra benefit, adding these cameras may entitle you to a reduction on your homes insurance.

    What is the value of stolen packages, and what steps have been taken by consumers?

    • In accordance with a survey commissioned by ValuePenguin, parcel theft has touched more than 40% of all Americans at some time during their lives. More than 5 out of 10 buyers reported having more than one package stolen in the previous 12 months, resulting in an average loss of $106 per home in that time period. When applied to the total number of households in the United States as determined by the Census Bureau, these averages show that porch piracy cost U.S. consumers more than $7.4 billion in the previous year: In the last year, there were an estimated 144 million victims
    • the average loss per home was $106
    • and the estimated value of stolen products in the last year was $7.4 billion.
    1. Despite the high number of burglaries, over three-quarters of Americans said they have done nothing to safeguard their deliveries against theft in the future — including more than half of respondents over the age of 55 who said they have done nothing.
    2. It is estimated that nearly two out of every three robberies occurred directly outside the victims’ houses, thus it is wise to take several safeguards to deter bold would-be burglars.

    How can you recoup your losses if an Amazon package is missing from your step?

    Image courtesy of depositphotos.com

    Q: I got a notification that my Amazon package had been delivered, but when I got home it wasn’t on my step. The contents were not inexpensive. What can I do?

    1. A: There are few things more frustrating than impatiently anticipating a package delivery, only to get home and discover that it has not been delivered to your door, leaving you asking, ″Where has my Amazon box gone?″ Whatever the reason for the missing shipment, whether it’s a monthly delivery of routinely used supermarket goods or a terrific deal that allowed you to purchase something you otherwise couldn’t afford, it can produce a mixture of rage and anxiety.
    2. In some circumstances, the box has simply been picked up by a neighbor who is trying to be of assistance in your situation.
    3. Others, on the other hand, have made the decision to assist themselves to your possessions.
    4. In order to check the delivery status and obtain further information than what was provided in your delivery notice, you must first figure out how to track a product on Amazon.
    1. A challenge in the era of delivery is that there is no visible path of action—it is not like when you buy something in a store and have a customer care counter where you can lodge a complaint in person.
    2. However, there are some good initial measures to take to check that the shipment is indeed missing, and if it is, there are a few alternative ways to follow to ensure that your lost Amazon delivery gets refunded or replaced.
    3. You may take steps to keep packages from being stolen from your premises.
    4. With a high-quality security system, you can keep your house, family, and belongings safe.

    Vivint’s professionally installed devices don’t simply alert you to potential dangers; they also assist you in preventing and deterring such threats.Take a look at the cameras and services offered by Vivint.

    Ask your neighbors if they held on to it for you or if they saw someone pick it up.

    1. Before you panic, call the individuals who live next door and ask them for help.
    2. It’s conceivable that a well-meaning neighbor noticed the item and were concerned that it may be stolen, so they took it inside their own home with the purpose of returning it when you returned home later.
    3. When it comes to package deliveries, you may already have an agreement with a specific neighbor to keep an eye out for each other’s packages.
    4. Whether not, knocking on the doors of friendly neighbors to see if they have received your box is a smart first step to take.
    1. Alternatively, if they didn’t pick it up, they may have witnessed another neighbor bringing it in—or they may be able to describe another person picking it up and walking away with it.
    2. You may also check with your neighbors to see if they have any security cameras or doorbell cameras that may have captured the box being delivered and removed (don’t forget to check your own, if you have one) and if they have any information.
    3. They may be seen on the doorbell video from the next house or across the street, depending on whether it is a criminal or a nice neighbor who is safeguarding your delivery.
    4. It’s possible that your shipment was delivered to the wrong address.

    While this is not ideal, it does occur from time to time as a result of human mistake.As a member of a local social media neighborhood group, you may consider posting the delivery confirmation photo, if there was one, and asking whether anybody else in the area has gotten a box, as well as whether or not anyone recognizes the doorstep in the picture.The process of doing this and having a neighbor respond ″Yes, that is my step!″ is sometimes more efficient.If you want it, just go by and get it!″ rather than going through the proper channels.Do you require a home security system?

    1. SimpliSafe can be of assistance.
    2. You can be more prepared for the unexpected if you have a complete whole-house solution.
    3. View the pricing and specifications for SimpliSafe systems.

    Contact the delivery carrier and inquire about the package location.

    1. For the best experience possible, sign up for alerts that will alert you of the progress of your Amazon shipment on its way to your home, so you’ll know when to expect it: With Amazon’s new package tracking feature, you can follow select items through each stop of the delivery vehicle!
    2. You may learn more about tracking Amazon shipments by visiting the Amazon Customer Service website.
    3. If you are unable to pick it up immediately or if you ask a neighbor to do so, this will assist you in determining exactly when the delivery took place.
    4. If your delivery warning included a photo showing your box sitting on a stairwell, take a close look at the image.
    1. Are you certain it’s your step that you’re talking about?
    2. If not, look about on porches that appear to be similar, but from a distance—you don’t want people to believe you’re the thief!
    3. If you do not see it, or if the photo does not appear to be of your property, you will need to contact the delivery company, which should have been mentioned in your delivery confirmation email.
    4. Amazon’s Customer Service website includes information on how to contact the company.

    When checking the tracking number linked with your product, which should be included in the delivery confirmation, but if it isn’t, you may check the shipping confirmation email or order status in your Amazon account to see whether it has been tracked down.A tracking system should be in place so that the carrier can determine where the delivery truck was when the product was delivered.In this case, it’s conceivable that the motorist was distracted by another street or that he mistook the street name and ended up on another street with a similar name.In that situation, the carrier should be able to pick up the product and redeliver it to you as soon as possible.Another possibility is that the shipment was unable to be delivered due to a fault with the box or label, or that there was another cause for the product not to be delivered.

    1. Depending on the circumstances, the box may be returned to the shipping site along with other unclaimed Amazon deliveries.
    2. After a few days, Amazon will have a record of what you did.
    3. Image courtesy of depositphotos.com

    Contact the seller to ask about replacement or a refund.

    1. It’s your responsibility to inform the vendor if the box is missing, damaged or open when it finally reaches your doorstep.
    2. In order to account for the potential that the delivery announcement was unintentionally sent out early or that a carrier was interrupted while delivering, Amazon customer care recommends waiting until 48 hours have passed after receiving your delivery notification.
    3. Then you’ll receive an updated delivery notification with the message ″Amazon product not delivered,″ along with advice on what to do next.
    4. Providing them with a snapshot of the box on your doorstep may enable them to answer your ca

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