What Is A Surepost Package From Ups?

UPS SurePost offers a cost effective method for delivery of residential ground packages. The service is offered through a collaboration between UPS and the postal service. UPS provides the main transportation logistics in getting the packages through the UPS Ground network.
What is UPS SurePost? SurePost is an economy, residential-bound ground service designed for small, lightweight business-to-consumer (B2C) parcels. This delivery network combines UPS ground trucks and hubs with the local delivery infrastructure of the United States Postal Service (USPS) for last-mile logistics.What is UPS SurePost? SurePost is an economy, residential-bound ground service designed for small, lightweight business-to-consumerbusiness-to-consumer Direct-to-consumer (DTC) or business-to-consumer (B2C) refers to selling products directly to customers, bypassing any third-party retailers, wholesalers, or any other middlemen. DTC brands are usually sold online only and specialize in a specific product category. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Direct-to-consumer (B2C) parcels. This delivery network combines UPS ground trucks and hubs with the local delivery infrastructure of the United States Postal Servicethe United States Postal Service The United States Postal Service (USPS; also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states. https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › United_States_Postal_Service (USPS) for last-mile logistics.
The transit time of UPS SurePost is the same as FedEx SmartPost. It’s typically between 2-7 days. Since SurePost pairs with USPS local delivery, the actual delivery time will sink with the mail service. For more info check UPS Working Hours: 7 Things You Should Know Steps to use the UPS SurePost:

What is ups SurePost?

UPS SurePost is an economy, residential, ground service. Sure Post combines the consistency and reliability of UPS Ground with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service. In other words, SurePost is the hybrid UPS/USPS option. Also, the total dimensions of packages cannot exceed 130 inches if you select SurePost.

Is SurePost a good option for ecommerce shipping?

UPS SurePost is a fast, reliable and affordable option for eCommerce businesses. It combines the reliability of UPS and the final delivery is offered by USPS. It is like a hybrid of both USPS and UPS as it combines features of both shipping services. This service is mostly used by retailers who ship orders weighing less than 10 pounds.

How long do ups SurePost packages take?

UPS claims that SurePost packages take anywhere from two to seven days until final delivery by USPS. These are the UPS SurePost Rates for 2021. The following image is for packages over 1 pound, there is a different rate chart for packages under 1 lb.

Is UPS SurePost always delivered by USPS?

And does it really matter? UPS SurePost delivers to the USPS location that is closest to an end user’s address, which means it’s often handing them off at area post offices. By contrast, FedEx SmartPost uses a hub-to-hub protocol that involves handing packages off to the nearest USPS regional hub.

How is UPS SurePost delivered?

How is UPS SurePost delivered? This UPS shipping option starts with UPS’s Ground networks to cover most of the distance but then moves to the U.S. Postal Service for the final delivery. Therefore, this is a cheaper option that, according to UPS, provides an equivalent level of service as ground shipping.

How long does UPS SurePost take to deliver?

UPS SurePost provides delivery in 2-7 days from the time the shipment is placed, so if your products can wait that long there is a lot of savings to be made. If products are not time sensitive and consumers understand the UPS delivery times, the program is a great choice.

What is UPS SurePost tracking?

UPS SurePost® is an economy service for your non-urgent, business to consumer needs of low value. UPS makes the shipment pick-up, and the U.S. Postal Service® (USPS®) makes the final delivery, seven days a week.

How does USPS SurePost work?

SurePost is a UPS service that allows for more flexibility in delivery, where UPS transports the package as close to the final destination as possible. In some cases, they are able to make direct delivery.

Why is SurePost so slow?

The delivery time of SurePost is typically one day slower than UPS Ground. This is because on the day UPS would normally be dropping the package off at your customer’s door, it is instead dropping it off at the USPS branch nearest to the customer.

What is the difference between UPS Ground and UPS SurePost?

While the UPS SurePost® service aims to help you monitor your costs, UPS Ground Service provides you with the flexibility to enhance your customer’s experience by allowing you to manage your product delivery process. 1 UPS SurePost packages may be delivered by a UPS driver or a USPS carrier.

Why does UPS hand off packages to USPS?

UPS passes parcels to the Post Office everyday. The Post Office delivers to every address whether in the city or rural 6 days a week. It is a cost savings for UPS to pass off the final delivery to USPS. Why waste the money to send a package car to the rural areas when USPS is already going there.

How do I track my package from UPS to USPS?

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  1. Copy your Tracking Number from your confirmation email.
  2. Visit the USPS tracking page.
  3. Enter the Tracking Number into the search box.
  4. After inputting your Tracking Number, click ‘Track.’
  5. The USPS tracking site will provide the latest status for your package and/or delivery confirmation.

Does ups Surepost deliver to Your House?

“UPS Ground” is a service delivered by UPS to your home or a business. A USPS Post Office is considered a business, and will receive packages of any service level from UPS provided they are addressed first to the street address of the Post Office, and then may include a P.O. Box as a suite number.

Is ups the same as USPS?

The USPS offers the following tips when getting one day freight as late as Dec. 23 and same-day shipping on Dec. 24. You can look at the deadlines here. For UPS, the last day two ship is Dec. 22 with two-day air and Dec. 23 for next day air.

What Is UPS SurePost?

In the event that you order products online on a frequent basis, you are more than likely to have noticed UPS SurePost as a delivery choice on some of your purchases.There are advantages and disadvantages to using this service, but some individuals are not familiar with it at all.Many individuals are unsure whether UPS Ground or the United States Postal Service truly provides this service.The answer is ″yes″ and ″no.″ Continue reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about the UPS SurePost service.Every detail you want, including what sorts of items you may send, how much it may cost, and how long you can expect delivery to take, will be provided to you.

What Is UPS SurePost?

Combined with UPS Ground and the United States Postal Service, UPS SurePost is a residential economic shipping service that delivers packages to customers’ homes.So, how does the UPS SurePost service function?In this one-of-a-kind collaboration, UPS Ground picks up the item and delivers it to your neighborhood post office.The parcel is subsequently delivered to its final destination by the United States Postal Service.This is referred to as ″last mile delivery″ in some circles.

Last-mile delivery is typically far more expensive than delivering products to a central hub site, according to industry standards.Because the United States Postal Service’s delivery region already encompasses every single home address in the country, they are able to provide this last mile delivery service at a much reduced cost.When it comes to your UPS SurePost shipment, it must adhere to a few certain requirements in order to be eligible for this delivery method.First and foremost, the shipment must be less than 70 pounds in weight.

  • Following that, it should not be very huge.
  • UPS specifies the dimensions of the box inside which your goods must be delivered.
  • For a little extra price, you may be able to ship a bigger box in specific circumstances.
  1. Additionally, because this is a domestic ground service, this service is only available for home deliveries.
  2. SurePost delivery is not available for business deliveries, and you will not be able to take advantage of expedited or air delivery services if you choose this delivery option.
  3. UPS SurePost, in contrast to standard UPS Ground service, will deliver to P.O.
  4. Boxes because the ultimate delivery is handled by the United States Postal Service.

UPS SurePost Delivery Timeframes

How long does UPS SurePost delivery take?That is what the majority of ecommerce shippers and purchasers are interested in knowing.The amount of time it takes for UPS SurePost to deliver your shipment is determined by how far it must travel.In the majority of situations, delivery may be expected between 2 – 7 days of ordering.UPS cannot guarantee a precise arrival date for these items since the packages will be delivered by the postal service in the final stage.

However, there is a technique to estimate how long it will take to deliver your product in general.You may look at the UPS shipping chart for regular UPS Ground service to determine how long it should take to deliver your goods to its destination.If you are utilizing the SurePost service, you need allow an extra day or two on top of this period.This will provide you with a general estimate of when you can expect your shipment to be delivered if you choose the SurePost shipping option.

Cost For SurePost Shipping

This is one of the most significant advantages of using this transportation method.It is common for the shipping costs associated with this service to be relatively inexpensive.It provides many of the same advantages as standard UPS Ground service at a far cheaper cost.As a matter of fact, it is one of the most cost-effective shipping options available today.The cost of delivery for this service varies greatly based on the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the distance it must travel to reach its destination.

Shipping prices for this service might range anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on the criteria that are taken into consideration.You may also be required to pay an additional cost for products mailed during busy shipping hours or for packages delivered to specific ultimate destination zip codes.The cost of your package will also vary based on the contents of your box, as well.UPS SurePost Media and SurePost bound printed materials are charged at a little higher rate than the rest of the company’s packages.

UPS SurePost Package Tracking

Many individuals who ship items through UPS are familiar with the UPS tracking system.This monitoring frequently gives extremely specific tracking information that is updated on a regular basis.UPS SurePost tracking gives updates that are identical to those provided by FedEx.For the most up-to-date information, simply enter your tracking number on the UPS website.As your shipment travels through the UPS distribution network, you should continue to get updates to your tracking information as usual.

You will be notified when your shipment travels from one UPS facility to another, and you may receive an In Transit tracking notice if your cargo is in transit between two or more UPS locations.When you get to your destination city, the updates will be a bit different.Once the delivery has been delivered to your local post office, the tracking information will no longer be updated.The parcel has been delivered to the post office by UPS delivery, which has completed their task.

  • It is now up to the post office to complete the final delivery of the package.
  • Because the post office is unable to access the UPS shipping software in order to make changes, there are often no tracking updates provided once the item arrives at the post office until the parcel is delivered to its final destination, unless otherwise specified.
  • Even if you have a UPS My Choice account, it is likely that you will not receive any more updates once the parcel has been delivered to the postal service.
  1. The majority of the time, your parcel will be delivered the same day it is received at the post office.

UPS Ground VS UPS SurePost

There are a few key variations between UPS SurePost and UPS Ground service levels.In the first instance, UPS Ground is delivered utilizing the UPS network all the way from the store or shipment origin to the ultimate destination, saving the customer money.It will be delivered to its final location by a UPS delivery vehicle.UPS SurePost, on the other hand, is exclusively delivered by UPS to your local post office.The ultimate delivery to your residential address is handled by the United States Postal Service.

UPS Ground delivers to both residential and commercial locations, whereas UPS SurePost delivers exclusively to residential addresses.They will not make a delivery to your place of business.This is a significant distinction between UPS SurePost and UPS Ground.SurePost service, on the other hand, allows you to receive delivery to your P.O.

  • Box, which is not possible with UPS Ground service.
  • Generally speaking, the delivery times for each of these services are comparable.
  • In most cases, SurePost service takes a day or two longer to deliver than standard ground service.
  1. The difference in timeline is comparable to the gap between USPS First Class Mail and USPS Priority Mail in terms of delivery.
  2. SurePost items are always delivered on Saturdays, regardless of the shipping method.
  3. Because the post office delivers on Saturdays on a consistent basis, this is a service that you will enjoy at no additional cost.
  4. Delivery on Saturdays via UPS is fairly limited, while it is possible to obtain it utilizing ground service in some instances.
  5. The tracking capabilities of the two systems are extremely similar.
  6. With ground service, you can track the progress of your delivery all the way until it is delivered.
  1. When using SurePost, the updates normally stop once the parcel has been delivered to the post office, however you will receive notification when the package has been delivered successfully.

The Bottom Line

UPS SurePost provides a cost-effective solution for delivering ground packages to residential addresses.The service is provided as a result of a cooperation between UPS and the United States Postal Service.UPS is responsible for the majority of the logistics involved in transporting the shipments over the UPS Ground network.However, it will bring the item to your local post office, and the United States Postal Service (USPS) will complete the ultimate delivery of the parcel.FedEx Smartpost, a cooperation between FedEx and the United States Postal Service, is quite similar to this service.

SurePost is particularly popular with ecommerce firms because of its lower prices and consistent delivery, and businesses can have a solid grasp on their weekly shipping expenditures by using SurePost as their shipping carrier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of UPS SurePost?

The most significant advantages of using this service are the decreased costs and the consistency of delivery.The service is less expensive than standard UPS Ground service, and delivery dates are often only a day or two longer than with traditional UPS Ground service.UPS is typically effective in delivering your item to your local post office, and then it is the responsibility of your local post office to complete the last mile of delivery.If your local post office is swift and dependable, you can expect your shipment to be delivered quickly and reliably in the same fashion.

What if the SurePost package is damaged?

If your shipment is damaged, you can make a claim with UPS for compensation.Your insurance coverage is only worth $100, according to your plan.So, if your shipment is worth more than that, you must disclose the real value of your item to UPS when you drop it off at their facility.Please keep in mind that putting more than $100 in insurance will almost certainly result in higher shipping charges.

How is UPS SurePost delivered?

UPS Guaranteed Post is delivered to your local post office through the UPS Ground network of carriers.The postal service then completes the last mile of delivery to your home or office.Once UPS has dropped off the parcel at the post office, they are no longer responsible for the package.After that, it is the responsibility of the postal service to complete the final delivery.It will eventually be delivered by your regular mail carrier or another member of the postal service’s workforce.

How long does it take for UPS SurePost to deliver?

UPS SurePost home delivery normally delivers packages between 2 – 7 days, depending on the location of the shipment.This service typically takes one to two days longer than conventional UPS Ground service in order to get your package to its destination.The parcel will most likely be delivered to the post office within the standard UPS Ground delivery schedule.- After then, it takes another day or two for the parcel to be delivered to its final destination by the post office.

What is a UPS SurePost package?

Last mile or final delivery of a UPS package trip is where the costs really start to build up, regardless of the actual distance traveled.The distance covered in the final mile might range from a few blocks to hundreds of kilometers.This is where UPS SurePost can be of assistance.As a result, lowering shipping costs and reaping significant cost reductions begin with last-mile delivery and progress from there.Why is it that the last mile is so expensive when there are so many shipments going out every day?

Reading time is estimated to be 5 minutes.In a nutshell, last-mile delivery is inefficient; deliveries are done in tiny amounts to a wide number of diverse home addresses rather than in greater numbers to a small number of business facilities.Using a well-known shipping service, such as UPS Ground, that is already widely utilized in conjunction with a technique that is expressly designed to reduce last-mile delivery costs is a crucial strategy for lowering shipping costs in general.UPS trucking is an expensive method of transporting your items to their shipment destination.

  • As a consequence, UPS discovered a method to make the final leg of delivery less expensive, and they passed those savings along to customers.
  • UPS SurePost is the name of this particular service.
  • FedEx SmartPost is the name given to the FedEx equivalent.
  1. This service is a good choice for many firms who are wanting to cut shipping expenses while maintaining the quality of delivery and customer experience at the same time.
  2. For the purpose of clarification, let’s go through exactly what UPS SurePost is and how it works.

What is a UPS SurePost package?

  • UPS SurePost is a low-cost ground delivery service for residential addresses. Sure Post combines the stability and dependability of UPS Ground with the ultimate delivery that is generally handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS). In other words, SurePost is a mix of the UPS and USPS delivery options. Additionally, if you choose SurePost, the overall dimensions of your parcels cannot exceed 130 inches. If SurePost Bound Printed Matter or SurePost Media is utilized, the weight must be less than 1 lb or greater than 1 lb, or the length must be 108 inches. When it comes to loss or damage to a SurePost shipment, UPS’s liability is limited to one hundred dollars ($100) per box. The following weights are available for SurePost: Less than 1lb: 1 ounce to 15.99 ounces
  • 1lb or more weights: 1lb to 70 lbs
  • SurePost Bound Printed Matter (BPM) weights range from 1lb to 15lbs. Literature, books, and other items that are permanently bound
  • The SurePost Media must weigh between 1 lb. and 70 lbs. and must contain media such as commercials, books, CD’s, cassettes, or movies.

How is UPS SurePost delivered?

This UPS shipping option begins with UPS’s Ground networks to cover the majority of the trip, but then transitions to the United States Postal Service for the final delivery.This is a less expensive alternative to ground delivery that, according to UPS, delivers a comparable level of service to ground shipping.The parcel is delivered to the ultimate destination by a mail carrier from the United States Postal Service, not by a UPS delivery person.One of the most notable distinctions between UPS Ground and Surepost is the fact that Surepost delivery is possible in regions where UPS Ground is not yet offered.Delivery to APO, FPO, DPO, and PO Boxes are all possible with UPS Surepost.

Can UPS SurePost Upgrade to UPS Ground?

Yes, it is possible. UPS My Choice For Home members can upgrade their UPS SurePost service to UPS Ground service for $3.50 per package, up from the standard $3.50 per shipment. A UPS My Choice® For Home Premium Member has the ability to upgrade from UPS SurePost to UPS Ground at no additional cost indefinitely.

How many days is UPS SurePost?

UPS Surepost delivery usually takes one or two days longer than UPS Ground shipment, depending on the destination. SurePost shipments, according to UPS, can take anywhere from two to seven days to reach their destination via the United States Postal Service.

UPS SurePost Rates 2021

The following are the UPS SurePost rates for the year 2021. The following picture shows the rates for packages weighing more than one pound; a different pricing chart is available for packages weighing less than one pound.

Other Fees – 2021 Rates

  • SurePost packages are weighed using the same dimensional weight algorithm that UPS Ground shipments are weighed. Your firm’s UPS agreement will specify the dimensional divisor for your company as 139, except when otherwise noted. Additionally, UPS adds a ground fuel premium to the UPS SurePost stated pricing in addition to the advertised rate. As a result, dimensional weight does not apply to shipments weighing less than one pound. The following items are subject to an extra fee per package: Charge for non-machinable items: $3.40 package with one dimension measuring more than 34 inches but not surpassing 48 inches
  • container with any two dimensions measuring more than 17 inches each but not exceeding 30 inches
  • package weighing more than 35 lb
  • package weighing more than 35 lb
  • Delivery Area Surcharge: $ 2.35
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – Extended: $ 2.95
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – Express: $ 2.35

It is possible that this service will be 20 percent less expensive than UPS residential Ground service, while providing equivalent service offers.It is not need to be concerned about deploying UPS SurePost because of the additional pickup stages.Package pickup for SurePost shipments is the same as for ground and express deliveries.As a result, you will not be required to take any more actions in order to benefit from this service.Packages can still be tracked by shippers and customers, even throughout the last leg of their trip with the United States Postal Service.

Although properly speaking, these parcels will include two shipping labels, one for each service.Customers may still trace shipments as they transit fluidly across both systems using a single tracking number, as previously stated.


By removing some of the normal accessorial costs associated with UPS ground services, this solution provides considerable logistical savings over UPS ground services.This UPS service is not the best option for delivering every box, but it is a solid alternative for customers who are concerned about cost but are not concerned about delivery timeframe.This is used by many e-commerce enterprises as a low-cost delivery alternative that charges a set amount.Shopping cart abandonment can be reduced and online sales can be increased with the use of Surepost technology.Brian Gibbs is the founder and president of Refund Retriever.

Refund Retriever was started in 2006 by Brian Gibbs, who was running his first eBay-based business at the time and was frustrated by the inefficiencies of other shipment auditing businesses.The auditing of FedEx and UPS parcel invoices is the major emphasis of Refund Retriever.After earning his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in 2001, he went on to earn his JD and MBA from the University of Houston in 2004.He has been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and a variety of other media, where he has spoken on package auditing, shipping, e-commerce, and other topics.

  • Call (800) 441-8085 for additional information or to find out more about the program.

UPS SurePost: What You Need to Know

In 2020, online shopping is expected to rise significantly in popularity, with online surveys indicating that the vast majority of retail buyers would make purchases from online retailers.As a result, there is an increased need for dependable and expedient shipping services.A residential ground service, UPS SurePost is one of the most well-known UPS shipping services, and it is also one of the most economical.In this section, we learn all we need to know about UPS SurePost.

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a cost-effective, time-saving, and dependable shipping alternative for eCommerce firms.It combines the dependability of UPS with the final delivery provided by the United States Postal Service.It is similar to a cross between the United States Postal Service and UPS in that it incorporates elements from both shipping systems.Typically, shops who ship products weighing less than 10 pounds will choose for this shipping option.Post office pickups and even package delivery are available through this service, which comes straight to the customer’s door.

All 50 American states, as well as Puerto Rico and other US territories, as well as military locations and PO boxes, can be reached with packages sent from the 48 contiguous states of the United States.UPS SurePost services, on the other hand, are offered to customers outside of the United States, including foreign locations.

How Much Do You Save Using UPS SurePost?

  • Due to the fact that UPS SurePost is primarily intended for domestic delivery, the costs for the service are fairly reasonable. The fees and charges collected by them are as follows: UPS SurePost Less – this service allows you to ship packages that weigh less than 1lb and have a volume that does not exceed 130″.
  • SurePost 1lb or greater – these services are intended for larger parcels weighing more than 1lb, however they should not exceed 130″ in volume.
  • When delivering books and printed materials, utilize UPS SurePost Bound Printed Matter — this service is designed exclusively for this purpose.
  • Only binders, films, and medical binders are permitted to be sent by UPS SurePost Media, which is intended for goods that weigh between 50 and 70 lbs.
  • Let’s take a look at the approximate charges that are imposed for UPS SurePost during this time: Shipping from Florida to New York is a simple process. Compared to UPS Ground Residential, UPS SurePost Residential is $10.52, resulting in a $3.12 savings.
  • Shipping from Florida to California is a simple process. UPS Ground Residential – $15.04
  • UPS SurePost – $11.92
  • Savings – $3.12
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15.04
  • UPS Ground International – $15

Find out more about the shipping charges that apply when shipping with UPS SurePost by visiting this page.Always keep in mind that if the weight of your shipment exceeds the UPS weight restrictions, you will be charged an additional fee.You will have to pay an extra $2.50 roughly if the package’s dimensions are greater than 17 inches but less than 30 inches, for example.The best aspect about this service, though, is that it does not charge you more for deliveries made on weekends.

How Long Does UPS SurePost Take to Deliver?

Here’s where you can learn more about UPS SurePost shipping prices and how to save money on your delivery.If the weight of your shipment exceeds the UPS weight restrictions, you will be required to pay an additional fee.You will be required to pay an extra $2.50 roughly if the package’s dimensions are greater than 17 inches but less than 30 inches in length.It is important to note that there are no additional fees for weekend delivery with this service.

Few Things to do before using UPS SurePost

Prior to making use of the service, there are a few of things you should check.

  1. Select a shipper and a profile that fits your needs
  2. Specify the shipping address where the item will be delivered.
  3. Please include the address where the item will be mailed from.
  4. Enter the weight and dimensions of the package
  5. Select the service type and endorsement type (if applicable) from the drop-down menu.
  6. Mention the shipment reference numbers if you have them.
  7. On the outside of the box, write the package description clearly
  8. If there are any specific instructions to be followed, make sure to include them.
  9. On the package, write the package ID
  10. Prepare and print off the UPS SurePost label for your parcel, together with the Customs Declaration CN 22 form (if this option is selected)
  • If you follow the methods outlined above, you will be able to track down any UPS SurePost packages that have gone missing. Make certain that the return rules are clearly stated on the box and on the mailing label. It is also crucial to specify whether the shipper or the receiver is responsible for the transportation costs. Who Should Take Advantage of This Service? Before deciding on a delivery method for a company, it is critical to determine if the company would benefit from employing the service or whether it will not. You must also determine whether you will be using ground service or UPS SurePost as your shipping method for the remainder of the process. If any of the following conditions are met, the UPS SurePost Services can be used by businesses: A vast number of goods are being shipped to and from you every week
  • When the cost of the last-mile delivery is higher
  • Your shipments are not in any danger of being delayed.
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Pros and Cons of this Service

  • UPS SurePost, like all other services, has its advantages and disadvantages. A few factors should be taken into consideration: Advantages: There are no additional fees for Saturday delivery
  • weekly spending has increased
  • Package tracking services that are all in one place
  • lower delivery costs
  • Cons: Delivery times are longer as compared to other providers
  • Items for shipping must be properly packaged in your boxes.
  • The unified tracking system might be difficult to navigate at times.
  • Allowing shipments from beyond the contiguous 48 states of the United States is strictly prohibited.

UPS SurePost Vs Other Services

The speed of delivery, the tracking, as well as the pricing and packaging of the UPS SurePost services are superior to those of other UPS Ground services, as can be seen in the table below. If you are seeking for cost-effective last-mile delivery choices, UPS SurePost is the best choice since it offers services that are similar to FedEx SmartPost services, making it an excellent choice.

How to Integrate UPS Services into your WooCommerce store?

If you want to provide UPS shipping services to your clients, you can simply do so by including the ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, and USPS) Shipping & Label Printing Plugin for WooCommerce onto your website.When it comes to offering real-time shipping prices to your clients and assisting them in selecting the most appropriate service for their needs, this plugin is great.You may also display estimated arrival dates, as shown in the image above, as well as the service and total cost of the shipping, as shown in the image above.Furthermore, the plugin allows you to track the item while it is in route as well as print the shipping labels that are required for the parcel.To add UPS services in the list of services, choose the service from the list of UPS services provided by the plugin, and then click on ″Add UPS Service.″ UPS SurePost service is not currently accessible with us, however if you are interested in obtaining the service for your WooCommerce store, you may always get in touch with ELEX Support for assistance.

Use UPS SurePost for your Business Rightly

  • After careful evaluation of the variables listed above, it appears that UPS SurePost appears to be a cost-effective shipping option for businesses to consider for their shipping needs. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is the most cheap choice available for last-mile delivery, as well as for Saturday deliveries if you want this service. Further Reading: UPS Second-Day Air: What You Need to Know
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  • UPS Second-
  • When it comes to UPS boxes, which size will be the most appropriate for you?
  • In 2020, will UPS continue to deliver on Saturdays? Everything you need to know is right here
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  • An Ultimate Guide to UPS Shipping Services
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UPS SurePost: Here’s What No One Tells You

All e-commerce businesses look for inexpensive, trustworthy, and fast shipping solutions.To that end, UPS SurePost is a service to look into.UPS SurePost is a contract-only service available to all retailers.The service is ideal for shipping orders that weigh less than ten pounds, along with a tracking facility.This is a super reliable service that picks up packages from the post offices and delivers them directly to the receiver’s doorstep.

In the USA, shipment can be sent to all the forty-eight contiguous states using this service.Additionally, the service is also available in Puerto Rico, military territories, PO boxes, and other US territories.However, unfortunately, the service does not extend internationally.

Benefits of UPS SurePost:

Cost Saving:

One of the most significant advantages of using this service is the lower delivery costs. By partnering with UPS, the shipper may avoid paying the home delivery fee as well as the premium for the destination location. As a result, they benefit from a lower cost of last-mile delivery.

Tracking facility:

UPS, in addition to the United States Postal Service, provides cargo tracking services.Once the tracking number is activated, you and your customer will be able to trace the number on the website until it is delivered to the destination.The best thing is that UPS SurePost assigns a single tracking number to each package.To put it another way, there is no need to switch the tracking number between UPS and USPS deliveries.

Seven-day delivery:

The weekends are included in this as well. While the usual UPS service is not available on weekends, your clients will be able to get weekend deliveries through UPS SurePost. Aside from that, there is no additional charge for Saturday delivery.

Delivery to PO boxes:

UPS SurePost will deliver packages to any address in the United States, including post office boxes. PO boxes, on the other hand, have typically been excluded from the UPS service. SurePost, on the other hand, may be used in conjunction with the United States Postal Service for local delivery.

Delivery timings:

UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost both have the same transit time as each other. It usually takes between 2 and 7 days. Because SurePost works in conjunction with USPS local delivery, the actual delivery time will be affected by the mail service. For further information, please see UPS Working Hours: 7 Things You Should Be Aware Of

Steps to use the UPS SurePost:

  • In order to take use of this service and ship around orders, you must first complete the following steps: Decide on a profile, as well as the shipper
  • Include the package’s origin and destination addresses in your description.
  • Specify the package’s dimensions as well as its weight.
  • If relevant, describe the sorts of services and endorsements received.
  • Identify yourself by entering your reference number.
  • If a subclass is available, select it.
  • Mention the parcel identification number
  • If you have any particular instructions, please provide them.
  • To print the SurePost label, click the Process Shipment button and select ″Print SurePost Label.″

If all of the aforementioned pieces of information are entered correctly, it becomes much easier to monitor and trace the package in the event that it becomes lost or stolen. Before printing the label, make it clear if the shipper or the receiver is responsible for the shipping costs. In the event that the parcel is not delivered, the Return Services shipment option should be used.

The process to track UPS SurePost:

In collaboration with the United States Postal Service, the service provides an integrated tracking number.Once this number is operational, it becomes simple to track the progress of the package from the point of origin to the point of delivery.When compared to other delivery services such as FedEx, the USPS allows consumers to use a specific UPS SurePost tracking number in the final mile of their delivery path.UPS often demands a signature before a delivery may be delivered to the address that was supplied..If it delivers to the incorrect address, you can follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

UPS SurePost, on the other hand, eliminates the requirement for this.This implies that the products are delivered without difficulty at the specified address on the first try, every time.It is possible that the mailman will leave the item at a safe location within the delivery address if no one is available to accept it at that location.This can be a side entrance, a front porch garage area, or a rear porch, among other places.

  • Following this, UPS sends an InfoNotice to the client, informing them of the package’s position and tracking number.

How much time does it take for SurePost to deliver? 

For many online firms, on-time delivery of purchases is critical to the success of the organization. UPS SurePost not only matches that demand, but it also does it at a cheaper cost than other shipping options. However, the ensuing service quality continues to be outstanding. UPS SurePost provides delivery between two and seven days a week and is also available on weekends.

Who should use UPS SurePost Services?

  • Despite the fact that UPS SurePost has a number of advantages, it is not appropriate for every organization. As a result, before utilizing this service, one must determine whether or not his or her company would benefit from it. Having made the selection, one will be better able to determine if they will profit from UPS SurePost or UPS Ground Service. It is recommended for the following sorts of businesses to use UPS SurePost: One that ships a huge quantity of orders in a short period of time
  • Sending packages that aren’t time-sensitive
  • The cost of delivery to the last mile is increasing.
  • Access to a weekly budget that enables the company to bargain for better terms

Merits and demerits of using SurePost:

UPS SurePost, like any other delivery service, has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the following will assist you in making an educated decision:


  • Provides no-cost Saturday delivery
  • increases the amount spent each week
  • Shipping costs will be reduced.
  • It is possible to track packages at one place
  • Almost any shipping program may be linked into it with relative ease.


  • The delivery time might be lengthy.
  • Services are not available outside of the forty-eight contiguous United States states
  • The service does not supply shipping boxes
  • instead, customers must ship their own.
  • Confusion might result from unified tracking at times.
  • Provides just rudimentary shopping cart functionality

Comparison with other services:

There are a variety of comparison points between the service and other services.When shipping with UPS Ground Residential, e-commerce, for example, a customer can save up to $3.12 owing to a pricing difference with UPS SurePost.When utilizing UPS SurePost, consumers do not have to swap tracking numbers in the last-mile delivery, similar to how they do with FedEx SmartPost.Finally, unlike other services charge an additional fee for weekend delivery, UPS SurePost does not charge a fee for weekend deliveries.

Charges for UPS SurePost:

  • All non-urgent home packages that must be delivered without incurring exorbitant fees may be handled with ease by UPS SurePost. In order to determine the cost of the service, the following four conditions must be met. Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery (UPS SurePost Less): Parcels weighing less than 1lb and measuring less than 130′′ in volume
  • As the name implies, this is for delivering bigger items, although the volume should not exceed 130 inches in volume
  • UPS SurePost 1lb or more
  • Sending books and other printed materials with UPS SurePost Print Matter is what this service is all about.
  • UPS SurePost Media: This service is only available for items weighing less than 05 lbs-70 pounds and is restricted to binders, medical binders, and films.

So, after reviewing the information and benefits of UPS SurePost, make your decision.

What is UPS SurePost? 7 Reasons to Ship With it

The process of sending a package may be a time-consuming endeavor, especially if you are unsure of which service would best meet your needs.The final leg of a package’s delivery is where the expenses automatically double, regardless of the amount of kilometers between the point of origin and the point of destination.In this article, we will discover what UPS SurePost is and why it is a good option for shipping.The use of an ELEX plugin to combine UPS SurePost with WooCommerce will be covered in further detail later in this article.When you use UPS SurePost, the numerical figure might range from a handful of miles to hundreds of miles, depending on the situation.

Shipping costs are substantially reduced, but it is not the only benefit supplied by the carrier in order to reduce the cost of the last-mile delivery.Because small-quantity deliveries are made to a variety of residential sites rather than large-quantity deliveries to a few business destinations, the final mile is inefficient.For example, one of the most common ways for lowering shipping costs is to employ services offered by UPS Ground, which are highly popular and use an effective system for targeting last-mile deliveries to reduce shipping expenses.As a result, UPS developed a new method of ensuring that the final leg of delivery is as affordable as possible, and branded this service UPS SurePost.

  • There are many businesses that would benefit from this solution since it allows them to reduce shipping costs while maintaining the quality of delivery and experience.

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a low-cost final delivery service provided by the United States Postal Service.SurePost may be thought of as a fusion of the UPS and USPS delivery choices.In recent years, it has arisen as a high-quality alternative for eCommerce business owners who want to give their consumers with economical, dependable, and quick delivery services.Additionally, UPS SurePost’s contract-only delivery service can be used by merchants who ship products that typically weigh less than 10 pounds and require tracking IDs to meet these requirements.UPS collaborated with the United States Postal Service to develop UPS SurePost, which attempts to minimize the number of vehicles on the road in order to lower the number of deliveries to the same address every day.

This would also aid in the development of a labor-efficient system, which would in turn aid in the development of an economic mechanism.It is possible to identify several cost savings in the streamlined UPS system that transfers items to a USPS facility for expedited local delivery.According to these estimations, UPS SurePost can save its customers up to 20 percent on delivery expenses on its own.UPS SurePost is involved in the process of picking up packages at post offices and delivering them to the customer’s doorstep.

  • These packages can be shipped within a range of 48 contiguous United States states to 50 American states, as well as Puerto Rico and several other US territories, post office boxes, and military locations, among other things.
  • International locations have not yet been included to the service’s repertoire.
  • The entire dimensions of shipments are likewise limited, with the maximum size of SurePost packages not exceeding 130 inches in length.
  1. SurePost Bound Printed Matter or Media must be less than 1 lb, or 1 lb or larger, or 108 inches in height and width, whichever is greater.
  2. The UPS responsibility limit for the loss or damage to a SurePost package is one hundred dollars per box/package (per box/package).
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7 Reasons To Ship With UPS SurePost

In order to streamline the shipping process and accommodate a wide range of consumers, UPS SurePost was launched in 2009. Check out these seven compelling arguments for why you should switch to UPS SurePost right away. Reduces the complexity of the most expensive phase of shipping:

The last mile of shipping might make a significant impact in your final cost and budgeting requirements.A result of its high cost, financial management is challenging, and 28 percent of shipping expenses are impacted as a result.SurePost is actively engaged in directly opposing this high cost and concentrating on developing more cost-effective choices for customers who send big numbers of parcels, therefore saving you one-third on shipping charges!Saturday delivery has been made available:

SurePost’s business model necessitates the transfer of the majority of shipments to the United States Postal Service on the last leg of delivery. Because it is included in the service, there are no additional fees for delivering your packages on weekends or holidays. Addresses that are adaptable:

P.O.Boxes are not normally where UPS delivers packages.This may or may not be a critical or deciding factor for your company, but it is important to understand that, because the United States Postal Service (USPS) is involved in delivering to all of the addresses through this amalgamated model, all businesses have the ability to reach as many geographical locations as they wish.Packages that are light in weight and delivered to residential addresses:

The UPS My Choice Membership provides access to services that aid in the rescheduling of deliveries as well as the ability to have packages delivered directly to an alternate address or a UPS store of one’s choosing. Packages that have been upgraded will arrive a day earlier than typical or expected. Availability of the Standard Optional pick-up locations include:

SurePost eliminates the need for additional efforts such as drop-offs and pick-ups. It reduces the number of trips to the post office, and packages may be mixed in with the regular UPS pickups. Availability of comprehensive tracking:

UPS’s most notable feature is the ability to allow users to track goods all the way to their final destination. Packages shipped by the United States Postal Service can be tracked using the tracking number you got when the shipment was launched. Integration of shipping software is now a reality:

When it comes to managing high amounts of shipments and integrating assistance, software plays a critical part in both. SurePost integrates with the majority of software programs, which is vital if you currently have a software package in use.

How To Integrate UPS SurePost To Your WooCommerce Store?

  • EasyPost Shipping Plugin allows you to display live shipping rates from UPS SurePost and Print specific shipping labels. The UPS SurePost services included in this plugin are as follows. SurePost Over 1 Lb (UPS SurePost)
  • \sSurePost Under1Lb (UPS SurePost)
  • \sSurePost Bound Printed Matter (UPS SurePost)
  • \sSurePost Media (UPS SurePost)
  • Now, let’s see if we can get this plugin to work. Installing the Plugin is simple: For WooCommerce, there is the ELEX EasyPost Shipping & Label Printing Plugin.
  • Fill up your EasyPost account information. You may sign up for EasyPost by clicking on the link provided.
  • ELEX EasyPost plugin has a comprehensive documentation that explains how to configure and integrate all of its features: ELEX EasyPost plugin documentation. Instructions on how to install and configure the ELEX EasyPost Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce. (includes a video)
  • In the plugin’s options panel, you may activate real-time UPS SurePost shipping prices, configure UPS SurePost labels, enable shipment insurance, personalize packages for delivery, and so on.
  • Customer has the option to view and compare UPS SurePost shipping prices that are generated based on the products in their shopping basket before completing an order.
  • Using the information included on the WooCommerce order page, you may easily print a label and pay for postage.
  • Several configuration options are available for customizing the plugin. Consider looking through the help area for any special customizations that your company may want.
  • I hope this information has helped you better understand what UPS SurePost is and why you should use it to mail your packages. It is possible to use this delivery service if your items come inside the UPS SurePost category. Please let us know in the comments if you have any more questions or suggestions for improvements. Read more about the best WooCommerce shipping integration solutions here: How to Promote Your WooCommerce Store with Google Merchant Center
  • How to Add UPS Shipping to WooCommerce for Free
  • and WooCommerce Shipping Integration Solutions.


Working with WordPress, WooCommerce, and other digital marketing platforms, I’m always experimenting and coming up with new ideas.

Is UPS SurePost Right for Your SMB Small Package Shipping?

Little shipments may be small in size, but they pose significant logistical issues.For transporters, the majority of these difficulties arise in the last mile of the journey.Shippers dread the thought of weaving a truck through congested city streets or through long rural routes for doorstep delivery since it results in surcharges and taxes that make them squirm.And, given the current growth in e-commerce shipping, which shows no signs of abating, the issues associated with small package delivery will only continue to expand.If last-mile delivery for these items is expensive, and customers demand free or low-cost shipping, how can small and mid-size companies (SMBs) compete against big-box retailers who have the same resources as SMBs?

UPS® developed UPS SurePost® in order to remedy this issue.The shipping network and services provided by this program assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in remaining competitive in their small package services while also streamlining their entire parcel shipping operations.Fit is everything when it comes to getting the most out of SurePost – having the correct operations, customers, and order profiles are all important factors.Specifically, we demonstrate how this UPS program may help your company and open opportunities for you.

What is UPS SurePost?

If you are sending a tiny, lightweight business-to-consumer (B2C) parcel, SurePost is a low-cost, residential-bound ground service that is ideal for you.Last-mile logistics are handled by a delivery network that integrates UPS ground vehicles and hubs with the local delivery infrastructure of the United States Postal Service (USPS).Built for daily, local delivery, the United States Postal Service (USPS) brings hundreds of years of experience to the table, making it an excellent UPS partner for home deliveries.

What is the ideal SurePost shipment profile?

  • B2C shippers who ship at least ten small package shipments per day might reap significant benefits from this lower-cost ground service — provided that their items meet the required specifications. Shipments must be lightweight and have a tiny footprint in order to be transported comfortably in a mail truck. Ideally, these packages should: weigh less than 10 pounds
  • measure less than one cubic foot
  • be intended for residential delivery
  • be used to complete transactions between businesses and consumers
  • Are worth less than $100 and necessitate the purchase of limited liability insurance

How does SurePost work?

  • The SurePost package follows the UPS ground network and processes until it is ready to be delivered to its ultimate destination. UPS picks up packages and delivers them to the UPS facility that is closest to the recipient’s location. From then, one of two things can occur: In order to complete the delivery, UPS transfers the box to the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • UPS retains the parcel in its network and combines it with other volume headed toward the ultimate destination

Final delivery for about two-thirds of SurePost shipments is handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS), which takes 1-2 more days to reach doorsteps (as compared to UPS® Ground).Even when they are transferred to USPS for the last leg of their journey, these packages continue to follow the standard UPS tracking experience – including obtaining delivery and exception scans that are updated on a regular basis.The shipment tracking system, SpeedShip®, is available on ups.com and other UPS online shipping tools, as well as the Worldwide Express transportation management system (TMS).

Benefits of SurePost Shipping

When you’re swamped with work, the last thing you need is to make a trip to the post office.SurePost provides logistical options for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) since it relieves UPS of the last-mile burden.As part of its regular parcel collection service, UPS collects SurePost shipments with other parcels, saving shippers time while keeping shipping managers near to the activity at the office.Shippers will save time and money by using UPS for all of their deliveries, large and small.They will also save the trouble of managing several tracking systems.

It’s no longer necessary to recall if anything was transported through USPS or UPS.All of the tracking information is in one convenient location.Furthermore, because USPS covers the final mile, shippers are able to deliver items to PO boxes, which is not possible with other ground transportation firms.Aside from streamlining logistics, SurePost’s cheaper UPS shipping prices in general assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in finding budget space for value-added shipping services that consumers value.

  • What is the significance of this?
  • We understand that clients are concerned about delivery costs, whether they are low, free, or fast.
  • In fact, 63 percent of shoppers claim they abandon online shopping carts because of shipping prices, with 36 percent stating that lengthier delivery periods are the most frustrating aspect of the experience.
  1. There may be possibilities hidden underneath SurePost’s low-cost delivery, such as potential to beat the competition on ground expenses or mitigate the financial damage associated with two-day shipment.

Is UPS SurePost Shipping right for you?

SurePost may be the missing link for B2C-based small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing cost-savings and dependable residential fulfillment that enable them to stay up with increasingly stringent shipping requirements.Interested in learning more about the possibilities?Worldwide Express, as a UPS Authorized Reseller, can provide a SurePost review to evaluate if the service is a good fit for your business.Get started right away!As of November 2018, the most common cause for digital shoppers in the United States to abandon their carts was the inability to pay.

J.Clement’s Statista, published in 2019.

Parcel Shipping Services: Understanding SmartPost and SurePost

You’re undoubtedly already aware of the potential for package delivery services such as UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost to save you a significant amount of money.Each service operates on the same fundamental model.After beginning their journey with UPS or FedEx, packages arrive at a USPS sorting center before being delivered by letter carriers on their normal routes.But other from that, how much do you truly know about the ins and outs of these hybrid delivery options.Even more importantly, how can you know whether they’re a good fit for you and your business?

Discover the answer by taking part in this ten-question quiz.There will be no peeking at the answers because they will come after the questions.It is based on the honor system.1.

  • Which is the oldest of the two?
  • Which is better, UPS SurePost or FedEx SmartPost?
  • SurePost is a year older than the competition – but only by a hair.
  1. UPS Surepost was first introduced as UPS Basic in November 2003, and it was rebranded as UPS Surepost in 2011.
  2. Instead, FedEx began delivering some kind of their hybrid delivery service in September 2004, when the parcel consolidation firm and service formerly known as Parcel Direct was acquired and become a part of the FedEx family.
  3. FedEx SmartPost became the name of the service once it was renamed a month later.
  4. 1.
  5. SurePost and SmartPost services are less expensive for shippers than other ground options offered by UPS and FedEx, according to the perspective of the shipper.
  6. Does this reflect the fact that there is no home delivery surcharge, that there is no Saturday delivery surcharge, or that the extended delivery area surcharges are lower?
  1. Actually, it’s a combination of all of the above.
  2. The ability to avoid FedEx and UPS residential delivery surcharges is frequently cited as the most significant economic advantage provided by SurePost and SmartPost.
  3. However, when compared to other UPS and FedEx service offerings, all of the factors listed above provide some degree of potential shipping savings.
  4. 3.
  1. What is the fundamental difference between the methods through which SurePost and SmartPost send parcels to the United States Postal Service for final-mile delivery?
  2. And does it actually make a difference?
  3. UPS SurePost delivers to the USPS facility that is closest to the end user’s address, which implies that it is frequently dropping them off at local post office locations.
  4. The FedEx SmartPost service, on the other hand, employs a hub-to-hub protocol, which entails sending parcels over to the next USPS regional hub.
  5. SurePost, according to some estimates, might be up to a day faster than SmartPost, owing to the fact that post offices are often closer than postal hubs.

However, in our experience at Amware, there has been little to no difference in the total delivery times of either service in the past.Amware’s free eBook is available for download here: How to Lower the Costs of Fulfillment (It’s your parcel spending that’s the problem.) Does tracking of shipments using SurePost and SmartPost are available?Yes.In the same way that they do for their other services, both parcel shipping businesses offer their clients complete cargo tracking from beginning to end.

  • Furthermore, both of these options allow you to make this shipment tracking information available to your end consumers.
  • If you ship with SurePost or SmartPost, you can be certain that your parcel will be handled and shipped by UPS or FedEx for the majority of the first and most difficult leg of its journey.
  • True.
  • FedEx and UPS will always manage the first mile of your shipment whether you send using SurePost or SmartPost, just as they do for their many other services as well.
  1. When you ship using SurePost or SmartPost, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will always manage the final-mile element of your parcel delivery, true or false?
  2. False.
  3. However, while both UPS and FedEx rely primarily on the United States Postal Service (USPS) to complete the final-mile component of their parcel deliveries, both services have the option of transporting your packages the entire distance if doing so is more cost-effec

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