What Is Acura Technology Package?

Technology Package Acura’s Technology package is a popular choice among Acura drivers who seek a highly connected automobile that adds enhancements over the Standard package with a minimal increase in price. You’ll find Acura models with the Technology package sporting an Acura Navigation System.
Sport seats with Perforated Milano Premium Leather-Trimmed Interior with Contrast Stitching. Acura Navigation System with 3D View. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ with Street and Freeway Conditions. Traffic Rerouting™ GPS-Linked Climate Control.
The Technology Package is one of three packages for upgrading your 2018 Acura RDX. It’s one of the most common packages found on existing RDX inventory, as it comes with features many buyers look for when shopping for a well-equipped luxury SUV.

What is the Acura MDX tech package?

The Acura MDX Tech Package is designed to keep you connected and en route to your next Bridgewater destination. Enjoy accessible central displays and sync your mobile device to your vehicle so you can manage directions, traffic and weather updates, and so much more.

What is a technology package?

Technology Package means all relevant documents relating to the Intellectual Property, regulatory information, biological materials, manufacturing and other products owned by the technologist.

What does Acura RDX Technology Package include?

That said, the Technology package includes leather-trimmed sports seats, Acura Navigation with 3D View and Real-Time Traffic, GPS-Linked climate control, front and rear parking sensors, Blind Spot Information System, Rear Cross Traffic Monitor and the Acura/ELS Studio System with 12 speakers.

Does Acura tech package include remote start?

Other features include: Voice commands for navigation and audio, climate control, and Bluetooth®, along with access to AcuraLink® and SMS/Email. Also available is a Driver Confidence Package that gives you remote start, color information display, and turn-by-turn satellite guidance.

What is a technology package in a car?

Technology Package

Rain-sensing windshield wipers. 10-speaker ELS Premium audio sound system. Rear entertainment system with LCD screen. Built-in navigation system with traffic updates and 3D terrain technology. Two-way remote allowing you to start your vehicle up to 300 feet away.

What is included in the Acura TLX technology package?

Acura TLX Technology Package Features

Here are some of the few highlights you’ll find with a 2021 Acura TLX Technology Package: Iconic Drive™ Ambient LED Cabin Lighting. ELS Studio® Premium Audio System. Acura Navigation System with 3D View.

What does technology package mean on Acura MDX?

The Acura MDX Tech Package is designed to keep you connected and en route to your next Bridgewater destination. Enjoy accessible central displays and sync your mobile device to your vehicle so you can manage directions, traffic and weather updates, and so much more.

What are the different Acura packages?

The 2019 Acura MDX is offered in five different trim levels or packages: the Standard trim, the Technology package, the A-Spec, the Advance package, and the Entertainment package. These five trim levels or packages are different variations of the Acura MDX, with each one offering different features and equipment.

What is the difference between 2010 Acura MDX Advance and technology package?

All 2010 MDX models come standard with a rearview camera. The standard MDX displays the rearview image on a new auto-dimming rearview mirror with integrated video screen, while the Technology Package and Advance Package displays multi-view camera information on the instrument panel-mounted Navigation screen.

What is the difference between Acura TLX base and technology package?

The TLX 2.0T Technology adds leather seating with contrast stitching (the base trim gets leatherette) and adjustable interior ambient lighting with your choice of 27 different color themes.

What is Infiniti technology package?

The Technology Package features Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range), Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Blind Spot Warning (BSW).

Which Acura has remote start?

Remote start is available on many Acura models like the MDX or RDX. It can be found on almost any Acura model with an automatic transmission. Remote start does not come on Acura models with a standard transmission. The remote is about the size of a normal key fob.

Does the 2022 Acura MDX Technology have remote start?

It’s all about comfort and convenience. With the Remote Engine Start System, you can start your car from up to 328 ft away before going outside in the cold or heat.

How much is Acura remote start?

AcuraLink Pricing

Duration Standard** Connect*
1 Year Commitment FREE $159 Includes Standard
2 Year Commitment FREE $259 Includes Standard $59 Savings over 1 Year Contract
3 Year Commitment FREE $359 Includes Standard $118 Savings over 1 Year Contract
Year 4 & Each Subsequent Year FREE $208 Includes Standard

What is included in the 2021 Acura RDX Technology Package?

2021 Acura RDX Technology Package Specs

As its name dictates, the RDX with the Technology Package is a more high-tech offering than the base model. It comes with all the driver aids on the cheaper derivative plus front/rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

What is the advanced package on the Acura MDX?

The Advance package of upgrades for the 2022 MDX includes hands-free power liftgate, roof rails, exterior LED door handle lights, and remote start. A head-up display, 360-degree view camera system, and two third-row USB ports are also included.

What is the difference between 2010 Acura MDX Advance and technology package?

All 2010 MDX models come standard with a rearview camera. The standard MDX displays the rearview image on a new auto-dimming rearview mirror with integrated video screen, while the Technology Package and Advance Package displays multi-view camera information on the instrument panel-mounted Navigation screen.

What exactly is the Acura Technology Package?

Technology Package. Acura’s Technology package is a popular choice among Acura drivers who seek a highly connected automobile that adds enhancements over the Standard package with a minimal increase in price. You’ll find Acura models with the Technology package sporting an Acura Navigation System.

Which car has the best technology package?

After producing one of the world’s best-selling cars nearly unchanged from in delivering a modern and sophisticated package with just the right blend of cutting-edge and reliable technology. Rolls Royce has been known as the leader in luxury cars

What is included in the Acura MDX Technology Package?

This package also includes extra safety features and a blind-spot information system. The Acura MDX technology package has a navigation system with an 8-inch screen placed precisely to keep the driver’s eyes on the road while updating her on traffic conditions in real time.

Which Acura model is the best?

  • 2006 Acura MDX
  • 2007 Acura MDX
  • 2008 Acura MDX
  • 2009 Acura MDX
  • 2011 Acura MDX
  • 2012 Acura MDX
  • 2013 Acura MDX
  • 2015 Acura MDX
  • 2018 Acura MDX
  • 2019 Acura MDX
  • Comparing Popular Packages Offered on Acura Automobiles

    1. Acura is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that designs and builds technologically superior vehicles that provide the current conveniences that consumers need.
    2. The Acura premium automotive portfolio combines luxury, performance, and technology, and each Acura is available with a variety of options or trims that help it outperform the competition.
    3. If you’re looking at new Acura automobiles for sale, you’re already on the right track to obtaining a vehicle that’s packed with cutting-edge technology and convenience features.
    4. But which Acura model and package are you most interested in?
    5. Models such as the Acura TLX and RDX are available with Advance and Technology packages, which give drivers with a plethora of desirable interior comforts at a reasonable price.
    1. Davis Acura’s sales team is available to assist you in comparing available Acura trim levels or packages so that you can choose which is the best fit for your needs.
    2. Acura vehicles’ Advance package and Technology package, as well as the primary features included with each, will be discussed in detail in this section.
    3. Keep in mind that the features included in these packages may differ depending on the Acura model you choose.

    Technology Package

    • Acura’s Technology package is a popular choice among Acura buyers who want a vehicle that is highly connected and that offers more features beyond the Standard package at a reasonable price. Acura cars equipped with the Technology package will include an Acura Navigation System as standard equipment. In addition to Acura’s 3D View and Natural Language Voice Recognition System, this intelligent integrated navigation technology allows you to quickly identify directions and locations with ease. Because of the high-definition traffic information provided by the navigation system, it is feasible to avoid on-road delays. Acura vehicles equipped with the Technology package also come with an ELS Studio® Premium Audio System as standard equipment. Acura worked with eight-time Grammy® award-winner Elliot Scheiner to create the critically acclaimed ELS Studio® Premium Audio system, which brings your favorite music to life in your Acura. This updated sound system, available on Acura cars equipped with the Technology package or above, provides greater clarity, decreased distortion, and a wider frequency range, resulting in a surround sound experience that is similar to that of a movie theater. Other interior additions, such as Milano Premium Leather Seats or a Blind Spot Information System, may be included with the Technology package, depending on the Acura model you choose. Now that we’ve covered the Technology package, let’s take a look at what you get when you upgrade to the Advance package, which is available on certain Acura premium vehicles. The Acura Technology package, as previously stated, includes a variety of upgrades that include the following: Acura Navigation System with 3D View
    • Natural Language Voice Recognition System
    • ELS Studio® Premium Audio System
    • Blind Spot Information System
    • Milano Premium Leather-Trimmed Interior
    • and Blind Spot Information System.

    Advance Package

    • This package, which is available on vehicles such as the new RDX premium sport crossover and the new TLX premium sport sedan, delivers enhanced comfort as well as extra driver-assistance capabilities. Awaiting you in the new TLX and RDX models that come equipped with the Advance package are heated and ventilated front seats, which serve to keep you and your front passenger at a pleasant temperature during the drive. The front seats are upholstered in high-quality Milano leather and have 16-way power adjustment as well as three heat and ventilation settings, allowing you to customize your level of relaxation. Some Advance package vehicles are also equipped with heated outboard rear seats on the passenger side. Acura’s Surround-View Camera system, available as part of the Advance package, provides an extra layer of safety and security for your driving experience. This technology makes use of four external cameras to offer a clean overhead image of the vehicle as it is being driven. While parking, you’ll have an unrivaled view point thanks to the Surround-View Camera, which allows you to see obstructions and blind areas all around your Acura. In addition to a superior audio system, both the Advance and Technology packages of your favorite Acura vehicle provide more speakers, allowing for a more immersive driving experience. AcuraWatchTM, the automaker’s suite of sophisticated driver-assistive and safety systems, is one of the numerous features that distinguish current Acura cars from their predecessors. On Advance trims, the Surround-View Camera, Head-Up Display (HUD), and Head-Up Warning systems are included to fill out the safety package (HUW). This trio of driver assistance devices helps you remain awake, engaged, and informed while driving. Consider purchasing a new Acura luxury vehicle with the Advance package to take advantage of perks such as: a 10.5-inch Head-Up Display, a Surround-View Camera System with a rear camera washer, and a Head-Up Warning
    • a 16-way power front seat with power lumbar support, power thigh extension, and power side bolsters
    • heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear outboard seats
    • a heated steering wheel

    What’s Your Preferred Acura Package & Model?

    1. After learning about the differences between Acura’s Technology package and Advance package, you can decide which trim offers the amenities you’re looking for in a new vehicle.
    2. Drivers in the Philadelphia region may learn more about these options by visiting Davis Acura and browsing our new Acura inventory, which is available both online and in person.
    3. RDX and TLX models, as well as the Advance and Technology variants of the RDX and TLX, are available at our new and pre-owned Acura dealership in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
    4. Pre-qualification for financing and appraisal of your trade-in car are both available online before you come in from Lansdale, PA, or anywhere for a tour and test drive of your choice Acura automobile outfitted with one of these two packages.
    5. Our Acura professionals are looking forward to your forthcoming phone call, online query, or in-person visit so that we can tell you more about what makes Acura’s Advance and Technology packages such a smart decision!
    1. Contact us now!

    Acura Technology Package: Base vs. Advanced Features

    1. Acura Technology package will take things to new heights of connection and comfort when you’re seeking for a cutting-edge ride while still being surrounded by luxury.
    2. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Technology package alters each model, we’ve put together this guide for you.
    3. Please read it carefully, and when you’re ready to test drive an Acura vehicle equipped with the Technology package, give us a call.

    Acura MDX Technology and Entertainment Package

    1. This completely redesigned three-row SUV is a thrilling and luxurious ride like no other; read our 2022 Acura MDX overview to learn about all of the fantastic standard features and advantages that come standard.
    2. When the Technology Package is included, the competitive advantages are elevated to new heights.
    3. There are basic sport seats as well as the inclusion of three-position memory settings for the passenger seat in the inside of the vehicle.
    4. Cabin upholstery in premium perforated Milano leather with stunning contrast stitching is included with these seats as well.
    5. Standard GPS-linked climate control will automatically maintain a comfortable temperature in your vehicle’s interior based on the location of the sun and your personal preferences.
    1. Second-row passengers will benefit from the standard Iconic DriveTM ambient LED lighting, which will be available in 27 different color schemes.
    2. The Acura Technology package also includes a standard ELS Studio® 12-speaker premium sound system, which transforms your interior into a personal music hall.
    3. The Acura MDX Technology Package makes it even easier to take use of all of this, thanks to extra standard safety features such as low-speed brake control, front and rear parking sensors, and rain-sensing wipers.
    4. Acura’s basic navigation system includes 3D views of your surroundings, standard AcuraLink Real-Time TrafficTM condition monitoring, and automatic traffic rerouting.
    1. The Acura Technology Package transforms your 2022 Acura MDX into a high-tech, high-comfort work of art by including all of this and many more standard amenities across the board.
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    Acura RDX Technology Package

    1. An Acura RDX is your best option if you want a luxury crossover SUV that delivers exhilarating performance while also providing exceptional comfort.
    2. Choose one that comes with the Acura Technology Package, and you’ll discover a slew of advantages that make it even more appealing.
    3. This package, which includes sport seats, premium Milano perforated leather upholstery, and rich contrast stitching to enhance the luxury appearance of the three-row Acura MDX, is similar in design to the MDX.
    4. Also featured is the cutting-edge GPS-linked temperature control technology, which provides customized, automated comfort.
    5. The Technology Package enhances your Acura RDX’s lounge-like luxury by adding Iconic DriveTM LED ambient lighting with 27 different themes to the vehicle.
    1. Following that, a standard 12-speaker ELS Studio® premium sound system with immersive audio quality is installed, which works in conjunction with LED lighting to create the ideal atmosphere for any road trip, commute, or adventure.
    2. As part of the Acura Technology Package, your Acura RDX will come with a standard wireless smartphone charging station as well.
    3. That is by no means all.
    4. When ordered with the Technology Package, you’ll get standard front and rear parking sensors as well as a standard rearview camera washer, as well as a competitive array of extra standard safety features.
    1. When you purchase the Acura Technology Package, you’ll receive standard infotainment advancements such as the Acura Navigation System with three-dimensional views of your surroundings, AcuraLink Real-Time TrafficTM, traffic rerouting services, and many more features.

    Acura TLX Technology Package

    1. The appealing Acura TLX facelift continues into 2022, with even more reasons to be enthused about the vehicle.
    2. This luxury sport sedan exhilarates with powerful performance and cutting-edge design; add the Technology Package and your driving experience will be much better.
    3. In the next room, you’ll find a 13-speaker ELS Studio® premium sound system, which will provide an immersive soundtrack to all of your driving sessions.
    4. With ambient LED interior illumination provided by the Iconic DriveTM function, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with a choice of 27 color themes.
    5. The Acura Technology Package, which includes a blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic monitor, front and rear parking sensors, and other features, improves the overall safety of your 2022 Acura TLX.
    1. Acura Navigation System with 3D view, AcuraLink Real-Time TrafficTM, and traffic rerouting services are some of the other technological features available.

    Acura ILX Technology Package

    1. The Acura ILX’s performance specifications are impressive, and the Technology Package, which can be found within this premium compact car, provides even more enticing features.
    2. For example, if you want these fantastic standard features on a 2022 model, you’ll need to select A-Spec® with Technology Package from the available options.
    3. As soon as you do, the high-end exterior trim, including dark chrome accents, LED fog lights, a Piano Black rear spoiler and diffuser, and many other options, become available.
    4. Inside features include sport seats, Milano perforated leather interior upholstery, and Ultrasuede® interior upholstery, as well as contrast stitching and exquisite piping throughout the seats.
    5. The Acura Technology Package in a 2022 Acura ILX includes a chrome dash trim, a leather-trimmed steering wheel with an A-Spec® emblem, and the sophisticated GPS-linked temperature control system, among other features.
    1. In addition to the standard 10-speaker ELS Studio® premium sound system, AcuraLink® Connected Services, the Acura Navigation system with 3D view, and a multi-information display with turn-by-turn instructions, you’ll discover a number of other amenities.

    Difference Between Acura Technology and Advance Package

    1. While the differences between the Acura Technology Package and the Acura Advance Package are subtle and vary from model to model, the Advance Package includes amenities that enhance the Technology Package’s comfort, style, convenience, and connection even further.
    2. The Advance option, for example, is available on models such as the 2022 Acura MDX and includes LED door handle lighting, authentic open-pore wood inside trim, rich seat piping, 16-way power adjustment for the front seats, and heated second-row seating.
    3. It also has a remote start feature, a heated steering wheel, enhanced Iconic DriveTM LED ambient interior lighting, a 16-speaker ELS Studio® premium sound system, third-row USB connections, a 10.5-inch head-up display, and other features.
    4. In most models, you’ll find a comparable set of extra standard equipment above and above the Acura Technology Package, as well as the features of every package in the trim level below it.

    Discover the Acura Technology Package at Phil Smith Acura

    1. Standard features from packages below the Acura Technology Package are included as well in the Acura Technology Package.
    2. When you hear about the features that come standard on each Acura vehicle, the experience becomes even more spectacular.
    3. We offer a diverse selection of stylish Acura automobiles ready for you to discover, as well as a state-of-the-art service center that will make routine maintenance a breeze for you.
    4. Make an appointment with our Acura dealership now to take a tour and test drive your favorite model.

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    Some 2019 Acura RDX packages require others

    1. When looking at your package selections, it’s crucial to keep in mind that some of them aren’t available until you also purchase the other items in the package.
    2. If you’re comparing the 2019 Acura RDX Technology and Advance packages, this is very crucial to remember because the Technology package is necessary in order to purchase the Advance package.
    3. RDX’s Technology package, on the other hand, can be purchased separately and used in conjunction with the normal, core RDX.
    4. As a result, while looking at the wonderful features contained in the Technology package, any RDX that also has the Advance package will also have the Technology package features.
    5. Although the Technology package does not offer a navigation system with 3D views and real-time traffic, it does have front and rear parking sensors as well as the Blind Spot Information System, Rear Cross Traffic Monitor, and the Acura/ELS Studio System with twelve speakers.
    1. Because the Advance package must be purchased in conjunction with the Technology package, it complements or enhances any features included with the Technology package.
    2. The adaptive damper system, rain-sensing windshield wipers, LED fog lights, heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, a surround view camera system with a rear camera washer, and the Acura/ELS Studio 3D system with 16 speakers and a 10.5-inch head-up display are some of the vehicle’s standout features.
    3. Clearly, the Advance package and Technology combination on the 2019 Acura RDX are the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.
    4. Not sure if all of these fantastic features are absolutely necessary?
    1. Visit Radley Acura to see and compare the features in person.
    2. Customers from Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Springfield, McLean, and Falls Church are among those we are pleased to assist.
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    Acura Advanced Package vs Acura Technology Package

    1. Luxury and convenience are two characteristics that Acura automobiles are recognized for.
    2. These characteristics are carried through from the highest-quality interior materials to the most cutting-edge technologies and packaging options.
    3. The Advance Package and the Technology Package are certain to be two of the most popular packages for drivers in Doylestown, Lansdale, and Philadelphia in the upcoming year, according to market research.
    4. To make the best option for your lifestyle, you should compare the Acura Advance Package with the Acura Technology Package in this article.
    5. Learn more about Acura Technology by visiting their website.

    Acura Advance Package

    1. This package is one of three available options for Acura automobiles in 2019.
    2. It includes the Acura Advance Package.
    3. This package provides you with the most luxurious, convenient, and technologically advanced choices for your new Acura.
    4. The Advance Package is the ultimate in luxury and comfort, yet it is also the most affordable option.
    5. Aside from a second-row captain’s chair (in six-passenger vehicles), this package adds a surround-view camera, ventilated and heated seats with six levels of heating and cooling, a heated steering wheel with natural wood accents, a second-row center console and sunshades, as well as flush parking sensors at the front and back of the vehicle.

    Acura Technology Package

    • Acura Technology Package is designed for drivers who need the highest level of performance in the areas of navigation, audio, connection, and convenience. The Acura Navigation system, which includes HD Traffic view and re-routing options, is included in this bundle of features. For audio and entertainment, the package includes an ELS Studio® Premium Audio System with at least 10 speakers, HD RadioTM, and Song By Voice® integration, among other things. Climate control that is linked to a GPS system, automatic wipers, and power-folding side-view mirrors with LED illumination are all options. Additionally, voice commands for navigation and radio, temperature control and Bluetooth® are all included. Additionally, the vehicle has access to AcuraLink® and SMS/email. A Driver Confidence Package is also available, which includes features such as remote start, a color information display, and turn-by-turn satellite navigation. The Blind Spot Information System with Rear Cross-Traffic Monitoring is included in this suite of safety and driver-assist technologies. Exceptional Characteristics Added to the amazing standard amenities offered on the new Acura line, which include a V6 engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission, are these additional options. There are also electronic gear selection and parking brakes, a moonroof, push-button start, Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control, LED headlights, and more goodies to enjoy
    1. In addition, the AcuraWatchTM safety suite, Bluetooth® integration, four USB ports, Pandora® integration, and a satellite radio tuner are all featured.
    2. Take a Test Drive Right Now!
    3. With the incredible suite of features offered by Acura vehicles, it’s difficult to find a vehicle that can compete.
    4. The Acura Advance Package and Acura Technology Package are just two of the trim levels you can add to your vehicle to further enhance the unparalleled luxury and performance you get from your new 2019 Acura vehicle.
    5. Whether you reside in Philadelphia, Lansdale, Doylestown, or the nearby regions, Montgomeryville Acura is the place to go if you want more information or to get behind the wheel of an Acura for yourself.

    Technology vs Advance Package Differences

    1. Since its inception, Acura has built a reputation for offering its customers with a unique blend of two things: elegance and ease.
    2. These characteristics have been carried over from our commitment to provide our vehicles with the finest inside materials and the most up-to-date technical package options to the present day.
    3. We at Park Ave Acura can assist you in understanding the differences between the Technology Package and the Advance Package, which will ultimately simplify your car-buying decision.
    4. If you’re unsure of what each package offers, our Park Ave Acura is here to help you understand the differences between the two and, in turn, simplify your car-buying decision.

    Technology Package

    • In addition to some of the standard features found in new Acura models such as push-button start, power moonroof, Tri-Zone automatic climate control, LED headlights, and an electronic parking brake, this package includes: GPS-linked climate control, which will automatically set your vehicle’s temperature to the desired climate.
    • GPS-linked navigation, which will automatically set your vehicle’s navigation to the desired location.
    • Windshield wipers with rain detecting technology
    • ELS Premium Audio sound system with ten speakers
    • The rear entertainment system has an LCD screen.
    • A navigation system with traffic updates and 3D terrain technology is built-in to the vehicle.
    • Remote starter with two-way communication that allows you to start your vehicle from up to 300 feet away
    • Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning are standard features.

    Advance Package

    • Front seats that are heated and ventilated
    • heated second-row captain’s chairs
    • second-row window sunshades
    • second-row storage console
    • There is a headphone jack on the rear entertainment system.
    • Parking sensors with a plush surface in the front and rear
    • Camera with a 360-degree field of view
    • Accents made of natural wood
    • The steering wheel is heated
    • Leather seats with a stylish design
    • LED fog lights
    • Idle halt for the purpose of conserving gasoline.
    • Roof rails that are built in
    • Side mirrors with auto-dimming capabilities

    Let Us Find the Right Vehicle For You

    1. No matter if you’re interested in having all of the latest technological gadgets and features in your vehicle with the Acura Technology Package or you’re interested in providing the most comfortable seating for your passengers with the Acura Advance Package, our Park Ave Acura dealer is here to assist you in finding the exact vehicle you’re looking for.
    2. Contact our Park Ave Acura dealer today to get started.
    3. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Acura dealership in Paramus if you would like more information about these packages or if you would like to book a test drive in a vehicle that has either the Advance Package or the Technology Package.
    4. New Acura Inventory is now available.

    Acura MDX Trim Comparison

    Acura MDX Inventory

    Which 2019 MDX Trim Is Right For Me?

    • Trims and Highlights for the 2019 Acura MDX are included as standard. engine with direct injection and variable valve timing
    • sport seats with premium leather-trimmed interior
    • rear camera with multi-view
    • Integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the vehicle
    • Technology Implementation Package A direct injection V-6 engine with a displacement of 3.5 liters
    • Sport Seats with a perforated premium leather-trimmed interior with contrast stitching
    • Blind Spot Information System
    • Song By Voice Technology
    • and more.
    • 3.0-liter direct injection V-6 engine with direct injection
    • heated and ventilated seats
    • rear cross traffic alert
    • Acura Navigation System with 3D View
    • A-Spec trim level.
    • Package Received in Advance Vehicle features include a 3.5-liter direct injection V-6 engine, heated rear seats in the outboard positions, a Surround View Camera System, and Traffic Rerouting.
    • Package Deals for Entertainment Acura Rear Entertainment System
    • 3.5-liter direct injection V-6 engine
    • 40/40 split folding 2nd-row seats
    • Head-Up Warning
    • 3.5-liter direct injection V-6 engine

    Choosing a trim might be a difficult task, but it does not have to be difficult. Each car trim has a unique set of amenities, so it’s crucial to filter down the options to the ones that are most important to you. Our Acura dealer in Rochelle Park can provide you with some helpful hints and pointers on how to choose the 2019 Acura MDX trim that’s best for your needs.

    Find Your Acura MDX Trim In Rochelle Park

    Trimming might be difficult, but it does not have to be difficult. The features offered by each car trim are distinct from one another, so it is critical to limit down the options to the ones that are most relevant to your needs. When it comes to selecting the 2019 Acura MDX model level that’s appropriate for you, our Acura dealer in Rochelle Park can provide some helpful advice.

    What’s the Best 2021 Acura TLX Trim? Here’s Our Guide

    1. A return to correct control arm front suspension, the option of all-wheel drive on all trim levels, and two turbocharged engines distinguish the new Acura TLX for 2021 from rival sport sedans in a large section of the automotive market.
    2. The Type S, which is more powerful than the TLX 2.0T, will go on sale later this year.
    3. Our first impressions of the Acura were positively influenced by its striking appearance and high-quality interior, albeit it does compromise a little substance in the process of achieving that flair.
    4. Continue reading for a detailed evaluation of the TLX.

    2021 TLX Base Trim Pros and Cons

    1. Even in its most basic configuration, the TLX 2.0T provides excellent value, with a starting price of less than $39,000.
    2. Advanced active safety and convenience technologies, including as adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist, are standard, but these functions are not available on the base Audi A4.
    3. Furthermore, the BMW 3 Series’ 12-way power front seats are also heated, which is an additional $500 option.
    4. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included in every TLX, and they can be accessed via a 10.2-inch center display panel.
    5. The Acura True Touchpad interface, which isn’t as intuitive as some rivals’ systems (the A-interior Spec’s is seen above, although all TLX models have the identical screen), will need to be learned before you can use the display.
    1. By the figures alone, the 2021 Acura TLX 2.0T provides more stuff for less money than either the Audi or BMW models.
    2. Its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, which is 17 horsepower more than the BMW 330i and a stunning 71 horsepower more than the Audi A4 40.
    3. Those two competitors, on the other hand, completely outperform the Acura when it comes to fuel efficiency.
    4. With the rear-wheel-drive BMW, the EPA estimates fuel economy at 26/36 mpg city/highway, whilst the all-wheel-drive Audi achieves 25/34 mpg city/highway.
    1. The TLX is a distant second, with 22/31 mpg in front-wheel drive and 21/29 mpg in all-wheel drive configurations, respectively.
    2. The basic TLX 2.0T is the only trim level equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, which are standard on all other trim levels.
    3. Those wheels are an inch bigger than the normal wheels on the Audi A4 and are in line with the BMW.
    4. Moving up another trim level roughly evens up the playing field amongst the three vehicles.

    2021 TLX 2.0T Technology Pros and Cons

    1. According to expectations, there’s a lot of technology in this well titled bundle, including integrated navigation with voice recognition and a 13-speaker ELS Audio system.
    2. More active safety systems, like as rear cross-traffic and blind-spot warnings, are available on the TLX Technology trim level as well.
    3. However, there are a slew of additional refinements to be found.
    4. TLX 2.0T Technology includes leather upholstery with contrast stitching (the base grade comes with leatherette), changeable inside ambient lighting with a choice of 27 distinct color themes, and a power liftgate.
    5. The key debate concerning this trim comes down to whether or not the extras offered in Technology are worth the $4,000 premium over the TLX 2.0T’s base trim pricing.
    1. If features like as GPS, luxurious interior lighting, leather seats, and wider 19-inch wheels are essential, consider upgrading to the Technology trim level.
    See also:  When A Package Is In Transit?

    2021 TLX 2.0T A-Spec Pros and Cons

    1. A-Spec is mostly an aesthetic package that adds a splash of visual flare to a vehicle rather than providing a significant performance boost.
    2. Having said that, for just $3,000 more than the Technology model, the additional features available on the A-Spec variant are rather substantial.
    3. There are also heated and ventilated leather and Ultrasuede seats in the front, as well as a wireless charging pad.
    4. A-Spec trim items include a decklid spoiler, red instrument panel lighting, stainless steel pedals, and a flat-bottom steering wheel, among others.
    5. The ELS audio system receives 3-D imagery as well as four more speakers, bringing the total number of speakers to 17.
    1. Especially when playing back high-quality source material, the sound quality and imagery of this system are nothing short of outstanding.
    2. The A-Spec trim of the 2021 TLX marks a significant feature increase, and if customers find the sleek exterior pieces and dark gray 19-inch wheels to be a visually appealing combo, then the price premium above Technology is well worth it.

    2021 TLX 2.0T Advance Pros and Cons

    1. From now until the TLX Type S, which will be on sale later this year, the 2.0T Advance will serve as the flagship of the TLX series.
    2. The addition of a surround-view camera system and head-up warning to the list of safety and convenience features, which is supplemented by a 10.5-inch head-up display, raises the bar even further.
    3. Also unique to this model is wood inside trim (instead of aluminum), heated rear seats, remote start, acoustic front side glass, and rain-sensing wipers that are kept warm by a de-icing system (as opposed to other TLX models).
    4. When parking in tight spaces, we found the surround-view camera to be really useful, but the head-up display proved to be more distracting than helpful in our testing.
    5. The Advance trim level is the only one that offers a meaningful performance upgrade in the shape of adaptive dampers, but firming up the suspension will do nothing to compensate for the TLX 2.0T’s sluggish gearchanges and low fuel efficiency.

    What About the 2021 TLX Type S?

    1. When it comes to the TLX, it has a lot to offer.
    2. However, if you want more power, the TLX Type S is just around the way.
    3. With Brembo brakes, a 3.0-liter turbo V-6 producing 354 horsepower, and a starting price of less than $55,000, the Type-S might be the finest value in the TLX family.
    4. In our First Drive review of the 2017 Acura TLX Type S, we referred to the vehicle as a ″real performance sedan.″ The Audi S4 is also a good bargain, especially when compared to the previous model.
    5. However, even with 354 horsepower, we believed the car might have been even better if it had had even more.
    1. You can read the whole review here.

    Which 2021 TLX 2.0T Model Is Best?

    1. When equipped with A-Spec, the TLX 2.0T puts its best foot forward.
    2. The well-bolstered front seats are equipped with both ventilation and heating, and the excellent sound quality of the audio system makes this trim an excellent long-distance vehicle.
    3. Despite the fact that the Advance trim is the only one to get the fancy adaptive dampers, the multiple driving modes don’t much alter the fundamental nature of the vehicle, making the upgrade unnecessary, especially considering the car’s lackluster track performance.
    4. Look into the A-Spec, which begins at roughly $45,000 and offers the best blend of features and pricing on the market.

    2021 Acura TLX Trims:

    • Type S
    • Base
    • Technology package
    • A-Spec package (MT’s choice)
    • Advance package
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S
    • Type S

    2017 INFINITI QX50 Press Kit

    1. A year after a successful makeover, the 2017 INFINITI QX50 blends an exquisite outward design with exciting driving performance and an engaging interior atmosphere.
    2. This is a continuation of the success of the previous model’s redesign in 2016.
    3. Because of the increased wheelbase and total length of the 2017 INFINITI QX50 luxury crossover as compared to the 2015 model, second-row legroom and comfort have been increased.
    4. The new QX50 has a revamped appearance to bring it in line with other INFINITI vehicles, such as the Q50 sedan, and a new interior.
    5. A moonroof is also included as standard equipment for all grade levels.
    1. Customer response to these changes, which were first introduced in the 2016 QX50, has been overwhelmingly positive.
    2. QX50 sales increased by 210 percent in the 2016 calendar year, making it the brand’s fastest-growing model and the third-best seller among the INFINITI portfolio.
    3. The QX50 is available in two extremely well-equipped configurations: the QX50 and the QX50 AWD with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (IAWD).
    4. The Premium, Premium Plus, Deluxe Touring, Technology, and new 19-in.
    1. Wheel & Tire packages are among the optional equipment packages available, as are the Premium and Premium Plus packages.
    2. Each is equipped with a standard 325-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine – one of the most powerful in its category – as well as a 7-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment.
    3. The look is fluid, and the personality is distinct.
    4. The 2017 INFINITI QX50 luxury crossover offers a one-of-a-kind mix of a perfectly proportioned appearance with a pleasant interior atmosphere and a suite of cutting-edge technological features in a compact package.
    • A fusion of coupe and sport utility vehicle, the QX50’s coupe-inspired luxury crossover design includes LED daytime running lights, an INFINITI-style double-arch front grille, and side mirrors with integrated LED turn signals.
    • The QX50 is available in two body styles: coupe and sport utility vehicle.
    • Interior volume of the QX50 is 115.4 cubic feet, which is achieved by having an 186.8-inch wheelbase and a 113.4-inch overall length.
    • Compared to the previous design, the most noticeable improvement in interior space is seen in the second row of seats, where rear legroom has increased by 4.3 inches and rear knee room has increased by 3.9 inches.
    • In addition, the ground clearance was increased by 0.8 inches, providing drivers with a better view point from which to see further ahead.
    • Because of its large rear door and low cargo floor, the QX50 continues to be a flexible vehicle for both everyday and weekend use, as it has been in past years.

    Infiniti’s hallmark touches can be seen on the exterior, featuring huge L-shaped headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights, optional xenon auto-leveling headlights with Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS), integrated LED fog lights, unique LED taillights, and a ″dynamic arch″ design.Additionally, a high-mounted rear hatchback spoiler with a built-in brake light, chrome-finished twin exhaust tips, a standard power sliding tinted glass moonroof with tilt function, sliding sunshade, and one-touch open/close, and optional roof rails are all available.In addition, the QX50 is equipped with a standard courtesy light that is built into the driver’s outside mirror and serves to welcome the driver to the car.

    This year’s exterior colors are Malbec Black, Midnight Garnet, Graphite Shadow, Liquid Platinum, Black Obsidian, Moonlight White, and Hagane Blue, with a total of seven to choose from.Interior has a lot of flexibility, suited for personal usage The dramatic interior of the 2017 QX50 provides an exciting and engaging atmosphere that is both sumptuous and inspirational, as it did in previous years.Inside, the driver-focused interior layout includes an INFINITI characteristic ″double-wave″ instrument panel, high contrast gauges that are simple to read, hospitality lighting in the form of an illuminated ring LED light located above the center console, and an INFINITI signature analog clock.

    1. An extra element of the instrument panel is a 7-inch color display with an INFINITI controller for controlling the trip computer and seeing other vehicle information.
    2. In addition to a color touch-screen display, Lane Guidance and 3-D building graphics, NavTraffic® with Real-Time Traffic Information, NavWeatherTM with Real-Time Weather Information and a 3-day forecast (SiriusXM® subscription required, sold separately), INFINITI Voice Recognition for audio and navigation, and Streaming Audio via Bluetooth® wireless technology, the available INFINITI Navigation System includes a color touch-screen display, Lane Guidance and 3-D building graphics Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, INFINITI Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition, and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio (SiriusXM® subscription required, offered separately) are among the other technological systems available.
    3. A power driver’s seat with eight-way adjustment and a power passenger’s seat with four-way adjustment offer for comfortable seating.
    4. All-wheel-drive vehicles now come with heated front seats as standard equipment, in addition to rear-wheel-drive ones.
    5. A driver’s seat memory system, an 8-way power front passenger’s seat, and a power remote up-folding option for the second-row 60/40 split seat with dual controls (controlled from the front or the hatch area) are also available.

    There is also a leather-wrapped shift knob, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which has controls for the music system and cruise control, among other features.All versions are equipped with aluminum inside embellishments, with maple interior accents as an option.In addition to 11 speakers (including 2 subwoofers), an AM/FM/CD in-dash changer, and a USB connection point for connecting iPod® and other compatible devices, the Bose® Premium Audio System is also offered as an option.The advanced Around View® Monitor (AVM), which is included with the Premium Plus Package, makes use of four small cameras located in the front, side, and rear of the QX50 to provide the driver with a virtual 360-degree view of the outside of the vehicle and to assist the driver when parking the vehicle.Front and rear sonar are included in the AVM system.

    Standard quality leather-appointed seating surfaces are available in three colors: Graphite, Wheat, and Chestnut.The inside is finished with a wood grain pattern.The INFINITI Personal Assistantä, which is available at no cost for the first four years of ownership, gives new INFINITI owners with access to a team of professional personal assistants through a registered phone number for the duration of their ownership.From directory help and weather forecasts to organizing chores such as hotel or dinner reservations on the caller’s behalf, information and service requests cover a broad variety of topics.

    • Platform and powertrain technology that is cutting-edge The QX50’s striking appearance conceals a chassis and powerplant that are both technologically sophisticated.
    • The FM (Front Midship) platform contributes to the achievement of high levels of handling capability.
    • Every 2017 INFINITI QX50 is equipped with a VQ37VHR 3.7-liter V6 engine that produces 325 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque, according to the manufacturer.
    • With the engine comes a 7-speed automatic transmission that includes manual shift mode, DS mode with Downshift Rev Matching (DRM), and Adaptive Shift Control.
    • The QX50’s fuel efficiency is rated at 17 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway in both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations.
    • Exceptional handling is supplied by a front independent double-wishbone suspension with aluminum-alloy upper and lower links, twin-tube shock absorbers, and a stabilizer bar that is connected to the subframe in front.

    With aluminum upper and lower links and axle housing, as well as twin-tube shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar, the rear suspension is an independent multi-link system with aluminum upper and lower links and axle housing.The Q50 is equipped with a power-assisted steering system that is speed-sensitive.A power-assisted front and rear disc brake system (with a ventilated front disc) is included as standard, as is an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist.Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) with Traction Control System (TCS) is also included as standard equipment, with an enhanced Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) accessible as an optional feature.Standard wheel and tire combinations include 18-inch 8-spoke metallic finish aluminum-alloy wheels with 225/55R18 all-season tires, as well as 19-inch split 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with 245/45R19 all-season tires, which are available as part of the Deluxe Touring Package.

    • 19-inch split 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with 245/45R19 all-season tires are also available as part of the Deluxe Touring Package.
    • QX50 AWD versions are equipped with INFINITI’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive technology, which includes an active torque distribution management system as well as an active center clutch to provide all-wheel drive capability.
    • The electromagnetic all-wheel-drive system reacts swiftly, allowing for the reduction of wheel slip in severe situations.
    • There are several pieces of standard safety equipment, including an INFINITI Advanced Air Bag System (AABS), side-impact supplemental air bags mounted in the driver and front passenger seats, curtain side-impact supplemental air bags mounted on the roof for outboard occupant head protection, and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
    • Other standard features include three-point ALR/ELR seat belts (driver ELR only) and front seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters, as well as adjustable upper anchors, active head restraints in the front seats and the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) system for the rear outboard seating positions (for children under the age of five).

    The QX50 also has Zone Body Construction, which includes front and rear crumple zones, which helps to disperse impact energy throughout the passenger compartment during a collision.Models and packages are two different things.The 2017 INFINITI QX50 is offered in two trim levels: QX50 and QX50 AWD, with a total of five possible option packages.

    It includes a Bose® Premium Audio System with 11 speakers, including two subwoofers, an Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) with Plasmacluster® air purifier, dual occupant memory for the driver’s seat, outside mirrors, and steering wheel, entry/exit assist for the driver’s seat and steering wheel, outside mirrors with reverse tilt-down feature, auto-dimming inside mirror with HomeLink® Universal Transceiver, maple interior accents, power tilt and telesco Aside from the INFINITI Navigation, the Premium Plus Package includes an Around View® Monitor (AVM), as well as a Front and Rear Sonar System.In addition to 19-inch split 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels with 245/45R19 all-season performance tires, the Deluxe Touring Package includes High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon headlights, an Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with aut

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