What Is Bahamas Zip Code?

Bahamas does not use zip or postal codes. If it’s required for an online forms, use 00000 or other random numbers.
Postal codes are not used in Bahamas. Mail is dispatched via Post Office Boxes.
There is no Census data for the city of BAHAMA, NC. We have pulled information for the ZIP Code 27503 instead. * Demographic data is based on 2010 Census.

What is the ZIP code for Freeport Bahamas?

Sep 22, 2014 · Freeport, Grand Bahama, is not part of the United States, and does not have ” zip ” codes. The zip code for Grand Street from Varick Street to the Bowery is 10013. The zip code for Grand Street from the Bowery to the East River is 10002. What island is Nassau Bahamas on?

What is the ZIP code for Grand Street Nassau Bahamas?

The zip code for Grand Street from Varick Street to the Bowery is 10013. The zip code for Grand Street from the Bowery to the East River is 10002. What island is Nassau Bahamas on?

What is Freeport Bahamas ZIP code?

40438 is a ZIP code of #21 A International Bazaar, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas Freeport Florida (FL) and list of areas associated with same ZIP code are shown below.

What is your zip or postal code?

A postal code (ZIP code) is the unique number of a post office or a mail sorting center. If your country has a postal code system (majority of countries have one) it is important that you provide a correct Postal (ZIP) code for your delivery address.

How do you write an address for the Bahamas?

The P.O. Box number should be preceded by a space or a dash “-“ sign and the two letter abbreviation of the Post Office. The island name or the island abbreviation can be used after the name of the locality, separated by a comma but it is not a mandatory element of the address. New Providence N.P. Grand Bahamas G.B.

What state is Nassau Bahamas in?

The capital city of The Bahamas, Nassau is located in New Providence.

Does Nassau have Zipcodes?

Nassau County, New York: 70 Zip Codes.

How many digit is Bahamas number?

When in The Bahamas, only the seven-digit number is required for local calls, but to call the Bahamas from other countries within the North American Numbering Plan, e.g., the United States, and Canada, the local number is prefixed with 1 and 242.

Is Bahamas part of USA?

The Bahamas achieved independence from Britain July 10, 1973, and is now a fully self-governing member of the Commonwealth and a member of the United Nations, the Caribbean Community and the Organisation of American States.

How do I add Bahamas number to Whatsapp?

How to add an international phone number

  1. Open your phone’s address book.
  2. When adding the contact’s phone number, start by entering a plus sign (+).
  3. Enter the country code, followed by the full phone number.

What is my ZIP Code India?

The term Postal Index Number or PIN is also widely known as PIN code in India.

Postal Zones in India.

First Digit of PIN Code Zone
2 Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
3 Gujarat, Rajasthan, Diu and Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
4 Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
5 Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

What is Batangas ZIP Code?

The Postal Codes of Batangas Province

Batangas City 4200
Bauan 4201
Calaca 4212
Calatagan 4215

What is Pangasinan ZIP Code?

Pangasinan ZIP Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Bugallon 2416 75
Burgos 2410 75
Calasiao 2418 75
Dagupan City 2400 75

How do you write Nassau Bahamas?

Nassau (/ˈnæsɔː/ NASS-aw) is the capital and largest city of The Bahamas.

How do addresses work in the Bahamas?

Typically, mail sent to addresses in the Bahamas are via Post Office boxes, as there is no street delivery. All mail is picked up at the closest post office. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc do use street addresses.

What is the telephone area code for the Bahamas?

telephone area code of The Bahamas. Area code 242 is the telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for The Bahamas. Area code 242 translates to the letter sequence BHA on an alpha-numeric keypad.

What is the smallest city in the Bahamas?

  • Nassau. Nassau,the capital city of the Bahamas is located on the New Providence Island which is the business district of the country.
  • Lucaya. Lucaya,ranking second among the biggest cities in the Bahamas,is located on the Grand Bahama Island about 160 km east-northeast of Florida’s Fort Lauderdale.
  • Freeport.
  • West End.
  • Coopers Town.
  • What is the closest island to the Bahamas?

  • The best flight deals tend to be in the low season,so if you’re on a budget,this is the ideal time to travel.
  • Resorts and hotels tend to offer great deals at this time.
  • The island is less crowded,which is great if you desire a more personalized experience.
  • Bahamas – Postal Code

    This is the postcode information page for the Bahamas. This page contains the following information: Code Method, Envelope Example, and Address Format, the proper method to write the postal code, and a reference link for postcode enquiries.

    Envelope Example

    Coding Method

    In the Bahamas, postal codes are not utilized. Post Office Boxes are used for the distribution of mail.

    Address Format

    John Doeaddressee P.O. Box GT 2001″P.O. Box″ + post office abbrev.+ p.o. box n° Nassaulocation BAHAMAScountry name″P.O. Box″ + post office abbrev.+ p.o. box n° Nassau″P.O. Box″ + post office abbrev.+ p.o. box n° Nassau″P.O. Box″ + post office abbrev.

    List of Main Post Office by Locality/Island

    • Abaco, Acklins, Andros, Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Freeport (Grand Bahama), Fox Hill (New Providence), General Post Office (New Providence), Grants Town (New Providence), High Rock (Grand Bahama), Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, Sandyport (New Providence), Shirley Street (New Providence)
    • Shirley Street (New Providence)
    • Shirley Street (New Providence)
    • Shirley Street (New Providence)
    • Shirley

    Reference Links

    • Bahamas Message Format (English, PDF file)

    External Links

    • Wikipedia: Bahamas
    • Chahaoba: Area code of Bahamas
    • AreaCodeBase: Bahamas Areacode Database
    • BizDirLib: Bahamas Business Database
    • AreaCodeBase: Bahamas Areacode Database
    • BizDirLib: Bahamas Business Database

    Is Nassau Bahamas part of the US?

    No, the Bahamas are not a territory of the United States. It became a British Crown Colony in 1718 and achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1973. A citizen of the United States can get an Enhanced Drivers License (EDL) in select states and a U.S. Passport Card in any state. These are only valid for re-entry into the United States at land or maritime border crossings.

    What is Freeport Bahamas zip code?

    22nd of September, 2014 Grand Bahama Island, which includes the city of Freeport, is not a part of the United States therefore does not have ″ zip ″ codes. Grand Street between Varick Street and the Bowery is designated with the zip code 10013. Grand Street from the Bowery to the East River has the zip code 10002, which covers the whole length of the street.

    What island is Nassau Bahamas on?

    Nassau, the country’s main city, is located on the island of New Providence. It is home to the country’s major and busiest Ports of Entry, the Lynden Pindling International Airport and the Nassau Cruise Port, which are all located on the island.

    How do you call Nassau Bahamas?

    Dial the international access code, which is 011 from the United States, 00 from the United Kingdom, Ireland, or New Zealand, and 0011 from Australia.

    1. To make international calls, dial +44 242
    2. to make local calls inside The Bahamas, dial +44 242
    3. All you have to do is dial the seven-digit number
    4. Toll-free telephone numbers: Toll-free numbers beginning with 881 are available across The Bahamas.
    5. Phones on the go

    What Country Code Is this 242?

    List of international country dialing codes for making international phone calls

    Country Country Code International Prefix
    Congo 242 00
    Cook Islands 682 00
    Costa Rica 506 00
    Côte d’Ivoire 225 00

    What should I avoid in the Bahamas?

    • In the Bahamas, there are eight newbie errors to avoid. When traveling during hurricane season in the Bahamas, avoid riding in unmarked taxis, taking a cruise to the Bahamas, staying at the ATLANTIS in the Bahamas, and expecting punctuality on the island. When transacting with beach vendors in the Bahamas, avoid riding in unmarked taxis, and expect punctuality.
    • Going on a walk alone at night in the Bahamas
    • skipping the grocery store
    • and other such activities.

    Is it safe to go to Nassau Bahamas?

    *** Beginning on January 26, 2021, all airline passengers traveling to the United States who are two years of age or older will be required to present a negative COVID-19 viral test performed within three calendar days of flight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that travelers avoid any travel to countries classified as Level 4.

    Do I need a passport to go to Bahamas?

    When going to The Bahamas, U.S. residents are normally required to provide a valid U.S. passport as well as documentation demonstrating their intention to exit from The Bahamas before entering. Tourists from the United States who come to visit will not require a visa for stays up to 90 days. All other tourists will require a visa and/or a work permit in addition to their passport.

    What is Florida zip code?

    Florida Zip Codes are shown below.

    Zip Code Zip Code Type Zip Code Name
    32004 PO Box Ponte Vedra Beach
    32006 PO Box Fleming Island
    32007 PO Box Bostwick
    32008 Non-Unique Branford


    What is the Canada zip code?

    Generally speaking, a Canadian postal code is a six-character string that is included in a Canadian postal address. Canada’s postal codes, like those of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands, are alphanumeric. In this case, each character is in the pattern A1A 1A1, where A is a letter and 1 is a numeric value, with a space between the third and fourth characters.

    What is Nassau famous for?

    The city of Nassau, located on the northeast coast of New Providence Island, is one of the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, drawing in over a million visitors annually. Furthermore, it serves as the country’s capital and commercial center. The harbor of Nassau, which is sheltered by the popular tourist destination of Paradise Island, is bustling with boat activity.

    What part of Florida is closest to the Bahamas?

    Bimini is the westernmost island of the Bahamas, located approximately 80 kilometers (53 miles) east of Miami, Florida, giving it the Bahamas’ most accessible point to the United States mainland.

    All Zip Codes in Bahama NC

    Data Last Updated: March 1, 2022

    Bahama, NC Covers 1 ZIP Code

    ZIP Code Type County Population Area Code(s)
    ZIP Code 27503 Standard Durham 3,471 919

    Bahama, NC Demographic Information *

    There are no Census data available for the city of BAHAMA, North Carolina. As a substitute, we have obtained information for the ZIP Code 27503.

    Total population 3,471
    Male population 1,731
    Female population 1,740
    Median age (years) 45.6
    White Population 2,943
    Black Population 400
    Indian Population 14
    Asian Population 30
    Hawaiian Population 1
    Hispanic Population 72
    Median age (Male) 45.5
    Median age (Female) 45.8
    Total households 1,396
    Family households (families) 1,030
    Average household size 2.48
    Average family size 2.92
    Total housing units 1,470

    * The 2010 Census provided the demographic information.

    Bahama, NC Other Information

    • Located in DURHAM County, North Carolina

    54 Cities within 30 miles of Bahama, NC

    • Several cities in North Carolina include: Alton, VA
    • Apex, NC
    • Blanch, NC
    • Buffalo Junction, VA
    • Burlington, NC
    • Butner, NC
    • Bynum, NC
    • Carrboro, NC
    • Cary, NC
    • Cedar Grove, NC
    • Chapel Hill, NC
    • Creedmoor, NC
    • Danville, VA
    • Durham
    • Efland
    • Franklinton
    • Haw River
    • Henderson
    • Hillsborough
    • Hurdle Mills
    • Kittrell
    • Leasburg
    • Mebane

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    Zip code of #21 A International Bazaar, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas Freeport Florida (FL)

    Since 1963, the United States Postal Service has employed a system of postal codes to improve the efficiency and speed with which mail is delivered.ZIP Code is an abbreviation for Zone Improvement Plan, which was first registered as a service mark.Its basic format consists of five decimal numerical digits, but an expanded ZIP+4 code consists of five digits, four extra digits, and a hypen, among other things.

    The address of any location is incomplete without the inclusion of ZIP codes.It is just hard to remember all of the ZIP codes in various locations, and in today’s technological world, everyone is reliant on internet tools to help them out.Bankifscpincodenumber.com was designed for individuals like you who are in a hurry and need to look for zip codes in various parts of the United States without having to travel anywhere.

    1. Here, we present the Zip codes of different places of the United States of America in order to not only satisfy the needs of people, but also to supply them with genuine information in the easiest method possible, together with their map position.
    2. In the United States, 40438 is a ZIP code that corresponds to the 21 A International Bazaar in Grand Bahama, Bahamas Freeport Florida (FL).
    3. A list of the regions linked with the same ZIP code is listed below.

    What is a Postal code (ZIP code)?

    A postal code (also known as a ZIP code) is a number that identifies a post office or a mail sorting center.Providing the right postal (ZIP) code for your delivery address is critical if your nation has a postal code system (which the vast majority of countries do).We ask that you do not input a regional postal code connected with a central post office (for example, a central post office in a bigger city), but rather that you enter your local postal code linked with a local post office that serves your specific address instead.

    Whenever you are unsure of what your postal code is, you can always go to any post office in your region and ask for assistance.What is the significance of this?Providing an accurate postal code assists the courier in expediting delivery and delivering your order to the correct location on your behalf.

    1. Examples include street names that are nearly identical in various regions of your city, and a package sent through a central post office that is routed erroneously.
    2. For further information, see: What is a PO BOX (Post Office Box)?

    Nassau & Paradise Island – A Caribbean Destination of The Bahamas

    Greetings from Nassau and Paradise Island The Island Discover an island metropolis where the comforts of the tropics meet the sophistication of the large city. Beautiful beaches are only the beginning of what this place has to offer. Traveling beyond them will reveal an island teeming with history, art, nightlife, and cultural attractions.

    The Lay Of The Land

    The islands of Nassau and Paradise Island, which are sometimes referred to as the ″Gateway to the Bahamas,″ are comprised of two islands: New Providence and Paradise Island.


    Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital city, is located in the province of New Providence. It is here that you will locate the Lynden Pindling International Airport, in addition to prominent sights such as Downtown Nassau, the Government House, and the Queen’s Staircase, among others.

    Paradise Island

    Paradise Island, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge across Nassau Harbour, is home to huge hotels and resorts, notably the Atlantis, as well as a number of active beaches.

    The Lay Of The Land

    The islands of Nassau and Paradise Island, which are sometimes referred to as the ″Gateway to the Bahamas,″ are comprised of two islands: New Providence and Paradise Island. Stories

    Stories Spirited Endeavours

    John Watling’s Distillery is located on a historic Nassau estate, and it is the sole rum distillery in the country of the Bahamas. See the whole story

    Stories Stirring Up A Culinary Revolution

    Authentic Bahamian recipes are combined with cutting-edge technology in the hands of the next generation of tastemakers, resulting in a unique twist on the classics. See the whole story

    Stories In True Bahamian Fashion

    It is the vibrant, bold culture of the Bahamas that is celebrated in Theodore Elyett’s designs for Bahama Hand Prints, which are created by him. See the whole story

    Stories The People-to-People Experience

    Nassau We cordially invite you to Stephen and Terry Bellot’s house, where you will find delicious conch fritters and nice company to enjoy. See the whole story

    Stories All Day Fish Fry

    Nassau In Arawak Cay, you may take a tour of Nassau’s Fish Fry. On the strip, selecting what to eat and where to eat it takes the better part of the day. See the whole story

    Stories A Garden of Marvel

    Nassau Perhaps it is time for the Bahamas’ national bird to be given some attention in public. The primary attraction in Nassau’s Ardastra Gardens is a parade of marching flamingos that takes place every day. See the whole story

    Stories Downtown Nassau

    Nassau Discover the monuments, murals, and museums that line the streets of downtown Nassau, which spans 20 square blocks. A great example of island culture that is both centuries ancient and breathtakingly modern at the same time. See the whole story

    Stories Potter’s Cay

    Nassau It’s always a wonderful time. Always new and exciting. Potter’s Cay is highly recommended by locals for anyone looking for a flavorful taste of Bahamian conch salad with a twist. See the whole story

    Stories Junkanoo, A Celebration

    Nassau Feel the pace of a jubilant Bahamian party in your bones. Years of planning—the creation of costumes, the late-night practices—come together in a night of music, dancing, and a little healthy rivalry. See the whole story

    Island Resorts & Retreats Where to Stay

    Hotels Guests arriving in Nassau and Paradise Island will be greeted with world-class resorts including extensive gardens, swimming pools, marinas, gambling, restaurants, and nightlife. Observe More

    Sandals Royal Bahamian

    Sandals Royal Bahamian is a premium beachside resort that includes access to a private island, butler service, 11 restaurants, and other amenities. Observe More

    Baha Mar

    In addition to three luxury hotels, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, ten swimming pools, and the largest casino in the Caribbean are all found at this huge resort complex on Cable Beach. Observe More


    As well as a variety of distinctive lodgings, Atlantis is home to the biggest open-air marine ecosystem on the planet, the Aquaventure water park, more than 21 restaurants, and an on-site nightlife. More information about the island insider

    The Highlights Christ Church Cathedral

    It was erected on the same location as the first church in The Bahamas, which was established in 1670, and is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture. It was built using local limestone in 1841. On the inside, light flows through gorgeous stained-glass windows, and plaques adorning the church walls remember cherished Bahamians who have passed away. Read on to find out more

    The Highlights The Queen’s66 Steps

    Originally constructed of solid limestone in 1794, the Queen’s Staircase offered a direct route from Fort Fincastle to the heart of Nassau’s downtown area. A waterfall and towering walls clothed in tropical foliage offer a tranquil refuge only minutes from the hustle and bustle of Downtown. 66 Steps to Success more ″ aria-label=″The Queen’s 66 Steps″ href=″

    The Highlights The Retreat Gardens

    This 11-acre site serves as the headquarters of The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) and is home to one of the world’s biggest private collections of rare and exotic palms, with around 170 species representing a diverse range of habitats. There are four national parks on New Providence Island, and this is one of them. Read on to find out more

    The Highlights Pompey Museum

    The edifice, which was once known as Vendue House, has been renamed in honor of the brave slave, Pompey, who was born in the Exumas. It was constructed sometime before 1769 and converted into a museum in 1992, where it now houses a permanent exhibit on the African experience in the Bahamas. Read on to find out more

    The Highlights Bay Street Sights

    It is flanked by pastel-colored buildings on Bay Street, which serves as the major roadway of downtown Nassau and the oldest highway in the Bahamas. The ancient Parliament Square and the open-air Straw market, where craftsmen create one-of-a-kind souvenirs, are two of the city’s most popular attractions.

    The Highlights The Fish Fry

    With its pastel-colored buildings, Bay Street is the primary avenue in downtown Nassau (and the oldest road in the Bahamas). The ancient Parliament Square and the open-air Straw market, where craftsmen create one-of-a-kind gifts, are two of the city’s most popular destinations.

    Things to Do Explore The Art Scene

    In Nassau’s art scene, you may find anything from fine art in the National Art Gallery to contemporary street murals to a fantastic collection of brightly colored Junkanoo paintings from decades ago. Read on to find out more

    Things to Do Play To Win

    The nightlife scene in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, has something to offer for everyone’s taste and mood. Discover the casinos, nightclubs, and beach bars with your toes in the sand in Nassau and Paradise Island. Read on to find out more

    Things to Do Break For The Beach

    The beaches in Nassau and Paradise Island are diverse, ranging from Cable Beach in the resort sector to Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island to the tranquil Jaws Beach away from the noise and bustle of the island’s main street. Read on to find out more

    Things to Do Dive Into Underwater Gardens

    The waterways around Nassau and Paradise Island are teeming with opportunities for water-based excursions. At Clifton Heritage National Park, you’ll find cliffs, wrecks, the famed Lost Blue Hole, and even an underwater sculpture garden, among other things. Read on to find out more

    Fresh Island Flavours Drinks & Dining

    Restaurants Make a reservation for a five-star chef’s table meal, stop by the Fish Fry for happy hour, or stop by Potter’s Cay for a quick, fresh-as-they-come conch salad on the fly. View the entire map

    Nassau & Paradise Island

    Nassau Naval Air Station (NAS) Paradise Island Downtown Nassau Alessia-icon-close


    Nassau, the country’s main city, is located on the island of New Providence. It is home to the country’s major and busiest Ports of Entry, the Lynden Pindling International Airport and the Nassau Cruise Port, which are all located on the island.

    Lynden Pindling International Airport

    The Lynden Pindling International Airport, located on the island of New Providence, is the principal foreign gateway to The Bahamas for international travelers. It is the country’s largest and busiest airport, and it serves the whole country. Preclearance facilities for the United States are available at the airport. Find a Flight to Your Destination

    Paradise Island

    Paradise Island, which is connected to Nassau by a bridge, is home to a slew of hotels as well as some of the island’s most well-known beaches.

    Downtown Nassau

    Explore a modern city brimming with character, where mural-painted streets showcase contemporary Bahamian innovation with historic buildings and world-class eating options.

    Discover Your Next Adventure

    Select your island from the list below. AllAll The Bahamas are a group of islands off the coast of Florida. The Abacos are a group of islands in the Bahamas. The islands of Andros, Eleuthera, and Harbour Island The Exumas are a group of islands off the coast of Florida. Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas The Abacos are a group of islands in the Bahamas.

    Where The Artists Gather

    Let’s Go The Abacos

    Fishing For The Big Catch

    Let’s Go Andros

    Exploring a Deep-Sea Frontier

    Let’s Take a Trip to Eleuthera and Harbour Island

    Lady of the Pineapple Fields

    Let’s Go The Exumas

    Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

    Come on, Eleuthera and Harbour Island, let us go!

    An Island Hopping Story

    Let’s Go The Abacos

    The Last Light of Its Kind

    Let’s Go The Exumas

    A Once-In-A-Lifetime Day

    Go to Eleuthera and Harbour Island with me.

    The Hidden Coast

    Let’s go to Nassau and Paradise Island together.

    People to People Experience

    Let’s Go The Bahamas

    Fly Away to Lenny’s Bahamas

    Let’s Go The Exumas

    You & Me Between the Cays

    The Bahamas and Paradise Island are calling your name…

    Junkanoo, A Celebration

    Let’s Go The Bahamas

    “Fly Away” With Junkanoo

    Let’s go to Nassau and Paradise Island together!

    The Conch Shacks

    Let’s Go The Bahamas

    Something Blue, A Sandbar Wedding

    Let’s Go to Nassau and Paradise Island!

    A Garden of Marvel

    Let’s go to Nassau and Paradise Island together.

    All Day Fish Fry

    The Bahamas and Paradise Island are calling your name…

    This is Nassau

    Let’s Take a Trip to Eleuthera and Harbour Island

    Naturally Majestic Queen’s Highway

    Come on, Eleuthera and Harbour Island, let us go!

    A Race Across Dunmore

    Let’s Go

    Pin Code: Search & Find Postal Codes, Zip Codes & Pin Codes of India

    In India, the phrase Postal Index Number, often known as PIN code, is extensively used to refer to the number assigned to a letter by the postal service.It refers to the code included in the post office number of the postal code system, which is primarily utilized by the Indian Postal Service to categorize and separate mailings from one another.The Postal Index Number is a string of six lengthy numbers that identify a specific address.

    Shriram Bhikaji Velankar, who was then the additional secretary in the Union Ministry of Communications, was the first to establish this technique of coding the postal address, which was first implemented in 1972.When the PIN-code system was introduced in India, it was primarily intended to assist postal departmental staff in manually sorting and delivering mail to the correct address, thereby reducing confusion caused by similar place names, incorrect addresses, and different languages spoken by the general public.

    Decoding the PIN Structure

    • The Postal Index Number, often known as the PIN, is made up of six lengthy numerical digits, each of which represents a different area. It is composed of the following digits: 1 identifies the zone
    • 2 denotes a sub-zone
    • 3 denotes a sorting district within a zone
    • 4 denotes an individual post office within a sorting district
    • and 5 denotes a single post office inside a zone.

    From the Goodreturns Pin Code Finder, you may get your postal codes by selecting your state, district, and post office of your location from the drop-down menu.

    Postal Zones in India

    Indian postal zones are divided into nine divisions, eight of which are regional and one of which is dedicated solely to the Indian Army and is known as a functional zone. This is indicated by the first digit of the PIN number, which is allocated throughout the nine zones that are scattered over the length and width of the nation.

    First Digit of PIN Code Zone
     1 Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh
    2 Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
    3 Gujarat, Rajasthan, Diu and Daman, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    4 Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
    5 Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
    6 Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, Puducherry
    7 Odisha, West Bengal, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    8 Jharkhand, Bihar
    9 Army Post Office (APO), Field Post Office (FPO)

    Sorting Districts

    This specific geographic region (with the exception of the functional zone that is designated for the Army) is represented by the third digit of the Postal Code Number combined with the first two digits, which are collectively referred to as a sorting district.The sorting district is headquartered at the main post office of the largest city in the region, and it is also referred to as a sorting office.Depending on the volume of mail processed in the region, each state may have one or more sorting districts, which are independent of one another.

    PIN Prefix ISO 3166-2:IN REGION
    11 DL Delhi
    12 – 13 HR Haryana
    14 – 15  PB Punjab
    16 CH Chandigarh
    17  HP Himachal Pradesh
     18 – 19 JK Jammu & Kashmir
    20 – 28  UP, UT Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand
    30 – 34 RT Rajasthan
    396210 DD Diu & Daman
    396 DN Dadar & Nagar Haveli
    36 – 39 GJ Gujarat
    403 GA Goa
    40 – 44 MH Maharashtra
    45 – 48 MP Madhya Pradesh
    49 CT Chhattisgarh
    50 TG Telangana
    51 – 53 AP Andhra Pradesh
    56 – 59 KA Karnataka
    605 PY Puducherry
    60 – 66 TN Tamil Nadu
    682 LD Lakshadweep
    67 – 69 KL Kerala
    737 Sk Sikkim
    744 AN Andaman & Nicobar Islands
    70 – 74 WB West Bengal
    75 – 77 OR Odisha
    78 AS  Assam
    790 – 792 AR Arunachal Pradesh
    793 – 794 ML  Meghalaya
    795 MN Manipur
    796 MZ Mizoram
    797 – 798 NL  Nagaland
    799 TR Tripura
    80 – 85 BR, JH Bihar, Jharkhand
    90 – 99 APS Army Postal Service

    All About Indian Postal System

    The postal department, also known as the Department of Posts, in India operates under the brand name India Post and is controlled primarily by the government of India, which is the country’s largest shareholder.It is also referred to as the Post Office in India, which is the official name for the postal system.The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India is responsible for this particular department.

    India is divided into 22 postal circles, with each postal circle being headed by a Chief Postmaster General, who is the highest ranking official in the country.To make matters more complicated, each of these postal circles is divided into regions, each of which will be overseen by a Postmaster General.The regions will be further divided into divisions, which will in turn be divided into subdivisions, and so on and so on.

    1. Over the years, the Indian Postal Service has seen significant transformations, and it has emerged as the quickest service provider in the country, reaching even the most distant parts of the country and allowing individuals to send mail at a very low cost.
    2. In addition to handling mail, India Post has established itself as one of the nation’s small financial institutions, assisting residents in putting their money in a safe place to grow their wealth.

    Postal Services in India

    India Post has about 1,55,000 branches dispersed around the country in a variety of different locales.It has a coverage of around 89 percent in rural regions throughout the country.The Department of Post provides a significant function in rural regions since it serves as a connecting cord between one village and another, as well as between villages and larger urban areas.

    In addition to providing mail services, they also provide financial services to the rural people, as some of these areas are still without a properly functioning banking institution.The present postal service in the nation has been in operation for around 150 years, and India was the first country to issue stamps in 1854.After a period of time, the postal services were purchased and placed under centralized management.

    1. Because of the increased level of expenditures and efforts made to improve existing postal services after independence, the outlook for postal services in the nation has been brightened in recent years by the British.
    2. Currently, the Indian Postal Service provides services from the arid country of Kutch in Rajasthan all the way up to the mountains of Ladakh and Siachen in Tibet.
    3. The following is a list of the postal services that are provided by the Indian Postal Service.
    1. Financial Services
    2. Allied Postal Services
    3. Mail Facilities
    4. and other related services

    Services in the Financial Industry There are a variety of financial services offered by the Indian Post Office to the general public.These include national savings certificates, Kisan Vikas Patra (KSV), Public Provident Fund (PPF), and other similar products.It also allows citizens of this country to participate in traditional postal service schemes, which are similar to those of a banking institution in India in terms of accepting deposits, and to participate in customer schemes that are related to their monthly income, such as money order facilities, deposit facilities in the form of savings bank accounts, recurring deposit accounts, and fixed deposit accounts, among other things.

    It is worth noting that the rate of interest given by post offices in India is far greater than the rate of interest offered by banks throughout the country, whether they be public or private sector institutions.Recently, the Indian post offices have begun to provide Sukhanya Sammriddhi Schemes (SSS or SSC) to assist female children in India, either to help them pay for their future schooling or to help them pay for their marriage expenditures once they reach the age of twenty-one.Allied Postal Services (also known as APS) is a postal service that provides a variety of services.

    1. In addition to regular postal services, India Post provides the following Allied Postal Services through its post offices:
    1. This is a type of post that may be given to your loved ones on a variety of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Postcards with greetings can be mailed to faraway locations.
    2. With the use of speed post services, you can send mail to people much more rapidly than you could with traditional types of mail.
    3. Media Post — Using media post, most businesses may promote their products and services by sending out postcards, envelops, and other correspondence.
    4. The postal department offers e-bill postal services, which let people to pay their phone bills from providers such as Airtel, BSNL, and others by sending an electronic bill.
    5. Direct Post — With the use of addressed and unaddressed direct mail, one may conduct direct advertising campaigns.
    6. Due to an agreement between India Post and Western Union Banks, individuals can receive remittances from other nations to India
    7. however, this service is not available to businesses.
    8. Passport Services – Indian citizens can obtain passports as a result of a collaboration between India Post and the Ministry of External Affairs. Individuals interested in obtaining a passport can obtain passport forms, fill them out, and submit them to the nearest post offices for further processing.
    9. Aadhaar Card – Indian individuals are now able to get an Aadhaar Card through their local post offices. The personnel at the postal offices has been taught to check the information supplied by Aadhaar applicants, and after that, the biometric information of the applicant, such as an iris scan and fingerprint scanning, would be collected. Following this, the gathered information, together with the application form, will be transmitted to the UIDAI, which will award the individuals with an Aadhaar card.

    Facilities for sending and receiving mail India Post provides mail services and assists individuals in sending letters and packages from one location to another across the country.This service includes the sending of mail, the registration of mail as a security proof, and the insurance of mail to protect against any dangers that may be associated with it.Disclaimer: We obtained the PIN codes for all of the locations, as well as the corresponding postal data, from India Post.

    Although every effort has been taken to gather and offer correct data on postal services, circles, divisions, postal code, zip code, and other information, we cannot guarantee that the data will be error-free.If you come across any discrepancies in the postal data that we have supplied, please contact us so that we can investigate further.

    The Postal Codes of Batangas Province

    The International Postal Service uses postal codes to identify geographic regions.A postal code is a string of numbers and characters that defines a geographic location.They are also referred to as the zip code1 or the postal code1 in some circles.

    As a result, each of the province’s three cities and 31 municipalities has its own unique postal or zip code, which is unique to the province.Furthermore, Fernando Air Base, a Philippine Air Force base located in Lipa City, has its own postal code as well as its own zip code.While letter mails are no longer as significant as they once were in today’s world, postal codes are still necessary for the delivery of items as well as for the identification of individuals in many worldwide web-based databases.

    A mailbox. Image source from iStock.

    The postal codes for Batangas are shown below.

    Agoncillo 4211
    Aligtagtag 4205
    Balayan 4213
    Balete 4219
    Batangas City 4200
    Bauan 4201
    Calaca 4212
    Calatagan 4215
    Cuenca 4222
    Ibaan 4230
    Laurel 4221
    Lemery 4209
    Lian 4216
    Lipa City 4217
    Lobo 4229
    Mabini 4202
    Malvar 4233
    Mataas-na-Kahoy 4223
    Nasugbu 4231
    Padre Garcia 4224
    San Juan 4226
    San Jose 4227
    San Luis 4210
    San Nicolas 4207
    San Pascual 4204
    Sta. Teresita 4206
    Sto. Tomas 4234
    Rosario 4225
    Taal 4208
    Talisay 4220
    Tanauan City 4232
    Taysan 4228
    Tingloy 4203
    Tuy 4214
    *Fernando Air Base 4218

    Notes and references: 1 ″Postal code,″ Wikipedia; 2 ″Postal code,″ Wikipedia. 2 The postal codes listed above are from the Philippine Postal Service (PhilPost).

    Pangasinan ZIP Code – Department of Philippines


    ZIP Code

    Phone Area Code

    Agno 2408 75
    Aguilar 2415 75
    Alaminos 2404 75
    Alcala 2425 75
    Anda 2405 75
    Asingan 2439 75
    Balungao 2442 75
    Bani 2407 75
    Basista 2422 75
    Bautista 2424 75
    Bayambang 2423 75
    Binalonan 2436 75
    Binmaley 2417 75
    Bolinao 2406 75
    Bugallon 2416 75
    Burgos 2410 75
    Calasiao 2418 75
    Dagupan City 2400 75
    Dasol 2411 75
    Infanta 2412 75
    Labrador 2402 75
    Laoac 2437 75
    Lingayen 2401 75
    Mabini 2409 75
    Malasiqui 2421 75
    Manaoag 2430 75
    Mangaldan 2432 75
    Mangatarem 2413 75
    Mapandan 2429 75
    Natividad 2446 75
    Pozorrubio 2435 75
    Rosales 2441 75
    San Carlos City 2420 75
    San Fabian 2433 75
    San Jacinto 2431 75
    San Manuel 2438 75
    San Nicolas 2447 75
    San Quintin 2444 75
    Santa Barbara 2419 75
    Santa Maria 2440 75
    Santo Tomas 2426 75
    Sison 2434 75
    Sual 2403 75
    Tayug 2445 75
    Umingan 2443 75
    Urbiztondo 2414 75
    Urdaneta 2428 75
    Villasis 2427 75

    What is the Zip Code or Postal Code for Bahamas?

    This subject has been raised often on internet forums in the Bahamas, as well as in the diaspora, throughout the years (what is Bahamas zip codes or what is Bahamas Postal Code). See some of the questions that people are posing regarding this subject farther down this page.

    Bahamas New Providence zip code Nassau zip code Paradise Island zip code Acklins zip code Berry Islands zip code Bimini zip code Black Point zip code Cat Island zip code Central Abaco zip code Central Andros zip code Central Eleuthera zip code Crooked Island zip code East Grand Bahama zip code Exuma zip code Freeport zip code Grand Cay zip code Green Turtle CayB zip code Harbour Island zip code Hope Town zip code Inagua zip code Long Island zip code Mangrove Cay zip code Mayaguana zip code Moore’s Island zip code North Abaco zip code North Andros zip code North Eleuthera zip code Ragged Island zip code Rum Cay zip code San Salvador zip code South Abaco zip code South Andros zip code South Eleuthera zip code Spanish Wells zip code West Grand Bahama zip code

    The zip code for Atlantis, Bahamas The zip code for Freeport, Bahamas bimini bahamas zip code bs zip code bimini bahamas zip code Abaco Island, Bahamas zip code: marsh Harbour The zip code for Harbour Island, Bahamas Lookup for the postal code of the Bahamas Bahamas mailing address format For those of you who are perpetually perplexed when asked to enter your zip code or postal code either on a shopping website (e commerce) or while filling out an online form, this post will help you understand the terms ″Bahamas zip codes″ and ″Bahamas postal codes″ and how they relate to one another.Let’s get started.

    What is the Zip code / postal code for Bahamas?

    At this point, I believe we should have figured out what a zip code, postal code, and postcode all meant for the first time.But, more importantly, what is the real zip code for the Bahamas?The truth is because the Bahamas DOES NOT HAVE ANY ZIP CODES OR POSTAL CODES.

    It is used in certain countries such as Canada, South Africa, the United States, and others, but not in the Bahamas.That should not prevent you from using a postal code; in fact, the majority of individuals have resorted to utilizing 00000 or 12345 as their postal codes.These are the statistics that they came up with on their own.

    1. Many of you will be wondering what to type into a form online or what to use while purchasing online, and I understand your confusion.
    2. You may pick whatever code you choose, however I recommend 00000 as a starting point for your search.
    3. Obviously, 00000 is not the correct postal code to use, but since you are required to enter your zip or postal code in a form, you are forced to use any number you can find.

    What is a Zip Code or Postal code

    The dictionary defines a zip code as an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, which is a system used in the United States to expedite the delivery of mail, and which consists of a five- or nine-digit code printed directly after the address, with the first five digits (initial code) indicating the state and post office or postal zone, and the last four digits (expanded code) indicating the box section or number, portion of a rural route, building, or other specific delivery While postal code refers to a mailing code system used in Canada that is comparable to the zip code system used in the United States and the postcode system used in the United Kingdom.This is only a dictionary definition because zip codes and postal codes are already widely used in many countries.

    Is there any difference between the Bahamas zip codes, Bahamas Postal Code or Bahamas Postcode?

    The answer is a resounding no. According to the explanation above, you would agree with me that they all signify the same thing, with the exception that zip codes are used in some nations, such as the United States, and postal codes or post codes are used in other countries.

    What’s the importance of Bahamas zip codes or zip codes in General?

    To learn more about the applications and significance of a zip code/postal code, please see this page>>. Everything you need to know about ZIP CODES and POSTAL CODES in one place

    What will happen if i use a wrong  Postal Code or zip code while shopping online?

    When you enter an incorrect zip code or postal code on the internet because the Bahamas does not have a zip code.Nothing will happen, and your order will continue to be delivered to you using the address information you provided while filling out the online order form.Now, I believe you understand what a zip code or postal code is, as well as the fact that the Bahamas does not utilize the zip code system at all.

    However, it is terrible that the majority of Bahamians are unaware of this, therefore please share this piece on your social media sites by clicking on the share button below.This will help to raise greater knowledge of the phrase zip code/postal code.If so, please let me know if you have any questions for me.

    1. if you would want to do so in the comment box below, I would be more than delighted to answer your concerns.

    Biggest Cities In The Bahamas

    Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas is an archipelagic state made up of more than 700 islands, islets, and cays.The Bahamas are located north of Hispaniola and Cuba, southeast of Florida in the United States, and northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, according to the United Nations.The Bahamas are an oceanic region with a total land area of 470,000 square kilometers.

    It is the first land in the New World, having been discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.Despite the fact that the Bahamas were originally occupied by the indigenous Lucayan people, the Spanish transported the locals in vast numbers as slaves to Hispaniola, leaving significant areas of the Bahamas desolate between 1513 and 1648.In the following years, British colonists from Bermuda began establishing themselves in the Bahamas, which was legally recognized as a British Crown colony in 1718.

    1. Later, many of American loyalists came to this area and established enormous estates with their African slaves.
    2. As a result of the abolition of slavery in the Bahamas in 1834, descendants of slaves now make up a large proportion of the population of the country.
    3. The Bahamas is currently one of the wealthiest countries in the Americas, and its economy is built mostly on banking and tourism, according to the World Bank.

    The Five Biggest Cities In The Bahamas


    Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, is located on the island of New Providence, which serves as the country’s commercial and financial center.The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, is home to over 70% of the country’s entire population.Nassau, historically regarded as a pirate stronghold, is today home to the country’s House of Assembly as well as numerous judicial agencies.

    Nassau’s contemporary development began in the late 18th century, with the takeover of the city by immigrant American Loyalists and their slaves, during the American Revolutionary War.The city of Nassau is home to the Lynden Pindling International Airport, and boats connect the city with the neighboring islands across the sea.One of three nations to get this designation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is the city of Crafts and Folk Art.


    Lucaya, the second-largest city in the Bahamas after Nassau, is located on the Grand Bahama Island, approximately 160 kilometers east-northeast of the Florida city of Fort Lauderdale.Lucaya is a popular tourist destination in the Bahamas, and it is one of the most visited.Several hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions are located there.

    Some of the attractions and activities available to tourists visiting this city include a dolphinarium, scuba diving, and shark feeding dives.


    Located on Grand Bahama Island, Freeport is the third-largest city in the Bahamas and a free trade zone, according to the country’s largest cities list.The Grand Bahama International Airport, as well as domestic Bahamian ferry services, are located in the city.As a result of Freeport’s strategic position, which is about 130 kilometers off the coast of Florida’s Palm Beach, the city has emerged as an excellent hub for international commerce.

    Tourists flock to the city in large numbers, although the industry suffered a setback during the devastating storms of 2004, but the damage has since been almost totally repaired.

    West End

    With its location on Grand Bahama Island, West End serves as both the region’s westernmost and most historic town. It serves as the island’s administrative center. It is home to the West End Airport, which is mostly used by private aircraft.

    Coopers Town

    Coopers Hamlet is a tiny town on the island of Abaco, which is the second biggest island in the Bahamas.Numerous renowned inhabitants of the Bahamas dwell in this community.The Albert Bootle family, originally from Grand Bahama, moved to this area in the 1870s.

    Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister of the Bahamas, is also a resident of Coopers Town.Historically, the town’s primary businesses were pineapple and sea sponge harvesting.However, due to the lack of a natural harbor, the town’s industrial development has been slowed significantly.

    The Biggest Cities In The Bahamas

    Rank Name Population
    1 Nassau, New Providence 227,940
    2 Lucaya, Freeport 46,525
    3 Freeport, Freeport 26,910
    4 West End, West Grand Bahama 12,724
    5 Cooper’s Town, North Abaco 8,413
    6 San Andros, North Andros 7,800
    7 George Town, Exuma 7,314
    8 Marsh Harbour, Central Abaco 5,314
    9 High Rock, East Grand Bahama 3,744
    10 Andros Town, North Andros 2,455

    The Best Islands to Visit in the Bahamas

    The Bahamian capital of Nassau, which is home to the pink-and-white Government House, which overlooks the city in stately pastel hues, as well as the majestic Buena Vista Estate (which was first established in 1798) and the thoroughly immersive Heritage Museum of the Bahamas, undoubtedly has its charms.Every street corner is alive with music emanating from the shops on either side of the street, and every block is lined with restaurants serving traditional Caribbean cuisine in inventive ways, as well as bars dedicated to serving the perfect rum punch once more.Nassau is the cultural capital of the Bahamas, and it is vibrant and alive.

    The outlying islands, on the other hand, tend to be a little more tranquil.They are also referred to as the ‘family islands’ of the Bahamas, which refers to the warmth and friendliness of the people you will be likely to encounter during your visit.Continue reading for our tour to the outlying islands, which includes information on what makes each one special as well as directions on how to get there.

    1. the first day of the eighth month

    Harbour Island

    A world-renowned destination, this opulent island is known for its world-class pink beaches and relaxed, yet sophisticated, environment.Visit the renowned Sip Sip original outlet and get a Sky Juice as you people-watch while you’re there.It wasn’t long before the locally-owned Harbour Island establishment became well-known among the elite clientele who frequented the see-and-be-seen beachside patio in Dunmore Town that it was immortalized in Ken Kwan’s New York Times bestselling novel, ″China Rich Girlfriend,″ as the opening chapter.

    (This is the sequel to ″Crazy Rich Asians,″ for those of you who don’t live in the realm of popular culture.) – Sunbathe on the three-mile Pink Sand Beach, and if you get enchanted with your surroundings, you may rent a hotel at the Pink Sands Resort to make your stay a little longer.Harbour Island, located just off the coast of Eleuthera, is accessible to visitors by boats that depart from Nassau.Nassau and Harbour Island are only two hours and 45 minutes apart by boat, thanks to the Bahamas Ferries service.

    1. Continue to the second of eight sections below.
    2. 02nd day of the year 2008


    This island is worth visiting for its attractions on both land and water, and it is accessible by both land and sea.Current Cut, Devil’s Backbone, and Pineapple Dock—the latter of which is a shipwreck exploration site—are all excellent places to go snorkeling, while Alabaster Beach is a beautiful (and aptly-named) place to relax.Also worth seeing is Surfer’s Beach, which is a famous site for surfers and is home to surf shops and pubs that will appeal to all tourists, regardless of whether or not they are skilled enough to ride the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

    Travelers may fly from Nassau to Rock Sound or Governor’s Harbour on Southern Air, Bahamasair, or Pineappleair, which are all within 30 minutes of the Bahamian capital.Continue to the third of eight sections below.03rd day of the year 2008

    Cat Island

    Cat Island, one of the more distant Out Islands of the Bahamas, is cherished by the islanders, and you can get a feel of the island’s history by just strolling down its one highway—and enjoying the old ruins interspersed with current Bahamian homes—and taking in the scenery.And sunbathers should make a point of visiting Pigeon Cay Club Beach, where they may spend time on one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Bahamas, on one of the most unknown islands in the Caribbean.To have a relaxing vacation on Cat Island, book a trip from Nassau to Arthurs Town (through Pineappleair).

    Continue to the next page, number 4 of 8.04th day of the year 2008

    Bimini Island

    This island was originally a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s, and it continues to be known for its sport fishing and exploration traditions.Snorkeling along the renowned Bimini Road, or swimming with sharks through the Bahamas Scuba Center, are also options.East Wells Beaches and Spook Hill Beach are beautiful (and restful) alternatives to a day spent swimming with reef and tiger sharks for those who are less adventurous.

    As the nearest island off the coast of Florida, this island is easily accessible not just by aircraft from the United States, but also by boat from Miami—if departing from Nassau, we recommend booking a trip with Bahamasair.Continue to the next section, number 5 of 8.05th day of the year 2008

    The Exumas

    This island is well-known for its swimming pigs, which have become popular on social media platforms such as Instagram.There is no shortage of trip options to this island of the renowned pigs from the Bahamian city of Nassau.For more information on booking your next aquatic porcine adventure, contact Powerboat Adventures or Four C’s Adventures.

    The lovely Jolly Hall Beach is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for water that doesn’t have swimming pigs in it.Travelers may arrive at the Exumas in Staniel Cay (through BahamasAir Tour) or George Town (by BahamasAir Tour) in 40 minutes or less from Nassau (via BahamasAir).Continue to the next section, number 6 of 8.

    1. 06th day of the year 2008


    Instead of going swimming with pigs, why not spend the afternoon with flamingos instead?On the i

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