What Is Ford Lariat Package?

The Ford Lariat package is one of the mid-range 2022 Ford F-150 packages that includes features like a 12-inch productivity screen and a remote tailgate release. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat also has LED lights, chrome bumpers, and a grille with chrome and black accents.
The Lariat version can be purchased with the Luxury 502 package that adds on LED headlights, a heated and power-adjustable steering wheel, front bucket seats, and navigation. A luxury sound system with 11 speakers is also included with this package.

What does the Ford lariat detail and extras package include?

The Ford Lariat detail and extras package offers F-150 pickup truck owners a different look and modern appeal to the trucks they love. These options include visual upgrades to interior amenities and external paint jobs, as well as engine enhancements that make the pickup more efficient for work and recreation.

What is the Ford lariat?

The Ford Lariat is designed with tremendous curb appeal. It’s loaded with comfort features as well as luxury components that don’t skimp when it comes to utility. The Lariat is Ford’s top trim-tier package for the Ranger. It’s available in a broader choice of exterior color options.

What is the Ford F150 lariat upgrade?

The Lariat upgrade offers matching door handles in the same color as the primary body color as the F-150. These handles are recessed and open more smoothly than standard options. They also offer SYNC technology in radio and GPS options with telescoping side-view mirrors that also light up and strobe.

What is the difference between the Ford F-150 and F-250 lariat?

This series includes the popular F-150 along with more heavy-duty models F-250, F-350 and F-450. As of 2008, the F-series has been the best-selling truck in the United States since 1976, and the country’s best-selling vehicle of any type since 1981. The Lariat was introduced in 1978. The Lariat is a luxury trim option for the F-series trucks.

Whats the difference between Lariat and XLT?

The Lariat comes with all of the XLT’s standard features but adds on a 2.7L turbocharged engine rated at 325 horsepower. Dual-zone climate control, driver-seat memory settings, and leather upholstery are also standard. The front seats are ventilated for extra comfort. The Lariat also features ambient interior lighting.

What is the difference between XL and XLT and Lariat?

The XL and XLT have a 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 engine, but the Lariat uses a 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 engine. The Lariat has an electronic 10-speed transmission with tow/haul, snow/wet, EcoSelect and sport modes, while the XL and XLT only have an electronic 6-speed with tow/haul and sport modes.

What is special about Ford Lariat?

The Ford F-150 Lariat features a leather-wrapped steering wheel, leather seats, power-adjustable pedals with memory, woodgrain interior accents, and front heated and ventilated seats. If you want access to premium interior features like this, the Lariat is your only option.

Is Lariat or platinum better?

A base Platinum is a better deal than a Loaded Lariat. At the very minimum, one has to first start with a Lariat equipped with the 502A package and go from ther.

Is Ford Lariat a good truck?

The XLT is the lowest trim you really want to consider, as it comes with a few more features than the base trim, and it offers a lot of technology the XL doesn’t. The Lariat is a great choice if you can afford to spend a little more, as it comes with many more comfort and convenience features than the lower trims.

What trim level is lariat?

What are the Differences Between the 2020 Ford F-150 Trim Levels?

2020 F-150 Trims XL Lariat
Infotainment AM/FM Stereo SYNC® 3, FordPass Connect®, & SiriusXM® Satellite Radio
Standard Features Pre-Collision assist w/ automatic emergency braking & auto headlamps Intelligent access w/ push-button start & leather-trimmed seats

Which is better King Ranch or lariat?

The Lariat has a smaller engine, a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 with a corresponding smaller towing capacity, than the King Ranch, which comes standard with a 5.0L V8 engine. The King Ranch’s list of features is also longer, with more tech options coming standard than on the Lariat.

Whats the difference between King Ranch and Lariat?

One of the significant differences between these two trims are the powertrains. The Lariat is equipped with a 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 engine, while the King Ranch® holds a 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. Furthermore, the Lariat is made with woodgrain-style interior trim accents, while the King Ranch® has unique genuine wood accents.

Is Lariat worth it over XLT?

However, the Lariat definitely levels up the luxury. The Lariat comes standard with 18-inch wheels, a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, and dual-zone automatic climate control, which the standard XLT either lacks or offers at an up-charge. The F-150 Lariat’s interior also surpasses the XLT’s in luxuriousness.

Does Ford Lariat have leather seats?

Premium Leather Seats in the 2021 Ford F-150

The mid-level Lariat trim option is available with standard leather seats in gray. The rear has bench-style seating, and the front seats are heated. In addition, you can choose between an extra seat or a console in the center of the front row.

What feature is included in the Lariat Sport package?

For 2022, Super Duty offers a new stylish Lariat Sport Appearance Package that includes body-color bumpers, exterior mirrors and grille, as well as a chrome exhaust tip and black platform running boards. The wildly popular Black Appearance Package is now being made available for XLT models for 2022.

Which is nicer King Ranch or platinum?

King Ranch caters to the buyer who likes a bit more chrome and filigree with their ranch-inspired earth tones, while the Platinum trim takes a more urban approach to luxury with darker tones, brushed metal, and a bit less flash all around.

What engine is standard on Lariat?

What Engine Is Standard On Lariat? With the highly intelligent, technological advancement 2, you are going to love this SUV. This car offers a 7-liter Ecoboost engine. With its more powerful motor, with an automatic transmission and a fuel economy rating of 20/26 city and highway MPG.

Is King Ranch better than platinum?

The King Ranch has more of a Western styling and feel, while the Platinum can best be described as contemporary. The Platinum has a few more features that come standard, such as power running boards that deploy when you open a door, or rain-sensing wipers.

What does the Ford lariat detail and extras package include?

The Ford Lariat detail and extras package offers F-150 pickup truck owners a different look and modern appeal to the trucks they love. These options include visual upgrades to interior amenities and external paint jobs, as well as engine enhancements that make the pickup more efficient for work and recreation.

What is the lariat Sport Appearance Package?

All rights reserved. Give your Super Duty ® LARIAT some extra flair with the LARIAT Sport Appearance Package, which includes a chrome exhaust tip, body-color front and rear bumpers, painted body-color grille, platform running boards and a unique Sport 4×4 box decal. Super Duty ® LARIAT models feature an updated color scheme for 2022.

What is the Ford F150 lariat upgrade?

The Lariat upgrade offers matching door handles in the same color as the primary body color as the F-150. These handles are recessed and open more smoothly than standard options. They also offer SYNC technology in radio and GPS options with telescoping side-view mirrors that also light up and strobe.

What kind of seats does a lariat have?

Super Duty ® LARIAT models feature an updated color scheme for 2022. The all-new LARIAT Baja interior includes enhanced micro-perforated leather seats, as well as tarnished metal appliqués throughout the cabin. 6.75ft. BOX 8ft. BOX Max. Front GAWR Max.

How Much Does a Fully Loaded 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Cost?

The Ford F-150 pickup truck is the most popular pickup vehicle in the world.It has been extremely popular for decades because of its combination of elegance, comfort, and functionality.One of the most appealing aspects of the F-150 is the possibility to personalize it via the use of packages and options.Because of all that it has to offer, the Lariat package is one of the most popular on the market.The pricing of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat, as well as what is included in that price, are shown below.

How much does the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat cost?

IN CONNECTION WITH: The Most Reliable Pickup Trucks for 2021, According to U.S.News & World Report The base price of the Ford Lariat for 2022 is $47,640.That’s a significant premium above the starting price of the 2022 Ford F-150, which is only $29,990 at the time of writing.While this is a modest price, it is significantly lower than that of the most costly F-150 variant, the Limited.The starting price for the 2022 Ford F-150 Limited is $75,835.The engine of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat is one of the primary reasons that consumers pick this vehicle.

It is equipped with a 2.7-liter V6 engine that produces 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.A port-fuel and direct-injection system with two injectors per cylinder, as described on the Ford website, is responsible for this performance.

What is the Ford Lariat package?

If you own one of these four pickup trucks, make sure you keep it locked up.In addition to amenities such as a 12-inch productivity screen and a remote tailgate release, the Ford Lariat package is one of the mid-range 2022 Ford F-150 options that includes a remote tailgate release.Among other features are LED tail lights, chrome bumpers, and a grille with black and chrome elements on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat.Aside from that, the Larit is equipped with heated side mirrors, 18-inch aluminum alloys, and a power-sliding rear window.On the inside of the Ford F-150 Lariat, you’ll find technologies such as cruise control, pre-collision assist with automated emergency braking, and post-collision braking, among other things.It also has power-adjustable pedals with memory, heated and ventilated front seats, and a Wi-Fi hotspot for connecting to the internet.

How much is a fully-laded Lariat?

RELATED: The Ford F-150 is a Top Safety Pick for the 2021 Model Year In addition to all of the amenities that come standard on the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat, it also boasts a slew of extra options that can be purchased separately.Consider the following scenario: you desired everything in your Lariat; how much would that cost you?The price of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Crew Cab with a Smoked Quartz Metallic Clear Coat and a Stone Gray inside comes to $54,870 when you go for that combination.When you include the Lariat High Equipment Group, the Bed Utility Package, and the Max Trailering Package, the price of the vehicle rises even more.It costs $73,235 when you include Ford Co-Pilot Active, the FX4 Off-Road Package, and a retractable Tonneau Pickup Box Cover.However, while there are further choices available, this is approximately the price you would spend for all of the primary amenities included in the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat.

Why is the Ford F-150 so popular?

The Ford F-150 is the most stolen vehicle in the United States, according to a recent study.The popularity of the 2022 Ford F-150 is due to its adaptability and low entry-level base model pricing, while the popularity of the Lariat is due to the extensive list of features it contains.Furthermore, the 2022 Ford F-150 shouts ″all-American truck,″ and this has helped it to maintain its position as the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades.Aside from that, the Ford F-150 is a highly useful vehicle, with the ability to tow anywhere between 5,000 and 11,300 pounds when properly outfitted.In the market for a mid-level pickup truck, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat is a great option to consider.With everything you need, plus a whole load of nice-to-have features, it’s a great value for money and comes in a stylish and practical packaging.

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What Is the Ford Lariat Package?

When it comes to the Ford F-150 pickup truck, the Lariat package is a particular collection of modifications and automobile add-ons that are available for purchase separately.This package includes a number of inside enhancements as well as many exterior paint color options.This distinguishes the Lariat’s design and structural options as distinct from the rest of the F-150 lineup and guarantees that it is easily distinguished from other pickups.The Ford Lariat detail and extras package gives F-150 pickup truck owners a more distinctive and modern appearance for the trucks they already own and love.These options include aesthetic modifications to inside comforts and exterior paint jobs, as well as engine upgrades that improve the pickup’s efficiency for both work and leisure use.The Lariat trim level adds door handles that are the same color as the primary body color of the F-150, which is a nice touch.

Unlike typical alternatives, these handles are recessed and open more smoothly than they would otherwise.There’s also SYNC technology in the form of radio and GPS choices, as well as telescopic side-view mirrors that may be illuminated and strobed.A strengthened roll cage and a reinforced steel body make the Ford F-150 Lariat package choices exceptionally robust for off-roading and job site use.A new engine has also been developed, which generates significantly more torque and pull when compared to the conventional F-150 specs.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM REFERENCE.COM

What is the Difference Between a Ford Ranger XLT and Lariat?

Currently, the Ford Motor Company is on a roll with its new Ford vehicle portfolio for the year 2021.One of the most popular models is the Ford Ranger, which is available in two top trim levels: the XLT and the Ford Lariat.But what are the differences between the two, and which is the best vehicle for your needs?The solution to that question is straightforward: choose the model that best fulfills your requirements and expectations.Each car is subjected to a thorough examination.We want to make it as simple as possible for you to compare the two.

There are several differences between the Ford Ranger XLT and Lariat variants.Here’s all you need to know about them.

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An overview at the Ford Ranger XLT

According to Car Buying Strategies, the Ford Ranger XLT is the trim that gives the most comfort and convenience for drivers while also providing them with the most usefulness. Specifically, it’s the Ford Ranger model, which comes fully loaded with all of the extra features needed for both short and long travels.

Overview of the Ford Lariat

The Ford Lariat has been intended to have outstanding curb appeal.It is jam-packed with convenience features as well as luxurious components that don’t sacrifice on functionality.The Ranger Lariat is Ford’s top-of-the-line trim option for the pickup truck.It’s offered in a wider range of exterior color options than previously.The Lariat package includes a number of enhancements above the XLT package, making it, in some ways, more opulent than the XLT in terms of comfort and convenience.

Ford Ranger XLT vs Lariat similarities

More information is provided by Imlay City Ford Sales about the similarities and differences between the Ford Rangers XLT and Lariat models.Both cars are powered by the same engine and gearbox systems, as well as the same suspension systems, making them interchangeable.There are all-season tires available on both models, as well as enhanced 18-inch machined aluminum wheels available as an option on both models.The under-seat storage compartments are the same for both vehicles.Unless you want to look into optional enhancements, which we’ll get to a little later, the safety features for the XLT and Lariat trims are identical.In addition, each vehicle has an accessible terrain-management system with four different modes to select from, each of which can be customized for various driving situations and terrain types.

Despite the fact that there are many similarities between the two Ford Ranger trims, the variances are significant enough to separate the two trims in a number of ways that are significant.

Ford Ranger XLT vs Lariat differences

However, while the XLT is well-equipped with a range of luxury features and comforts, it falls short of being the top-tier trim.The Lariat trim takes over the position vacated by the Lariat trim.There is a color called White Platinum Tri-coat available on the outside of the Ranger Lariat trim, which is not available on the XLT model as an exterior option.The Lariat is equipped with high-performance LED headlights as well as LED fog lamps.In addition, the grille is different from the XLT.This model has a chromed bar across the front, and the chromed trim around the edges completes the look.

Almost all of the cars’ outside mirrors, bumpers, and or handles have been painted to match the color of the vehicles’ body panels.In addition, Ford equipped the Lariat with a rear window defroster as well as a heating and power adjustment option for the side mirrors.They also removed the under-seat storage compartment from the XLT and added it to the Lariat as an additional feature.The Lariat trim level is equipped with a trailer-sway control system, which is not available on the XLT trim level.A Tremor Off-Road Package with a blind-spot monitor is available as an option on the XLT.A dual-zone automated climate control system, luxury cloth seats, a SYNC 3 connectivity system with an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio with six speakers are among the features included.

In comparison to the XLT’s single screen, the Lariat has an intelligent key system with remote start, two 4.2-inch productivity displays, and a heated steering wheel.The Lariat is also fitted with daytime running lights, as well as power-folding outside mirrors, which are useful for maneuvering into tight spaces.

Which is better, the Ford Ranger XLT or the Lariat trim?

Both trims have their advantages and disadvantages.In many ways, they’re the same, but the Lariat offers more luxurious choices than the other models, which distinguishes it from the other versions in the 2021 model year, according to the manufacturer.Those who desire the highest level of luxury and convenience will appreciate this trim’s high-end features.With features such as the folding adjustable heated exterior mirrors, eight-way power-adjustable heated front seats with leather trim, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, superior LED headlamps and fog lamps, running lights, ambient interior lighting, and more, the Lariat outperforms the XLT in terms of utility and comfort.Because of its extensive list of special options, the XLT is only one step behind the Lariat in terms of luxury amenities, yet it is equipped with the same engine and gearbox combinations as the Lariat.It’s the same model as the Lariat, but without all of the bells and whistles that come standard on the Lariat.

Both function in the same way, and they both provide the same level of benefit to their users.

Final thoughts

The Ford Ranger is offered in three trim levels for the 2021 model year: the standard XL model, the XLT model, and the Lariat model.If you’re a driver who enjoys all of the bells and whistles, the Lariat provides the highest quantity of creature comforts as well as the most visually appealing good looks.In addition to being an appealing car, the XLT loses some of the cosmetic improvements, such as chrome accents and specially painted components that match the outside colors.In spite of its quality cloth seats, its share of power and safety features, and the same amount of under-seat storage space, the XLT is no slouch in any category.In many ways, it’s the same as the Lariat trim, but it’s missing some of the higher-end options that aren’t required for comfort and convenience, such as heated seats.In terms of performance, the two trucks are nearly identical.

The Lariat and the XLT are not that dissimilar in terms of price.The XLT starts at $29,120, which is a significant savings over the competition.The Lariat has a starting price of $33,160.The difference in price of just more than $4,000 is a sensible trade-off when you consider all of the fantastic extra amenities available in the Lariat, but you can’t go wrong with either of these vehicles.

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What Is a Ford Lariat?

The Ford Lariat is a full-size pickup vehicle made by Ford Motor Company that is part of the F-series pickup truck lineup.This series comprises the popular F-150 pickup truck as well as the heavier-duty F-250, F-350, and F-450 pickup trucks.As of 2008, the Ford F-series has been the best-selling truck in the United States since 1976, and the best-selling vehicle of any type in the country since 1981, according to industry statistics.The Lariat first appeared on the scene in 1978.


The Lariat is a high-end trim level available on the Ford F-series pickup trucks.Its introduction in 1978 marked the introduction of square headlights in place of circular ones, as well as the option of chrome headlight doors and a wider grille.In the following years, the Lariat gained a more luxurious interior, optional power windows and locks, and a slew of other features.It is available in four body styles: normal cab, SuperCab, crew cab, and SuperCrew, among others.


As technology has progressed, the Ford Lariat has become increasingly luxurious, to the point where, in 2009, a person can purchase a Ford Lariat that includes rear privacy glass, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual climate control, heated and cooled front leather bucket seats, SYNC audio, SIRIUS satellite radio, DVD player, auto-dimming mirrors, dual map lamps, dual-lighted vanity mirrors, tire pressure monitoring system, Sony navigation system, rear view camera, reverse


The 2009 truck has been upgraded with a 5.4-liter V8 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque, making it a better work vehicle.A 4.6-liter V8 engine with 292 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque is also available.When compared to the old four-speed automatic gearbox, the new six-speed transmission provides greater acceleration and more fuel-efficient cruising.According to Edmunds, the towing capability of more over 11,000 lbs is the ″greatest in class.″


Previous years have seen some concerns about the slow acceleration, with some acknowledging that it may have been a necessary trade-off considering the carrying capacity available. Engine and transmission upgrades provide a remedy to this problem. A unfavorable statement concerning the dependability of the F-150 in general had been made by Consumer Reports as recently as 2006.

Special Edition

Before the arrival of the revised 2009 Ford Lariat Limited, which Edmunds described as ″super-plush,″ a special version of the Ford Lariat Limited was introduced in 2008.This particular vehicle included a white sand metallic monochromatic paint job, a two-tone leather inside, captain’s chairs, and 22-inch 5-spoke wheels in addition to other features.There were just 5,000 of these made.Biography of the Author Shelley Moore is a journalist and short-story writer who has received several awards.Writing on personal growth, health, careers and personal finance are some of her areas of expertise.Moore’s work has appeared in ″Family Circle″ magazine and the ″Milwaukee Sentinel″ newspaper, among other national and regional periodicals, daily and weekly newspapers, and corporate publications.

Moore is a graduate of Marquette University.She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

LARIAT Ultimate Package

That is the person who leaves ratings and reviews?Customers who have either purchased a car or visited a dealership for servicing have posted ratings and reviews on the dealership website.What methods are used to collect ratings and reviews?Customers are encouraged to take part in a survey given by MaritzCX, a third-party partner that is independent of the company.Is it possible for dealerships to change or erase reviews?No.

Ford employees and/or dealership employees are unable to edit or remove reviews.Before they are published, are reviews edited or checked for accuracy?MaritzCX moderates public reviews to verify that they contain content that complies with Review criteria, which include the following: No profanity or libelous statements are allowed.‣Fraud There is no personally identifiable information (e.g., customer phone number or email) There are no competitor references (e.g., another brand or dealership) Hazardous conduct has been seen (e.g.threatening to harm employees or others) Inadequate text (e.g., symbols, emojis, and random letters) is another issue.Reviews of the product, rather than the customer’s sales or service experience, are more reliable.

What is included in Ford 502A Package?

The Ford F-150 Lariat 502A is the most technologically sophisticated vehicle available on the market.Here are just a few of the incredible features and characteristics it offers.What is included in the Ford 502A Package, specifically?The Ford 502A package, available on the F-150 Lariat trim level, has a slew of cutting-edge and high-tech amenities.In addition to several engine options, LED with fog lamps, tail lights, headlights, a tailgate release handle, and LED box illumination are available as options.A 400W outlet, ambient lighting, a B&O audio system with HD radio, a Sync 4 infotainment system, power folding side mirrors, and memory features may all be included with this package, in addition to the standard equipment.

For example, the heated steering wheel of the Ford Lariat 502A is one of the most notable of these modern amenities, as it gives comfort to its drivers in cold and severe conditions.Similarly, Ford has discontinued the use of outmoded and out-of-date halogen lighting in this version of the assistance utility vehicle that it released.Ford, on the other hand, has adopted all four LED headlights.These lights are the most appropriate and optimal alternative for use at night, when white light penetrates easily through the dark surroundings and gives the driver with a clear view of the surrounding area.These wipers can be integrated with sensors that detect changes in the weather and adjust their operation accordingly.Furthermore, a deicer is used in this configuration to prevent snow from accumulating on the vehicle.

Variety of engine options with improved torque and greater horsepower

The Ford 502A is intended to be used with a range of engine configurations.It is decided which of these engines will be used based on the vehicle’s operational requirements.There are several engine alternatives available for the Ford 502A in this aspect.Consider the following: the 2.7L V6 Ecoboost, the 3.5L V Ecoboost, the 3.0L Diesel engine, the 3.5L Full hybrid engine, and the legendary 5.0L V8 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission.There are a variety of engine options available, each with a different level of operability, power, and torque to let you drive more comfortably on any terrain.

LED light package

In this package, the fog lamps of the lariat have been redesigned using LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs.These are designed in a different manner than the other trim levels.The specific headlights are the headlamps on the vehicle and the taillamps on the vehicle.In addition, projector LED headlights with dynamic bending can be included in the 502A configuration.It receives the signal when it needs to be adjusted thanks to the gyroscope technology included in.Also included are newly constructed cargo lights that are integrated with the center-high-mounted-stop-lamp (CHMSL) on the hood.

Additionally, LED box illumination with zone lighting is being added to make it more easy for the user.The LED box illumination is controlled by a single switch that illuminates the back of the driver-side LED lamp.Furthermore, the front and rear footwells of the F-150 Lariat are illuminated by ambient lighting, which is included with the Lariat grade.There are a variety of color variations available, including blue, purple, and a variety of others.

Tailgate feature

It is quite certain that redesigning the vehicle will result in an increase in sales and an increase in its value.A power tailgate is a fantastic concept that is gaining in popularity as time goes by.A helpful feature included in the 502A package is that your car may be equipped with a remote control that allows you to release the tailgate with a single click of the button.It also contains an integrated C-clamp channel for convenient access to your pickup beds, which increases the overall value of the vehicle.The tailgate of the vehicle may be locked, unlocked, or automatically lowered with the use of the key fob, which is quite convenient.To open the tailgate by yourself, simply push the tailgate release button on the key fob or the door locks control on the inside door handle for a single second to release it.

When you press the tailgate button twice, the tailgate will descend.Additionally, you may input a personal code on the keypad to open the door using the keypad.Simply type the factory-set code over the personal code and hit the 5 6 key within five seconds to complete the transaction.Finally, just hit the lock button to secure the device.The tailgate release handle is equipped with an LED light that sends light to the trailer hitch, making it simple to connect the trailer at night.

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Side Mirror Specification for Ford Lariat 502A

The Lariat 502A’s heated side mirrors include symbols on them for proper recognition that help keep and clean the weather, such as defrost to melt ice, and that help keep and clean the weather.When the rear window defroster is turned on, this feature may be activated.It has a power-folding mirror function, but it also has manual-folding mirrors that can be moved.The side mirror may be folded and unfolded with relative ease because of this.The switch’s position might vary, although it is often located between the left and right buttons on the mirror’s control panel.To choose between the left and right mirrors, press the control button.

After picking the mirror, use the control button to move it around to meet your needs and preferences.Furthermore, they include integrated turn signal and auto-dimming functions, which elevates its significance in terms of its specification even further.It also includes LED approach lights for added security.

Windows specification

By pressing and holding the button, you may open and close the program’s windows.For example, to fully open the window in the 2nd row, push the button firmly and then remove the pressure on the button.In addition, to close the windows, firmly pull up on the switch and release the lever.With a single touch, the driver’s and passenger’s front row electric windows may be closed or opened on either side of the vehicle.With the SuperCab and SperCrew configurations, the Lariat’s rear windows are equipped with motorized sliding glass with defroster and privacy tint, making it a more adaptable vehicle.

Better tire

This version also has a range of all-terrain tires as well as all-season tires for different weather conditions.The 265/60 R18 BSW is the sole all-season tire available for the Lariat 42.All-terrain tires with 4WD, on the other hand, feature 275/65 R18 OWL.Another option for wheels in the lariat 502A package is the magnetic painted pockets of 17-inch machined aluminum wheels, which are another standard.High-strength steel and a vast area of the completely boxed frame contribute to the increased durability of the F150 Lariat.It allows for the creation of a lightweight yet robust and rigid structure.

Capless fuel filter

This kit contains an easy-to-use gasoline filter with no cap, which makes filing a breeze. When the nozzle is removed after filling the tank with gasoline, the spring-loaded fuel filler will automatically close and lock. The capless fuel filling system eliminates the emission of gasoline vapors into the atmosphere as well as the splashing of fuel on the ground.

Comfortable Seating

It comes with heated back and front seats, as well as enough ventilation.As a result, it allows you to be more comfortable in adverse weather situations.Although leather-trimmed rear seats are more comfortable and handy, the heated rear seats are the essential feature that most people appreciate.A heated switch with a power of around 12 volts is located underneath the console, along with a variety of additional parameters.These are foldable chairs with some storage underneath them, and the cargo clamps are located at the bottom of the seats.A pair of 60/40 fold seats with expanded cushions are also available for the rear seats of the SuperCrew cab configuration with the lariat 502a package.

The front seats are upholstered in leather, offer superb visibility, and have bucket seats with the console in the center.Seats in the front are powered in ten directions (driver and passenger lumber), have driver memory, and are power-folding.

Sync 4 infotainment and B&O sound system

For the first time, Ford is offering a premium audio system with HD radio, such as B&O by the Bang and Olefin, in its best-selling vehicle in America.The mid-woofer is located on the left side of the entrance door on the left side of the house.This has resulted in a 6.5-inch (162-mm) split speaker system with a tweeter being installed in the back door.This package also includes a Sirius XM 360L audio system, which allows for easier access to a greater number of stations.As a result, the new 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat was equipped with a Sirius XM 360L satellite radio.It also comes with a more modern technological infotainment system, the Sync 4, that includes greater speech recognition functions.

Also included is a 12-inch horizontal display, which gives greater entertainment, graphic design, Apple CarPlay, Android audio system, Cloud connectivity, and changed visual design, among other features.Its aesthetics are quite similar to those of the Sync 3 infotainment system, which is a good thing because it is simple to operate.Get full information on the car, as well as enjoy music streaming with access to more channels, calling, massage, and other features.FordPass connect, another feature included in this package, assists in connecting the vehicle with an internet connection via a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is another feature included in this package.

Safety features

The revamping of the vehicle is an excellent decision for the next generation of trucks.The major concern you have about it, on the other hand, is how safe the car is for you.Several high-tech safety and security measures are included in this bundle.Among the amenities offered inside the vehicle are curve control, airbags with protected canopy side curtains on the front, driver, and passenger sides, daytime running lights, and dynamic hitch help with a rearview camera.The blind spot monitoring system, tire pressure monitoring system, Advancetrac with RSC (roll stability control), anti-lock brakes, MyKey, perimeter anti-theft alarm, and several other safety features are also included.This package includes the following optional features: remote keyless entry system, spare tire and wheel locking, SOS post-crash alarm system, and numerous more optional features.

Other specifications include in the F-150 Lariat 502A package

There are a variety of additional options for it, including black leather that wraps around the steering column.Additionally, it includes carpeted floor mats that are color-matched to the rest of the vehicle.The grab grips are located on the passenger, rear, and driver sides of the SuperCrew cab in this model.Keyless power door with auto-locking features is standard on this vehicle.A number of features are included, including electronic dual-zone auto temperature control, intermittent windshield wipers, a cargo lamp with the CHMSL (Center high mounted stop lamp), and a chrome kit for the front and rear bumpers.Additionally, it has customizable driving modes for both the 44 and the 42.

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What Size Engine Is A Ford Lariat? – McNally Institute

The three cameras included inside the XLT are among the standard features of the vehicle.290 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque are provided by the 3-liter TI-VCT V6 engine, which has seven gears and returns 19/25 city/highway MPG.A six-speed automatic transmission is also available.It gives me great confidence to know that I am using a highly efficient and technologically superior turbocharger II.The Lariat is powered by a 7-liter V6 engine with Ecoboost technology.

What Kind Of Engine Does An F-150 Lariat Have?

F-150 Model Standard Engine
Lariat 2.7L EcoBoost V6
King Ranch 5.0L Ti-VCT V8
Platinum 5.0L Ti-VCT V8
Limited 3.5L EcoBoost V6

What Is A Ford Lariat Package?

Optional features such as LED headlights, a heated and power-driven steering wheel, a luxurious front bucket seat, and an onboard navigation system are available for $3199 as part of the Luxury 502 package. Additionally, you will be provided with a premium sound system with 11 speakers as an added bonus..

What Is The Difference Between A Lariat And An Xlt?

Capabilities are a significant element of what distinguishes you from others.According to the manufacturer, the XLT version of the F-150 has a 3.3-liter engine and the Lariat version has a 4.2-liter engine.The Lariat has a 2,285-liter V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower, while the Limited has a 2.5-liter V6 that produces 290 horsepower.A 7-liter EcoBoost engine generates 325 horsepower, according to the manufacturer.If you wish to improve your overall performance, opt for the 5.A 0 L Ti-VCT engine has a capacity of 0 L.

What Size Engines Come In Ford F150?

F-150 Engines Horsepower Torque
3.3L Ti-VCT V6 290 HP 265 lb-ft
2.7L EcoBoost Twin-Turbocharged V6 325 HP 400 lb-ft
3.5L EcoBoost Twin-Turbocharged V6 375 HP 470 lb-ft
5.0L Ti-VCT V8 395 HP 400 lb-ft

Which Ford F-150 Engine Is Best?

The third is referred as as The 5.0L EcoBoost V6 engine, which will be offered in Ford F-150s starting in 2021, is the most powerful and efficient of the available alternatives.When this vehicle is coupled to the control devices, there is no need to make any modifications to them.Ford F-150s are equipped with five-liter EcoBoost V6 engines that provide up to 400 horsepower more than the previous generation.

Which Ford F150 Engine Is Best?

The EcoBoost V6 engine is a five-litre unit. This little engine produces 375 horsepower (465 pound-feet) and has a top speed of 55 miles per hour (63 kilometers per hour). The number three also necessitates that some objects be prepared in advance, as stated above. When towing a car, the 5L engine in an F-150 is by far the most efficient alternative.

What Is Special About Ford Lariat?

Leather-wrapped steering wheels and leather seats are standard features on the Ford F-150 Lariat, as are power-adjustable pedals with memory and woodgrain decor. Heated and ventilated seats are also available. When it comes to this type of interior, the Lariat is the sole alternative available to you.

What Is The Ford F250 Lariat Package?

The Lariat’s leather upholstery has been modified to include an eighth row of seats. An 0 inch Productivity Screen, a Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel, Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control, a reverse detecting system, and a Rear-View Automated Dimming Rearview Mirror are all standard on this vehicle (SMIS).

What’S The Difference Between Lariat And Xlt?

In addition to having all of the usual features of the XLT, the Lariat includes a second feature that is identical to the first.The 7-liter engine produces 325 horsepower and is housed in a steel case.The Lariat comes standard with dual-zone temperature control, automatic climate control, and driver memory settings, in addition to other features.Additionally, the front seats are vented to give additional comfort.In addition, the Lariat includes ambient interior illumination.

What Is Better Xlt Or Lariat?

The Lariat is equipped with an easy-to-use push button start, which is not available in the XLT model. The cabin of the Lariat is also more opulent than the rest of the lineup, thanks to standard amenities such as cruise control and cross-traffic warning.

What’S The Difference Between Xlt And Lariat 2021?

The Lariat has 18-inch wheels with a 2.4-inch rim, and it has a 2.4-inch tire.A 7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine and dual-zone automatic climate control give increased power, but another usual feature – climate control based on the amount of charge necessary – is absent from the vehicle..It also performs admirably on the luxury front, as well as under the XLT trim level as well.The wheels on the 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat will cost you $45,000, which is a significant amount of money.

What Does Xlt Lariat Mean?

A number of options that were previously unavailable on the basic trim are now available on the XLT.A variety of chrome accessories, such as chrome wheels, chrome bumpers, fog lights, and chrome exterior trim, contribute to the increased performance of your car.No matter what configuration the Lariat is outfitted with, 18-inch wheels will be available, and the XLT will come equipped with all of the options available on the Lariat as standard.

A Guide to 2021 Ford F-150 Trims and Package Levels

Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ src=″ alt=″2021 F-150’s″ width=″1000″ height=″666″ src=″ alt=″2021 F-150’s″ width=″1000″ height=″666″ src=″ alt=″2021 F-150’s″ width=″1000″ height=″666″″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″

Where does the XL end and the XLT begin? Is the 900A better than the 701A? We make sense of it for you in our trim and package level guide. 

The Ford F-150 is the flagship model in the company’s portfolio.The year 2021 will be memorable because it will mark the beginning of the release of the much-anticipated new model.We’ve finally gotten our hands on some time in the newly redesigned trucks.Spoiler alert: we think they’re great.We anticipate that many of you will enjoy them as well, and that you may even consider adding one to your garage.When it comes to the F-150, there are both good and bad news.

However, the good news is that there are several choices, settings, and Ford F-150 models from which to pick.Sadly, there are an overwhelming number of available choices, combinations, and F-150 trims to pick from.Is it really necessary to spend nearly ten thousand dollars extra for a Lariat when an XLT would suffice?What exactly is the distinction?You can use a guide to help you.In our brief tour to the 2021 Ford pickup vehicles, we recently provided you with a rundown of all of the Ford pickup trucks.

This guide was written at the most high level possible, and it was mostly concerned with the capabilities of each vehicle as well as their pricing points.I’m wondering what the towing and payload capacities are, as well as what engines are available.That may help you narrow down your choices for truck series to watch……………………..The assumption is that you read the material and have chosen that the F-150 is right for you this time.

  1. We will concentrate on the F-150 trims and examine the standard features as well as the available options in greater depth.
  2. This isn’t so much about the performance numbers as it is about the extras that come with different packages and trim levels.
  3. We will not go through every single trim variation or option available, but we will go over the major features you can anticipate at each trim level and level of performance.

XL Trim

Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ image src=″ alt=″F-150 XL″ size=″medium″″ a width of 1000 pixels and a height of 554 pixels srcset=″ 1920w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 1536w, 640w″ srcset=″ 1920w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 1536w, 640w″ srcset=″ 1920w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 1536w, 640w″ sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> This is your basic F-150, complete with steel wheels.Inside, you’ll be seated on fabric chairs with a black vinyl floor covering beneath your feet.Your music will be delivered to you via an AM/FM audio system with four speakers in the conventional cab configuration and six speakers in the SuperCab and SuperCrew vehicles, depending on the arrangement.It’s quite basic, but it does come with SYNC 4 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as an 8-inch LCD display with navigation.However, just though you choose the standard model does not rule out the possibility of customizing it.You may also upgrade from the 100A Standard package to the 101A High package, which is the next step higher.

You will be able to obtain power things such as locks and windows as a result of this.Additionally, it will provide you with cruise control and a reverse detecting system.As long as you additionally upgrade the engine and opt for the 101A High package, the FX4 Off-Road Package is also available on the XT.A bevy of off-roading features are included with the FX4, including hill descent control, rock crawl mode, skid plates, and other features.The bottom conclusion is that you can construct yourself a very attractive XL trim vehicle while also spending more than $50,000 in the process..


Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ src=″ alt=″XLT″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″ src=″″ width=″1000″ height=″748″ width=″1000″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w, sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> Want to keep the price as low as possible while avoiding the stigma associated with a basic model truck?The XLT is the rung above the XLT in the ladder.Although you still have cloth seats, this option adds a carpeted floor to the vehicle’s interior.The 300A is the starting point for your truck’s equipment.You’ll receive Ford Co-Pilot 360 2.0, which includes features such as blind spot information with cross-traffic alert, lane keep assist, a rear view camera, automatic high lights, a reverse detecting system, and more.Front and rear bumpers are finished in chrome.

It is possible to upgrade to the 301A Mid package if this is not sufficient for your needs.A power driver’s seat, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, an 8-inch productivity screen in the instrument cluster, dual-zone temperature control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a few more goodies are included with this package as well.The engine options, as well as the individual options, are the same as they are on the XL model.


Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ The src=″ alt=″Lariat″ attribute is used to identify the image.″ width=″1000″ height=″666″ width=″1000″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w, sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> You have progressed halfway up the ladder at this point.It is your first time riding on 18-inch aluminum wheels, and you are seated in seats with leather trim.The 2.7L V6 EcoBoost is now the base engine for your vehicle.Your starting point is now the 500A Standard package.SYNC 4 with increased speech recognition, a 12-inch touchscreen, push-button start, and a host of other lovely minor changes are all included with this option package.Life in the Lariat is excellent, but it may be even better if you take advantage of the two improvement packages that are available to you.

The first of them is the 501A Mid, which has a 400W outside power outlet, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, and a universal garage door opener as standard features.There is even more information accessible on the Lariat.Upgrade to the 502A High configuration.Your truck’s exterior is now completely coated in chrome, and you’ve added LED projector headlights and LED taillamps.Additionally, the heated leather steering wheel and leather seats have been upgraded to include ventilation as well.This is a complete set of tools.

It is, without a doubt, a pricey upgrade, but your truck is now considered a premium vehicle.

King Ranch

Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ src=″ alt=″King Ranch″ src=″ src=″″ width=″1000″ height=″666″ width=″1000″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w, sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> This is the point at when beauty meets beast.The King Ranch is only available as a SuperCrew and is equipped with the popular 5.0L V8 engine and a two-tone color scheme as standard.The Bang & Olufsen audio system, as well as the full leather heated and ventilated seats, are also included as standard equipment.The 600A Standard is the starting point for all other packages.A fully outfitted Lariat vehicle with a V8 engine installed under the hood is what you’re looking at here.As is always the case, an upgrade option is available in the form of the 601A High package.

Motorized running boards and power tailgate are included in this equipment, as well as 20-inch alloy wheels.Even better, the leather seats will soothe your aching muscles as you drive home after a long day in the workplace.You’ll be creeping up against a $70,000 sticker price when you’re through loading this vehicle.


Image courtesy of Ford.com ″data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ data-large-file=″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ image src=″ alt=″Platinum″ src=″″ width=″1000″ height=″748″ width=″1000″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w,768w,640w″ srcset=″1280w,300w,1024w, sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> sizes=″(max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px″> As opulent as a King Ranch, but with a more understated aesthetic.A lot of the amenities that are standard on the King Ranch are also standard on the Platinum.The Platinum is the vehicle to choose if you enjoy the King Ranch but would prefer that the interior of your truck does not appear like a Montana cabin on wheels.The 700A Standard package is included as standard equipment on the Platinum.The inside of this vehicle is adorned with luxurious leather seats and wood accents.The 701A High is the upgrade package available.

You’ll also receive a 360-degree camera, a towing technology package, and a motorized tailgate with this package.


Image courtesy of Ford.com ″ data-image-caption=″″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ loading=″lazy″ src=″ alt=″Limited″ width=″1000″ height=″666″> This is the top of the line of all the F-150 trims.You no longer work at a construction company; you own the construction company.The Limited is available only as a SuperCrew with a 5.5’ box.This truck comes standard with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, though the 3.5L V6 PowerBoost hybrid is still an option.You are rolling on 22-inch wheels.The base package in this truck is the 900A Standard.

This package contains just about every option from the 701A High on the Platinum trim.The package is so comprehensive that there are no other packages available on the Limited, only individual options.This is a powerful and capable truck, but almost too nice to get dirty.Take the XL to work and take the Limited out to dinner.That is assuming you have any money left for dinner because this truck is going to cost you the better part of $80,000.Now that you have a basic understanding of F-150 trims, which F-150 is right for you?

Let us know which trim level you would choose over on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums.Photos: Ford.com

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2018 Ford F-150 XLT vs Lariat Trims – What Are the Differences?

2018 Ford F-150 XLT VS 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat
$33,300 MSRP $41,015
290 HP Horsepower 325 HP
19 city / 25 hwy Fuel Economy 20 city / 26 highway

Differences Between Ford F-150 XLT & Lariat Trims


XLT and Lariat Ford F-150 models are available in standard, extended, and crew cab configurations for the 2018 model year.It is possible to couple either the normal or long bed length with either the regular or extended cab models.The crew cab may be ordered with either a short bed or a conventional bed attached.Even though the crew cab has the most internal area and has four doors, the extended cab offers more storage capacity within the cabin than the crew cab.The extended and crew cab models are equipped with 60/40-split folding rear seats as standard equipment.The XLT trim level adds a few desired external elements that are not available on the basic trim.

Alloy wheels, chrome bumpers, chrome external trim, and foglights are examples of such options.The Lariat comes standard with 18-inch wheels, regardless of the configuration, and it also includes all of the external enhancements that are available on the XLT as well.


Front bench seats that are split 40/20/40 are standard on both the XLT and the Lariat.There is also a rear privacy glass, carpeting, and lumbar adjustments for both the driver and the passenger.Six-footers will have little trouble fitting inside the cabin’s high ceilings.The back seating space of the crew cab is large enough to accommodate three persons comfortably.The vision is superb both forward and to the sides.In addition to the basic amenities, the Lariat has a rearview camera.

Both the XLT and the Lariat are equipped with a complete complement of power accessories, including power locks and a tailgate that locks.Additionally, these two trims have additional storage compartments and a pocket that are not present on the standard XL trim.The Lariat offers a couple of extra amenities that aren’t available on the XLT.Power-adjustable pedals, dual-zone automatic temperature control, and leather upholstery are just a few of the features.

Package Options

It is possible to get an unique Mid 301A package for the 2018 Ford F-150 XLT, which includes amenities such as heated outside mirrors, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a cargo management system with tie-down cleats, and an eight-way power driver’s seat.A Luxury 302 package is also available, which features rear parking sensors, an 8-inch touchscreen display, Sync 3, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.The Lariat variant may be ordered with the Luxury 502 package, which includes LED headlights, a heated and power-adjustable steering wheel, front bucket seats, and GPS as standard equipment.This package also includes a deluxe sound system with 11 speakers, which is an added bonus.If you want to learn more about the 2018 Ford F-150 XLT and Lariat models, stop by Five Star Ford Stone Mountain and speak with a sales representative.Contact us ahead of time to book a test drive in both trims, and don’t forget to inquire about current inventory that includes the most popular package choices.

To learn more about the F-150 XLT or F-150 Lariat, contact us today.Destination, taxes, title, and registration costs are not included in the MSRP.Starting at MSRP refers to the base model, which does not include any added equipment.Pricing and promotional offers are subject to change at any moment without notice.See your local dealer for for price information.All values are based on estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The actual distance traveled may differ.Snellville is a city in the state of Georgia.Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a city in Alabama.Warner Robins is a city in the state of Georgia.

  1. Five Star Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC is a family-owned and operated business.
  2. Five Star Ford Stone Mountain is a luxury car dealership in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
  3. Tuscaloosa Ford Alloy Wheels for 4WD/AWD Vehicles Bluetooth Cruise Control is a feature that allows you to cruise with ease.
  4. System for Emergency Brake Assist and Entertainment Satellite Navigation System with Keyless Entry and Rear View Camera Radio Tow Hitch/Tow Package |stateGA Purchase|stateGA Trade|stateAL Tow Hitch/Tow Package |stateGA Purchase|stateGA Trade|

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2019 Ford F-150 XLT vs Lariat

Getting to Know Your Ford Model > 2019 Ford F-150 XLT versus 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat Comparison

Difference Between the 2019 Ford F-150 XLT and 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat

2019 Ford F-150 XLT vs. 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat
19 city / 25 hwy Fuel Economy 20 city / 26 hwy
290 hp Horsepower 325 hp
265 lb-ft Torque 400 lb-ft

Serving the communities of Columbus, Westerville, and Gahanna, Ohio It’s no surprise that the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling full-size truck in the United States for years and years.This model is available in an impressive number of different designs, and you can further personalize your purchase by selecting from a wide range of package extras.The towing capacity is excellent, the interior arrangement is inviting, and the overall durability is unrivaled in its class.The 3.0L diesel V6 engine, which is new for 2019, is a welcome addition.You’ll also want to have a look at the changes made to the 3.5L V6 engine.Many additional safety features are now standard throughout the whole trim line, including lane departure warning and automatic braking.

The XLT and the Lariat

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