What Is The Most Expensive Zip Code In California?

Santa Monica’s 90402 is Southern California’s #1 most expensive zip code SoCal’s 50 most expensive zip codes have median prices above the $1M mark Los Angeles is home to 11 of Southern California’s 50 most expensive zip codes Beverly Hills’ 90210 is SoCal’s #2 most expensive zip code and #7 nationally
For the fifth straight year, Atherton, California’s 94027 has kept the title of most expensive ZIP code in the United States.
Atherton,California (94027) -#1 nationally; median home price:$7,000,000

What is the most expensive ZIP code in California 2021?

At nearly $7.5 million, Atherton, Calif.’s 94027 remains #1 most expensive zip code for fifth consecutive year Top 10 most expensive zip codes in 2021 all surpass $4 million mark — a historic first Nationally, 30 zips feature median sale prices higher than $3 million, more than double the number of areas in 2020

Where are the nation’s most expensive zip codes?

For the fifth straight year, this ZIP code in California’s San Mateo County is the nation’s most expensive — and by a margin of nearly $2 million compared with its nearest competitor. PropertyShark notes that values rose 7% year-over-year, meaning this exclusive neck of the woods is only getting pricier with each passing year.

Where are San Mateo’s most expensive zip codes?

And, while San Mateo’s top zip was overall leader 94027 in Atherton, Santa Clara’s highest-ranking zip was 94022 in Los Altos, which landed at #9 with a $4,052,000 median sale price. A special note goes to Santa Barbara County, which increased its presence from just one zip code in 2020 to five in 2021.

What is the wealthiest zip code in California?

Atherton 94027 The area of Atherton, population 7,371, is the wealthiest zip code in the state, with residents reportedly including the former HP CEO Meg Whitman, Google chairman Eric Schmidt and the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

What is the richest neighborhood in California?

Top 10 Most Expensive Los Angeles Neighborhoods

  • Paradise Cove Bluffs / $82.6M.
  • Beverly Park / $32.5M.
  • Holmby Hills / $27.2M.
  • Serra Retreat / $23.3M.
  • Bel Air Estates / $18.5M.
  • Beverly Hills Gateway / $17.5M.
  • Malibu Colony / $15M.
  • Brentwood Park / $13.9M.
  • What are the most expensive zip codes in Los Angeles?

    In a year that saw soaring real estate prices across the nation, Beverly Hills’ iconic 90210 is the most expensive zip code in Los Angeles County and the sixth most expensive in the country, according to new data released by real estate data firm Property Shark.

    What is the poorest zip code in California?

    California’s 10 poorest

    Rank Zip Household income
    1. 93272 $9,476
    2. 92278 $14,622
    3. 92055 $15,386
    4. 92145 $18,243

    What is the most expensive ZIP code in the Bay Area?

    The priciest ZIP code in San Francisco is 94123 — ranked 50th and dropped 10 spots from last year — which includes the Marina District and Cow Hollow. The median home sale price was $2.3 million.

    Where do most millionaires live in California?

    In California, San Francisco is home to more billionaires than any other city. A total of 41 billionaires live in San Francisco with a combined net worth of $173.8 billion. Of San Francisco residents with a minimum 10-figure net worth, Dustin Moskovitz is the wealthiest, worth an estimated $17.9 billion.

    Is Calabasas rich?

    CALABASAS, Calif.

    Bloomberg just named Calabasas one of the richest cities in the U.S, surpassing Beverly Hills.

    What is the most expensive zip code in Southern California?

    The city of L.A. itself also featured six of the costliest areas in the U.S., with Pacific Palisades’ 90272 ZIP code leading the pack at a $3,250,000 median sale price.

    Where are the most expensive neighborhoods in California?

    Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in California

    1. Atherton. Located 45 minutes south of San Francisco and 20 minutes away from Silicon Valley, Atherton is an incorporated town in San Mateo County.
    2. Woodside.
    3. Hidden Hills.
    4. Beverly Hills.
    5. Los Altos Hills.
    6. Malibu.
    7. Portola Valley.
    8. Ross.

    Is 323 a California area code?

    Area codes 213 and 323 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the state of California. They are assigned to a numbering plan area (NPA) that comprises, roughly, the area of central Los Angeles, and includes several Southeast LA communities, such as Bell and Huntington Park.

    What is the poorest area in California?

    Orange Cove was ranked the poorest town in California in a 24/7 Wall St.

    Orange Cove ranks the poorest of California towns, study finds.

    State California
    Median Household Income $25,660
    Poverty Rate 47.8%
    Median Home Value $129,000
    Population 9,564

    Where do poor people live in Orange County?

    Anaheim, home to Disneyland, the county’s largest employer, along with nearby Stanton, have the highest concentration of poverty-plagued neighborhoods, followed by La Habra, Santa Ana and Westminster.

    What are the poorest ZIP codes in America?

    10 poorest zip codes in America

    1. Zip code: 15929 │ East Wheatfield, Pennsylvania.
    2. Zip code: 97414 │ Broadbent, Oregon.
    3. Zip code: 44503 │ Youngstown, Ohio.
    4. Zip code: 86029 │ Sun Valley, Arizona.
    5. Zip code: 16501 │ Erie, Pennsylvania.
    6. Zip code: 62523 │ Decatur, Illinois.
    7. Zip code: 44702 │ Canton, Ohio.

    What is the richest zip code?

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    Rank Zip code Location
    1 94027 Atherton, Calif.
    2 02199 Boston
    3 11962 Sagaponack, N.Y.
    4 94957 Ross, Calif.

    What is the richest city in the Bay Area?

    Rank City Lowest Average Income to be Considered ‘Rich”
    1 San Francisco, Calif. $239,840
    2 San Jose, Calif. $214,975
    3 Washington, District of Columbia $189,293
    4 Seattle, WA $186,063

    What is the wealthiest zip code?

    Surprisingly, the wealthiest zip code in Western New York is actually in Buffalo. Data Zip Maps compiled the wealthiest zips in WNY based on the United States Internal Revenue Service’s data from 2018. Coming in at #1 was the zip code 14202 in Buffalo.

    What are the most expensive neighborhoods in California?

    – Miami Beach, Florida (33109) – Los Altos, California (94024) – Portola Valley, California (94028) – Santa Monica, California (90402) – New York, New York (10013) – Boston, Massachusetts (02199)

    What are the most expensive zip codes in the US?

  • 94027 — Atherton,California
  • 02199 — Boston,Massachusetts
  • 11962 — Sagaponack,New York
  • 94957 — Ross,California
  • 33109 — Miami Beach,Florida
  • 90210 — Beverly Hills,California
  • 93108 — Santa Barbara,California
  • 90402 — Santa Monica,California
  • 94022 — Los Altos,California
  • 98039 — Medican,Washington
  • The Most Expensive Zip Codes in Southern California

    • Quick facts: Santa Monica’s 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California
    • the median price in SoCal’s 50 most expensive zip codes exceeds $1 million
    • Santa Monica’s 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California
    • Santa Monica’s 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California
    • Santa Monica’s 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California
    • Santa Monica’s 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California
    • Santa Monica’s 90402
    • Los Angeles is home to 11 of Southern California’s 50 most expensive zip codes
    • Beverly Hills’ 90210 is the second most expensive zip code in the state and the seventh most expensive in the country.
    • Since the recession, the Southern California real estate market has rebounded impressively, with median house prices reaching new highs — home prices in Los Angeles County and Orange County are up 5.5 percent from a year ago, respectively.
    • Sales volume increased as well, with an 8.2 percent increase in Los Angeles County and a 7.3 percent increase in Orange County.
    • In reality, poor housing supply combined with increasing buyer demand are driving prices into potentially unaffordable territory in several parts of Southern California, particularly in the San Fernando Valley.
    • Southern California’s real estate environment is characterized by a flurry of activity and sky-high prices, thanks to a thriving commercial real estate market and record-high apartment rentals.

    However, California’s hunger for costly real estate is well-known — the Golden State is home to no fewer than 72 of the country’s top 100 most expensive zip codes in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors.Southern California, which is home to around 60 percent of California’s population as well as globally major cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego, claims a substantial percentage of the state’s and country’s most expensive zip codes, according to the Census Bureau.As a result, Santa Monica’s 90402 is not only the most expensive zip code in Southern California, but it is also the fifth most expensive zip code in the whole US.With a typical house selling price of $3.4 million, there are few localities in the United States where home prices are greater than 90402.

    It’s no surprise that 90402 is the most expensive zip code in Southern California because it encompasses gorgeous and expensive communities such as Santa Monica Canyon, La Mesa Drive, and North of Montana.What attracts wealthy purchasers to this neighborhood is not only a plethora of opulent real estate – although streets like Gale Place and Foxtail Drive are home to some of the most expensive and luxurious houses in California – but also a strong sense of community.Those in the know know that 90402 is a popular zip code for the affluent and famous — artists, actresses, and models can all be seen out and about in this expensive zip code, with the renowned Santa Monica Steps serving as a favorite site to catch sweaty stars out for their daily workout.The wealthy, however, are not the only ones who are drawn to this affluent neighborhood.Additionally, 90402 is a family-friendly neighborhood.

    1. The canyon charter school, which is considered one of the most prestigious elementary schools in the greater Los Angeles area, is located here, and the streets around Georgina Avenue and 16th Street are notorious for their epic Halloween trick-or-treating.
    2. Beverly Hills’ renowned 90210 zip code is the second most expensive zip code in Southern California, with a typical selling price of $3,336,000.
    3. After been made internationally famous by the namesake program, 90210’s popularity and appeal have not waned since its debut in the 1990s.
    4. This affluent neighborhood continues to be known for its pricey real estate, paparazzi hordes, unequaled shopping opportunities, and some of the most elite plastic surgery facilities in the world.
    5. The zip code 90210 is also the 7th most expensive in the country, according to the United States Census Bureau.
    6. Newport Beach, yet another legendary California destination, earned five slots among the region’s 50 most expensive zip codes, including the region’s third most expensive zip code, 92662, according to the report.

    The median selling price in zip code 92662 in 2016 was $2,625,000, placing it among the top 14 most expensive zip codes in the country.This zip code encompasses just Balboa Island, making it the smallest in Newport Beach — and one of the most exclusive areas to live in the city.Amazing homes, elegant waterfront stores, and a diverse dining culture can all be found on the man-made island.A picture of Southern California’s most costly zip codes wouldn’t be complete without a glance at the year’s costliest residential transaction, which occurred in the city of Los Angeles.

    • In 2016, two homes traded hands for a combined total of $100,000,000, tying for the title of most expensive residential transaction of the year in the United States.
    • Hugh Heffner’s Los Angeles mansion, 10236 Charing Cross Road, was sold in August 2016 and is now the property of a well-known international businessman.
    • Daren Metropoulos, heir to a billion-dollar family, acquired the enormous, extravagant Playboy Mansion for $200 million after it was first placed for sale for $200 million.
    • The Playboy Mansion, which sits on 5 acres in Los Angeles’ Platinum Triangle and has 12 bedrooms and 20,000 square feet of living space, includes a wine cellar, a tennis court, a swimming pool with a famed grotto, a home theater, and a 4-bedroom guest house.
    • The mansion, which will continue to serve as the primary residence of former owner Hugh Heffner for the rest of his life, is also one of the very few private properties in Los Angeles to be granted a zoo license.
    • 100 million dollars was also paid for 301 N Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, a ten-bedroom modern mansion with panoramic views of the city.

    According to the listing, the luxury mansion was originally marketed for $150 million, and it was acquired by billionaire Tom Gores in October 2016.Among the numerous high-end facilities offered by the 30,000-square-foot home are 20 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, a basketball court, and a heated indoor pool.Check out the following list of the most expensive zip codes in Southern California:

    Zip code Location Median sale price 2016 County
    1 90402 Santa Monica $3,400,000 Los Angeles County
    2 90210 Beverly Hills $3,226,000 Los Angeles County
    3 92662 Newport Beach $2,625,000 Orange County
    4 90265 Malibu $2,500,000 Los Angeles County
    5 93108 Santa Barbara $2,491,500 Santa Barbara County
    6 92661 Newport Beach $2,482,500 Orange County
    7 92067 Rancho Santa Fe $2,300,000 San Diego County
    8 92657 Newport Coast $2,295,000 Orange County
    9 90272 Pacific Palisades $2,235,000 Los Angeles County
    10 92625 Corona Del Mar $2,150,000 Orange County
    11 91108 San Marino $2,145,000 Los Angeles County
    12 90266 Manhattan Beach $1976,250 Los Angeles County
    13 92651 Laguna Beach $1,825,000 Orange County
    14 90077 Los Angeles $1,767,500 Los Angeles County
    15 90212 Beverly Hills $1,750,000 Los Angeles County
    16 90049 Los Angeles $1,712,500 Los Angeles County
    17 90291 Venice $1,656,500 Los Angeles County
    18 92660 Newport Beach $1,600,000 Orange County
    19 90211 Beverly Hills $1,575,000 Los Angeles County
    20 91011 La Canada Flintridge $1,555,000 Los Angeles County
    21 90274 Palos Verdes Peninsula $1,500,000 Los Angeles County
    22 90048 Los Angeles $1,489,500 Los Angeles County
    23 90036 Los Angeles $1,471,500 Los Angeles County
    24 90405 Santa Monica $1,450,000 Los Angeles County
    25 92118 Coronado $1,447,500 San Diego County
    26 90254 Hermosa Beach $1,442,000 Los Angeles County
    27 92014 Del Mar $1,396,000 San Diego County
    28 92663 Newport Beach $1,382,000 Orange County
    29 91436 Encino $1,350,000 Los Angeles County
    30 91302 Calabasas $1,280,000 Los Angeles County
    31 90064 Los Angeles $1,265,000 Los Angeles County
    32 90403 Santa Monica $1,250,000 Los Angeles County
    33 90027 Los Angeles $1,238,500 Los Angeles County
    34 92861 Villa Park $1,227,500 Orange County
    35 93109 Santa Barbara $1,200,000 Santa Barbara County
    36 90232 Culver City $1,200,000 Los Angeles County
    37 92007 Cardiff By The Sea $1,175,000 San Diego County
    38 93103 Santa Barbara $1,175,000 Santa Barbara County
    39 90066 Los Angeles $1,150,000 Los Angeles County
    40 90035 Los Angeles $1,150,000 Los Angeles County
    41 91008 Bradbury $1,140,000 Los Angeles County
    42 90068 Los Angeles $1,104,000 Los Angeles County
    43 90275 Rancho Palos Verdes $1,086,500 Los Angeles County
    44 90067 Los Angeles $1,077,500 Los Angeles County
    45 92037 La Jolla $1,075,000 San Diego County
    46 90046 Los Angeles $1,072,500 Los Angeles County
    47 92603 Irvine $1,069,750 Orange County
    48 91604 Studio City $1,025,000 Los Angeles County
    49 90277 Redondo Beach $1,023,500 Los Angeles County
    50 91105 Pasadena $1,023,000 Los Angeles County

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    • Methodology In order to identify which ZIP codes in Southern California were the most costly, we looked at all residential transactions that completed in 2016, including condos, co-ops, single-family houses, and two-family homes.
    • All bundle offers were barred from participating.
    • Southern California is comprised of the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial, as well as the cities of Los Angeles and Riverside.
    • After that, there is a new article.

    The 20 wealthiest zip codes in California

    • In 2021, the most exclusive neighborhoods in California will become even more pricey.
    • However, according to Zillow statistics, demand for properties in the state’s typical real estate hotspots has slowed slightly as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
    • ″The Great Reshuffling we’ve witnessed over the course of the epidemic has provided newly distant employees with the possibility to live and work from anyplace,″ Jeff Tucker, a senior economist at the property site, told Newsweek.
    • This has lessened the need for high-paid employees to live within a short commute to their places of employment while increasing their purchasing power elsewhere.

    ″The cooling trend in former growth leaders San Francisco and San Jose was accelerated by the pandemic, while relatively affordable and sunny cities like Austin and Phoenix went into overdrive.″ According to a recent Zillow analysis, San Francisco and Los Angeles were two of the top-five major metro regions in the United States for net out-migration—that is, locations where more families moved out than moved into the area.For its part, Austin was in the top-five metro areas for net inbound migrations, with Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Francisco serving as the most important feeder cities.The top 20 zip codes in California, according to the Zillow Home Value Index, as measured in April 2021, are shown in the following table.The Zillow House Value Index (ZHVI) reflects the weighted average of Zillow’s estimate of home value for properties in the middle third of the market.

    In April 2021, the average home price in California was $654,629, according to Zillow.

    20. Newport Beach 92625


    Newport Beach, a coastal community in southern California, is arguably best known for its upmarket shopping and costly restaurants, which are conveniently located near the Pacific Ocean. The neighborhood has been one of California’s most successful in the last year, with the value of residences in the ZIP Code alone increasing by 9.2 percent.

    19. Tiburon 94920


    This region of Tiburon is near to a popular tourist spot that is considered modest, safe, and clean, and it also has spectacular views of the ocean from its elevated position on the cliffs. In addition, the zip code 94920 has done very well in early 2021, with residences being valued on average at 9.5 percent higher than they were at the beginning of the year.

    18. Saratoga 95070


    It is located on the outskirts of Silicon Valley and is beloved by residents for its suburban small-town vibe, upscale vineyards, and high-end dining experiences. Homeowners in Saratoga 95070 will have experienced increases in the value of their homes over the last year, according to a reported 7.7 percent increase in property values.

    17. Newport Beach 92662


    The zip code 92662 is the second of four entries for the city of Newport Beach in the state of California on this list. The average property price in this neighborhood has increased by an astonishing 7 percent in recent years.

    16. Stanford 94305


    Stanford, in Santa Clara County, is perhaps best known for its world-renowned university, but it is also regarded to be one of the nicest locations to live in California. Despite the fact that property in the zip code generated income, the average return was only 1.4 percent.

    15. Stinson Beach 94970


    • The zip code is located adjacent to the gorgeous Californian white sandy shoreline and is considered to be one of the area’s best-kept secrets due to its secluded location.
    • Many of the residents of this town of barely 600 people have certainly benefited from an astonishing 14.4 percent increase in the value of their homes over the last year, although this statistic may be skewed due to the lower sample size of residences for sale.

    14. Newport Beach 92657


    The community of Newport Beach is part of the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area, which has had the joint-highest increase in property wealth, with a 10.4 percent increase. Residential property values in Newport Beach’s zip code 92657 have increased by a pleasantly modest 8.8 percent in the last year.

    13. Newport Beach 92661


    The last Newport Beach inclusion in this study is to zip code 92661, which has witnessed an increase of 8.7 percent in the most recent 12-month period.

    12. Los Angeles 90272


    Pacific Palisades is a suburb in the Westside district of Los Angeles that is home to a slew of celebrities. It is located 20 miles west of downtown L.A. This location, which has a population of around 22,000 people, has seen a 2.8 percent increase in the value of their homes over the last year.

    11. Ross 94957


    According to locals, being so near to a woodland preserve provides a rustic vibe to those who are fortunate enough to call Ross home. The average value of a home in zip code 94957 has increased by 14.9 percent in the last year alone, making it the home with the highest average gain on this list.

    10. Palo Alto 94304


    This entry is based a few miles further inland than the majority of the other entries, in Palo Alto, California, which is known as the ″birthplace of Silicon Valley.″ During the time period covered by the research, the price of a home in zip code 94304 dropped by 2 percent.

    9. Montecito 93108


    Montecito, which translates as ″small mount,″ is recognized for its gorgeous mansions and for having some of California’s most picturesque stretches of coastline. Zillow has discovered that the Montecito zip code 93108 has had incredible house value increases of 12.7 percent in the last year.

    8. Los Altos 94024


    The Los Altos neighborhood is home to athletes, actors, and, according to reports, a Google CEO. The value of real estate in zip code 94024 has increased by an average of 5% in the last 12 months.

    7. Malibu 90265


    It is said that this section of the ritzy California coastal city of Malibu is brimming with money and is home to some of the greatest celebrities in Hollywood. Because of its proximity to everything from inland trails to canyons and waterfalls, the Malibu zip code 90265 has experienced an amazing increase in home values of 7.2 percent in the last several months.

    6. Portola Valley 94028


    This suburban San Jose neighborhood is often regarded as one of the nicest locations to live in California—with a correspondingly high cost of living to match. The report’s most dramatic home price drop was in zip code 94028, which saw a 2.3 percent decrease in prices.

    5. Los Altos 94022


    Affectionately known as ″the heights″ in Spanish, the town of Los Altos in the northern Silicon Valley is often considered to be a haven for the ultra wealthy and famous. Property prices in the 94022 zip code in Los Altos have increased by 2.2 percent on average over the last 12 months, according to Zillow.

    4. Palo Alto 94301


    This section of Palo Alto has a spectacular view of the famed San Francisco Bay Area. The zip code 94301 is the first on the list to have an average home value in excess of $4 million dollars. This reflects a decrease of around 1.5 percent compared to the previous year.

    3. Santa Monica 90402


    The iconic San Francisco Bay Area may be seen from this area in Palo Alto. With an average home value of more than $4 million, zip code 94301 is the first on our list to include this characteristic. Over the course of a year, this represents a decrease of around 1.5 percent.

    2. Beverly Hills 90210


    The zip code 90210 is located in the Reno metro region, which is well-known for the successful adolescent television program, its groomed streets, and the Greystone Mansion, which has been used as a filming location for several films. Average property values exceed $5.5 million in this famed zip code, and these values have lately climbed by more than 5%.

    1. Atherton 94027


    • California’s zip code 94010, which contains the town of Atherton, which has a population of 7,371, is the state’s richest.
    • Its inhabitants are said to include former HP CEO Meg Whitman, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, and the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.
    • The average price of a home in this lovely town is more than $6.8 million, and prices have only dropped by 0.3 percent in the last year.
    • It is said that tech millionaires are lured to this specific neighborhood because of the status, seclusion, and closeness to key Silicon Valley corporations that the ritzy hamlet offers.

    The 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in California

    • Annual list of America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes, prepared by Altos Research, is published by Forbes magazine every year.
    • The list examines median house price data for more than 29,500 ZIP codes, which encompass 95 percent of the country’s population.
    • The following information highlights the 500 most expensive postal codes in the United States in 2017.
    • As in previous years, California did very well, with ten of the top twenty-five most expensive ZIP Codes located within the state’s borders.

    In fact, the city of Atherton, California, takes first spot, moving up from third place in 2016.Here are the top ten ZIP Codes in California, as determined by a slog through the whole countrywide list:

    ATHERTON, CA – 94027

    • The median price is $9,686,154
    • the days on market are 190
    • the inventory is 27
    • and the 2016 ranking is 3.

    LOS ALTOS HILLS, CA – 94022

    • The median price is $9,686,154
    • the days on market are 190
    • the inventory is 27
    • and the 2016 ranking is third.

    PALO ALTO, CA – 94301

    • The median price is $9,686,154
    • the days on market are 190
    • the inventory is 27
    • and the 2016 rank is 3.

    ROSS, CA – 94957

    • The median price is $6,939,423
    • the days on market are 123
    • the inventory is 10
    • and the 2016 ranking is n/a.

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA – 90210

    • In 2016, the median price was $6.939.423
    • the days on the market were 123
    • there were 10 properties listed
    • and the 2016 ranking was n/a.

    HILLSBOROUGH, CA – 94010

    • The median price is $5,903,192
    • the days on market are 115
    • the inventory is 34
    • and the 2016 ranking is 16.

    HIDDEN HILLS, CA – 91302

    • Prices range from $5,903,192 to $6,903,192, with 115 days on the market and 34 units in inventory.

    WOODSIDE, CA – 94027

    • The median price is $5,903,192
    • the days on market are 115
    • the inventory is 34
    • and the 2016 ranking is 16

    LOS ANGELES, CA – 90077

    • The median price is $4,707,568
    • the days on market are 129
    • the inventory is 105
    • and the 2016 ranking is 56.

    SANTA BARBARA, CA – 92108

    • In 2016, the median price was $4,707,568
    • the number of days on the market was 129
    • and the number of properties on the market was 105.

    Beverly Hills 90210

    • The median home price in the area is $5,712,391.
    • According to PropertyShark’s ranking, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica were tied for third place, both having affluent area codes with median selling prices that were almost identical.
    • In recent years, however, according to Zillow estimates, Beverly Hills has gained significantly more traction in the high-end real estate market.
    • Are we, on the other hand, surprised?

    Beverly Hills, with its sumptuous hotels, high-end boutiques, some of the most costly homes in Los Angeles, and other enticing attributes, will always be in the top tier of the wealthiest zip codes in the world.Make a reservation for a sumptuous holiday to the affluent area code and find out for yourself!

    Ross 94957

    • The median home price in the area is $3,722,560.
    • Ross is another another of the richest zip codes in the Bay Area, and it is located in the picturesque Marin County as well.
    • Due to the limited number of people who live in this pricey zip code (fewer than 3,000 people in total), Ross has a small town community atmosphere, as well as gorgeous tree-covered hills, flowing creeks, elegantly groomed roadways, and much more.

    Portola Valley 94028

    • The median home price in the area is $3,926,743.
    • Portola Valley is a scenic village in San Mateo County, California, that is surrounded by forested hills and is located immediately west of Stanford University.
    • Despite the fact that it is one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, with some of the most costly real estate and highest family incomes, Portola Valley is a peaceful neighborhood with a population of just more than 4,000 residents.
    • Residents here like spending their time outside, hiking along beautiful paths and relaxing in parks.

    But if they want to go out to eat or shop, they generally travel to surrounding cities like Palo Alto.

    The Most Expensive Zip Codes in 2020

    • Tuesday, December 8, 2020 In California, the epidemic has had little effect on property demand or home prices, which have continued to rise.
    • The Golden State is now home to 19 of the 27 most expensive zip codes in the United States, making California the most expensive state in the country.
    • Property Shark just published a list of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.
    • With six slots on the list, New York ranked second only to California in terms of popularity.

    Property Shark determined the rankings by examining the median home price in each location studied.To give you a sense of the upper limit, the state’s most expensive zip code has a typical house price of $7,000,000, which serves as an example of the ceiling.There isn’t an error in the sentence.The following are the top ten most expensive zip codes in the state of California:

    1. California cities with the highest median home prices include Atherton, California (94027), which ranks first nationally with a median home price of $7,000,000
    2. Santa Monica, California (90402), which ranks third nationally with a median home price of $3,750,000
    3. Beverly Hills, California (90210), which ranks third nationally with a median home price of $3,750,000
    4. Ross, California (94957), which ranks fifth nationally with a median home price of $3,605,000
    5. Portola Valley, California (940

    See the whole list of ranks here. Sign up for our fantastic newsletter now!


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    February 15, 2022 at 13:54 p.m. El Monte, California – On March 10, 2022, Standard and Poor Global Ratings (S&P) concluded that the City of El Monte’s overall credit rating outlook has changed from ″negative″ to ″stable,″ indicating that the city’s financial position had improved.


    02:43 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 In a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco and its police department, a woman who had her sexual assault kit confiscated and used to convict her of a property offense is going to sue.

    Special Reports

    On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, at 9:19 a.m. In the event that your city is facing a significant quantity of rat difficulties, you are not alone.

    The 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in America

    • Realtor.com® set out to locate the most expensive ZIP codes in the United States in 2018, and made a few surprising findings along the way.
    • The team responsible for data gathering tracked median listing prices in order to identify the ZIP codes with the highest house prices.
    • For the sake of ensuring that the results are not distorted by a few extravagantly high-priced homes, the following findings only contain ZIP codes that have an average of at least 12 listings every month.
    • The data also reflects geographic variety due to the restriction on postings to just two ZIP codes per state and only one ZIP code per metropolitan region in the database.

    Here are the Top 10 Neighborhoods

    • Atherton, California is a city in California (ZIP code: 94027) – The median list price is $10,194,000 dollars. This location, which is close to Facebook’s headquarters, is home to a large number of venture investors and technological entrepreneurs.
    • Los Altos, California is a city in California (ZIP code: 94022) – The average list price is $6,326,000. The community of Los Altos, formerly a sleepy enclave of largely summer cottages, is now renowned for its tech-friendly homes.
    • Located in Tribeca, New York City (ZIP code: 10013) 5137,000 dollars is the median list price. Included inside this district, which is home to $20 million penthouses with floor-to-ceiling windows, are sections of SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, and other neighborhoods.
    • Washington and Medina (ZIP code: 98039) – The average list price is $4,894,000. This hamlet, which is proudly home to Bill Gates’ mansion, has emerged as the preferred dwelling of Seattle’s affluent.
    • Fisher Island is located in Miami Beach, Florida (ZIP code: 33109) – The average list price is $3,707,000. Fisher Island, once fully owned by the Vanderbilt family, is only accessible by boat or helicopter
    • Glenbrook, Nevada is the closest town (ZIP code: 89413) 3225342 dollars is the median list price. Glenbrook, located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, draws rich purchasers looking for second homes in gated communities — many of which have private beaches and golf courses.
    • Real estate in Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts (ZIP code: 02108) has a median list price of $3,155,000.
    • Boston’s historic neighborhood in the center of the city has evolved into one of the most elite neighborhoods in the United States.
    • Woods Hole, Massachusetts (ZIP code: 02543) – The median list price in this community is $3,154,000 dollars.
    • Woods Hole, one of the most expensive places on the Cape Cod peninsula, is popular with Bostonians and New Yorkers searching for weekend vacation properties, as well as some of the area’s highest-paid scholars and scientists.
    • Snowmass Village, Colorado (ZIP code: 81654) – The average list price is $3,031,000. To the residents of Snowmass, located in the Colorado Mountains, the town is better known as ″Old Snowmass,″ because of the large ranch-style homes that are nestled in the woods.
    • Wilson, Wyoming is a town in Wyoming (ZIP code: 83014)
    • – The average list price is $2,798,000.
    • A 25-minute drive from Wilson will take you to Jackson Hole, which is one of the most sought-after ski communities in the world for real estate investment. (See ″Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States″ for further reading on this topic).

    The 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the US in 2021

    • The 94027 ZIP code in Atherton, California, has retained its distinction as the most expensive ZIP code in the United States for the fifth consecutive year.
    • According to statistics from Property Shark, which monitored residential transactions in the United States between January 1, 2021, and October 22, 2021, the Bay Area suburb is by far the most expensive area to live in the country in 2021, with a typical sale price of $7.47 million.
    • According to Property Shark, the typical sale price in Atherton, California, which is home to NBA champion Steph Curry and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, increased by 7 percent year over year in 2017.
    • That amount is about $2 million greater than the median sale value of $5.5 million in Boston’s 02199 ZIP code for the previous 11 months, which was the runner-up.

    The top ten most expensive ZIP codes all had median selling values of at least $4 million, with six of them being in California, according to Zillow.On fact, 70 percent of the 127 most expensive ZIP codes in Property Shark’s ranking are situated in California, with 17 being placed in New York.This year was the first time that no ZIP code in New York City made the top 20 list of most popular ZIP codes.The following are the top ten most expensive ZIP codes in the United States, as measured by median house selling prices:

    10. Medina, Washington (98039)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,000,000.

    9. Los Altos, California (94022)

    Approximately $4,000,000 will be the average house sale price in 2021.

    8. Santa Monica, California (90402)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,058,000. Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Coast Highway may be seen in the distance. Photo courtesy of Ed-Ni-Photo | iStock | Getty Images

    7. Santa Barbara, California (93108)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,103,000 dollars.

    6. Beverly Hills, California (90210)

    A median house selling price of $4,103,000 in the year 2021

    5. Miami Beach, Florida (33109)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,475,000. Fisher Island in Miami, where the typical house sale price in 2021 was $4,475,000, was the most expensive. Photographs courtesy of Getty Images

    4. Ross, California (94957)

    In 2021, the median house sale price will be $4,583,000.

    3. Sagaponack, New York (11962)

    House prices are expected to reach $4,583,000 in 2021 on the average.

    2. Boston, Massachusetts (02199)

    In 2021, the median house selling price will be $5,500,000. With the skyline of downtown Boston visible in the backdrop, this is a vista of the Charles River. Getty Images | Boston Globe | Boston Globe | Boston Globe

    The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

    • Tony Mariotti published a blog entry on Monday, November 15, 2021, at 9:20 a.m.
    • Posted on November 15, 2021, by Tony Mariotti Comment Located on the peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains and along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the most costly communities in Los Angeles can be found in two main areas: Santa Monica and Malibu.
    • Santa Monica Mountains run along to the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Basin on an east-west axis from the Hollywood Hills to the Oxnard Plain and are surrounded by the Los Angeles Basin.
    • As one travels from the basin up into the foothills and deeper into the verdant and lush canyons, the busy metropolis of Los Angeles gradually fades away into the background.

    Because many of the main hillside communities, such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Brentwood, face south, many of their houses benefit from an abundance of sunlight as well as breathtaking canyon and city vistas.Residents may stare at the sky or the flashing lights of the city below as the sun goes down.Malibu is the most exclusive enclave in the world, even though the coastal towns of Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu all have expensive luxury residences to offer visitors.Malibu is significantly more rural and spread out than Los Angeles, making it a good location for horse estates and compounds, particularly in the Malibu Hills and surrounding areas.

    Due to the popularity of oceanfront living, however, homes in Malibu’s coastal areas are in high demand, and prices are rising as a result.The Los Angeles metropolitan region is large and urban, yet it also comprises some of the most costly cities in California, despite its size and urbanity.Luxury residences in this area are distinguished by their vast property sizes, solitude, and lush surrounds.Landscapes that are well-maintained (and occasionally extravagant) are the standard rather than the exception for mansions and luxury properties in Los Angeles.Take a deeper dive to discover the most exclusive neighborhoods and enclaves in the greater Los Angeles area, shall we?

    1. The name of the neighborhood is listed first, followed by the median house price, which is written as Neighborhood / Median Price in the list below.

    Top 10 Most Expensive Los Angeles Neighborhoods

    Paradise Cove Bluffs / $82.6M

    • Paradise Cove Bluffs is the most expensive community in Los Angeles County and the most costly of the twenty-one beachside neighborhoods in Malibu.
    • It is also the most exclusive neighborhood in the world.
    • Each of the homes in the area has its own private beach access.
    • The properties here are small and span from the Pacific Coast Highway to the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, as is typical of most seaside communities.

    Guest homes, tennis courts, and swimming pools, on the other hand, have plenty of area to spread out.Custom landscape plans have been created for the enormous and well maintained yards here.Because the area is oriented to the south, residents may take advantage of lots of warm sunshine as well as panoramic views of the ocean, shoreline, and Catalina Island.The average size of a home is 5,000 square feet.

    The smallest unit is 2,024 square feet, while the largest has 13,693 square feet of space.In October 2021, technology entrepreneur Marc Andreessen purchased a beachfront residence in Paradise Cove Bluffs, which established a new record for the most expensive home in Los Angeles at a price of $80 million (and California).

    Beverly Park / $32.5M

    • Despite the fact that Beverly Park is a gated community located in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles, the street addresses of properties here are located in the 90210 zip code.
    • North Beverly Park and South Beverly Park are the two enclaves that make up the community of Beverly Park.
    • When compared to other affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Beverly Park is a relatively young development.
    • In the beginning, the area was intended to be a golf course and country club, but the developers changed their minds and the project was transformed into estates, which were finished in 1990.

    According to the HOA bylaws for both plots, the size of the homes constructed here must be at least 5,000 square feet.The largest homes in this neighborhood are in excess of 40,000 square feet.Beverly Park has not only been home to some of Los Angeles’ most opulent mansions since its beginnings, but it has also been home to some of the city’s most famous people.The neighborhood is (or has been) home to A-list celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Barry Bonds, and Eddie Murphy, among others.

    Real estate listings and transactions in this area are often covered by both journalistic and tabloid media outlets, as is the case nationwide.

    Encinal Bluffs / $29.5M

    • The beachside enclave of Encinal Bluffs is located in Western Malibu, on the border with Ventura County.
    • Its seclusion, privacy, and tranquility make it one of Malibu’s most hidden, private, and serene havens.
    • Because of its high housing prices, it is considered to be one of the most exclusive areas in the region.
    • The estates here are set on the hillsides above the Pacific Ocean, each offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline, Catalina and San Nicolas Islands, as well as the surrounding mountains and valleys.

    The lots are huge, and each home has direct access to the beach.Encinal Bluffs has been a long-time favorite of celebrities and business leaders for a variety of reasons.The ″Michael B.Hendrix House,″ created by Frank Gehry in 1983 in Encinal Bluffs, is a scaled-down, more affordable version of his Gunther House design.

    It was the first of Gehry’s homes to be finished.

    Holmby Hills / $27.2M

    • Holmby Hills is a neighborhood in Los Angeles that is located only a few streets east of UCLA and borders the Los Angeles Country Club.
    • It is one of the three locations that make up the Platinum Triangle in terms of economic development (the other two are Beverly Hills and Bel Air).
    • Despite its urban surrounds, Holmby Hills is home to sprawling estates with homes that exceed 10,000 square feet in size.
    • A long array of filmmakers, A-level performers, and businessmen have called Holmby Hills home throughout the years; there are far too many to mention.

    Holmby Hills, on the other hand, is not just recognized for its prominent residents.Houses like Spelling Manor, Playboy Mansion, and Carolwood Estate (formerly owned by Walt Disney) would not be out of place in casual conversation among jet-setters if they were mentioned.Even the streets here, such as Mapleton Drive, are well-known across the world, particularly among architectural and design enthusiasts.

    Serra Retreat / $23.3M

    • Located on the landside of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH-1) near Malibu Creek, Serra Retreat is a gated community with a pool.
    • The area is one of Malibu’s most bucolic locations along the shore, with a plethora of trees and other vegetation creating a lush atmosphere for residents.
    • Homes are tucked among a forested ravine in the lower Malibu Canyon section of the enclave, near Malibu Creek.
    • Malibu Creek is just a few miles away.

    The upper sections of the neighborhood are made up of mansions set on undulating slopes, each with a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.Serra Retreat, a retreat and conference center managed by Franciscan Friars, serves as the inspiration for the community’s name.Their home is perched on the tallest hill in the community, overlooking the surrounding area.

    Bel Air Estates / $18.5M

    • Bel Air Estates is the original Bel Air neighborhood, which is located immediately north of the University of California, Los Angeles campus.
    • Located at the crossroads of Bel Air Road and Sunset Boulevard, the main entrance is the most prominent feature.
    • The entry gates are not secure, but there is a significant amount of security personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Privacy is provided by large hedges, stone walls, and greenery for each property.

    Alphonzo E.Bell developed the land into a 128-home community known as Bel Air Estates Residential Planning District, which he named after his mother.When compared to comparable plots in Los Angeles County, the lots on this property are enormous.Sprawling lawns, backyard pools, tiered gardens, and tennis courts are commonplace, given the amount of available land on each property.

    Beverly Hills Gateway / $17.5M

    • Beverly Hills Gateway is the northernmost area inside the municipal borders of Beverly Hills, and it is also the most expensive.
    • Located on a transitional slope of the Santa Monica Mountains between The Flats and Beverly Crest, the homes in this neighborhood are spacious and well-designed.
    • The community’s structure defies the usual urban grid system; the region is dotted with gently meandering, broad, tree-lined roadways that seem to float above the surrounding landscape.
    • Homes in this neighborhood are set back from the street on enormous lots that include large front lawns that are always well-kept and trimmed.

    Pools are common in backyards, and they are usually rather large.Tennis courts are also widely available.The Beverly Hills Gateway region is well-known to casual film and entertainment fans, if not by its official name, then by the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is located there.Its Polo Lounge and spa are popular with both tourists and locals.

    Malibu Colony / $15M

    • Malibu Colony is a seaside subdivision in Eastern Malibu that is guarded by a guardhouse.
    • It is the Malibu gated community that is the closest to Los Angeles.
    • The area is therefore popular with A-list performers and movie moguls who wish to reside a little closer than usual to studios and advertising agencies.
    • In actuality, the Malibu Colony was founded in 1926 as the Malibu Motion Picture Colony.

    Because the lots are short and narrow, shotgun-style homes predominate in this neighborhood.The majority of residences, on the other hand, incorporate features of Spanish, Mediterranean, and contemporary architecture.Houses in Malibu Colony have an additional advantage in that they are located just across the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu Village, a retail complex that contains a variety of stores and restaurants.It is the first time that a premium shopping experience has been mixed with daily services such as a gas station, grocery store, and movie in the same commercial area.

    Brentwood Park / $13.9M

    • Brentwood Park is located on the Westside of Los Angeles, on the apron of the Santa Monica Mountains.
    • In 1906, advertisements for the area began to appear, and it was the first community to be developed along San Vicente Boulevard.
    • Brentwood Park is the location from which the whole neighborhood of Brentwood receives its name.
    • The area was modeled after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in its design.

    The external appearance of the neighborhood was chosen with care.Minimum lot size regulations, the restriction of businesses, and mandated setbacks between streets and residences all contribute to the creation of big front yards.Here, lush landscape is the rule rather than the exception.As one moves throughout the neighborhood, one will be taking a stroll down tree-lined, gently curving roads that will occasionally lead one around traffic circles.

    Despite the fact that Brentwood Park is a part of the bustling city of Los Angeles, it retains a certain sense of rustic charm and character.The original residences in this area are designed to seem like country estates.

    Doheny Estates / $13.6M

    • The Doheny Estates enclave is located above the Sunset Strip in the broader Bird Streets area, which is a play on the word ″nested.″ The homes in Doheny Estates are situated on tiered lots with views over the Los Angeles Basin that rival those of a jetliner.
    • Modernism is the dominating architectural style, however there are a few other types scattered around the hillside.
    • Home buyers with affluence who want to be close to world-class shopping and eating along the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood need go no farther than this neighborhood.
    • For those involved in the entertainment industry, the close proximity to motion picture studios and talent agencies is also an attractive feature.

    Honorable Mentions

    • Malibu Road fetched $13.4 million
    • Trousdale Estates fetched $12.9 million
    • Brentwood Circle fetched $12.5 million
    • Escondido Beach fetched $11.9 million
    • Malibu Cove Colony fetched $10.5 million
    • Hidden Hills fetched $10.5 million
    • Mulholland Estates fetched $10 million
    • Winding Way fetched $9.9 million
    • Riviera fetched $9.9 million
    • Beverly Hills Flats fetched $9.5 million
    • Es

    90210 is the Sixth Most Expensive Zip Code in US – Beverly Hills Courier

    • Beverly Hills actually has two zip codes included among the top 100 most expensive areas to live, according to the list.
    • The 90212 was ranked 43rd in terms of median sale price, with a $2,429,000 asking price.
    • According to the statistics, Los Angeles County is the most expensive county in the country, and it has 21 of the most expensive zip codes in the United States.
    • With a typical price of $3.25 million, the 90265 in Malibu and the 90272 in the Pacific Palisades tie for 21st place, just below the 90210 in Los Angeles.

    The 90077 zip code, which encompasses Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and parts of Beverly Glenn, was ranked as the 42nd most expensive zip code in the US in 2015.According to Williams, the explanation for Beverly Hills’ dominance over its affluent competitors is simple: location.Beverly Hills ticks all three of the most important boxes: place to live, place to work, and place to play.″Everything from health and fitness to beauty to legitimate enterprises can be found here in Beverly Hills,″ she explained.

    ″Foreigners approach me and inquire as to how near this is to Rodeo Drive and whether this is 90210.″ According to analysts, the growing cost of house ownership corresponds with the county’s unparalleled homeless situation, which is a truth that goes beyond simple coincidence.The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported 66,436 unhoused persons in its annual homeless census in its June 2020 report, representing a 12.7 percent increase over the previous year.According to a paper published in 2018 by the UCLA Anderson School of Economics, ″high housing costs, high rent, and low household income explain why certain states have a greater prevalence of homelessness than others.

    Poorest ZIPs in O.C. and California

    • The ten poorest people in Orange County Central According to statistics from the Internal Revenue Service for 2005, Orange County is home to the ZIP codes with the lowest incomes among its residents.
    • They are also among the largest households when it comes to the number of dependents per filing, according to the Census Bureau.
    • The average household income in Orange County was $73,985, representing a 6.65 percent increase since 2004.
    • The average number of persons who filed a claim was 2.1 people.
    Rank City Zip Income Change since ’04 People per filing
    1. Santa Ana 92703 $27,683 2.42% 2.70
    2. Santa Ana 92701 $29,515 2.09% 2.82
    3. Garden Grove 92843 $31,615 5.41% 2.36
    4. Midway City 92655 $31,950 5.32% 2.16
    5. Santa Ana 92704 $33,186 3.73% 2.51
    6. Santa Ana 92707 $34,469 3.82% 2.59
    7. Stanton 90680 $34,537 3.63% 2.29
    8. Garden Grove 92844 $34,798 11.33% 2.20
    9. Anaheim 92801 $35,182 3.20% 2.36
    10. Anaheim 92805 $35,483 5.55% 2.60
    • The ten poorest people in California The ten ZIP codes in California with the lowest incomes varied from farmworker towns in Tulare and Riverside counties to disadvantaged metropolitan districts in Los Angeles and Fresno counties, according to the Census Bureau.
    • Three Marine Corps bases – Twentynine Palms, Camp Pendleton, and Miramar Air Station – are also included on the list, perhaps because combat pay is not taxable in the United States.
    Rank Zip City County Household income Change from ’04
    1. 93272 Tipton Tulare $9,476 182.2%
    2. 92278 Twentynine Palms San Bernardino $14,622 24.2%
    3. 92055 Camp Pendleton San Diego $15,386 23.2%
    4. 92145 Miramar Marine Corps Air Station San Diego $18,243 13.9%
    5. 93701 Fresno Fresno $19,704 6.0%
    6. 90011 Los Angeles Los Angeles $21,125 3.1%
    7. 92254 Mecca Riverside $21,283 10.4%
    8. 93219 Earlimart Tulare $21,290 6.7%
    9. 90006 Los Angeles Los Angeles $21,444 4.9%
    10. 93234 Huron Fresno $21,466 2.6%

    Internal Revenue Service is the source of this information.

    36 of the most expensive ZIP codes are in the Bay Area — but only 4 of them are in San Francisco

    • The San Francisco Bay Area has always had a reputation for being extremely costly, particularly when it comes to the property market, and this image continues today.
    • According to a recent analysis from real estate data firm PropertyShark, the Bay Area continues to live up to its reputation as a premier destination.
    • According to the company’s 2021 list of the top 100 most expensive ZIP codes in the country, 72 percent were concentrated in California, with 36 ZIP codes in the nine counties that make up the Bay Area featured on the top 100 most expensive ZIP codes in the country.
    • PropertyShark provided a list of 127 ZIP codes, but for the sake of our study, we narrowed the list down to only the top 100 zip codes.

    Related: The ZIP codes in California where property values increased the highest as a result of the epidemic

    • In the Bay Area, the bulk of ZIP codes are located on the Peninsula and in the South Bay, with 13 ZIP codes located in Santa Clara County and nine located in San Mateo County.
    • This is the seventh consecutive year that Atherton in San Mateo County has led the list of most expensive places to live, with a startling median house sale price of $7.5 million.
    • The typical house selling price in Atherton was $7 million in the previous year.
    • PropertyShar

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