What Is Your Zip Code In Usa?

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State ZIP Range
AK Alaska 99501 to 99950
AZ Arizona 85001 to 86556
AR Arkansas 71601 to 72959
CA California 90001 to 96162

What is a zip code/postal code? In the United States of America a zipcode is five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail. There are currently about 43,000 zipcode.

What are all the ZIP codes in the US?

Two ZIP codes — for McConnell Air Force Base and Wichita State University — do not have data because they have no population. County officials have said that members of the military who live in on-base housing are included in the surrounding 67210 ZIP code. Many of the ZIP code areas in Sedgwick County extend into neighboring counties.

What is the lowest ZIP code in the United States?

The lowest in-use zip code is 00501 and it belongs to the IRS mail processing center located in Holtsville, New York. Conversely, the highest in-use zip code, 99950, belongs to the city of Ketchikan, Alaska. There’s nothing particularly novel about 00501 aside from the fact that it is the lowest assigned zip code, so we’ll leave you with a

Which US state is home to the wealthiest zip code?

What is the wealthiest zip code in the United States? Fisher Island, a 216-acre barrier island near Miami, is once again the wealthiest zip code (33109) with an average income in 2018 of $2.2 million, according to the Bloomberg analysis. In second-place Atherton — zip code 94027 — earnings surged by a third to $1.72 million.

What is the wealthiest zip code in the US?

  • 33109 (Fisher Island,Florida)
  • 94027 (Atherton,California)
  • 33480 (Palm Beach,Florida)
  • 94301 (Palo Alto,California)
  • 10577 (Purchase,New York)
  • 19035 (Gladwyne,Pennsylvania)
  • 90067 (Century City,California)
  • 60043 (Kenilworth,Illinois)
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    You may use our program to make free database lookups on our website, or you can download our ZIP codes database to use for data modification.You may use our free ZIP codes finder to look up the ZIP codes and relevant demographic statistics for any ZIP code in the United States or Canada, regardless of where you live.Facts about ZIP Codes and Postal Codes Zip Codes are responsible for a substantial portion of the automation of the United States Postal Service’s mail handling operations.Today, more than 600,000,000 pieces of mail are delivered each work day, and our mail may get at its destination in as little as one day if it is sent overnight.During the Revolutionary War, it may take up to three weeks for a letter to be delivered from Lexington, Massachusetts to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Back then, the cost of sending letters was far higher than it is now.

    1. 450 miles away, it cost twenty-five cents to send a letter — not much more than it costs today to send a letter anywhere in the country, and in far less time!
    2. Many of us in the United States have come to assume that our mail would be delivered to our homes and businesses at no additional cost to us.
    3. Prior to July 1, 1863, city inhabitants had to pay to have their mail delivered to them; rural customers had to drive to the nearest post office to pick up their mail for another 30 years after that date.
    4. In those days, zip codes wouldn’t have made much of a difference.
    5. Many well-known Americans have worked as postal workers.

    Benjamin Franklin is referred to as ″The Father of the United States Postal Service″ since he founded the United States Postal Service in 1775.A legend has it that Abraham Lincoln served as postmaster of New Salem, Illinois in the 1830s, and that he personally delivered mail by wearing a letter and a list of delivery locations in his hat.For a brief period of time, Harry S.

    • Truman served as postmaster of Grandview, Missouri.
    • The University of Mississippi Post Office was managed by William Faulkner, who served as postmaster.
    • The Pony Express era in the history of the United States postal service is perhaps the most romantic period in the country’s postal history.
    • The delivery of mail from coast to coast used to take more than 20 days using stagecoaches back then.
    • In 1860, William H.
    • Russell purchased powerful horses and advertised for skilled horseback riders in newspaper advertisements.

    The advertisement stated: ″Wanted: Young, lean, wiry guys not above the age of eighteen.″ They must be experienced motorcyclists who are willing to risk their lives on a regular basis.″Preference is given to orphans.″ For 18 months, Russell’s Pony Express was in operation, reducing the time required for mail delivery coast to coast by half.The Pony Express service was discontinued in 1861 when telegraph connections connecting the coastlines were completed, allowing individuals to convey information much more quickly and inexpensively than they could with the Pony Express.Throughout the history of the United States Post Office, there is a wealth of intriguing information and entertaining tidbits.

    1. Was it ever brought to your attention that the first Post Office in the United States was in fact a tavern?
    2. Or how about the fact that the United States used camels to transport mail through deserts in the Southwest?
    3. Or how about the fact that one of the earliest airmail delivery entailed a three-mile journey, during which the pilot dropped a bag of mail from the flying plane to a postmaster who was waiting on the ground below?
    4. Zip Codes were first used in 1963 and are still in use today.
    5. Their creator, Robert Aurand Moon, is referred regarded as the ″Father of ZIP Codes″ and has been dubbed ″Mr.

    ZIP Code″ since his invention.An other figure with the same name existed as well: the endearing cartoon ambassador Mr.Zip or Mr.Zippy, who was credited with a big part of the success of ZIP code compliance in the United States, according to some historians.

    And, more specifically, what are ZIP Codes?And what is the United States Postal Service’s usage of these?What exactly do the numbers represent?What is the source of the ZIP code information?What about the ZIP code plus four digits?There’s a lot to learn about Zoning Improvement Plan Codes, so keep reading!

    Please see our FAQs for additional information about our ZIP Code finder – US ZIP Code Database Lists with Demographics Information.

    ZIP code United States of America

    • The United States of America is a beautiful, culturally diverse, historically significant, and exciting country.
    • Each location has its own set of sights and activities to offer.
    • The largest city in the United States is located in the northeastern region.

    NYC offers culture, most notably through Broadway performances, as well as the thrill that comes with living in a big city.Restaurants abound and are diverse, as are the nightlife options available.There are several historical sites to see, like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, among others.The southeast is just as entertaining as the rest of the country.Florida’s natural beauty is on display with its magnificent beaches and the Everglades.In Florida, there is no shortage of man-made delights to be discovered.

    1. Disney World has served as a draw for other theme parks and attractions in the vicinity, drawing them to the area.
    2. Moving to the middle of the country, we come across Chicago, which is another major metropolis.
    3. As a result of the stunning Lake Michigan background, Chicago’s skyline is particularly dazzling.
    4. There are a variety of restaurants and nightlife options available here as well.
    5. Chicago’s museums and buildings serve to arouse the aesthetic imagination of visitors.

    If you go south from Chicago, you will eventually arrive in Texas.Texas has always had a strong sense of independence, dating back to its origins.The Alamo is a great place to learn about that history.

    • This state is enormous and contains a diverse range of geographical features, from gulf-front beaches to barren deserts.
    • Purchase a pair of boots and a hat and settle in for some good old-fashioned BBQ, or dress to impress and explore the sights and attractions of the many cities in Texas.
    • The state of California occupies the westernmost portion of the United States.
    • California’s southernmost region is characterized by a laid-back beach lifestyle.
    • The constant sunny, mild weather allows you to enjoy the lovely beaches almost all year long, even in the winter.
    • Los Angeles is a major metropolis in the state of California’s southern region.

    It goes without saying that the city’s proximity to Hollywood is one of the primary reasons people visit, but there are plenty more attractions to enjoy that are not concentrated on the silver screen.As you go farther north in California, the massive Redwood trees loom over the countryside.Of course, Washington, D.C., is deserving of a special note.This is where the government’s nerve center is located, as well as the monuments that commemorate the establishment and history of the United States of America.

    1. This city, with its numerous parks and museums, is one that should not be missed.
    2. The diversity in topography, historical backgrounds, and cultural offers among the many areas of the United States makes it an interesting and remarkable place to visit and to live in.

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    ZIP Code DistanceCalculator

    You may use this tool to get the distance between any two ZIP Codes in the United States and/or Canada. Take a look at an example

    Other ZIP Code Distance Calculators

    Calculate the distance from a ZIP Code to a Latitude/Longitude point. Also try the Lat/Lon calculator. See Sample Calculate by Lat/Lon Portions of data provided by and © United States Postal Service 2022 and Canada Post 2022. Zip-Codes.com is a non-exclusive licensee of the United States Postal Service. Postal Code OM is a registered trademark of Canada post.

    Find Your Local Food Bank

    • Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank144100 Alameda County Community Food Bank186169 All Faiths Food Bank226284 America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, Inc.12680 Atlanta Community Food Bank584 Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico219229 Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank144100 Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico219229 Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Inc.13893 Capital Area Food Bank14095 Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Inc.
    • Coastal Bend Food Bank7623 Community Food Bank of Central Alabama628 Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma13792 Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona13691 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 Community Food Share150110 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 Community Food Warehouse of Merced150110 El Pasoans Fighting Hunger257726 Dare to Care Food Bank9646 East Texas Food Bank212216 Eastern Illinois Foodbank205201 Dare to Care Food Bank9646 Foodbank for those in Need (172145) Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin is a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need.
    • 10151 Riverside Feeding Program (Feeding America) Counties in San Bernardino, California11973 Feeding America West Michigan is a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need.

    8634 Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in the United States.Feeding Northeast Florida254370 Feeding South Dakota196188 Feeding South Florida10050 159124 Feeding Northeast Florida254370 Feeding South Dakota Southwest Virginia 12074: Feeding the People Providing Food for the Gulf Coast10252 Food Bank for Larimer County166137 Food Bank for Monterey County218225 Food Bank for New York City6410 Food Bank for the Heartland155117 Feeding Westchester217222 FeedMore Western New York6511 Food Bank for Larimer County166137 Food Bank for Monterey County218225 Food Bank for New York City6410 Food Bank for the Heartland The 11263rd Food Bank of Alaska, Inc.the 573rd Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, and the 11770th Food Bank of Central Louisiana are all nonprofit organizations.1489 Food Bank of Central New York, Inc., 221276 California’s Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County7522 Food Bank of Delaware10959 Food Bank of Eastern Michigan8330 Food Bank of Lincoln, Inc.179157 Food Bank of North Alabama258146 Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas174151 Food Bank of Northeast Georgia Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano County7522 246 324 The Northeast Louisiana Food Bank, Inc.248339 Food Bank of Northern Indiana is a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need.222278 Food Bank of Northern Nevada12882 Food Bank of Northwest Indiana, Inc.168139 Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana 222278 Food Bank of Northern Nevada12882 Food Bank of Northwest Indiana 247326 Food Bank of South Jersey6612 Food Bank of the Albemarle158123 Food Bank of the Golden Crescent 229290 Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.216221 Food Bank of the Rockies7825 Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, Inc.

    1. Food Bank of the Southern Tier8128 Food Bank of West Central Texas14398 Food Finders Food Bank Inc.249369 Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Food Bank of the Southern Tier8128 Food Bank of West Central Texas14398 Food Finders Food Bank Inc.249369 Food Bank of Santa Barbara County Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia11060 Fredericksburg Area Food Bank165136 Fulfillment Services The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Inc.239310 Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan239310 The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Inc.
    2. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Depository234298 The Greater Chicago Food Depository6916 The Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Inc.7118 The Greater Lansing Food Bank176154 The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 8027 Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.9038 God’s Pantry Food Bank, Inc.178156 The Golden Harvest Food Bank595 The Good Shepherd Food Bank220259 The Great Plains Food Bank215220 The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 8027 Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc 9848 H & J Weinberg NE PA Regional Food Bank228287 H & J Weinberg NE PA Regional Food Bank HACAP Food Storage Facility153114 Harvesters – The Community Food Network9140 Hawaii Foodbank, Inc.8836 Hoosier Hills Food Bank235303 Inter-Faith Food Shuttle238309 Long Island Cares, Inc.208207 Los Angeles Regional Food Bank9545 Lowcountry Food Bank175152 Middle Georgia Community Food Bank180159 Mississippi Food Network173149 Montana Food Bank Network244320 Montgomery Area Food Bank, Inc.10454 Mountaineer Food Bank8533 New Hampshire Food Bank182161 North Country Food Bank, Inc.156119 North Texas Food Bank7724 Northeast Iowa Food Bank207206 Montana Food Bank Network244320 Montgomery Area Food Bank, Inc.10454 Mountaineer Food Bank8533 Peoria Area Food Bank 188174 Redwood Empire Food Bank 193185 Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York 9342 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 11162 Rhode Island Community Food Bank13994 River Bend Food Bank 10353 River Valley Regional Food Bank 167138 San Antonio Food Bank 12276 Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York 9342 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 11162 Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 11162 Second Harvest Community Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides food to those in need.
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    5. 9241 Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana10757 Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana Two food banks in Pennsylvania: Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania148106 Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina6714 Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee 10555 Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio206202 Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee206202 Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina 1497 Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina 214219 Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization that provides food to those in need.
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    8229 Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is a non-profit organization that provides food to those in need.11364 Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina163134 Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley211214 Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley163134 Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley163134 Santa Cruz County14196 Second Harvest Foodbank of Clark, Champaign, and Logan Counties198191 Second Harvest Foodbank of Clark, Champaign, and Logan Counties Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin 181160 Second Harvest Heartland 181160 Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin Second Harvest Inland Northwest 13286 Second Harvest Inland Northwest 12983 Second Harvest North Central Food Bank 169140 Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank 213218 Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank In Silicon Valley, there is a second harvest.Second Harvest of South Georgia, Inc.230291 Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Inc.201195 Second Harvest of the Greater Valley204199 Shared Harvest Foodbank161129 Second Harvest of the Greater Valley204199 Second Harvest of the Greater Valley204199 South Michigan Food Bank 147105 South Plains Food Bank 9747 South Michigan Food Bank 147105 South Texas Food Bank (tel: 253627) southeast morgan county food bank195187 Southeast Texas Food Bank245323 St.

    • Louis Area Foodbank13185 St.
    • Mary’s Food Bank243319 Tarrant Area Food Bank8431 Southeast Texas Food Bank245323 Terre Haute Catholic Charities Foodbank 202196 – Terre Haute, Indiana The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri is located at 154116 Highway 61 in Columbia, Missouri.
    • The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts is located at 8735 Main Street.
    • The Greater Boston Food Bank639 Three Square Food Bank177155 The Greater Boston Food Bank639 Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank203197 Treasure Coast Food Bank250563 Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank203197 Vermont Foodbank – Cloned1419189 Tri-State Food Bank160126 Vermont Foodbank – Cloned1419189 West Ohio Food Bank227285 West Texas Food Bank187170 Westmoreland Food Bank231294 Virginia Peninsula Foodbank185168 West Ohio Food Bank227285 West Texas Food Bank187170 Wichita Falls Area Food Bank210209 Worcester County Food Bank, Inc.194186 Yuma Community Food Bank251603 Wichita Falls Area Food Bank210209 Worcester County Food Bank, Inc.194186

    Random U.S. Zip Code Generator

    • Have you arrived at this website because you’re interested in learning about random zip codes?
    • If so, welcome.
    • In the event that this is what you’ve been looking for, you’ve come to the ideal location.

    Using our Random Zip Code Generator, you may get as many random zip codes as you like.It is as simple as mailing a letter to make use of this facility.Select the amount of randomly generated zip codes you wish to view and then hit the ‘generate’ button to start the process.Your list of zip codes will be shown immediately.United States Postal Service (USPS) zip codes are five-digit numbers that are used to deliver mail more accurately to the proper destination.The abbreviation ZIP stands for ″Zone Improvement Plan,″ and it was first used in 1963 to enhance the delivery of mail to its intended destination.

    1. Despite the fact that it was only recently introduced into the postal system, it has become a common code that practically everyone has learned along with their mailing address.
    2. An online tool that generates random zip codes may not appear to have many applications, but it may be extremely useful in a variety of scenarios (there is a reason you were searching for this tool in the first place).
    3. You may learn about some of the reasons why people use this free online tool by visiting this page.
    4. Testing For a variety of reasons, computer programmers and other web development testers must employ zip codes while developing online applications.
    5. It’s a regular entry on many web forms, and while creating online forms, it’s frequently handy to have quick access to random zip codes in order to test their coding.

    Having a random zip code generator might be handy for any application that requires a US address and is being developed.Superfans can be contacted via email.Despite the fact that it is not your typical pastime, there are postal superfans out there.

    • It is one of their favorite pastimes to memorize the exact location of each zip code in the United States.
    • This tool is a fantastic method for fans to put one another to the test on their zip code knowledge, and it’s also a lot of fun.
    • I’m having a good day.
    • Travel Arrangements This online tool can assist you in selecting a random location to travel to in a novel way, even if it is not your conventional method of choosing a destination to travel to.
    • Because zip codes are associated with distinct locations around the United States, you may generate one and instantly have a new destination to explore.
    • We are delighted that you discovered this tool and that you have found it beneficial.

    We’re interested in learning more about how you intend to utilize this generator.In order to design a tool, we must first have a rough notion of how it will be utilized by the people who will use it.We’re occasionally shocked to discover that some individuals utilize it in a completely different way than we had imagined it would be used.It is incredibly beneficial to understand how and why these individuals are employing the tool in these situations.

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    2. If you are a frequent user of this tool, we would appreciate it if you could give us a brief email with any suggestions you have on how we can make it even better for you and other users of the tool.
    3. Zip codes are chosen at random.
    1. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Washington


    In all, there are more than 3,645,557 Texas ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 on this website, with information on each ZIP Code 5 Plus 4, the range, the record type (including Carrier Route ID), the street and address, the city name, the county FIPS, and the state abbreviation, as well as an online map.

    City Name

    Please look for ZIP Codes by city name using the following formula:

    County FIPS

    Please review the following ZIP Codes by County FIPS:

    ZIP Code 5

    Please check the following ZIP Codes by ZIP Code 5:

    Envelope Example

    • This is an example of a United States postal envelope.
    • The sender’s information should be entered at the top left, and the recipient’s information should be entered at the bottom right.
    • Sender’s and recipient’s full names, street addresses, city and state, and zip code are all required pieces of information.

    The information on the recipient’s address has been provided for your convenience.In most cases, if you are unsure of the entire 9-digit zip code, you should just put in the 5-digit zip code to prevent losing your product in transit.

    Please see the following government paper for further explanation: USA.pdf (English)


    The population of the state of Texas was 25,145,561 in 2010, and it is expected to reach 25,145,561 in 2019, representing a growth of +3,850,320 between 2010 and 2019. Texas is now the second-largest state in the United States in terms of population, accounting for 8.74 percent of the overall population of the United States.

    Area 2019 Census Data 2010 Census Data Increase Increase(%) Rank Proportion of total population(%)
    Texas 28,995,881 25,145,561 +3,850,320 15.3% 2nd 8.74%

    About US ZIP Codes

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    • US ZIP codes are a form of postal code that is used in the United States to aid in the efficient routing of mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and other organizations.
    • On the map above, you can see ZIP codes that are close to me.
    • ZIP codes are still referred to as ″US postal codes″ by certain people.

    ZIP is an acronym that stands for Zone Improvement Plan.A ZIP+4 code is formed by adding an additional four digits after a dash after the first five digits of the basic format, which was originally adopted in 1963.The additional four digits allow the United States Postal Service to more accurately categorize mail for delivery.ZIP codes were initially designed for the United States Postal Service (USPS), but they are now used by many other shipping firms, including the United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL, and others, for sorting parcels and estimating the time and cost of transporting a product (the shipping rate).

    Types of Zip Codes

    1. A single high-volume address that is unique (for example, 20505 for the CIA in Washington, DC)
    2. Only a PO Box (for example, 22313 for the PO Boxes in Alexandria, Virginia)
    3. Armed forces
    4. standard (all of the other ZIP codes)

    Assignment of ZIP codes and Mail Sorting

    The CIA’s Washington, DC headquarters has a unique/single high-volume address (for example, 20505).
    The address must be a PO Box exclusively (for example, 22313 for the Alexandria PO Boxes);
    Military; Standard (all other ZIP codes); and Specialized.

    Places in the US so Remote, They Don’t Have a ZIP

    • As you can see from the map, ZIP codes are not issued to every location in the United States.
    • There are not enough deliverable addresses in remote and particularly rural sections of the nation to support the creation of a mail route.
    • A ZIP code is not required if there is no postal delivery.

    In terms of getting away from civilization, these locations are some of the most isolated spots in the whole country if you choose to do so.

    USA ZIP Code Boundaries

    • Despite the fact that ZIP codes appear to be of a geographical character, this was not their original use.
    • They are meant to consolidate mail in order to help the United States Postal Service to carry mail more effectively.
    • It is common for ZIP codes to span numerous states in order to improve the efficiency of mail routing and delivery.

    In the majority of situations, addresses that are in close proximity to one another are put together in the same ZIP code, giving the impression that ZIP codes are defined by a distinct geographic border.Some ZIP codes, on the other hand, have nothing to do with geographical places.For example, the United States Navy uses a single ZIP code for all of its mail.When ZIP codes appear to be spatially clustered, a distinct contour surrounding the ZIP code cannot always be drawn since ZIP codes are only given to a point of delivery and not the intervals between delivery locations.It is possible that ZIP codes may not be set or that their borders will be unclear in regions where there is no regular postal route or no mail service.

    US ZIP Code Map

    • According to the most recent USPS data, there is no official ZIP code map.
    • The primary problem has already been discussed: there isn’t always a clearly defined geographic limit for a ZIP code.
    • No official or completely accurate map of a ZIP code can be produced by the Census Bureau or other commercial services, but many of them will attempt to interpolate data to construct polygons (shapes formed by straight lines) to show the approximate region covered by a ZIP code.

    All ZIP code maps on this site are based on the ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) defined by the United States Census Bureau in 2010 (or later) and explained in greater detail further down this page.They offer an extremely accurate representation of the geographic region covered by a ZIP code.When you look at our maps, you will quickly see that there are some border concerns.When a ZIP code is not assigned to a location (as is the case in much of Nevada and Utah), it is because there are few, if any, addresses to which the mail may be delivered.It is important to note that if an address is located on the same street as a ZIP code border on a map, you should search for the entire street address to ascertain the ZIP code rather than depending on the map.

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    ZIP Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)

    • The United States Census Bureau created the tabulation regions for ZIP code numbers in the 1950s.
    • Their objective is to provide statistical information on geographical areas that are recognizable to the majority of residents.
    • ZCTAs, on the other hand, are not precisely the same as ZIP codes.

    Because of the difficulties in exactly defining the geographic region encompassed by a ZIP code, as previously stated.To account for some of the problems associated with assigning a geographic area to a ZIP code, ZCTAs were created in order to more accurately identify a geographical region.ZCTAs are also not updated on a regular basis like ZIP codes are.In general, they are updated once every ten years in order to coincide with the United States Census.The Census allocates an area to a ZCTA based on the number of census blocks in the area (the smallest geographic unit used by the census).Consider the image on the right, which depicts a city block that corresponds to a normal census block.

    1. All four sides are bordered by sections of city streets, each with its own name and address, which surround the entire area.
    2. The problem is that census blocks are usually often divided down the center of the street, which is problematic.
    3. ZIP codes seldom do this since it would necessitate two postal workers carrying mail to that street – one for each side of the street – which would be prohibitively expensive.
    4. A postal carrier may deliver to three sides of the block using one ZIP code in this example, while another mail carrier may deliver to the other street using a different ZIP code.
    5. As a result, because the census block is the area that has been exactly measured, the Census Bureau will allocate the whole block to a single ZCTA (in this example, 21044).

    It is nearly always necessary to split ZIP codes when getting extremely exact (typically a matter of meters, not miles).Census block borders towards the boundary of a ZIP code almost always result in this situation.It is possible to get insight into the demographics of a ZIP code by using the information published by the Census Bureau.

    • For example, have a look at our ZIP code rankings.

    Matching ZIP Codes with States, Counties, and Cities

    • Keep in mind that ZIP codes were created to make mail delivery more convenient.
    • Their limits were not drawn in accordance with existing boundaries, such as those of cities, counties, or even states.
    • Whenever it is more cost-effective for a mail carrier to drive over a state border to deliver mail, the ZIP code ″boundary″ will be extended across state boundaries.

    ZIP codes often do not cross state boundaries, although there are several that do (65733, 71749, and 73949 are good examples).Our comprehensive list of ZIP codes that cross state boundaries is accessible as part of our comprehensive list of ZIP codes in the United States.If you’re trying to assign a ZIP code to a certain county (up to 25 percent of ZIP codes cross county boundaries), congressional district, metro region (with time zone and area code), or other specific location, things get much more difficult.The margins of the boundaries frequently overlap with one another.For the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads, we will typically provide either the most frequent region for the ZIP code or numerous regions if more than one region exists in the ZIP code for the purposes of our free zip code database by county downloads.The assignment for cities is a little more difficult to figure out.

    1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not always utilize the city in which the ZIP code is situated.
    2. The assignment of cities to ZIP codes is done on a more broad scale.
    3. The name of the city is typically the same as the name of the main post office.
    4. For example, practically all ZIP codes in St.
    5. Louis County, Missouri, are labeled as being in the city of Saint Louis, despite the fact that they are more appropriately defined as being in the name of a smaller city in which they are located.

    More information on matching ZIP codes to cities and counties may be found here.

    Popular ZIP Searches

    ZIP Code Database – ZIP Code List

    • Download is available immediately.
    • It is simple to open in Excel or to import into a database.
    • There are no recurring expenses.
    • Zip code list of superior quality for businesses
    • Cities, locations, demographics, and other information are provided.
    • Tool for doing a quick ZIP lookup and data analysis

    Existing Orders

    If you have previously paid for a commercial version or completed the questionnaire for a free version, you may seek for your download links by entering your email address in the search box.

    Why buy from us?

    • More than 225,000 different people, organizations, and enterprises of all sizes have placed their faith in us to supply them with the high-quality data that they require during the years that we have been in business.
    • But we don’t simply tell you about the quality; we also show you the results of our verification and research (see below) to ensure that you grasp the most accurate ways to make use of the information we give fast and easily.
    • No duplicates exist, no data is duplicated, quality data sources limit any flaws, and numerous data sources check the accuracy of the data.

    We’ve done the legwork to aggregate information from many sources to ensure that you have access to all of the areas you require.

    Is your data up-to-date? Why don’t you offer monthly/quarterly updates?

    • There is no need to pay recurrent fees. You can make changes whenever you wish.
    • We propose that you update your website once a year.
    • We are regularly monitoring USPS data for significant changes and releasing fresh data when there are substantial shifts in the information.
    • We are so confident in our data that we are willing to give a money-back guarantee: if you discover any significant changes before we make data updates, we will issue a complete refund.
    • As an alternative to tying our consumers to an ongoing subscription price, we allow them to determine whether upgrades are substantial enough to worth the effort and expense of upgrading.

    To be completely honest, we don’t provide weekly or monthly updates since new ZIP codes aren’t commonly released – creating or changing a ZIP code requires a significant amount of labor.It is also our policy not to send data updates for small changes such as changing a ZIP code to reflect that it has 3869 deliverable addresses rather than 3866.

    Why are the latest population estimates several years old?

    • We (as well as our sources) label statistics according to the year in which they were obtained, not the year in which they were made public.
    • The elapsed time between these two dates might be many years in some cases.
    • New data that might have an impact on the estimate for 2022 is still being collected through the end of the year (tax returns for the IRS estimates and surveys for the Census Bureau’s Census and American Community Survey, for example).

    Our sources also take months or years to gather the massive volumes of data they get from many sources.As a result, data for 2022 is still being gathered, and projections for 2022 will not be available until 2023, 2024, or perhaps 2025 at this point.

    Do you have a complete list of the columns that are included?

    An summary of the data included in each edition of the database, as well as sample data from each edition, are provided at the top of this page. Please see the following link for a detailed explanation of each column in the various spreadsheets.

    Are your data sources reliable?

    • Among our data sources are the United States Postal Service (USPS), the United States Census Bureau, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    • We also give a plethora of statistics that are obtained from our data sources, which saves our clients both time and money by eliminating the need to calculate these figures themselves.
    • When calculating the population center of a ZIP code from the populations and coordinates of hundreds of blocks, you don’t need to be familiar with the algorithm or collect the data yourself, as an example.

    We’ve taken care of everything for you.For further information on the source of any individual data item, please read our sources page.

    How do I match ZIP codes to cities or counties?

    • ZIP codes are intended to facilitate in the delivery of mail, not to correspond to geographical borders.
    • ZIP codes can be located wholly within a city or county, entirely outside of a city or county, or partially within a city or county.
    • Over 100 ZIP codes even transcend state boundaries, indicating that they are interconnected.

    In addition, it is a common misperception that the ″city″ and ZIP code you use to address an envelope indicate whether or not the location is located inside the city borders.In most cases, the name of the ″city″ is the name of the principal post office in the region.To view several instances and to understand why, go to this page.If you’re mailing anything, utilize the principal city given by the United States Postal Service, which is included in every edition of our ZIP code database (Free, Small Business, or Enterprise).Every issue also includes the county with the highest percentage of ZIP population, which is determined by the ZIP code.For additional applications, please see the links below to learn more about how ZIP codes are matched to cities and counties, as well as the links below to learn more about the data files used to match ZIP codes to cities and counties that are available in our Enterprise edition.

    Which population estimate should I use?

    • In the United States, the actual population count from the census, which is conducted every ten years, is recommended.
    • This precision is unparalleled even when the population counts are many decades old.
    • The census is being held for just this reason – to compile a count of the people.

    Having said that, you can learn more about the many types of ZIP code population estimates available here, as well as how they compare.

    Which latitude and longitude coordinates should I use?

    • When determining the location of a ZIP code, we recommend that our clients utilize the population center as a guide.
    • It can differ by as much as 20 or 30 miles from other techniques of computation, and it reveals what is frequently the most essential factor – where the people are located.
    • An example ZIP code where this is critical may be seen here.

    You may also learn about all of the methods that are used to determine ZIP coordinates by visiting this page.

    How many ZIP codes are included?

    Every edition of the ZIP code database (Free, Small Business, and Enterprise) includes all 42,724 ZIP codes, regardless of which edition you choose. ZIP codes are categorized according to their status: 41,684 active and 1,040 defunct ZIP codes. Types of data include: 30,001 STANDARD, 9,397 PO BOX, 2,539 UNIQUE, and 787 MILITARY data points.

    Do you offer other countries, ZIP+4, or mapping data?

    • We do not provide postal code information for areas outside than the United States.
    • However, ZIP codes in the United States military that are handled by the United States Postal Service are included.
    • We do not provide ZIP+4 information.

    A complete address and verified software for adding the ZIP+4 code are required for determining the ZIP+4.Aside from that, we do not provide mapping data due to the fact that shapefiles are readily available from the Census Bureau.It would also need a significant amount of technical competence on the part of our customers.As an alternative, we supply our clients with the most important ZIP code coordinates in a format that is much easier to utilize.

    Do I have to have a PayPal account?

    There is no need for a PayPal account to make purchases; credit card payments can be done instead.

    How can I access my order?

    After making your payment, you must input your email address below within 90 days after making your purchase in order to receive your downloaded files.

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    • For example, you are permitted to produce backup copies as long as such backups are not made available to the general public on the internet.
    • You may also want to generate copies for each employee’s workstation, if necessary.

    Customers will be unable to obtain the data set if it is made publicly accessible for download on the internet or if the data set is distributed as part of an application offered to them.You may, however, utilize it on public networks such as the internet if it is used within a lookup application such as a ″nearest store lookup,″ in which the data set is not provided to end users, as long as the data set is not published to end users.In the event that you would want to redistribute the data or if you have a query regarding acceptable usage, please contact us for more explanation and price information.Our spreadsheets now contain a simple option to search up the information for certain ZIP codes, making it even easier to use.Learn how to use our ZIP code spreadsheet in conjunction with our ZIP code radius lookup to rapidly find hundreds of statistics for the ZIP codes that you have selected by watching this demonstration.Furthermore, there are no continuing fees.

    1. Excel 2007 or a later version is required (versions that open XLSX documents).

    More details about this data

    About ZIP codes in the United States

    Throughout the United States, the borders of all 5-digit postal codes or districts may be seen on this map, which is displayed in color.Almost all of these United States postal codes are used inside the United States to assist the United States Postal Service (US Postal) in routing mail more effectively around the country and in major locations such as New York City.The data for US postal codes is generated from US Census data and transformed into maps that are easy to interpret.Zoologically based Tabulation Regions (ZCTAs) provide generalized geographic representations of postal code service areas provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

    • Postal Codes are used by the United States Postal Service to identify the specific post office or metropolitan area delivery station that is linked with a mailing address.
    • Postal Codes for the United States Postal Service are not geographic characteristics, but rather a collection of mail delivery routes.
    • ZIP-codes are the abbreviation for postal codes in the United States.

    Postal code structure in the United States

    • The 5-digit postal code zones are depicted on this map. They have the characteristics and characteristics listed below: 1xxxxxx: The first digit denotes a specific location in the United States. The first digit represents the states of Delaware (DE), New York (NY), and Pennsylvania (PA)
    • 115xx: The second and third digits represent a specific Sectional Center Facility
    • and 115xx: The fourth and fifth digits represent a specific Sectional Center Facility (SCF). Western Nassau is represented by the number 115
    • 11560: The fourth and fifth digits represent a specific area, city, or town
    • and 11560: The fourth and fifth digits represent a specific area, city, or village.
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    Current postal code range in the United States

    For the time being, the United States (US) postal code range is 00001 – 99950, with the majority of the codes falling within this range.The postal code area with the lowest population density is 00001.This is the area of Alaska known as the North Dillingham area.The postal code region with the greatest population density is 99950, which is also located in Alaska.

    • Ketchikan is located in this region.

    What is my Zip Code – Zip Code Finder

    We have determined the zip code in which you are most likely located based on your general location.Please share your location with us so that we may obtain your precise zipcode.You can also look up the zipcode of any location or point on the map that you click on.If you search for a city, you may not get any results because there are several zip codes inside a single city.

    • The zip code for that location may be found by clicking within the city borders if this is the case.
    • Depending on where you are located, you may receive the postal code of the nation in which you are located rather than the United States.
    • Based on your internet connection, we were able to determine your zip code or postal code.
    • Please provide me with your precise zip or postal code so that I can locate you.
    • You may share this map by clicking on the following link:

    What is a zip code/postal code?

    To facilitate the sorting of mail in the United States of America, zipcodes are five or nine-digit digits that are appended to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail.There are around 43,000 zipcodes in use today.This tool may also be used to locate the postal code of a variety of other nations.Postal codes differ from one nation to the next, but they are often a collection of numbers ranging from three to ten digits in length.

    • In certain countries, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, postal codes are made up of a combination of numbers and letters, known as postal codes.

    What else can you do with the zip code finder?

    • Determine your ZIP code by answering the question ″What zip code am I in?″
    • You may use this tool to get the zip or postal code of any address in the globe.
    • Click on a point to locate the zip or postal code that is the most convenient for you
    • In addition, the program will discover other bits of the address that you might utilize if necessary

    10 Zip Code Sites to Find Your Area Postal Code Easily

    10 Zip Code Websites to Easily Find Your Postal Code in Your Area Do you have a certain address in mind?What about the use of a zip code?It’s always a challenge for me to recall these seemingly unattainable figures!In order to purchase anything online or just create a new account, people frequently look for my local zip code on the Internet when they are in need of assistance.

    • Here are a few useful zip code websites that we uncovered, which are quick to produce a postal code for any area you choose.
    • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Apps to Video and Voice Call with Friends to Have a Good Time ALSO READ: 14 Sites to Make Money Selling Things on the Internet

    How to find a Zip Code Worldwide?

    Whatever zip code you desire, the websites listed below will assist you in learning any postal code in the globe, including your own.

    What’s My Zip

    Whatismyzip.com is a free, lightning-fast web application that allows you to specify your postal code.Allow it to utilize your current location information, and in a few seconds, you’ll be able to view the zip code of the area in where you’re now located.It also displays a portion of a Google map with your likely address on it as well.Unfortunately, the address may not always be precise, so if you have any doubts, type your specific address into the search field to obtain the most accurate zip code possible.

    • Fast and trustworthy results are obtained with this approach.


    Wiki provides a comprehensive selection of zip code resources for any location.Even those nations that do not yet have postal codes are mentioned in this section.The links will take you to the relevant Wiki pages that include zip code information for a certain area.It’s also vital to note that Wikipedia gives specifics on the zip code format in question (letter, number, or combined).

    • Once you’ve located the relevant page with a list of postal codes for your country, just press the CTRL+F key combination on your computer to locate the zip code for your street address in seconds.
    • Although the procedure is not as quick as it is with the software mentioned above, you can be certain in the accurate information.

    Geo Post Codes

    Geopostcodes.com is a free database of 5.8 million zip codes for 127 countries that may be accessed from any computer.In order to obtain yours, simply select a nation, then a region and a city, and then double-check a post code by clicking on the coordinates.You’ll be provided a comprehensive list of regions that fall under a specific code.Due to the possibility of having to check many codes before obtaining the one you want, it might be a little inconvenient.

    • Nonetheless, it is one of the few websites that provides zip codes for all feasible places as well as other important information about other localities.

    Map Developers

    Another useful source for determining your area code is mapdevelopers.com/what-is-my-zip-code.php.You have the option of allowing the service to estimate your location and provide you with a zip code, or you may input your precise postal address to receive more accurate information.Most languages are accepted on the website, with the exception of several dialects.Furthermore, there are a plethora of additional handy tools available.

    • For example, you may be able to determine which nation you are in, calculate a distance on a map, discover latitude and longitude, and do a variety of other tasks.

    Geo Names

    On the website geonames.org/postal-codes/, you must first pick a country for which you want to obtain a zip code, then a city, and so on until you reach your destination.The database contains over eleven million place names and covers all of the nations on the planet.Aside from postal codes, you may get a plethora of helpful information on countries, population, land area, and other relevant topics.

    How to Find USA Postal Codes?

    More often than not, you will only need to memorize a postal code that is exclusive to a single nation. For those who live in the United States, you may find out what your zip code is by visiting one of the following websites.


    If you want to discover a zip code on USPS.com, you must first enter your street address in the United States, followed by the city and state.Then click Find, and your postal code will be shown.There is also a page that allows you to obtain the zip code of a corporation.When it comes to delivery, this shipping firm delivers as quickly as they can.

    • Watch this video to learn how to discover a zip code on USPS.com using the search bar.
    • If you need to store it offline, you may do so by following this guide.

    United States Zip Codes

    If you don’t know the specific address, UnitedStatesZipCodes.org is a great resource for locating an area code. It is possible to begin searching for a postal code by typing your address into the search form; this can be only the name of a city; after that, you can zoom in on the map to identify your location.


    City-Data.com gives zip code information as well as demographic and geographic statistics about the region, such as the population, resident age, unemployment rate, family income, and real estate prices. Use either a custom search (which may be any address query) or a map to locate a zip code on this page.

    How to Find UK Post Codes?

    If you wish to find out the postcode of a certain location in the United Kingdom, the following websites will be of use to you.

    Royal Mail

    Go to Royalmail.com/find-a-postcode, type in your street address, town or city, and then click on Find postcode to receive your postal code.Everything is simple and quick to do!You’ll get search recommendations as you’re typing your query.It should be noted that zip codes in the United Kingdom have a unique format that includes outer (postcode area) and inward (postal district) components, for example, SW19 3AR.


    The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.


    The new website, postoffice.co.uk/postcode-finder, has a similar style to the previous one and functions in the same way. Once you’ve determined the postal code, you may look out the postage cost to that location and even place an order for one. We’d love to hear about any other useful websites for finding a zip code in the comments section below.

    Complete List Of All USA ZIP Codes [US Zip Code List]

    Zipcodes are five-digit codes that may be found on the top right-hand side of a mail or package in the United States.It is estimated that there are 9,223 ZIP codes in the United States, with each code containing a unique set of numbers.In this post, I will reveal all of the American Pin codes by state, as well as all of the United States Postal codes and all of the United States Postcodes by state.

    United States Of America Zip Code List

    Zipcodes are five-digit codes that the United States Postal Service uses to determine the location of a USPS deliverable address.The codes are organized by state, as well as by urban or rural areas within a certain state.If you only require a single state, the full collection may be downloaded as a single zip file.If you require numerous states, it is advised that you download them one at a time in order to reduce repetition between them.

    • A comprehensive list of all states in the United States of America, as well as their ZIP codes, is provided below:

    What Is A Zip Code?

    ZIP Codes are a type of postal code.We glance at them on a daily basis, but do we really know what they’re about?Despite their appearance, these seemingly random sequences of numbers and letters have been there since the United States Postal Service was established in 1912.A Zip Code, also known as a postcode, pin code, or postal code, is a string of characters, digits, or both, with or without a space or punctuation, that identifies a specific location in a certain area.

    • When it is appended to a postal address, it is used to categorize mail into several categories.
    • In February 2005, postal code systems were in use in 117 of the 190 nations that were members of the Universal Postal Union.
    • Originally created in 1963, the ZIP Code system is now utilized by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure efficient and successful mail and parcel delivery in the United States and other countries.
    • A Zipcode in the postal address implies that mail moves more swiftly and is delivered more efficiently when a sender includes a Zipcode in the postal address If you want your letter to be delivered as quickly as possible, using a Zipcode in the address is your best option.

    Why Are Zip Codes Important?

    • ZIP codes are something we take for granted. While most of us are aware that our clothes may reveal a great deal about us, few of us could tell you exactly how. Even though we all understand what they are meant to be, we don’t always understand how or why they operate. Zipcodes are significant for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they make it easier for the United States Postal Service (USPS) to route mail and parcels. Besides that, they have been used to stratify data and split individuals into groups, which has allowed marketers, academics, and corporations to break up populations by region in order to boost efficiency. Zipcodes are not just used by the United States Postal Service to transport mail and goods from point A to point B. They are also utilized by many other organizations. The way people react to your listing on Google Maps is also highly essential, so pay close attention to how you describe your business. The reality is that consumers nowadays are considerably more inclined to make purchases depending on their geographical location. If your business is located near or within a specific zip code, you will see an increase in foot traffic as well as an increase in sales. In fact, zipcodes are more significant than you would think. It’s possible that you’ve heard in the news that your zip code has an impact on your credit score, and this is accurate. Zip codes, on the other hand, play three critical roles in both your personal and professional lives. What exactly is contained within a zip code? A great deal. The zip code is immediately recognized by the majority of people as a critical piece of information for defining delivery routes and locations. In marketing, it may be a valuable tool for segmenting customers based on their geographic location. It is possible that having this information can assist firms in directing their efforts to segments of customers that have the highest probability of maintaining their business. There were several factors that led to the adoption of the postcode system in the United States of America. Zip Codes make it easier and faster for the postal service to sort mail
    • The use of a postal code facilitates the circulation of mail.
    • It enables the system to keep track of emails that have been sent and received.

    This page contains a comprehensive list of all United States zip codes as well as information about each state, including its capital, largest city, and other relevant information. InformationN

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