What To Put In Care Package For Homeless?

First and foremost one of the most requested items in a homeless care package is socks. This is a pretty simple thing you can get in a multi-pack so there are plenty of socks to go around. Another great clothing gifts are scarfs, hats, and ear muffs to protect against the cold weather.
Care package-friendly, nutritious and protein-rich snacks include:

  • beef jerky.
  • tuna or chicken salad snack-packs.
  • peanut butter crackers.
  • pre-packaged cheese and crackers.
  • protein or granola bars.
  • mixed nuts.
  • trail mix.
  • gum or mints.
  • What do you put in a homeless care kit?

    10 Best Things to Put in Homeless Care Kits. For easy reference, here are some of the most-requested items, a “top ten” if you will: Socks (this is the #1 most asked-for item) Gloves. Water bottle. Bandages. Wet wipes. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

    What can I do to help the homeless?

    Putting together care packages for the homeless (also known as Blessing Bags) are a wonderful way that you can be prepared to help those in need that cross your path. Plus, this can be something that you can do as part of your regular tithe. What is a Homeless Care Package (aka Blessing Bag)?

    How to make a homeless care package?

    So for the third year in a row, the Dougherty family has teamed up with MPD to assemble care packages full of a number of donated essential items. ‘Hand warmers, gloves, mittens, hats, bottles of water,’ said Captain James. Once complete, Milwaukee police hand out bags to anyone who may be in need.

    What to put in a homeless care package?

  • Non-Perishable Food. When packing foods into your blessing bags,keep in mind that a homeless person doesn’t have access to a fridge or the usual kitchen and dining tools
  • Toiletries. Apart from food,the homeless desperately need hygiene items too.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Is it legal to give the homeless care packages?

    Unless the care package contains things other than hygiene products, clothing or food. If it contains something illegal from the state in which you are giving the care package then the answer is yes it is illegal to give that kind of care package.

    What services are provide by a homeless shelter?

    EASTON, Pa. – Area shelters are busy inside preparing to bring people in from outside, especially on nights with temps in the teens. Sarah Massaro helps run Safe Harbor of Easton. The work continues there, even during a pandemic. ‘We are observing social distancing so participants are spaced out in cots.

    10 items to put in a care package for the homeless

    1. Everyone passes through periods of difficulty.
    2. However, when you reach a stride of good fortune, one of the best ways to send positive karma out into the world is to give back to those in need.
    3. Providing assistance to individuals who are less fortunate than you.
    4. This can be accomplished in a variety of methods, including monetary donations, volunteer time, fundraisers, and so on.
    5. Donating presents and care packages to those in need is a simple and quick method to make a positive difference in their lives.
    6. Giving back to the homeless can be a special cause for you.
    • Although the overall homeless population of 0.2 percent appears to be little, it equates to 17 persons for every 10,000 people in the general population.
    • This is especially true when you consider that the United States has a population of around 329 million people.
    • It adds up to around 64 million homeless persons in the United States in a very short period of time.
    • Putting together a homeless care package can go a long way toward assisting in the battle against homelessness.

    1. A comforter/Sleeping bag

    1. For those who are homeless and do not have access to an indoor space on frigid winter days or even merely chilly on windy summer nights, a well-made blanket may go a long way toward providing warmth and comfort.
    2. If it’s a warm night, it’s nice to be able to lay on top of it.
    3. Consider obtaining a sleeping bag in lieu of or in addition to a sleeping pad.
    4. A sleeping bag can withstand a variety of extreme weather conditions, such as rain.

    2. Hiking backpack

    It’s a simple way to transport all of the items that will be included in the care package for the receiver. Homeless people sometimes struggle to keep their belongings organized, but a well-constructed backpack is ideal for transporting necessities.

    3. A water bottle + chlorine tabs

    1. A water bottle is something that everyone might benefit from, but it will be especially useful in a homeless care box.
    2. Having a water bottle and chlorine tablets in your care package can help guarantee that the recipient has a method to transport essential life necessities and will have access to clean drinking water when they are out on the streets.
    3. The chlorine pills will aid in the purification of any water to make it drinkable.
    4. In other words, even if there is no access to flowing water, there is a means to stay hydrated.
    5. If you use chlorine tablets, make sure you follow the directions on the package since putting too much in or drinking the water before the 30 minute mark can be deadly.

    4. Foods + Cutlery

    • Giving food will also enable you to tick another box that is critical to your survival. Consider a combination of nonperishables and fruits. Nonperishable foods will keep longer, and fruits will aid in the intake of nutrients for a well-balanced diet. The gift of reusable cutlery is another crucial one since it makes it easier to consume anything you may have packed in there and it removes roadblocks to eating or receiving specific foods such as soups. If you’re having trouble deciding what kinds of things to eat, consider the following: Canned goods have a long shelf life and are thus ideal for storing food for emergency situations. Also remember to bring a can opener in case you decide to bring any canned items with you.
    • The fruit apple, for the simple reason that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    • Beef Jerky- to provide a little amount of protein
    • Oranges- to aid in the absorption of vitamin C and the prevention of scurvy
    • A nutritious snack made out of seeds and nuts is a great option.
    • Every once in a while, it’s wonderful to treat yourself to a delicious treat, whether it’s a cookie, a brownie, or anything else.
    • Shelf stable milks and certain non-dairy milks include calcium, which is important for maintaining a healthy bone structure. Unlike regular dairy milk, this product lasts a long time. In addition, milk would be a wonderful accompaniment to the aforementioned dish, as well as cereal! Another terrific nonperishable item to include in a homeless care package is peanut butter and crackers. While they are both excellent products to include in a care box on their own, when combined they make for a powerful combo snack for the homeless. It’s filling and delicious. Consider adding a little amount of nutella as well! It’s a delicious sweet delicacy
    • The fact that soups are filling meals with a long shelf life and the benefit of being a complete meal is a nice plus.
    • Restaurant or grocery gift cards- This is an excellent method to deliver a hot dinner for them or to give them the money they need to purchase some fresh food for their own use. A gift card provides the same amount of value while leaving plenty of room in the care box for additional essentials!

    5. Personal Hygiene Supplies

    • Personal hygiene products make for the ideal inclusion in a homeless care box for the less fortunate. Some people find it difficult to think about these little personal necessities when their fundamental needs are not being addressed on a regular basis. As a result, try keeping some of these hygiene basics in your bathroom: Toothbrush and toothpaste- cavities and tooth decay are two health issues that should be avoided at all costs.
    • Mini mouthwash + mouthwash- since even a small amount may make a significant difference in oral hygiene
    • Sunscreen and Aloe Vera- Although sunburn is usually avoided, it is occasionally unavoidable when spending a lot of time outside.
    • Moisturizer- for use throughout the colder months to prevent further skin damage
    • Chapstick is a must-have since dry lips are everyone’s worst enemy.
    • Nail clippers and tweezers are the kinds of luxury that you don’t realize you have until they’re gone.
    • This one doesn’t need to be explained. Maxi pads or a Diva Cup would suffice. Maxi pads are excellent, however they are just for single usage. Diva Cup, on the other hand, is re-usable.
    • Wet wipes and hand sanitizer- to assist in keeping things clean.
    • It’s not easy being a sneezy person
    • tissues are required.
    • Supplying grooming equipment, such as shaving cream and razors, as well as some beard scissors, aftershave, and any other shaving equipment you can think of
    • One can never have too much deodorant and a gender neutral body spray
    • deodorant is a must-have.
    • Because hygiene is essential, soap/body wash and shampoo are recommended.
    • A towel—to use for rinsing off and drying off.

    6. Things that go into a First Aid Kit

    • At first glance, a kit by itself would suffice, but this is a resource that is frequently overlooked when individuals donate to the homeless. Given the potentially significant impact it might have, it is an important one that should not be disregarded, and with which we should endeavor to contribute as much as we can. Here are a few examples of medical supplies: A bandage is a product that is essential in the prevention of infection.
    • The use of rubbing alcohol in conjunction with antibiotic cream is essential for wound sterilization.
    • Cotton balls and cotton swabs are excellent tools for administering rubbing alcohol and antibiotic ointment to wounds.
    • If you come across someone who needs help or if you run out of band-aids, gloves are extremely beneficial for a multitude of reasons, including minimizing cross contamination and providing a temporary alternative.
    • Gauze and medical tape can be used to treat a wound that is too large to be treated with a bandage alone.
    • Packs of tuna and crackers, together with a few first aid items, are intended to be used as a last choice for food supplies.
    • A piece of chocolate and a bag of lollipops- for those who may be diabetic or hypoglycemic, respectively.
    • Medical scissors are used to assist in cutting the gauze. Every every piece of cloth is important
    • A thermometer is used to keep track of your body temperature.
    • A knee brace or a wrist brace is recommended since 33 percent of individuals report having joint discomfort or difficulties at some time throughout a 30-day period.
    • The use of Icy Hots can alleviate back pain problems.
    • A pack of warm hands—while not strictly speaking a health aid, they are nonetheless quite beneficial for keeping warm.
    • Cough drops or mints- clearly to help decrease coughing fits
    • Eye drops- it can treat symptoms of dry eye, itchy eyes, and stye discomfort
    • Cough drops or mints- obviously to help reduce coughing fits

    7. Medicine 

    • Over-the-counter medicine is an excellent addition to a homeless care package because it is not always inexpensive while living without a constant source of income, especially if it is deemed a ″convenience pill,″ which are medications supplied over-the-counter for non-life threatening illnesses. Keep in mind that only over-the-counter medications should be administered. The only individual who should use things that require a doctor’s prescription is the one who has been prescribed. Here are a few over-the-counter medications that you could find beneficial to include in your care package: For the 6.1 million children and 20 million adults who are impacted with garden type outdoor allergies, an allergy medication such as zyrtec or claritin might be life-changing.
    • Nasal spray is another product that is beneficial for allergies and sinus congestion
    • Vicks VapoRub is beneficial for breaking up chest congestion, coughing, and getting rid of some toenail fungus.
    • Aspirin- which is good for aches and pains but could also be beneficial to someone who is having a heart attack
    • Tylenol or Ibuprofen- which is good for headaches, muscle aches, and reducing the symptoms of fevers
    • Tums- for acid indigestion and heartburn
    • Excedrin- which is used to treat migraines
    • Midol- which is used to alleviate the symptoms of a menstrual cycle
    • Cold medicine- which is something

    8. Clothing items

    1. Consequently, it is difficult to predict the size of your care package recipient, but there are a few methods to get around this problem.
    2. Socks are one of the most often requested things in a homeless care box, and they are the first and most important.
    3. This is a fairly straightforward item that can be purchased in bulk to ensure that there are enough socks for everyone.
    4. Scarves, caps, and ear muffs are all excellent apparel presents to give to someone who is going to be outside in the cold.
    5. Also, you can take a chance and wear an enormous pullover or hoodie to work to make a statement.
    6. Because it is popular to dress in these goods in a baggy manner, it will not be as noticeable if they are not as form fitting.

    9. Something for a little entertainment

    1. Necessities are necessary for a reason, but it is also important to consider the overall quality of one’s life.
    2. Pack a small item to help pass the time while you’re traveling.
    3. Anyone who works continuously without taking breaks or stress relief will eventually burn out, so make sure to include some form of amusement in your homeless care package.
    4. Books, face masks, portable games, decks of playing cards, and anything else that promotes relaxation in the world are all good options.

    10. An encouraging note

    1. This is a wonderful way to include a little more tender loving care in your homeless care box.
    2. Obviously, times are bad, but a little optimism may go a long way in anyone’s life at this point.
    3. It’s unquestionably high on the list of excellent presents to give to someone you care about.
    4. That personal touch will, without a doubt, have a long-lasting effect on the recipient.
    5. Remember that there is a lot here, but there is no need to attempt to cram everything into one care package because there isn’t a basket large enough to accommodate everything.
    6. These are just a few options for you to consider as models to follow or as a starting point for you to put your own unique twist to.
    • Every little bit helps in the long run.

    How to make Homeless Care Kits that ACTUALLY help » All Gifts

    The most recent update was made on February 10, 2022. It is understandable that you wish to bless the homeless or those who are less fortunate than you, but you do not want your efforts to be ineffective. What should you include in homeless care kits to ensure that they are effective in assisting those in need?

    10 Best Things to Put in Homeless Care Kits

    For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most often requested goods, or a ″top ten″ if you will:

    1. Socks (this is the most often requested item)
    2. Water bottle, bandages, wet wipes, teeth brush and toothpaste, sunscreen, and gloves are all recommended.
    3. Packs of tuna with crackers
    4. Single-serving snacks such as trail mix, almonds, and crackers
    5. nail clippers
    6. and other little items.
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    We’ll look at what goes into a good care package, how to pick the correct resources, how to put it all together, and how to distribute it in the sections below.

    Homeless Care Kits that ACTUALLY Help


    Clothing & Accessories

    • Socks. Nice, high-quality socks with a good amount of thickness. Gloves and socks made of wool or thermal material are recommended. Once again, a single high-quality item will be a far larger benefit than a collection of low-cost products.
    1. What to avoid: Low-cost socks, low-cost gloves, and most apparel items in general are not recommended.
    2. There are numerous shelters and ministries that supply acceptable secondhand clothes (bring a list of such sites in your care package), but nice socks and gloves are a significant requirement that are much harder to come by than, say, a t-shirt.
    3. If you are unsure of someone’s size, it is best to ask them.

    Personal Hygiene

    • The following items are recommended: nail clippers, bandages (big ones are particularly good for blisters), comb and/or brush, hand lotion, lip balm, face towels, toothbrush and toothpaste.
    • Wet wipes, Maxi pads, chewable multivitamins, tissues, and other supplies
    1. Keep soap and hand sanitizer out of the house.
    2. Avoid fragranced products and bulky things as much as possible.
    3. Soap, since they will very certainly find soap anyplace they can take a shower.
    4. Due to the presence of alcohol in hand sanitizers and mouthwash, they are not recommended for anyone who are at risk of becoming addicted.
    5. Because it is offensive and many individuals are sensitive to it, fragrance should be avoided.
    6. Large objects are discouraged since they are difficult to transport.

    Food & Snacks

    • Water bottle, beef jerky, tuna salad and cracker packs, and peanut butter cracker packs are included.
    • Breakfast/protein bars (beware of chocolate that has melted into the bars)
    • Raisins, craisins, and other dried fruit are good options.
    • Mints

    Avoid chewing gum, nuts, and anything else that is difficult to chew. Because many homeless people suffer from dental problems, it is advisable to start with foods that are gentler on the teeth.

    Misc Extras

    • Hand warmers, a can opener, quarters for washing, a tarp, a sewing kit, a first aid kit, utensils, and ziploc bags are all good things to have in your backpack.

    A light, tight homeless care kit

    • After much study, consulting with specialists, and trial and error, here is my personal vision of a light, compact homeless care kit that contains the most amount of blessing in the shortest amount of space. I hope you find it useful. This also helps to keep costs in check, allowing you to offer more generously. For each kit, the following items are required: Gallon plastic bag with zipper (1 x $0.20)
    • Handwritten note card
    • Printout of local resources
    • Nice wool socks (1 x $4-6)
    • Water bottle (1 x $0.35)
    • Tuna cracker pack (1 x $1)
    • Nail clippers (1 x $0.50)
    • Large bandages (5 x $0.15)
    • Individually wrapped wet wipes (5 x $0.05)
    • Individually wrapped wet wipes (5 x $0.05)
    • Individually wrapped wet wipes (5 x $0.05)
    • Individually wrapped wet

    The overall dimensions are 10′′ x 6′′ x 4′′. (approximate) Total cost: $7-10 per pack, depending on the current market pricing and whether you purchase in bulk. Let’s take a closer look at each of the items in the list.


    1. Begin by putting together a beautiful zippered plastic bag for your project.
    2. What’s the deal with the zipper?
    3. After a few instances of opening and shutting, the usual types of tents will no longer seal.
    4. Choose higher-quality products by spending a few extra cents, and the person who receives this will also receive an additional reusable bag, which they can use to store critical personal things after they have used the items from the care kit.


    1. To write a message by hand, in my opinion, is really significant.
    2. Why?
    3. It demonstrates that you are concerned.
    4. It’s the same as sending a handwritten thank you message or sending handwritten invites, or anything else.
    5. Don’t place a tract inside the container.
    6. Everyone views them as though they were junk mail — a quick glance tells you what it is, and it is thrown away.
    • Instead, write out why you’re giving them this care package, how much you love, care for, and cherish them, and include a Bible verse or a prayer of blessing with your letter.
    • This will go a lot further than a tract on which you put in no effort all.
    • Blank cards and envelopes were provided for us to use in our kits, on which we scribbled Bible passages and letters of encouragement.
    • The children contributed by copying down certain scriptures and also by coming up with their own words of encouragement to share.
    • We believed that having many individuals put in a letter to the recipient was a wonderful approach to demonstrate that more than one person is thinking about the recipient and sending them gifts.

    Just make sure you consider things through before you write them so that your notes don’t come off as condescending, and proofread anything written by children.


    1. In addition, you may print a list of local homeless resources to go with the message you’ve written.
    2. Where they may obtain a hot meal or shower, a haircut, assistance with jobs or addiction treatment, a place to sleep for the night, clothing, bathrooms, and whatever else they might need.
    3. Make contact with the local animal shelters and ask for recommendations.
    4. Each card contains information on the nearest (and, to our knowledge best) shelter in the area.
    5. We printed it four to a page and clipped off each piece of information before inserting it into the card.
    6. The statement included some specifics about the services provided by the shelter, such as housing, bathing, food, haircuts, addiction rehabilitation, and so on.


    Once again, this is the one component that is absolutely essential. People who walk practically everywhere in the heaviest boots they can find require socks that are long-lasting, warm, and comfortable. You may scrimp and save on everything else, but don’t skip out on the socks.


    1. Proper hydration is tough to maintain when you are walking about the city.
    2. An empty water bottle takes up a lot of room in your care package, but your recipient can drink it rightaway or throw it away if they need to.
    3. If they require water, you will incur very little financial obligation and will receive a tremendous, tremendous, immediate blessing.
    4. If they decide they don’t need it, it’s a very low-cost item that’s simple to dispose of.


    These small packets are high in protein, include carbohydrates, can be stored for a long period of time, do not melt, and are delicious. Alternatives to meat jerky/sticks include separately packaged beef jerky/sticks and peanut butter crackers, which are both high in protein and carbohydrate.


    A simple instrument that is easily overlooked. This is something that will be much appreciated and used, and you can acquire them for a low price at the dollar shop or in bulk online for a lower price.


    Blisters are the primary reason for using this product. Consider this: if you are on your feet all day, walking wherever you need to go, how likely is it that you will get chafed skin, blisters, and sores on your feet? Purchase a bulk supply of big 3-4′′ bandaids and separate them into little baggies to be placed inside all of the homeless care kits you want to distribute.


    Once you think about it, this is another another no-brainer. A luxury that is modest, portable, convenient, and well-appreciated. Choose the ones that are individually packaged.

    Tips for great care packages

    • Make an effort to keep the bags as tiny as possible. Because not everyone is capable of transporting a large amount of luggage, go for fewer but higher-quality things.
    • Make a personal note to yourself. Create a card in your own handwriting that expresses your concern for their well-being, that they are loved, that you are praying for them, that they are respected, and so on. Please feel free to explain why you are doing this
    • for example, as an expression of your religion, because you have personally experienced the situation, etc.
    • Include a list of useful resources in your document. Information about the local gospel rescue mission, men’s shelter, women’s shelter, locations where they may obtain meals, shelter and showers, and where they can receive emergency medical treatment, among other things are provided. If you have any questions, you should contact your local homeless shelter, as they will be an important resource with first-hand information of the needs of the homeless in your region, as well as what services are accessible
    • Please take your time. Pull over to the side of the road and get out to chat if you are able. Inquire about their name and background. It just takes a few minutes of discussion, a smile, and real eye contact to show someone that they are important, valued, and loved
    • yet, it takes a lot more to show someone that they are important, valued, and loved.
    • Inquire about joining them in prayer. It’s understandable that not everyone will say yes. However, if they answer yes, pray for them and that they would be blessed. Otherwise, respect their wishes. Also, remember to pray before and after delivering the care package, and to be safe. The majority of homeless men and women do not pose a threat. They are individuals with the same characteristics as everyone else. Nonetheless, it is advisable to distribute care gifts as a group, particularly if you want to stop and get out

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    Care Package For The Homeless – How to Create a Life-Changing Package.

    1. News It’s not easy to be out on the streets all the time.
    2. Unfortunately, for the nearly 235,000 Canadians who experience homelessness each year, there may be no other choice available to them.
    3. As an organization that provides assistance to those who are homeless, we understand that compassion and a small amount of assistance may go a long way.
    4. And it is at this point that the homeless care package comes in.
    5. Don’t know what to include in each of your neighbor’s care packages, but you want to do your part to assist them out.
    6. Don’t be concerned!
    • Discover all you need to know about putting together a life-changing care package for persons who are facing homelessness in this comprehensive guide.

    What to Include in a Care Package for the Homeless

    1. The fact that homeless persons do not always have a safe location to store their belongings should be taken into consideration while putting together care packages.
    2. If this is the case, you may want to try putting everything in a backpack or similar convenient carrying bag that your receivers will be able to use again and again.
    3. Following the completion of the ″packaging″ section, it is necessary to fill the container with ″care.″ Here are a few items that should be included in every care gift for the homeless.


    • Food is important in care gifts, and you should avoid stuffing them with a bunch of empty carbohydrates. The care package should include nutritious, protein-rich foods that will keep your recipient’s hunger at bay for a number of hours. Jerky, tuna or chicken salad snack packs, peanut butter crackers, pre-packaged cheese and crackers, protein or granola bars, mixed nuts, trail mix, gum or mints, apples and bananas are all good options for care box snacks that are also healthful and high in protein. Other options include:

    Include a couple bottles of water in each care box, if you have the opportunity. You should also make a few that are free of nuts and peanut butter in case someone has an allergy to either of these ingredients.


    • When you don’t have consistent access to a clean restroom and supplies, it might be difficult to keep your personal hygiene up. As a result, you should include a few common amenities in your care packages. Wet wipes, tissues, petroleum jelly, a first-aid kit, a toothbrush and toothpaste, body lotion, a facemask, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, a hairbrush or comb, and Maxi pads are some of the essential necessities that you should include in your care packages.

    You may also consider including one or two reusable hand towels that your recipients will be able to take with them on their journey.


    • Lastly, there are some other essentials and treats you should include in your care package to round them out. These additional goods may include things such as: a gift card to a local grocery store or coffee shop
    • a flashlight
    • Ziplock bags
    • a small tarp or blanket
    • a couple pairs of thick, high-quality socks
    • warm gloves
    • sunscreen
    • a nice book
    • and other items as determined by the individual.

    In addition, you should include a message of kindness as well as a list of local services that they can contact if they require extra assistance with their care package.

    How to Distribute Care Packages

    1. Once your care packages are complete, it’s time to hand them out to the recipients!
    2. You should always do this with a companion if you choose to pass out care packages directly to folks on the street rather than via an organization.
    3. Remember to always inquire rather than assume.
    4. You should also think about contacting a local charity to find out about the greatest and most useful sites to visit in your area.
    5. In-kind gifts can be made to any of our sites listed below, and we would be pleased to accept them.

    Other Ways to Help

    Individuals suffering homelessness sometimes lack access to or are unable to pay for basic necessities.And, having access to these sorts of items can make all the difference to someone who is attempting to get back on their feet after a period of hardship.Following your training in putting up a homeless care package, there are other things you may do to assist individuals who are less fortunate.Subscribe to our email list to receive more information, explore corporate volunteering, or make a donation right away.

    How to Make Care Packages for the Homeless

    The Bible has a lot to say about aiding the poor and the needy in general.We are told by Jesus that assisting those in need is the same as assisting Himself.And by not assisting others, we are not assisting Him, and there is a significant price to pay as a result of this failure (Matthew 25:35-46).The Bible also states that there are angels that operate ″undercover,″ so to speak, and that it would be well to be welcoming to people who come across our path since one of them could just turn out to be an angel (Hebrews 13:2).

    These are only a few illustrations.However, the Bible is unambiguous: we are obligated to assist people in need if we have something that can be of use to them (Proverbs 3:27-28).And failing to do so might actually make your prayer life more difficult (Proverbs 21:13).Putting together care packages for the homeless (also known as Blessing Bags) is a good way to be prepared to assist individuals who come across your path who are in need of assistance.

    Furthermore, this is something that you may be able to incorporate into your normal tithing.

    What is a Homeless Care Package (aka Blessing Bag)?

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a homeless care package, allow me to first explain what it is.Basically, it’s a little bag of necessities that you put together ahead of time to present to people who are in need when you come across them.Some individuals go out of their way to hand them out to the homeless, while others prefer to keep them in their cars in case they happen to encounter someone who is in need while driving about.In any case, it is a bag that has been created with love and caring.

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    It’s a package that has been put together in order to share the love of Christ with individuals who are in desperate need of His love at the moment.It is about becoming God’s hands and feet, reaching out to those who are in need of assistance and who are in desperate need of God right now.

    How many care packages should I have on hand?

    If you decide to go the route of keeping care packages on hand in your car in case you come across someone who is in need, you may be wondering how many you should have on hand.One?Three?Ten?

    I believe that the answer is entirely dependent on the demand in your region.Do you pass by a place where a large number of homeless people congregate on a regular basis?Do you pass them frequently on your way to and from work?Is it common for you to come encounter someone who is homeless in your neighborhood, or does it happen on a rare occasion?

    Consider this, and then come up with a figure that you believe will work well for your particular case.Personally, I don’t come across the homeless very often, with the exception of when I’m in a particular grocery shop.This is the place where I see them the most commonly.However, there are instances when I come across someone who is in need at random.

    When it comes to my position, I prefer to have three on hand at any one moment.When those three are gone, I’ll build three more to replace them.However, if you come across a greater number of homeless people on a regular basis, you may want to have extra supplies on hand.

    Things to consider when it comes to Blessing Bags

    Several points must be established before we can discuss what to put in your care packages for the homeless.Here are a few of these points.While God absolutely desires for us to be His hands and feet, and believing in Him is the most essential thing, we must also take precautions to keep ourselves and others safe.Understand that when the Bible was written, it was less typical for a woman to go long distances alone, without her husband, at the time of its composition.

    Typically, she would remain on their property, where she would assist with farm chores, homesteading, and other tasks as needed.However, this does not rule out the possibility of such an event occurring in the future.For women reading this article, please remember to consider your own safety as well as the protection of your children when doing so.When we are alone, we should exercise extreme caution when getting into close contact with any male we do not know (not just homeless men).

    We are fortunate in that the Lord God is on our side to defend us.However, you should rely on the leadership of the Holy Spirit, pray for God’s guidance and protection, and make every effort to be safe in whatever you do.I’m not going to assume to know what God is leading you to do, but if something in you seems ″wrong″ about a circumstance, follow your instincts and go with your gut feeling.Because it is possible that God is directing you in order to protect you.

    We shouldn’t live in terror, but we also shouldn’t be blind to the evil that exists in this world, and we shouldn’t pretend that we are.For the sake of yourself and your children (who are more than likely in the car with you), please refrain from doing anything that might put you or them in danger.There are risk-free approaches to take in this situation.The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to the Holy Spirit’s direction in any scenario you find yourself in.

    Putting together homeless care packages on the cheap

    There are a plethora of options for putting together homeless care gifts.Simply conducting a search on Pinterest will yield a plethora of insights, ideas, and recommendations.When working with a limited budget or just wanting to get the most bang for your buck, however, purchasing items from Dollar Tree or a comparable store may be quite beneficial.[pagebreak] This method allows me to put together three tote bags for under $35 on a regular basis.

    Not too shabby!However, the one drawback to this is that you are restricted in your options, but it is an extremely viable alternative to explore.

    What to include in homeless care packages

    Consider taking a step back and keeping it as simple as possible if your head is spinning with ideas and you’re unsure of what to include.Consider what you would desire if you found yourself in the position of being unable to afford your basic needs.Physically, you’d be hungry and uncomfortably uncomfortable most of the time, and depending on the weather, you may also be cold and soaked.You’d feel powerless, forlorn, embarrassed, unwanted, and abandoned, to name a few emotions on a spiritual level.

    Spend some time thinking about what could be going on in the thoughts and emotions of those people in your neighborhood who do not have a safe place to call home.Allow it to guide your decisions on what to put in these bundles.Some suggestions for items that you might want to add in your blessing bags (or that you should include) are as follows:

    A bag to put everything in that they can reuse later

    While you could easily use a plastic bag or a Ziploc to bundle everything for the care package, consider what they would require in addition to that.They may have items with them that they require on a regular basis or that they wish to keep.Furthermore, having anything to transport such items would be really beneficial.Furthermore, having a bag with handles might be really beneficial to them while they are transporting the items that you have included in the care package.

    A Bible

    I am aware that there are individuals who will advise you not to put any religious information in your luggage or on your person.And, sure, it’s true that not everyone who gets your care package will be pleased with your gift choice.However, here’s the rub…As Christians, we have access to the most priceless gift that we can give to anybody else: the Holy Spirit.

    It’s impossible not to share that with someone who may benefit from it.It is not your responsibility how people respond to it.Don’t be concerned about offending someone.Due to the fact that it is worth it if 10 different individuals are offended and then one person discovers hope and Christ as a result of what you shared.

    Sharing Jesus with them is the same as sharing the live water with them (John 4:10-11), and it is the only way to provide them with genuine relief from their worries (Matthew 11:28-30).They may have heard it a million times, but there are a million different seeds that have been sown, and seed number one million and one could just be the one that takes root and starts to grow.

    Tracts and Devotionals

    Again, there are many who would advise you not to include this type of material in your presentation.However, as I previously stated, it is our job as Christians to communicate the gospel with everyone, and especially with those who are in desperate need.There are a variety of pamphlets and devotionals available that will speak directly to individuals who are in desperate need of encouragement.Perhaps this type of thing will provide them with the ray of hope they require to continue on their journey and not give up.

    Cash or Food Gift Cards

    It is controversial whether or not currency should be included.Some people find themselves in the position of being homeless for completely good reasons, and this is not the case for everyone.Others have found themselves in this situation as a result of addictions that have driven them there.In these circumstances, money may prove to be a stumbling hurdle for them.

    Food gift cards are another option that you might find more comfortable, as they allow them to acquire the sustenance they require without fueling the addictions that they don’t need in their lives to continue on their current path.

    Other Inspirational Items

    It would be wonderful to incorporate such inspiring objects that would serve as a source of motivation for them.Perhaps a handwritten letter or a set of bookmarks with scripture or inspiring words on them would be appropriate.While these types of items aren’t required for bodily sustenance, they can provide them with the spiritual food that they may require even more than physical nourishment.


    This website offers some excellent suggestions for putting together homeless care gifts, including recommendations for toiletries.One of the recommendations is to avoid scented lotions, soaps, and other products that have a pleasant scent.And that shampoo, soap, and other toiletries would be readily available for them if they have access to a shower, so they wouldn’t have to worry about bringing that type of item in their kit.This is an excellent suggestion, in my opinion.

    I’ve included these items in the past, but I’m thinking of skipping them in the future.Instead, having items such as hand wipes, hand sanitizer, and possibly an unscented lotion may be just what they require.To ensure that none of the food is ruined if the toiletries burst, place them in a separate Ziploc bag.This will also prevent the scent of the toiletry from contaminating your food if you do include toiletries in your meal.

    Non-Perishable Food & Water

    While contemplating the type of food to send in your care box, keep their situation in mind as you make your selection.It is possible that include foods that require refrigeration or that must be consumed immediately is not the greatest choice.Instead, be sure to include foods that will last for a long time (if necessary) and provide them with enough of protein and energy.In order for them to gain the greatest benefit possible from the food you provide them.

    Avoid giving them sugary snacks or anything else that won’t provide them with much nutrition.Some suggestions include beef jerky, trail mix, applesauce, and other similar items.On the same page mentioned above, they offered another excellent advice (which I had not previously considered), which is to avoid eating items that are really hard to digest, such as crunchy granola bars and hard nuts.The reason for this is that if someone is homeless, they may not have access to adequate dental care, and as a result, they may be unable to consume certain types of foods without experiencing discomfort.

    And when it comes to beverages, avoid anything that is high in sugar since it will do them no good.Instead, provide them with 1-3 bottles of water.If you want to go the extra mile, send an empty water bottle that they may refill.

    Seasonal Comforts and Necessities

    You should also take into consideration the weather that they have to deal with on a daily basis, which varies depending on the season.They will want additional layers throughout the winter, so a hat, gloves, and scarf would be very appreciated.In contrast, in the spring, they could find it useful to use an umbrella.In addition, sunglasses would be quite useful throughout the warmer months.

    So, think about the season you’re in and what would be beneficial to them throughout that season and weather conditions.

    List of Homeless Shelters & Free Lunches Nearby

    If you pass through a certain location on a regular basis, you might want to keep a list of nearby homeless shelters and free food distribution points to hand out to people who are in need.This manner, people may be able to locate some temporary shelters, food, and comforts, even if it is just for a short period of time.Please print this out in the smallest size feasible (maybe even wallet-sized) and laminate to ensure that it remains strong.Thanks for your consideration.

    So do some study for your neighborhood or many neighborhoods surrounding you (so that you can have a variety of options available depending on where the homeless person you’re assisting lives).

    How to Present the Homeless Care Package

    Keep a list of nearby homeless shelters and locations to receive free food to hand out to the homeless if you pass through a certain region on a regular basis.It is possible that they will be able to locate some spots where they may find warmth, nourishment, and comfort, even if it is just for a short time.Please print this out in the smallest size possible (maybe even wallet-sized) and laminate to ensure that it is durable.Make some research on your neighborhood or many neighborhoods surrounding you (so you can have multiple options available depending on where the homeless person you’re assisting is located).

    Don’t Find yourself unprepared to help those in need

    Every day, we are engaged in a spiritual struggle.And many folks out there are completely unaware of this.However, they are in a bad way and require assistance.Pretend you’re a member of the medical team on the battlefield.

    Jesus commands us to assist people in need, and it is our job to carry out his command.Consequently, begin preparing now and preparing to be God’s hands and feet to people who are in desperate need of assistance.

    Learn how to raise Godly Kids

    Fill out the form below to receive your free copy of the guide, 17 Ways to Raise Godly Children. Discover the 17 most important methods for raising your children in the ways of the Lord.

    Homeless Care Package Checklist

    Many checklists available online prescribe travel-sized bottles of shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant, but many fail to consider the fact that homeless individuals do not have access to a regular shower or washing machine.In your imagination, where do you think homeless individuals go to take a shower, shave, or brush their teeth?Yes, of course, when the possibility presents itself, it is beneficial.When the opportunity presents itself, it is beneficial.

    The worst part is that when they have received their care package, they will have to transport all of the bottles that you have just left them with wherever they go!They are unable to place them on the side of the bath or shower since they do not even have a bedroom, let alone an en suite bathroom in their residence.Care gifts for the homeless must also take the weather into consideration when they are being assembled.Aerosols are completely ineffective and freeze during the winter months, while they may overheat and explode during the summer months.

    Certain other items will behave in weird ways that the normal person who has a safe place to return to would have never witnessed before since they have never encountered such products in harsh weather conditions before.Consider what would happen if you left your travel-sized toiletries in your car for an extended period of time.It is not appropriate to offer it to a homeless person if the reaction is ″not good.″ Because liquid deodorant freezes and bars of soap melt, you should consider the time of year when you distribute your care packages, otherwise they may be completely ineffective to the individual you are attempting to assist with their needs.And just how much should you give to homeless people to help them stay fresh and clean, as well as what should be included in their care package?

    Let’s have a look and see.

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    What Should You Give To Homeless People To Help Them Stay Fresh and Clean?

    Because normal toiletries are so difficult to transport, keep, and clean, homeless people would be extremely grateful for huge body wipes such as Mammoth Wipes, which are available in bulk.

    Why Are Mammoth Wipes Good For Care Packages?

    Carrying It Is Simple Each bundle contains two towels that are large enough to cover the entire body.The pack is small and lightweight, and it may easily be tucked into a purse or pocket.Biodegradable Yes, if someone mistakenly leaves it behind or if there isn’t a trash can nearby, these wipes decay and become a natural part of the environment all by their own own.In all weather conditions, this product is beneficial.

    Come rain or shine, we’ll be there.The effectiveness of Mammoth wipes has not diminished.Even the most inclement weather will not deter these bad boys, and after a chilly and wet night outside, simply sit on the wipes or place them between your legs and they will warm up, allowing for an outstanding clean up when they are ready.Cleansing of the Entire Body Mammoth wipes are a special type of body wipe that is incredibly large.

    They have a pleasant aroma that is not overpowering, and they may offer the user with the sensation of a full-body wash without the need for water or a particular setting.

    Essential Homeless Care Package Checklist 2020

    1. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    2. Sanitary Items (tampons and sanitary towels)
    3. Socks – always important in any season
    4. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    5. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    6. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    7. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    8. Mammoth XXL Full Body Wipes
    9. Mammoth
    10. If you know the individual and can guess their size, new underwear is always appreciated by homeless people. A bus pass, travel card, or anything similar is often appreciated by homeless people so that they can go to where they need to go to get the things they need to get done.
    11. Sewing Kit with Scissors – so that they may repair any holes in their clothing that may have developed.
    12. In order for them to place fresh soles in their shoes, they need purchase shoe inners, which will protect their feet, aid in walking, insulate their shoes, and hide any holes.
    13. When homeless individuals are out in the elements, they use ziplock freezer bags to secure their possessions, money, and other items that need to be kept dry. Their feet are occasionally protected from damp conditions by wearing these socks inside their shoes.
    14. Hair ties and head bands – Because homeless men and women cannot afford to have their hair cut, and because it often grows very long, hair ties and head bands will be greatly appreciated by those with longer locks, and they will also be useful for tying up bags and trousers around ankles in cold weather.
    15. Undesired gift cards – notably for clothes and lingerie retailers
    16. dry shampoo – to refresh the hair
    17. and other miscellaneous items.
    18. Candy, crackers, and cordial concentrate are provided to brighten their day a little.
    19. • A hiking backpack or high-quality bag into which they may shift their belongings is the most important thing.

    Mammoth wipes are committed to helping homeless people.

    As a thank you for shopping on our website, we will match your order and distribute the excess wipes to homeless persons in the United Kingdom. You may also purchase wipes for us to contribute on your behalf at the checkout — for every pack of wipes you donate, we will donate an equal number of wipes on your behalf.

    Homeless Care Package Ideas

    The date of publication is September 5, 2021.When we think of assisting the homeless, the first things that spring to mind are monetary donations to shelters and volunteer work in soup kitchens and other charitable organizations.However, if you are unable to do all of those things, there is an extremely simple option to provide assistance: a homeless care package.A homeless care package, often known as a homeless care kit or simply as ″care kit,″ is a bag filled with supplies that are valuable to a person who is living on the streets.

    Food, water, and old clothing are among the items that the homeless are most in need of at the moment.As you are presumably aware, we are severely lacking in a variety of areas.Despite the fact that numerous local organizations and shelters are assisting them, they can only provide so much assistance.Therefore, many homeless individuals must go through the day without eating or wearing garments that are warm enough to keep them warm throughout the cold months.

    It is for this reason why care gifts or blessing bags are so important.In the case of those who are facing homelessness, a care package is more than just a bag containing the items that they require most.It’s also a symbol of hope and a method to let them know that someone still cares.Making care packages for the homeless, on the other hand, entails much more than simply putting together items that you no longer need.

    What you put in it is also important to consider.When putting together care packages for the homeless, there are a few things to bear in mind.

    What to Put in a Homeless Care Package

    Essentially, homeless care packages should include items that a homeless person is most likely to require…. This includes the following:

    1. Non-Perishable Food

    • It’s important to remember while placing items into your blessing bags that a homeless person does not have access to a refrigerator or the regular kitchen and dining utensils that the majority of us do. Thus, give them foods that are prepared and can last for several days, such as canned stews
    • bottled water
    • cereal bars
    • gum or mints
    • canned beans or tuna
    • peanut butter
    • pre-packaged cheese
    • tuna or chicken salad snack packs
    • cup noodles
    • cracker packages
    • fruit snacks
    • pudding cups
    • apple sauce jelly
    • trail mix
    • and so forth.

    Choose cans with pull-tab lids wherever feasible to make opening them as simple as possible. If you have the financial means, buy in bulk to save money on your purchases. If you don’t have anything else, you can merely reach inside your pantry. Just make sure there are still a few months left on the clock before it expires.

    2. Toiletries

    • In addition to food, the homeless are in severe need of sanitary supplies. A few of the most often used items are: soap
    • shampoo
    • toothbrushes and toothpaste
    • dental floss
    • deodorant
    • wet wipes
    • tissues
    • comb
    • nail clippers
    • feminine hygiene products
    • body lotion
    • razor
    • chapstick
    • petroleum jelly
    • and a variety of other items.

    3. First Aid Kit

    • Because they live on the streets, homeless people are continuously exposed to circumstances in which first aid is required to save their lives. As a result, if at all possible, include the following products in your care kit: Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, Tylenol or Advil, moleskin, gauze bandage, and other first-aid supplies

    4. Miscellaneous

    • Other goods you may include in your care packages are: ziplock bags, thick wool socks, warm gloves, body blankets, flashlights, sewing kits, local gift cards, words of encouragement, and a reference to local services.

    What Not to Put in a Homeless Care Package

    Having learned what to include in homeless care packages, here are some items you should avoid putting in them at all costs:

    1. Perishable items are those that expire quickly. As previously stated, the homeless do not have access to a freezer. As a result, avoid storing fresh items that would only last a day or two
    2. hard meals are also not recommended. Granola bars and beef jerky may endure for months or even years, but they aren’t the best options for those who are homeless. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people do not have access to dental treatments. As a result, some goods, such as old clothing, may cause more damage than good. Yes, clothing is required for the homeless. However, estimating a person’s size might be difficult, especially if you’re distributing care gifts to a large number of recipients. So, except from socks and gloves, refrain from inserting any clothing item in general
    3. the Bible or any religious book
    4. or any religious material. It would be quite beneficial, if you are a Christian, to read a bible verse or two throughout your most difficult times. Keep in mind, however, that not all homeless individuals are religious believers. It may even come across as disrespectful to them, rather than being beneficial. Consequently, avoid include any religious literature in your care packages, as well as any sharp or bladed objects in your care gifts. This one should be self-explanatory. In order to ensure the safety and security of those who are homeless, you should never provide any bladed or sharp objects in their care packages, including matches. Aside from the fact that the homeless are unlikely to have any need for matches, it is a fire hazard and may endanger the entire neighborhood.

    Handing Out Care Packages

    There are a variety of approaches that may be used to provide care packages to homeless folks.The most straightforward method is to hand it over to a random homeless person you come across on the street.If you can get a few of friends to put together their own homelessness care kits, that would be fantastic.You can organize a group of people and take them to homeless shelters or local public areas where the homeless congregate.

    Instead of contacting a random homeless person, you might work with an organization that helps the less fortunate.They’re generally inundated with homeless persons in need of basic supplies, so such care kits would be much appreciated by the organization.If you’re personally distributing the care kits, be in mind to first inquire as to whether or not they require assistance.Some homeless people are reluctant to accept assistance from others, either out of a sense of self-importance or a lack of confidence in strangers.

    After all, if you’ve been out on the streets for many days, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed enough to make you wary of accepting anything given to you by a complete stranger.So don’t be insulted if any of them refuse to take what you’ve offered them in exchange.There are a large number of homeless people who would be more than eager to take those care packages if they were made available.Also, don’t forget to approach the situation with dignity.

    Despite the fact that it is quite unusual, some people simply throw homeless care presents out of their automobile windows.Nobody, whether they are homeless or not, deserves that type of treatment.Make the effort to approach them, speak with them, and hand out the care package in a kind manner.But make sure you don’t walk into the room by yourself.Take a ride with another responsible adult (your partner, friends, family members).

    Obviously, I am not implying that homeless people are harmful, but it is apparent that there are some rotten apples among the flock.It doesn’t hurt to take a few additional measures in these types of situations.Having said that, distributing care packages to the homeless is one of the most effective things you can do to help them.It simply takes a single act of kindness to brighten someone’s day on some occasions.

    1. And, at the end of the day, a little bit of compassion is all that our planet truly needs to function properly.

    What would you need if you lived on the street?

    Take a moment to imagine yourself in the shoes of someone with little finances, limited room, and who must essentially carry everything they possess with them throughout the day on a daily basis. The following are some pointers and items to keep in mind while putting together care packages and blessing bags for those in need.

    Homeless Care Package Tips

    Use a quart size Ziploc style plastic bag with travel size and single serving items.

    We prefer to offer as much as we can in the spirit of giving, but keep in mind that a person who does not have a home or a car has very limited place to store stuff. Consider a care box as a present that will be used for a limited period of time. Fully loaded shampoo bottles would prove to be more of a bother than a benefit.

    Consider the different needs of both men and women.

    Gender specific care packages might include goods such as feminine hygiene supplies for women and disposable razors for men, among other things.

    Non-perishable food items that are easy to eat.

    Food goods should have a lengthy shelf life and should not be prone to deterioration.You should provide a plastic spoon if you’re serving applesauce or tuna that has been packed in foil.It is also important to remember the fact that many people do not have access to regular dental treatment.Avoid items that demand strong teeth, such as nuts and hard granola bars, if you have sensitive teeth.

    Their pets need a little help too

    Make a couple of different bags for their pets if they have any. Keep their animal companions healthy and happy by stocking up on little bags of treats or kibble, as well as single-serving pet food containers.

    Keep a bunch in your car

    You’ll be able to provide them more readily if you come across someone who is in need. Identify a nearby outreach facility that offers hot meals, baths, a place to charge their phones, and other amenities that might assist them in getting back on their feet.

    What to Avoid

    Soap – Many of the establishments that provide showers will also supply soap.Hand sanitizer and mouthwash – Avoid using things that contain alcohol since they might provide a problem for someone who is at risk of becoming addicted to alcohol.Large items – Due to the fact that they would be difficult to transport and store.Clothing — Many shelters supply quality secondhand stuff, but it’s difficult to gauge the sizes you’ll need to purchase based on the clothing provided.

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