What Zip Code Is 214?

CITY and (COUNTY) ZIP CODE. STATE. AREA CODE. Dallas – (Dallas) 75201. Texas. 214. Dallas – (Dallas)
Area Code 214

List of All Zipcodes in Area Code 214
Zip Code Postal City Metro Area
Zip Code 75226 Dallas Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Zip Code 75189 Royse City Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
Zip Code 75228 Dallas Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

The American 214 area code serves Dallas and other 70 cities. The American area code 214 is one of the original 86 area codes created by AT&T and the Bell System in 1947. It originally served northeastern Texas including Dallas/Fort Worth. In 1996, area code 972 was created and is currently an overlay to 214.

Where is the 214 area code?

The 214 area code currently serves Dallas County and an eastern portion of neighboring Tarrant County. And, while it shares coverage with the 972 area code, the 214 area code is most prominent in the cities of Dallas County and Collin County, primarily serving the cities of Dallas, Plano, Garland, Irving, and Mesquite.

Is 214 a Dallas area code?

Area code 214, 469 and 972 includes Dallas along with other major counties like Collin, Ellis, Rockwall, Navarro and more.

What time zone is 214?

Get the name, address, and phone carrier for any number

State: Texas
Major City: Dallas
Timezone: Central
Current Time: 10:07pm
Short URL: allareacodes.com/214

Where is the 817 area code?

The area code 817 is a Northern Texas area code covering major cities like Fort Worth, Arlington, and North Richland Hills. Overlaid by area code 682, it serves more than 40 cities belonging to the counties of Denton, Hood, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant, and Wise.

What area code is 219?

Area code 219 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan for Northwest Indiana, including the state’s portion of the Chicago metropolitan area, which includes Lake, Porter, La Porte, Newton, and Jasper Counties.

What area code is 512?

Area code 512 covers Central Texas, most notably, the city of Austin.

What’s Texas ZIP code?

Zip Code List County – Dallas County, Texas

Zip Code City County
75254 Dallas Dallas County
75258 Dallas Dallas County
75260 Dallas Dallas County
75261 Dallas Dallas County

What area code is 218?

Area code 218 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan for the northern part of the U.S. state of Minnesota. It is assigned to the largest of Minnesota’s original two numbering plan areas, although its geographical boundaries have been modified since inception.

What’s the time now in taxes?

Current Local Time in Locations in Texas with Links for More Information (70 Locations)
Denton * Sun 12:01 pm
El Paso * Sun 11:01 am
Fort Worth * Sun 12:01 pm
Galveston * Sun 12:01 pm

Which area code is 901?

Memphis, Tennessee is in the 901 area code in Shelby County, Tennessee.

Is area code 817 a toll free number?

The (817) Area Code is not a toll-free number.

What time is area code 817?

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State: Texas
Major City: Fort Worth
Timezone: Central
Current Time: 7:43pm
Short URL: allareacodes.com/817

What time is it in area code 817 now?

12:31:09 AM is the current time in area code 817 (Central Time).


AREA CODE – CITY – ZIP CODE – STATISTICAL INFORMATION TEXAS – area code: 214 – real estate The following area codes are included on this page:210-214-254, 281-409-512, 713-806-817-830, 903-915, 936-940, 956-972, and 979.

Dallas – (Dallas) 75201 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75202 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75203 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75204 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75205 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75206 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75207 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75208 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75209 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75210 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75211 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75212 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75214 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75215 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75216 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75217 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75218 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75219 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75220 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75221 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75222 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75223 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75224 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75225 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75226 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75227 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75228 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75229 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75230 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75231 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75233 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75235 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75236 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75237 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75238 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75239 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75240 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75241 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75242 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75243 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75245 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75246 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75247 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75249 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75250 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75251 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75253 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75254 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75258 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75260 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75261 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75262 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75263 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75264 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75265 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75266 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75267 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75270 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75275 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75277 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75283 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75284 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75285 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75286 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75295 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75301 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75303 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75310 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75312 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75313 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75315 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75320 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75323 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75326 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75336 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75339 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75342 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75346 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75353 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75354 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75355 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75356 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75357 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75359 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75360 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75363 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75364 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75367 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75368 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75369 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75370 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75371 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75372 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75373 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75374 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75376 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75378 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75379 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75380 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75381 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75382 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75386 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75387 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75388 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75389 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75390 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75391 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75392 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75393 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75394 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75395 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75396 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75397 Texas 214
Dallas – (Dallas) 75398 Texas 214
Desoto – (Dallas) 75123 Texas 214

The worldwide country codes, city codes, area codes, and dialing codes mentioned in this table are solely for the purpose of providing you with further information. We cannot guarantee that all of the information contained in this table is correct and up to date.

Area Code 214 Census Data

Data Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Area Code 214 Covers These States

Area Code 214 covers 6 Counties

Area Code 214 Demographic Information *

Population: 2,321,856
White Population: 1,432,117
Black Population: 415,105
Hispanic Population: 637,397
Asian Population: 101,415
Hawaiian Population: 1,292
Indian Population: 12,580
Other Population: 298,666
Male Population: 1,164,154
Female Population: 1,157,702
Avg House Value: $135,152.38
Avg Household Income: $50,771.07
Avg Persons Per Household: 2.63
Median Age: 31.84
Median Age (Male): 31.23
Median Age (Female): 32.37

* Demographic data is based on statistics from the 2010 United States Census Bureau.

Area Code 214 covers 39 Cities

  • Addison, Texas
  • Allen, Texas
  • Anna, Texas
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Balch Springs, Texas
  • Bardwell, Texas
  • Carrollton, Texas
  • Cedar Hill, Texas
  • Celina, Texas
  • Coppell, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Duncanville, Texas
  • Ennis, Texas
  • Euless, Texas
  • Irving, Texas
  • Fate, Texas
  • Flower Mound, Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Grapevine, Texas
  • Irving, Texas
  • Lancaster, Texas
  • Lewisville, Texas
  • Mckinney, Texas
  • Melissa, Texas
  • Mesquite, Texas
  • Midlothian, Texas
  • Plano, Texas
  • and more cities in Texas.
  • We are located in the following cities: Prosper, TX
  • Red Oak, TX
  • Richardson, TX
  • Rockwall, TX
  • Rowlett, TX
  • Sachse, TX
  • Seagoville, TX
  • Sunnyvale, TX
  • Westminster, TX
  • Weston, TX.

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Dallas, TX Local Phone Numbers

  • When your local company presence isn’t enough to reach your clients, Nextiva puts you where they are.
  • With Nextiva, any company may extend their phone number to include a Dallas area code.
  • Sign up for business VoIP services now and expand your reach into area codes 214, 469, and 972!
  • A Dallas area code is a valuable asset for any company looking to expand its operations in Texas.
  • The metropolis has a population of over 1.3 million people and occupies an area of 385 square miles.

It is the third most populous city in Texas and the ninth most populous city in the United States.Dallas, as well as other significant counties such as Collin, Ellis, Rockwall, Navarro, and others, are served by area codes 214, 469, and 972, respectively.Dallas is located in the eastern section of the state, 32 miles from Fort Worth, 196 miles from Austin, and 206 miles from Oklahoma City.It is connected to the rest of the state via highways.

NextivaLoves Dallas

  • The city of Dallas was created in 1841 by John Neely Bryan and incorporated in 1856 by the Texas legislature.
  • Construction of the Houston and Central Texas Railroad, which passed through the city in 1871, resulted in a population explosion in the community.
  • Beginning in 1931, the discovery of oil and expansion of the industry helped to establish the city as a national destination, and a tech boom in the 1960s and 1970s extended the city’s prominence in the country.
  • The Dallas area code has managed to thrive despite a fluctuating economy, and the city of Dallas is still firmly ranked among the top ten largest in the United States.
  • Despite the fact that the city’s economy was founded on farming and ranching, times have changed in the area.

Oil and technology are now two of the most important industries in the Dallas area code.The city is home to nine Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, which ranked ninth on the list, Energy Transfer Equity, Tenet Healthcare, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Jacobs Engineering Group, HollyFrontier, Dean Foods, Builders FirstSource, and Vistra Energy.Other notable companies in the city include Energy Transfer Equity, Tenet Healthcare, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Jacobs Engineering Group, HollyFrontier, Dean Foods, Builders FirstSource, and Vistra Energy.Seven other Fortune 1000 firms are located in the area codes 214, 469, and 972, including Neiman Marcus Group, Trinity Industries, Alon USA Energy, Atmos Energy, Brinker International, Comerica, and Primoris Services, among others.Other major enterprises in the city include Mary Kay Cosmetics, 7-Eleven, Chuck E.Cheese, and the Zale Corporation, among others.

The Bank of America Corporation is the largest employer in the Dallas area code, followed by the Dallas Independent School District.As of right now, the unemployment rate in Dallas is only 3.9 percent, which is much lower than the national average of 5.2 percent (see chart below).Furthermore, during the next 10 years, it is estimated that the number of jobs would increase by more than 42 percent.The average household income in area codes 214, 469, and 972 is $43,000, which is a little less than the national average of $53,000 per family.

  • Eighteen percent of the population earns more than $100,000 a year, and the three most popular jobs for those living in the Dallas area code are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and building and construction.
  • In the thriving Texas economy, having a Dallas area code will benefit your company regardless of whether it is in the oil, technology, finance, or any other field of endeavor.
  • It is not necessary to relocate your firm or to establish a new office in the city.
  • As an alternative, Nextiva offers area codes 214, 469, and 972 for purchase for your company.

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  • System updates are simple and allow for easy tweaks and growth.

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Everything about the Dallas area code is ready to use right away, so all you have to do is pick the number you want and you’re ready to go.As an alternative, you can make use of an existing company number, which is also feasible with the Nextiva rollover system.There is no need for additional equipment, so you can begin at any time and answer local calls to your Dallas phone number from any location in the globe using your tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone without interruption.Every Nextiva digital phone system also has a number of other features that can help you manage your business more efficiently.Take use of advanced PBX features such as voicemail to email, conference call capability, and call recording to start.

In addition, you will have access to the Nextiva Auto Attendant.Through the use of automated phone systems, this specialized software removes the need for a receptionist and directs your clients to the appropriate extension.Using this program, you can give a professional appearance to both clients and rivals, while also saving time and money for your organization!When you acquire area codes 214, 469, and 972 from Nextiva, you’ll also have access to the NextOS software, which is exclusive to Nextiva.

No matter where you are in the globe, you will always be in command with this program.With NextOS, you can manage all of your users, features, and billing in one convenient location.Maintain control over your account and business, regardless of how many lines you have..

If you want a more in-depth insight of your callers and client base, you can even rely on other services like Nextiva Analytics.When you’re ready to grow your business, Nextiva makes it easier than ever before to do it.Add another Dallas area code or phone numbers from other parts of the country, and just pay for what you use and when you use it, instead of paying for everything.Growing your business with Nextiva is straightforward because to the company’s flexible upgrade system and inexpensive pricing.Finally, the Nextiva no-hidden-cost guarantee ensures that you will never be charged a fee that is not disclosed upfront.

Customers appreciate the company’s commitment to transparency in invoicing and outstanding customer service.Each Dallas area code has access to a customer service staff that is available seven days a week.No matter what queries you have or what troubleshooting you require, Nextiva is here to help.

Because they understand how essential your time is, the customer support department will answer your call on the second ring 95 percent of the time.If your company is looking to expand in Texas, the area codes 214, 496, and 972 might be a tremendous advantage.Simply dial Nextiva’s toll-free number, and you’ll be on your way to quick activation in no time!

  • Take advantage of competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and comprehensive packages that include all of the software and services you require to succeed.
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Area Code 817 [Select & Buy a Texas Local Number]

It is estimated that the region served by this area code has a total population of at least 1.7 million people.Each of the three largest cities, which together account for more than two-thirds of the region’s population, has a typical family income that ranges from $49,000 to $64,000.Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, American Airlines, and Bell Helicopter are just a few of the prominent employers in the region.Fort Worth is the 17th most populous city in the United States and the fifth most populous city in the state of Texas.Strong linkages between Fort Worth and the Air Force enabled enterprises in the defense and aerospace industries, as well as flight science and engineering, to prosper.

This region is also well-known for its business in the fields of science and information technology, building, retail, social services, and manufacturing, among other things.While Arlington, Texas ranks 50th in terms of overall population in the United States and seventh in the state of Texas, it is the most populated city in the state of Texas.Texas Health Resources, the Arlington Independent School District, the University of Texas at Arlington, Six Flags Over Texas, General Motors, and JP Morgan Chase are some of the city’s most important employers.According to Forbes magazine, the area including Fort Worth and Arlington has established itself as the 15th Best Place for Business and Careers in the United States as of 2013.

Business costs, employment growth, citizens’ educational attainment and population size were all considered in determining the decision.Area codes 940, 254, 214, 469, 972, 430, and 903 surround area code 817, as do area codes 940, 254, 214, and 903.Area codes 940 to the northwest, which extends up to Wichita Falls, 430 and 903 to the east, and area code 254 to the south, which includes Waco, are all in the state’s telecommunications network.

Do you require a phone number with the area code 817 for your company?Make use of the phone number lookup tool located at the top of this page.Are you more concerned with expanding the reach of your company’s product or service?RingCentral can assist you in obtaining an 800 toll-free number for your company’s use.

CI Gateway Zip Code List

Zip Code City County
75001 Addison Dallas County
75006 Carrollton Dallas County
75011 Carrollton Dallas County
75014 Irving Dallas County
75015 Irving Dallas County
75016 Irving Dallas County
75017 Irving Dallas County
75019 Coppell Dallas County
75030 Rowlett Dallas County
75038 Irving Dallas County
75039 Irving Dallas County
75040 Garland Dallas County
75041 Garland Dallas County
75042 Garland Dallas County
75043 Garland Dallas County
75044 Garland Dallas County
75045 Garland Dallas County
75046 Garland Dallas County
75047 Garland Dallas County
75048 Garland Dallas County
75048 Sachse Dallas County
75049 Garland Dallas County
75050 Grand Prairie Dallas County
75051 Grand Prairie Dallas County
75052 Grand Prairie Dallas County
75053 Grand Prairie Dallas County
75054 Grand Prairie Dallas County
75060 Irving Dallas County
75061 Irving Dallas County
75062 Irving Dallas County
75063 Irving Dallas County
75080 Richardson Dallas County
75081 Richardson Dallas County
75082 Richardson Dallas County
75083 Richardson Dallas County
75085 Richardson Dallas County
75088 Rowlett Dallas County
75089 Rowlett Dallas County
75104 Cedar Hill Dallas County
75106 Cedar Hill Dallas County
75115 DeSoto Dallas County
75116 Duncanville Dallas County
75123 DeSoto Dallas County
75134 Lancaster Dallas County
75137 Duncanville Dallas County
75138 Duncanville Dallas County
75141 Hutchins Dallas County
75146 Lancaster Dallas County
75149 Mesquite Dallas County
75150 Mesquite Dallas County
75159 Combine Dallas County
75159 Seagoville Dallas County
Zip Code City County
75172 Wilmer Dallas County
75180 Balch Springs Dallas County
75180 Mesquite Dallas County
75181 Mesquite Dallas County
75182 Mesquite Dallas County
75182 Sunnyvale Dallas County
75185 Mesquite Dallas County
75187 Mesquite Dallas County
75201 Dallas Dallas County
75202 Dallas Dallas County
75203 Dallas Dallas County
75204 Dallas Dallas County
75205 Dallas Dallas County
75206 Dallas Dallas County
75207 Dallas Dallas County
75208 Dallas Dallas County
75209 Dallas Dallas County
75210 Dallas Dallas County
75211 Dallas Dallas County
75212 Dallas Dallas County
75214 Dallas Dallas County
75215 Dallas Dallas County
75216 Dallas Dallas County
75217 Dallas Dallas County
75218 Dallas Dallas County
75219 Dallas Dallas County
75220 Dallas Dallas County
75221 Dallas Dallas County
75222 Dallas Dallas County
75223 Dallas Dallas County
75224 Dallas Dallas County
75225 Dallas Dallas County
75226 Dallas Dallas County
75227 Dallas Dallas County
75228 Dallas Dallas County
75229 Dallas Dallas County
75230 Dallas Dallas County
75231 Dallas Dallas County
75232 Dallas Dallas County
75233 Dallas Dallas County
75234 Dallas Dallas County
75234 Farmers Branch Dallas County
75235 Dallas Dallas County
75236 Dallas Dallas County
75237 Dallas Dallas County
75238 Dallas Dallas County
75239 Dallas Dallas County
75240 Dallas Dallas County
75241 Dallas Dallas County
75242 Dallas Dallas County
75243 Dallas Dallas County
Zip Code City County
75244 Dallas Dallas County
75244 Farmers Branch Dallas County
75245 Dallas Dallas County
75246 Dallas Dallas County
75247 Dallas Dallas County
75248 Dallas Dallas County
75249 Dallas Dallas County
75250 Dallas Dallas County
75251 Dallas Dallas County
75253 Dallas Dallas County
75254 Dallas Dallas County
75258 Dallas Dallas County
75260 Dallas Dallas County
75261 Dallas Dallas County
75262 Dallas Dallas County
75263 Dallas Dallas County
75264 Dallas Dallas County
75265 Dallas Dallas County
75266 Dallas Dallas County
75267 Dallas Dallas County
75270 Dallas Dallas County
75295 Dallas Dallas County
75313 Dallas Dallas County
75315 Dallas Dallas County
75336 Dallas Dallas County
75339 Dallas Dallas County
75342 Dallas Dallas County
75354 Dallas Dallas County
75355 Dallas Dallas County
75356 Dallas Dallas County
75357 Dallas Dallas County
75359 Dallas Dallas County
75360 Dallas Dallas County
75367 Dallas Dallas County
75370 Dallas Dallas County
75371 Dallas Dallas County
75372 Dallas Dallas County
75374 Dallas Dallas County
75376 Dallas Dallas County
75378 Dallas Dallas County
75379 Dallas Dallas County
75380 Dallas Dallas County
75381 Dallas Dallas County
75382 Dallas Dallas County
75398 Dallas Dallas County

Time in Texas, United States

Fullscreen at 20:42:03 on Saturday, March 19, 2022 in the majority of Texas

State: Texas
Abbreviation: TX
State Capital: Austin
Country: United States
Time Zones: 2

Texas’s time zones are based on the time in the United States.

Current Local Time in Locations in Texas with Links for More Information (70 Locations)

Abilene * Sat 20:42 Granbury * Sat 20:42 Mineola * Sat 20:42
Allen * Sat 20:42 Grand Prairie * Sat 20:42 Nacogdoches * Sat 20:42
Amarillo * Sat 20:42 Greenville * Sat 20:42 Odessa * Sat 20:42
Arlington * Sat 20:42 Guadalupe Mountains National Park * Sat 19:42 Orange * Sat 20:42
Austin * Sat 20:42 Hawkins * Sat 20:42 Palestine * Sat 20:42
Beaumont * Sat 20:42 Hereford * Sat 20:42 Pasadena * Sat 20:42
Brownsville * Sat 20:42 Houston * Sat 20:42 Plano * Sat 20:42
Bryan – College Station * Sat 20:42 Hudspeth County * Sat 19:42 Rosenberg * Sat 20:42
Burleson * Sat 20:42 Irving * Sat 20:42 San Angelo * Sat 20:42
Carrollton * Sat 20:42 Junction * Sat 20:42 San Antonio * Sat 20:42
Cleburne * Sat 20:42 Kilgore * Sat 20:42 San Marcos * Sat 20:42
Commerce * Sat 20:42 Killeen * Sat 20:42 Sherman * Sat 20:42
Conroe * Sat 20:42 Kyle * Sat 20:42 Temple * Sat 20:42
Corpus Christi * Sat 20:42 Lampasas * Sat 20:42 Tomball * Sat 20:42
Corsicana * Sat 20:42 Laredo * Sat 20:42 Tyler * Sat 20:42
Culberson County * Sat 20:42 Lewisville * Sat 20:42 Uvalde * Sat 20:42
Dallas * Sat 20:42 Livingston * Sat 20:42 Victoria * Sat 20:42
Denison * Sat 20:42 Longview * Sat 20:42 Waco * Sat 20:42
Denton * Sat 20:42 Lubbock * Sat 20:42 Waxahachie * Sat 20:42
El Paso * Sat 19:42 Mansfield * Sat 20:42 Wharton * Sat 20:42
Fort Worth * Sat 20:42 McAllen * Sat 20:42 Wichita Falls * Sat 20:42
Galveston * Sat 20:42 McKinney * Sat 20:42 Wylie * Sat 20:42
Garland * Sat 20:42 Mesquite * Sat 20:42
Gladewater * Sat 20:42 Midland * Sat 20:42

*Time has been adjusted to account for Daylight Saving TimePopup Window FullscreenExitTexas20:4203 Saturday, March 19, 2022 is a Saturday. Do you require assistance?

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  • Distance calculator to and from Austin
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  • Embedding a free clock for Austin on your website or blog is a good idea.

Calendar & Holidays

Create a calendar for the United States.

Upcoming Holidays

  • Day of César Chavez on March 31, Good Friday on April 15, and San Jacinto Day on April 21.

In the United States, there are more holidays.


  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, AUSA, is approximately 11 kilometers southeast of Austin
  • Camp Mabry Austin City, ATT, is approximately 6 kilometers northwest of Austin
  • and San Antonio International Airport, SAT, is approximately 108 kilometers southwest of Austin.

Memphis, TN Local Phone Numbers

When your local company presence isn’t enough to reach your clients, Nextiva puts you where they are.When you use Nextiva VoIP services, getting a Memphis area code for your company is an easy process.Simply dial the area code 901 now to get it activated immediately.Memphis is the second-largest city in Tennessee in terms of both size and population, after Nashville, which is the state capital.The city has a population of around 652,000 people and occupies an area of 324 square miles.

It is located in the southwestern section of the state, along the Mississippi River, and the area code 901 encompasses both Shelby and Tipton counties in the state of Mississippi.Memphis is located 212 miles away from Nashville and 137 miles away from Little Rock, respectively.Founded in 1819, Memphis became a city in 1826 after being established in 1819.Because of its advantageous location on the Mississippi River, the city swiftly grew in importance as a commercial and transportation hub in the region, and by 1870, it was the second biggest city in the region.

The 901 area code is the place to be

Over the course of the twentieth century, the cotton and timber industries flourished in the city, which later became a focal point of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s.As a result, the Memphis economy now includes a diverse range of businesses, and the city comfortably ranks as the 24th most populous in the United States.Three Fortune 500 firms are headquartered in the Memphis area code.The largest is FedEx, which was rated 58th on the 2017 list of the largest companies.International Paper is ranked second at 133, and Auto Zone is ranked third at 270.

The area code 901 is also home to four Fortune 1000 corporations.It is comprised of ServiceMaster Global Holdings, a business and residential service provider, the Verso publishing house, Fred’s department shops, and Mueller Industries, a plumbing and industrial solutions company.However, in addition to the Fortune 1000 companies, other major employers in the Memphis area code are: the United States Government, St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Memphis City Schools, Methodist Healthcare, Baptist Healthcare Memorial Corp., Naval Support Activity Mid-South, the University of Tennessee-Memphis, and all levels of local, state, and federal government.

It is estimated that the unemployment rate in Memphis is 6.3 percent, higher than the national average of 5.2 percent.Future job growth, on the other hand, is anticipated to be 35 percent over the following ten years.There are 37,000 households in area code 901, with an average household income of $37,000, which is much lower than the national average of 53,000 dollars per home.

The most prevalent employment among Memphis inhabitants are health care and social support, transportation and warehousing, and retail commerce.In 2012, Memphis was ranked among the top five ″happiest cities to work in″ according to Forbes magazine.Memphis, on the other hand, was included in the same publication’s 2011 list of ″America’s Most Dangerous Cities,″ where it was ranked second.In addition, Memphis was named one of Kiplinger’s most inexpensive cities in America, and the city is well-known for its famed BBQ and for being the birthplace of blues music in the United States.Southern Women’s Show, Beale Street Music Festival, Blues Music Awards, Elvis Tribute Week, and the St.

Jude Marathon are among the yearly events that draw large crowds in the area code 901 each year.

Nextiva digital phone system benefits include:

  • Local Business Presence is important. It is possible to access and operate a Memphis, TN phone number from any location in the globe.
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Experience the Nextiva Difference

With a Memphis area code, any company in Tennessee has the opportunity to grow.When you acquire the area code 901 from Nextiva, you will be able to reach the local market.Make a copy of your existing company phone number and add the Memphis area code to it, or start with a new number.Get quick activation and begin using your VoIP services as soon as possible after that!Due to the fact that Nextiva digital phone systems do not require any additional equipment, you may answer calls to area code 901 on computers and cellphones from any location in the globe.

But that’s not all there is.Every Nextiva area code also has strong PBX capabilities that will assist you in running your business more efficiently.Voicemail to email services, call recording, and conference calls are all included in your subscription at no additional cost, so there are no hidden fees.In addition, your firm will have access to the Nextiva Auto Attendant system.

Customers are directed to the appropriate extension by this pre-recorded software, which eliminates the need for a receptionist and saves time and money for your company.It also conveys a professional image to all callers, regardless of how large or little your organization may be.When you’re ready to take the next step, Nextiva makes it easy.

Since to the flexible upgrade system, adding new area codes and extensions is now easier than ever, and you only pay for what you use, when you use it, because you only pay for what you use.You may also take use of other services such as Nextiva Analytics to gain a more in-depth insight of your callers and better serve your client base.With the NextOS software, you can maintain complete control over your phone system, whether you have a single Memphis area code or lines all over the country.The system consolidates all of your users, features, and payment information into an one location, allowing you to stay on top of your business no matter where you are in the globe and working from.Best of all, the low price and ″no hidden costs″ promise make extending your business to include area code 901 a possibility for businesses of any size or budget, and you can rest certain that you will never be surprised by additional charges on your bill when you use our services.

Nextiva digital phone systems, as well as its rapid customer care, are known for their transparent billing practices and responsiveness.We have a customer service staff that is 100 percent in-house that is available seven days a week to address any queries you may have.Everything from troubleshooting to add-on features and everything in between, Nextiva has your back when it comes to learning about VoIP services and how they work.

So, what are you waiting for?Get started now!For a little fee, you can obtain free additional PBX features, easy-to-use software, flexible upgrade opportunities, and excellent customer support in addition to your Memphis area code.

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(817) Area Code Business Phone Numbers

Yes, in addition to numbers in Texas’s (817) Area Code, we also have numbers in a variety of local area codes around the state.We also provide numbers for a large variety of area codes around the United States.Our inventory is continually being updated with new phone numbers, including those from the most popular area codes.Using our ″Find Your Number″ tool, which is displayed at the top of every page, you may check the available numbers for any area code at any time of day or night.We hope you are able to locate the ideal phone number for your company!

If you want assistance in picking a phone number, please let us know and we will assist you in locating a business phone number for your company.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual business phone number is just like any other phone number in terms of functionality.You will be able to make and receive phone calls, as well as receive voicemail.A virtual phone number, on the other hand, allows you to have a dedicated business phone number on the same phone as a personal phone number, which is not possible with a traditional phone number.A virtual phone number does not necessitate the purchase of any extra gear.You continue to use your phone in the same manner as before.

I Already Have a Business Phone Number in The (817) Area Code. Can I Move My Number to GBPN?

Yes, you are able to transfer your phone number to the GBPN. ″Porting″ is the term used to describe the process of changing or transferring a phone number. There will be no price from us; however, your current service provider may charge you a fee for switching. For additional information, please read our phone number porting page.

What Is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity number is a series of digits that are easy to remember and are used for marketing purposes, such as 1-800-PET-FOOD or 1-800-GO-FEDEx, for example.Whenever you phone 1-800-PET-FOOD, you are actually dialing the number 1-800-732-3663.Toll-free numbers are not the only type of vanity numbers available.You may get a vanity phone number that also serves as a local phone number.In the case that you have a local phone number of 817-555-3663, your vanity phone number would be 817-555-FOOD (for food).

What Kind of Installation Do I Need for Your Service?

There is no additional hardware required, and there is no installation necessary. You will continue to use your current cell phone. Our virtual business phone number solution makes use of your current internet connection to operate.

Is (817) Area Code a Toll-Free Number?

Additionally, there is no need to install any additional gear or software. The cell phone that you now have will be utilized. Using your existing internet connection, we can provide you with a business phone number.

Area Code 214

Allen: 383 495 509 547 644 667 785 Anna: 831 935 Carrollton: 304 390 483 731 Allen: 383 495 509 547 644 667 785 Anna: 831 935 Carrollton: 304 390 483 731 Celina 851 Cedar Hill 203 247 602 Cedar Hill 200 205 206 209 210 217 219 220 221 224 229 231 234 237 239 242 243 245 257 258 259 261 262 265 266 267 269 270 271 272 273 275 276 279 281 283 286 290 292 294 295 296 302 303 306 308 309 312 313 319 700 706 710 712 716 719 720 721 722 723 727 730 736 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 760 761 764 765 777 779 780 782 792 800 810 812 815 818 819 820 821 823 826 827 828 840 841 844 845 849 853 854 855 857 858 859 860 8 The following numbers are for the Dallas Fort Worth Airport: 233 699 702 997 De Soto 216 Ennis 241 Frisco 297 387 407 423 436 469 472 618 619 705 872 975 Grand Prairie 201 202 204 207 208 212 213 215 225 228 232 235 236 240 244 246 248 249 255 263 264 268 274 278 280 282 284 287 Irving 223 226 260 277 300 301 441 492 493 499 500 519 524 529 541 591 594 596 614 636 687 783 886 995 614 636 687 783 886 995 614 636 687 783 886 995 Prosper 338 Red Oak 617 Rockwall 771 Seagoville 506 Waxahachie 230 399 609 949 Waxahachie 230 399 609 949 Waxahachie 230 399 609 949 Waxahachie 230 399 609 949 Waxahachie 218 250 385 386 471 491 504 544 548 551 578 585 592 620 726 733 842 901 Plano 227 751 total records were found.

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