Where To Return Dhl Package?

RETURN SHIPMENTS. Returning a package with DHL Express is very easy. You can either drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint or schedule a pickup for our courier.
Simply use the DHL return label that was included with your order or sent to you by e-mail by the online store to return your parcel. Remove any old labels, stick the return label on the package, and drop off your parcel at a DHL ServicePoint near you. We’ll make sure that it is returned to the sender.

How can DHL help you with your returns?

With this your customers or customer service department can easily create the returns on your website. Your customer then drops off the parcel at a DHL ServicePoint nearby, or you can offer them a pick up right at their address. That’s even easier!

Can I drop off a parcel at a DHL ServicePoint?

You can drop off your parcel at a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint and save money on your parcel delivery. If your recipient isn’t going to be home at the time of the delivery, they can opt to collect their parcel from a ServicePoint. It’s simple to return a parcel too. Generate a reverse label in the account section and send to your recipient.

How do I arrange a DHL pickup?

To schedule a pick-up by a DHL courier, first have this information ready for the online pick-up request form:

  1. Your account number.
  2. Pick-up location contact.
  3. Pick-up location address.
  4. Package location information.
  5. Total number of packages.
  6. Weight of shipment.
  7. Contact’s phone and email address.

How do you send a DHL package?

Three simple steps are all it takes:

  1. Prepare & Register. Pack your package with your own packaging.
  2. Pay & Print. Paying shipping, printing mailing labels and any customs documents can be done from home as you can do from your DHL agent.
  3. Leave & Send. Leave your package with one of our 1500 DHL agents.

Can you return DHL at post office?

How to send it back? Send your return via any post office and Point POST.

How do I create a return label in DHL?

Labels Creation by DHL Shipping Manager

  1. In the drop-down list “Actions” select “Create DHL Labels for Orders”
  2. Press the button “Submit”

Will DHL pick up?

DHL SCHEDULED PICKUP. Have parcels conveniently picked up. Arrange for your shipments to be picked up by the deliverer wherever it’s convenient for you. Simply enter an address of your choice and arrange for the parcel to be picked up there, with no fuss.

How do I Organise a courier pick up?

How to arrange our courier service?

  1. Head to our quote and book page and enter your parcel details.
  2. Select your preferred service and pickup/drop off option.
  3. Choose additional compensation cover if required.
  4. Pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal.
  5. The parcel label will be emailed for you to print and affix to the parcel.

Does USPS accept DHL packages?

You can drop off your DHL eCommerce packet at any USPS Post Office. Find your nearest USPS Post Office.

How do I Courier a document?

For example, if u want to post a letter then here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Step 1: Buy an envelope from the post office and inserting the letter inside the envelope, paste it and write ‘speed post’ at the top.
  2. Step 2: Mention the receiver’s name, postal address and phone number on the left side of the envelope.

How does DHL drop off?

When you drop a parcel off at a DHL Service Point, there’s no need to weigh or measure in store. Our prices are based on the size of the FREE box or envelope you choose and the parcel’s destination. Take a look at our size & price guide to see our packaging range and simple pricing structure.

What is a DHL waybill?

The waybill is the shipment’s version of the passport. It contains all the information that the relevant authorities need to know about its point of origin, its contents, where it is headed, and the route it will take.

How do you return something online?

  1. Read the store’s return policy. Before you purchase anything, carefully read through the store’s policy about how to return something you ordered online.
  2. Keep the original packaging.
  3. Take photos of any damage or defects.
  4. Start the return process ASAP.

How do I create a return label?

3 steps to creating a return label

  1. Step 1: Choose a shipping carrier and mail class. When creating your own return label, you’ll select which shipping carrier you want to go through and which mail class the package falls under.
  2. Step 2: Enter the address. Provide your business’s return address.
  3. Step 3: Pay for postage.

Where do I put return label on package?

Place the label on the outside of the box, if possible on the widest side. Do not place it on a closing line or on the tape used to close the package. Make sure that the information on the label is correct and complete (sender and receiver details, and weight of the shipment).

How late does DHL deliver packages in the United States?

“End of day” for DHL delivery would mean the package will be delivered before 12 midnight. However, for shipments that are slated to be delivered to non-residential destinations the closing hours will act as the end of the day.

How to refuse DHL package?

You contact your local DHL office by phone or e-mail and ask them to do so. You would need an airway bill or tracking number to do so. Even then it is unlikely that they will actually return the package as cannot identify you as the intended recipient of the parcel.

What does returned to shipper mean with DHL?

What does returned to shipper mean with DHL? Means the shipment could not be delivered to the receiver possibly for the below reasons, The item maybe damaged and rejected by the receiver. The item shipped is illegal in the receiver country (This usually wont happen because this will be blocked before shipping or bagging).

Can I drop off DHL package in a post office,?

You can drop off your DHL eCommerce packet at any USPS Post Office. Find your nearest USPS Post Office. Since DHL is a global carrier, they partner with local service centers across the world to accept drop-offs. Once you’ve purchased a DHL Express label, you can drop off your shipments at your nearest UPS Store.

Parcel Returns

There are a variety of reasons why your receiver might need to return a package to you.For example, you may have sold an article of clothes on eBay that was the wrong size, or you may have loaned your favorite book to a friend and would want it back after they’ve finished reading it.Whatever your reason for requiring an item to be returned to you, booking a return service on the DHL Parcel UK website is quick and simple.Through DHL Parcel UK, you may have any parcel that has been shipped to a UK address returned to the sender.Simply generate a reverse label on the DHL Parcel UK website and send it to the address provided.

This may be accomplished through the Account section.Simply choose the order you wish to produce a reverse label for from the list of all orders by clicking ‘View all orders’.Finally, press the ‘Generate reverse label’ button to complete the process.

The sequence in which you initially generated it will be flipped around.Using the above example, if you dropped off the item at a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint and it was then delivered to the recipient’s house, the opposite order will be used for home pickup and ServicePoint delivery in the future.You needn’t be concerned because these information aren’t locked in – simply click on ″Amend″ to choose a new service.

  1. After you have placed your order and paid for your delivery, a PDF of the label will be created for your convenience.
  2. Save this to your computer and send it to the person you’re sending it to.
  3. After that, they may apply the new label on the package.

How does it work

Step 1: Navigate to the Account section and choose the ‘Generate Returns Label’ option.Step 2: Select the order for which you would want a returns label to be generated.Step 3: We’ll automatically fill up our booking form with all of the information from the original booking, but in reverse order of priority.Step 4: Click ‘Amend’ if you need to make any changes, or ‘Send’ if you are satisfied with the results.Step 5: Make a payment for the package delivery.

7: The receiver prints out and attaches the label on the package.Step 6: Email the label to your recipient.After the parcel is collected from the recipient’s residence or dropped off at a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint or depot, the process is complete.

Tracking your parcel

Once your cargo has been picked up by a DHL Parcel UK driver, it will be returned to you the following working day by the same driver.For this order, you will be provided with a new tracking number.Make certain that you trace your package using this number rather than the one that was previously assigned.It is possible to follow the current location of your package with our live web tracker.We’ll also keep you and the individual who is returning the item informed of the progress of the delivery on a regular basis by email.

Packaging the return

Ideally, your receiver should use the same box to return your gift to you, since this will ensure that the item is returned to you in the same condition as it was received.When packing the item, they should ensure that the old label is entirely covered by the new reverse label to avoid any confusion.If the original box has been damaged, we recommend that you use a replacement box to ensure that your item is properly safeguarded.All that is required is that the recipient ensures that it is about the same size and weight as the original.

Send, Collect and Return

We have 3,500 DHL Parcel UK ServicePoints located around the United Kingdom, where senders and receivers may send, collect, and return items to and from DHL Express.Our ServicePoints are conveniently positioned in corner stores that are open from 8 a.m.until late at night, allowing you to pick up your order at a time that is convenient for you.Send Dropping off your box at a DHL Parcel UK ServicePoint allows you to save money on your parcel delivery while also saving time.Collect If your receiver isn’t going to be home when the package is delivered, they can choose to pick up their package at a ServicePoint instead of receiving it.

Return Returning a package is also straightforward.Send your receiver a reverse label that you created in the account part of the website.

Where can I drop off DHL packages?

Because DHL is a worldwide carrier, they work with local service centers all around the world to accept package drop-offs and deliveries.Using the DHL Express label you ordered, you may drop off your packages at any UPS Store location in the United States.Alternatively, you may enter your zip code to check if there are any drop off places that are even closer to you.Drop-off sites for DHL Dropping off your delivery is a straightforward and quick process.You may drop off your DHL eCommerce package at any USPS Post Office location nationwide.

Find the location of your local USPS Post Office.Also, does UPS accept DHL shipments?The following are DHL Authorized Shipping Centers: (UPS has a partnership agreement with DHL to partially handle international shipments originating from the US.) Although the workers at these locations are not DHL employees, they can assist you in preparing your DHL international cargo and can receive DHL drop offs on your behalf.

In light of this, what is the best way to return a package to DHL?Pack your belongings and leave.Most online retailers want to make your life as simple as possible, so they will provide a return label with your order, which you can use to return your parcel for free to one of our DHL service points.

  1. For return instructions if your order did not come with a return label, go to the website of the online business where you placed your order.
  2. How can I make arrangements for a DHL pickup?
  3. To schedule a pick-up by a DHL courier, prepare the following information ahead of time and enter it into the online pick-up request form:
  1. Your account number
  2. the name and phone number of the pick-up location
  3. and the address of the pick-up site
  4. Information on the package’s location
  5. The total number of parcels
  6. the total weight of the cargo
  7. Phone number and email address of the contact

Labels Creation by DHL Shipping Manager

  • DHL Shipping Manager allows you to produce DHL Shipping Labels in two different ways: manually and automatically. Automatic mode – bulk generation immediately from the Orders’ page
  • automatic mode
  • In manual mode, you must first construct the shipment(s) and then generate the label(s)

UPS Shipping Labels are generated automatically in the following ways: First and foremost, you must ensure that all configuration information on the Configuration Page (System->Configuration->left menu column->Sales ->DHL Shipping labels) has been correctly entered.Please double-check that the labels are made with your Manual Mode settings in place.Orders may be found by going to Sales->Orders.

  • Choose the orders for which you wish to generate labels
  • and
  • The option ″Create DHL Labels for Orders″ may be found in the drop-down list ″Actions.″
  • Press the ″Submit″ button to send your submission.
  • The extension will generate Shipments and Labels for all of the Orders that have been chosen. All of the labels that have been made will be downloaded as individual PDF files. The word ″Successful″ will show in the column ″DHL label status.″ In the event of a label creation failure, the error description received from DHL will be displayed in the corresponding cell of the ″DHL label status″ column in the ″DHL label status″ table. It is important to note that in Automatic Mode, labels will be generated based on the default values
  • There will only be one shipment per order, containing all of the goods
  • In this shipment, just one package and one or more label(s) will be generated for it.
  • Manually creating UPS shipping labels is possible in the following ways: In order to generate a new shipment, open the order and click on the ″Ship″ button. Upon viewing the Created shipment page, you will see a table with a number of goods that you can use to indicate the amount of products that you intend to include in the current shipment. If an order contains a number of different goods, you can break it up into multiple shipments. It is possible to generate a DHL Shipping label for each shipment. Afterwards, on the Created shipment page, you should pick Create DHL label (by checking the box at the bottom of the page) and then hit the Submit shipment button: After that, you proceed to the Shipping Preferences page, which is as follows: The shipment setup page is divided into five sections: The following blocks have been added: Package Options, Configuration Options, Configuration Weight and Dimensions, Customer Address, and Package Options.
  • The majority of the time, these fields are default configuration options from Configuration. You have the option to make changes before the label is created. Add Package block, Package Options block: The ″Add package″ block allows you to add as many packages as you need to accommodate your shipment’s requirements. Attention: The Weight field in each package block must be completed in order for the block to be valid.
  • Pack weight: This field displays the pack weight that was selected by the administrator in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings and allows the administrator to alter it if needed.
  • Package Dimensions: You have the option of selecting one of the pre-created packages of a specific size, or you may pick ″Custome measurements″ and manually input the package’s dimensions in the following three fields: depth, width, and height.
  • Configuration options:Who Pays for Shipment? : By default, the Shipper pays for shipment, but if you created any Companies or Persons on the page ″Billing 3rd Party,″ you can select any of them to pay for shipment
  • Who Pays for Shipment? : By default, the Shipper pays for shipment
  • Who Pays for Shipment?
  • Shipping method – DHL Shipping methods for both domestic and international shipments are available.
  • Shipper Address: You must choose an address from your Address Book as the shipper address.
  • Test mode: You have the option of working in either Test mode (Test mode = ″Yes″) or Product mode (Test mode = ″No″).
  • Is it possible to automatically add a tracking number?
  • – This field displays the contents of the System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration options field that was previously filled up by the administrator
  • Shipment Description: This field displays the Shipment description that was previously entered by the administrator in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration options.
  • A currency code might be modified if the administrator had already filled it out in the following system menus: System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings.
  • COD: This feature allows you to check or uncheck the COD utilizing. As long as the administrator has previously enabled it in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings, it will be enabled in the Shipment setting page as well. If it becomes required, the administrator may make changes to the COD status on this page.
  • In this field, if the admin has previously turned on COD Monetary value in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration options, the COD Monetary value of the order will be displayed.
  • Notice: If you activate notice here, it will be delivered to the customer
  • Notification Message: Because DHL transmits only one notification, the notification message displayed here is the one from configuration, but you may alter it for this shipment
  • Packaging Sort: choose the type of packaging you want to use
  • Adding the Order Id to the label serves as a reference ID.
  • Door to: choose the sort of delivery you want
  • Create return label now: This feature allows you to create the return label and the forwarding label at the same time
  • Please pick the appropriate shipping option for your return label if you are creating a Return Label at the same time as a Forward Label.
  • Settings:Who pays for shipment? : By default, the shipper pays for shipment, however if you created any Companies or Persons on the page ″Billing 3rd Party,″ you may pick any of them to pay for shipment
  • Who pays for shipping? : By default, the shipper pays for shipment
  • Who pays for shipping?
  • Shipping method – DHL Shipping methods for both domestic and international shipments are available
  • It is necessary to choose a shipper’s address from your Address Book.
  • Working in Test mode: You have the option of working in Test mode (Test mode = ″Yes″) or Product mode (Test mode = ″No″).
  • Is it possible to automatically add the tracking number?
  • — This field displays the contents of the System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration options field that was previously entered by the administrator. —
  • Description of the shipment: This field displays the description of the shipment that was previously entered in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration options.
  • If the administrator already filled out the currency code in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings, this field can be altered.
  • When utilizing COD, it is possible to check or uncheck the box. The checkbox will be checked in the Shipment setting page if the admin has already enabled it in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings. If it becomes required, the administrator has the ability to update the COD status on this page.
  • If the admin has previously turned on COD Monetary value in System->Configuration->DHL shipping label->Configuration settings, this field will display the order’s COD Monetary value in dollars.
  • Notice: If you activate notice here, it will be delivered to the customer
  • Notification Message: Because DHL transmits only one notification, the notification message displayed here is the one from configuration, but you may customize it for this shipment
  • Packing Sort: choose the type of packaging you want
  • Adding the Order Id to the label serves as a reference ID
  • .
  • Specify the type of delivery you require
  • Generate return label now: This feature allows you to create the return label and the forwarding label at the same time.
  • If you are creating a Return Label at the same time as a Forward Label, please be sure you pick the appropriate shipping option for your return label
  • Company name, contact name, phone number, address line one, city, state (province), postal code, and country code are all included in the customer address block: These fields display the parameters of the Customer’s Address, but the administrator has the ability to edit them if required
  • Notification Notice will be sent to the email address specified in this field.
  • After you have reviewed and modified the shipment details on the Shipment settings page, you must hit the Submit button in order for DHL to generate a DHL Shipping Label(s) for this shipment. As a result of selecting ″Create return label now = Yes,″ you will be given the option to create two labels: Forward and Return. You can choose to receive your label(s) in PDF format or in the following format for thermal printing: Labels for thermal printing are available for immediate delivery to the printer. You may print a PDF label by opening it and sending it to the printer. Additionally, you may print an International Invoice from this page. DHL Return Labels for Refund Orders are available in the following formats: First and foremost, navigate to your Order and click on the Invoice option. It is possible to adjust the amount of items that will be included in your invoice once it has been produced on the Invoice creation page.
  • After you have selected the quantity, click on the Submit Invoice button
  • next click on the Credit Memo button and choose the quantity of things to refund from the Items to refund table
  • and finally click on the Submit Invoice button again.
  • Then you must choose the Create DHL return label checkbox and hit the Refund offline button to proceed.
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Once you have completed the form, you will be forwarded to the shipment settings page. You must check or update all of the choices, as well as add a Return label, in this section.

Customer printing of ″Return label″: This function enables the Customer to generate and print the Return label from his or her account on the Front end.This functionality is accessible if the administrator changes the configuration settings to Printing ″Return label″ by customer = Yes in the Administration section (admin).After the credit memo has been created by the administrator, the customer may go to Accounts (frontend), choose the relevant order, and then on the Order page, he will see the ″Create return Ups label″ link.Upon pressing the button, the Create refund label page will open.This page has a customized table that provides users with the option of selecting the quantity of goods to be credited back to their accounts.

After he has clicked on the ″Submit″ button, the ″Refund label″ will display on the screen and will be accessible for printing.This feature is accessible only for orders that are marked as ″Complete″ or ″Processing″: The following is a list of all DHL Shipping Labels that have been created: Sales->DHL Shipping Labels is where you should start.

International Courier Services

With Parcelforce Worldwide, you can send packages to almost any country in the world and select from a variety of flexible and affordable delivery choices. Furthermore, our dependable partners possess the necessary expertise to ensure that deliveries are completed as efficiently as possible.

The Parcelforce Worldwide guarantee

With the exception of our non-guaranteed international services (globalvalue and globaleconomy), we want to make sure that our customers are taken care of.If your shipment does not arrive at its destination within the guaranteed delivery time, you may be entitled to a full or proportionate refund of the carriage cost (whichever is greater).The amount of money you’ll receive returned may vary depending on which of our courier services you’ve chosen – for more information, please see our refunds for late delivery page.


Customers who book one of our courier services online have the option of selecting from a variety of collection and drop-off destinations.We may collect your item from your doorstep, or if you prefer, you can drop it off at any Post Office® branch or one of our depots, which are located across the United Kingdom and Ireland.Additionally, you may have your delivery delivered to the recipient’s local Post Office® branch or a depot near to their residence – whatever is more convenient for them.As an added bonus, we offer savings on our courier services when you book online and select the drop-off option.Take a look at the table below to see how you may save money on your next delivery.

Cost-cutting measures (excluding VAT)

Service Location UK ProductsSender drops parcel off UK ProductsRecipient picks parcel up International ProductsParcel Drop Off
Depot £2.50 £2.50 £10
Post Office® branch * £1.50 £1.50 £10

In addition to globalexpress and globalpriority services, please keep in mind that the previously mentioned globalpriority discount does not apply to all European and Asian destinations.For further information, please inquire.Follow up and follow up With our track and trace feature, you can keep track of where your package is at every stage of its trip.It’s just necessary to have your tracking number on hand; simply input it into our online parcel finder and we’ll locate your package in a matter of seconds.If you’re waiting for a shipment, you should contact the sender to obtain the tracking information.

If you’ve made an online purchase, the information should be included in the retailer’s order confirmation email.Please keep in mind that online monitoring is not available for packages delivered using our overseas services, globalvalue and globaleconomy, at this time.

Business Accounts

Parcelforce Worldwide accounts are available to customers who ship parcels to UK locations at least once a week or to overseas destinations more than twice a month.By opening a Parcelforce Worldwide account, you may be able to save money on your future deliveries.When you register an account, you will have access to a variety of perks, including discounts of up to 45 percent off regular rates.We strive to give only the finest customer service possible, which includes everything from economical, flexible shipping choices to export help and a personal account manager to ensure you have all you need.


Where do Parcelforce Worldwide’s packages go after they are delivered?Our worldwide package delivery services are available on every continent – we ship to more than 240 nations and territories throughout the world, covering 99.6 percent of the world’s population in total.Visit the Parcelforce Worldwide Directory to obtain a complete list of the countries to which we ship packages.What should I do if my thing is fragile?If your item is delicate, we recommend that you apply fragile labels on all four sides of the outer box and that you adhere to our packaging rules to guarantee that your things are properly safeguarded throughout shipping and delivery.

Some fragile products are not covered by insurance and will not be compensated if they are damaged.For further information, please see our list of things that are not covered by compensation.What things am I unable to ship to you?

It is possible to encounter difficulties with two types of items: restricted products, which may only be delivered if specific requirements are satisfied, and forbidden goods, which cannot be accepted for delivery under any circumstances.This is typically due to the fact that they have the potential to be hazardous.It is possible that we would be forced to return your parcel if it contained forbidden or unauthorised restricted items.

  1. In certain cases, we may be forced to destroy your parcel if your parcel contained prohibited or unauthorised restricted products.
  2. Please double-check your understanding of what we may and cannot carry on your behalf before sending anything.
  3. For further information, please refer to our complete list of restricted and forbidden items.
  4. Is it possible to mail more than one item in the same package?
  5. Absolutely – just make sure that each item in the package is properly wrapped and secured with appropriate packaging materials before sending it.
  6. Why am I not eligible for reimbursement despite the fact that my package was late, damaged, or lost?

In the event that you are not qualified for compensation, it may be because the things you shipped are not eligible for reimbursement, or because your cargo was not wrapped properly in accordance with our packing rules.Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate you for any loss or damage caused by any harmful, hazardous, or forbidden items that have been lost or damaged.The compensation program does not cover a variety of delicate, perishable and precious objects such as jewelry, antiques, or anything made of or containing glass, among other things.For further information, please review the complete list of things that are not covered by compensation.

What is DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce is a monitored international postal service that was developed to assist online retailers in reaching customers all over the world.The goal of this business is to make international shipping as simple and economical as possible.In comparison to express delivery services, booking DHL eCommerce using the Parcel Monkey shipping calculator can result in significant cost savings.Additionally, DHL has the worldwide infrastructure to link online sellers with customers practically everywhere in the globe.

How does DHL eCommerce work?

In order to assist online retailers reach clients all over the world, DHL eCommerce developed an international monitored mail service.Transborder shipping may be complicated and expensive, which is why we created this service to make it simple and economical.In comparison to express delivery services, booking DHL eCommerce using the Parcel Monkey shipping calculator allows you to save a significant amount of money.DHL also has the worldwide infrastructure to link online merchants with customers practically everywhere on the planet.

DHL drop off locations

Dropping off your delivery is a straightforward and quick process. You may drop off your DHL eCommerce package at any USPS Post Office location nationwide. Find the location of your local USPS Post Office.

DHL eCommerce shipping time

Shipping times are longer for DHL eCommerce since it is an economy service, as opposed to standard or expedited services.You may ship to key European locations in 10-16 business days, and the rest of the globe in 11-22 business days, depending on the destination.After receiving an estimate from our shipping calculator, you’ll be able to compare pricing and travel times in one convenient location, allowing you to select the service that’s best for you.

DHL eCommerce tracking

In addition to the Parcel Monkey tracking feature, which uses your PMS reference number, you may monitor DHL eCommerce packages through the DHL website, which uses the tracking number assigned to your package. A normal courier service will provide more frequent tracking updates; however, this will be less frequent.

Booking DHL eCommerce with Parcel Monkey

Packaging All of your items must be properly packaged and prepped for transport before they can be shipped.Please refer to our packing recommendations for further information.Shipping labels are available in a variety of formats.This service will necessitate the use of a printer since you will be given with a USPS mailing label that you will need to print and affix to your item before dropping it off at your local Post Office.It will be sent to Jamaica, New York, since this label will direct your shipment to the central sort point in the United States of America.

At the sort site, a DHL eCommerce shipping label containing the recipient’s address will be printed and attached to the package.Learn more about the process of producing shipping labels.Documents pertaining to customs A customs declaration form, documenting the contents of your shipment as well as its value, will be required if you are shipping a cargo internationally.

This is already incorporated in our DHL eCommerce booking process, so all you have to do is answer the questions truthfully, print off the completed form, and attach it to your shipment to finish the procedure.Follow our customs tips to learn how to print your customs form and guarantee that your cargo clears customs without causing any additional delays in the process.Items that are prohibited or restricted Please review our forbidden items list before shipping to ensure that you are not delivering anything that cannot be delivered via any of our services or that is subject to extra shipping limitations.

  1. The items on this list include any things containing batteries or liquids, perishable commodities such as food or medications, as well as some electronic equipment.
  2. Coverage for protection The cost of DHL eCommerce shipping includes a $100.00 insurance policy.
  3. Upgrade to a $250.00 package is available.
  4. Is it possible for me to have my package picked up?
  5. Currently, DHL eCommerce is only available for booking as a drop-off service; however, if you’d like to arrange a courier collection from your home or place of business, we offer a variety of cost-effective pick-up and delivery options to select from.
  6. TrakPak is our other monitored mail option for overseas delivery.

Find out more about TrakPak here.Request a quote

Here are the steps you need to follow to send a courier via India post

Steps on how to dispatch a courier through the Indian Postal Service.There are several courier firms in India that transport items from one area to another, but sending a courier through the Indian Postal Service is one of the most efficient methods of shipping a delivery.Sending a courier may be accomplished in two ways: through speed post or through registered mail.You may follow the progress of your courier with the use of the speed post tracking facility.Always double-check that your courier has been properly packed before sending it out on its journey.

Because it poses a significant danger to your goods as well as the other products being delivered, no respectable courier service will accept items that are not properly packaged.

For example, if u want to post a letter then here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Purchase an envelope from the post office, place the letter inside the envelope, paste it, and label the envelope with the words’speed post’ at the top of the envelope.Step 2: On the left side of the envelope, write the name, postal address, and phone number of the person who will receive the package.Step 3: On the right side of the envelope, you must also include your contact information (name, address, and phone number), as described before.Step 4: Hand the envelope over to the member of the counter personnel.He or she will compute the charge based on the weight and location of the package.

5.The counter personnel will print and affix your mailing labels, which will complete step 5.Your courier package will be delivered to its intended recipient.

You will be able to trace the progress of your package at every stage of its journey if you have the tracking number.Aside from that, cellphones running Android software may be programmed to include ″post info,″ which assists in calculating the postage prices for various postal services such as speed post, registered post, and others.

About Indian post

The Department of Posts (DoP) has served as the backbone of the country’s communication system for more than 150 years, and it has played a critical role in the country’s social and economic growth throughout that time.The Department of Posts (DoP) has the most widely dispersed postal network in the world, with a total of 1,555,531 Post Offices.READ |How to acquire a reprint of your PAN card in addition RELATED |How to alter your Gmail account’s name: A step-by-step guide To read IndiaToday.in’s comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus epidemic, please click here.


When people travel and move between countries, they must always have their passports with them, which serves as a record of their whereabouts and allows immigration officials to track them down.Don’t have a passport?There is no way out.All cargo that traverse international borders, just like persons, must be labeled with a unique identifying tag.The waybill serves as the equivalent of a passport for a shipment.

All of the information that the appropriate authorities require concerning its point of origin, its contents, its destination, and the path that it will travel is contained in this document.The waybill, which is also known as the bill of lading in marine logistics, is a document that has been in use among freight carriers and shippers for hundreds of years.This important piece of paper contains critical shipment information, such as the sender’s and recipient’s names and addresses, the terms and conditions of carriage, and the contents of the package — all of which are necessary in order for consignments to be delivered accurately, securely, and on time.

It is customary for the waybill to be fastened to the outside of the box.It is used by couriers, customs inspectors, and even robots to quickly identify and trace a product when it is delivered.In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, the waybill has grown in importance as a component of the package.

  1. It is possible to trace the item in real time thanks to a tracking number that is unique to the waybill.
  2. As a result of technological advancements, electronic waybills are now available, which have the potential to increase transparency and efficiency while also serving as an anti-evasion tool.

Online Return Tips: How to Return Online Orders

  • If the return costs are prepaid
  • How much time you have to return the item
  • How long it will take to receive your refund
  1. If your item comes damaged, photograph any flaws and save all of the packing, receipt, and prepaid shipping label as evidence of the damage.
  2. Continue reading for four suggestions on how to properly return an internet purchase.
  3. According to Bryce, it is critical to distinguish between socializing and networking activities.
  1. ″In order for a peer network to function well, it must be concentrated.
  2. Examples include limiting the number of persons who may participate in a conference call and restricting the number of subjects that can be discussed – ideally, no more than three topics.
  3. And each individual must be allowed the opportunity to express themselves.″ Whether you’re catching up with old acquaintances or meeting someone for the first time, this may be a good time to reach out to someone.

1. Read the store’s return policy

Before making a purchase, carefully review the store’s return policy, which should include instructions on how to return something you ordered online. The return policy of a company should provide answers to the following questions: Are there any items that are exempt from the online return policy – for example, bathing suits or underwear?

After getting an item in the mail, how long do you have to return it before it becomes void?

  • Does the store offer online returns, or just exchanges?
  • Who pays for the return shipping—you or the store?

What happens if you return an item and you don’t get store credit or a refund in full? Are there any restocking fees or other anticipated deductions from your return that you should be aware of?

  • Can you return something you bought online in-store?
  • How long does it take to get your money back?
  •  Do you need to send the receipt or invoice back with the item?

Is it possible to transport it back from your house, or do you have to drop it off somewhere?

  • Are only unused items returnable?

Is there a ″no questions asked″ policy, or do you have to explain a rationale or produce images in order to be considered?

If you are unable to find the answers to these questions by reading the policy online, you should contact the company directly. Don’t buy anything unless you’re certain of the return policy—you don’t want to end up with an undesirable item that you can’t return because you didn’t know how.

2. Keep the original packaging

  1. Remember to keep the prepaid return mailing label safe and secure; otherwise you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.
  2. Keep a copy of the printed receipt or invoice as well.
  3. While online buying often means that the transaction is tracked through your online customer account, having a real receipt or invoice allows the retailer to identify the returned item much more promptly and efficiently.
  1. The sooner they figure out where the item originated from, the sooner you’ll get your money back in your account.
  2. For any additional packaging materials that you may require, FedEx has all of the resources you will need to quickly and securely pack your return shipment.

3. Take photos of any damage or defects

  1. Before giving a refund, the merchant may request verification of the purchase.
  2. You should take images the instant you spot any damage, whether it’s a flaw or a damaged component.
  3. A number of businesses now utilize their social media profiles as a venue for responding to client complaints.
  1. If that’s the case, upload your images to social media and tag the company to notify them of your damaged item; they’ll most likely contact you with instructions on how to return it for a refund when they receive your photos.

4. Start the return process ASAP

  1. Regardless of the reason for the return (it is not what you anticipated, it does not fit, it has a flaw or a missing part), get the return process started as soon as feasible.
  2. As unused products are accepted by the majority of online shops, make certain that you have only tried on clothing or shoes quickly and inside so that there is no evidence of wear.
  3. Examine the store’s return policy—some establishments provide a step-by-step tutorial as well as precise directions on how to mail the item back to them.
  1. Each step must be completed exactly as directed to guarantee a smooth return procedure and prompt reimbursement.
  2. If you are unsure of what the store requires in order to complete your return, phone or message them to find out.
  3. Make certain that the item is shipped as soon as possible as well.

Don’t leave the package at your front door or in your car while you’re waiting for it to be shipped.If you have already printed your return label, it is possible that you may miss the date for returning your item.As soon as you’ve shipped your item, keep an eye on your email inbox for any notifications or updates on the progress of your refund request.Returning an item purchased online does not have to be a difficult process.

  1. These four suggestions will assist you in making online returns as quick and simple as possible, allowing you to feel confidence in each order you place.

Return Labels: Why They’re Important and How to Generate Them

  1. When a consumer has a product delivered at their home, they discover that it is not exactly what they ordered.
  2. It’s possible that you received the wrong color or size, or that the goods was damaged during shipping.
  3. They are responsible for returning the order.
  1. Mistakes happen, and it is unavoidable to have to start over.
  2. As an ecommerce business owner, you must be prepared to roll with the punches and do all in your power to provide excellent customer service to your customers.
  3. Create an effective ecommerce returns process from the ground up by starting with the return label.

What is the significance of this small piece of paper?Continue reading to learn about the best practices for creating return labels.

What is a return label?

A return label is a sticker that is applied to a box or mailer and contains information such as an address, shipping barcode, and other details that a shipping carrier uses to identify the destination and track the shipment so that it may be returned to the seller or suitable warehouse.

3 steps to creating a return label

Return labels are commonly generated with shipping software at the post office, an office supply store, or even at home using a computer and an internet connection. Whatever program you choose to use, there are three essential stages to creating a return label on your own that you should follow:

Step 1: Choose a shipping carrier and mail class

In order to create your own return label, you must first choose which shipping carrier you wish to use and which postal class the parcel belongs to.

Step 2: Enter the address

Please include the return address for your company. This should be a site that is open to receive returned things, such as your warehouse, and should be clearly marked as such.

Step 3: Pay for postage

Pay the amount necessary to pay the expense of turning the item. As a result, your customer will not be required to pay for anything out of pocket.

2 ways ecommerce businesses can provide return labels

Should your ecommerce consumers decide that they would want to return an item, you can either include a return label in the original packaging or allow them to print their own return label at home if you choose to do so.

Including the label in the shipped package

It is possible to include a return label (which is different from a packing slip) with all of the delivered packages that are sent out. Customers will receive everything they need to return the item if they want to do so, which will make the return procedure much simpler.

Letting customers print their own label

Other options include sending consumers return labels through email when they inform you that they would like to return a product, as described above. Their option is to download the label, print it off, and then tape it on the package. This increases the amount of time required and makes the process less convenient for the consumer.

4 reasons why some businesses include return labels in packages

  1. If you have a high return rate, including a return label in every outbound shipment is the most convenient solution for your consumers (note: ShipBob does not do this but some big-box retailers and fast fashion companies do this by default).
  2. Listed below are a few of the reasons why some ecommerce organizations choose for this strategy, which can also boost your return rate and cost per transaction.

1. Saves your customers time and effort

Customer’s will no longer have to request a return label, wait for you to send it to them through email, print it, attach it to their box, and then mail the goods back to you; instead, they will already have a label ready to attach if they chose to send a return.

2. You can select the lowest cost mail option

By providing a return label on your own, you may ensure that the least expensive mail option is utilized rather than having to refund consumers for postage rates in the future.

3. Ensures the package is returned properly

What a shame it would be to have to reimburse a client only to discover that the return shipment was misplaced or sent to the incorrect location. If customers handle returns themselves, it is possible that they will address the item incorrectly or supply incorrect postage. By including your own labels in the box, you can be certain that the product will be returned to the correct location.

4. Return labels cost nothing unless they’re used

In addition to wasting paper, placing return labels in your parcels is completely unnecessary if your clients never use them. Of course, using this technique enhances the possibility and convenience with which returns may be made, increasing the likelihood that your consumers will return things after purchasing them.

How ShipBob makes processing returns easy

  1. When it comes to creating and printing your own return labels, it may be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have the proper tools.
  2. Additionally, if you are creating labels for a large number of products, you will want a system that can be scaled.
  3. Third-party logistics providers (also known as 3PL firms) such as ShipBob provide direct-to-consumer ecommerce fulfillment services that make it simple to produce labels, monitor orders, and track returns from a single location.
  1. In addition to lowering your expenses and processing times, you will also increase customer satisfaction by making the procedure more convenient for your clients.
  2. The way it works is as follows:

1. Generate a return label from your ShipBob dashboard with a single click

Through our dashboard, you have the ability to produce and print a return label for a package you’ve shipped. Simply do a search for and pick the item(s) you wish to have returned.

2. View orders being sent back from the “Return” tab in your dashboard

You can keep track of returns by visiting the Returns page in your ShipBob account dashboard. Filter your results based on where your shipments are in the return process (Awaiting, Arrived, Processing, Completed, Canceled). The term ″returns″ refers to both returns and delivery exceptions (e.g., shipments that were unable to be delivered).

3. Include specific instructions for the ShipBob’s team

  1. What happens now that the merchandise has been returned?
  2. Once the goods has been received and processed at a fulfillment center, the item will be automatically replenished in the system.
  3. However, you have the opportunity to specify return choices for specific products, such as restocking, disposing, or quarantining the items.
  1. Following your selection, the ShipBob order fulfillment staff will be aware of what to do with the goods once it has been returned to the company for processing.

Save time and money with ecommerce return labels

The creation of your own return labels, as well as the distribution of return labels by email to consumers who wish to return things, are both laborious and time-consuming tasks. For more information on how ShipBob can assist you with streamlining the retail fulfillment and inventory management processes for your online business, please complete the form below to get started.

How to Refuse a Shipment, Package, or Mail?

  1. As we all know, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is the most well-respected postal institution in the world, offering a wide range of services to its consumers.
  2. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is used by the vast majority of inhabitants in the United States.
  3. If you are also a client of the United States Postal Service, then you have likely sent or received mail items and parcels through the USPS.
  1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been at the service of its clients for many years and serves consumers from all over the world.
  2. Customers receive and send mail through the United States Postal Service utilizing a variety of services and mail classifications.
  3. However, it is possible that your mail or delivery will not arrive at the correct time or at the address that you have specified.

This situation involves consumers of the US Postal Service who follow the whereabouts of their mail item or parcel using a USPS Tracking number, but when they receive their package or mail, they notice that it is not their mail item or parcel.Yes, even the most prestigious organizations are subject to making mistakes from time to time.If the clients recognize that the box they received does not belong to them, they have the option of returning it to the sender.To put it another way, we may argue that customers have the right to decline a USPS package.

  1. Thus, in this situation, customers can decline a USPS shipment that has been delivered to them in error by the United States Postal Service.
  2. Are you contemplating how to deny mail or a package at this point?
  3. This procedure is, once again, a pretty easy procedure….
  4. To find out more about this, read the material provided below.
  5. The client has the right to refuse goods or shipments while they are being delivered or after they have been delivered.
  6. If the United States Postal Service has not yet delivered the item to you and you are aware that the package does not belong to you, you must inform the postal employee or letter carrier that the package should be returned to the sender of the mail.

The second circumstance is when your shipment has already been delivered by the USPS.It is necessary to mark the received mail or parcel with the word ″Refused″ in this scenario.It is then your responsibility to place this letter or item in the mailbox.You can simply request that the letter carrier pick it up for you.This is a straightforward procedure on how to deny mail.Conclusion: The only thing you need to remember is that you shouldn’t open any mail or packages that you get.

Some mail and letters that fall within the categories of collect-on-delivery packages, certified mail, Registered mail, signature-required mail, and return receipt products are not permitted for denial by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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