Why Is Stamps.Com Sending Me A Package?

Stamps.com is a powerful solution for those who are seeking a more affordable way to ship their packages via USPS. The Stamps.com interface allows you to use digital postage as opposed to standard metered postage. … USPS rather than it is an easier solution designed to save you time and money. Does Stamps Com hurt USPS?

What is stamps com?

What is Stamps.com? Stamps.com is a simple online postage service that lets users purchase postage from USPS and UPS, print labels from their home or office, and access deep discounts. It can be an easy, convenient, and affordable shipping solution for small businesses that ship between 50 and 100 packages each month.

What is the difference between stamps and other shipping solutions?

Most notably, Stamps.com only allows you to purchase postage from the USPS, while other shipping solutions give you a wider range of postage options. Additionally, Stamps.com only includes the most basic of shipping features. You can purchase postage and insurance, schedule pickups, and email return shipping labels, but that’s pretty much it.

Is stamps com free to track packages?

Stamps.com users can track packages from their dashboard, at no added cost. You can share tracking information easily with your customers, too. Is Stamps.com cheaper than USPS? Stamps.com offers its users significant discounts on postage and shipping costs when you use USPS and UPS to move your packages.

How does stamps work and how does it work?

How Does Stamps.com Work? Stamps.com is both a downloadable and cloud-based software that lets you purchase and print postage on any printer. Stamps.com is easy to use, and the web-based version of the software works with any computer. The downloadable software, on the other hand, is only compatible with PCs.

What package comes from stamps com?

Stamps.com users can save up to 40% with USPS and up to 76% on UPS rates, as long as you’re shipping from the US. And that includes fast delivery: First class, Priority, and Priority Mail Express with USPS and UPS’s 2nd Day Air and Worldwide Expedited Services, in addition to UPS Ground.

What is Stamps Com on informed delivery?

Making Informed Delivery work for you

Stamps.com makes it easy to print envelopes at home and transforms your home office into a powerful mailing center for outbound mail.

Are stamps com legit?

Is Stamps.com safe? Yes, Stamps.com is safe. It is an approved licensed vendor of the Postal Service and offers reliable, discounted postage for individuals and businesses.

Is Stamps Com owned by USPS?

Stamps.com is an American company that provides Internet-based mailing and shipping services. Until its acquisition by Thoma Bravo Stamps.com was a public company traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol STMP.


Type Private
Industry Business Services
Founded 1996
Headquarters El Segundo, California, U.S.

Why use stamps com over USPS?

The Stamps.com interface allows you to use digital postage as opposed to standard metered postage. Using a digital scale, you can easily weigh your packages, purchase and print postage without having to make a trip to the local USPS post office.

Does Stamps Com charge a monthly fee?

How much does Stamps.com cost? $17.99/month plus applicable taxes, if any – no hidden costs, cancel anytime.

How do I know if my mail has been delivered?

Sign in to your personal usps.com® account. Select “Informed Delivery”, located in the Account Management section. If you have already failed to verify your identity online in the last 72 hours, you will see “Verify Your Identity” in red font.

What does request for package delivered confirmed mean?

If we try a simple definition, a package delivery confirmation is a receipt or an email you receive from the logistics provider, informing you that your shipment has reached its final destination.

How do I track a USPS package?

How to track a USPS order on the USPS website

  1. Go to the USPS website.
  2. Click the ‘Track & Manage’ tab.
  3. Enter your tracking number in the box under ‘Track Your Package,’ then click the search icon or press Enter. Under ‘Track & Manage,’ type in your tracking number.
  4. Check the status of your package.

How does stamp com make money?

Stamps.com has arrangements with USPS to acquire postage at volume discounts that they then distribute to their membership. The low membership cost does create a slim profit for the company, but they really make their money through the integration agreements with shipping software and e-commerce sites.

How do I get a refund from stamps com?

Step by Step

  1. Select the History Tab.
  2. Select the Order(s) you would like to have refunded.
  3. Click the Refund Icon.
  4. Select which stamps you would like a refund for, or if an entire sheet of Netstamps misprinted, select All
  5. then Click Continue.
  6. Click Submit to certify your refund request.

How much do you save with stamps com?

Stamps.com customers enjoy discounts of up to 16% on all Priority Mail Express® shipments, up to 30% on Priority Mail® shipments, and up to 26% on First Class Package Service.

Did stamps com go out of business?

Stamps.com will become a private company and will be delisted from the Nasdaq. The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021 and is subject to regulatory and stockholder approval. Stamps.com will continue to operate out of its El Segundo headquarters after the deal closes.

Why is Stamps Com cheaper than USPS?

In addition to paying monthly fees, Stamps.com users pay for actual shipping costs. Postage is calculated based on what’s being shipped, where it’s going, and how much it weighs. However, Stamps.com users typically save on costs over using USPS’ online postage tool.

What is stamps com?

What is Stamps.com? Stamps.com is a simple online postage service that lets users purchase postage from USPS and UPS, print labels from their home or office, and access deep discounts. It can be an easy, convenient, and affordable shipping solution for small businesses that ship between 50 and 100 packages each month.

Is stamps com free to track packages?

Stamps.com users can track packages from their dashboard, at no added cost. You can share tracking information easily with your customers, too. Is Stamps.com cheaper than USPS? Stamps.com offers its users significant discounts on postage and shipping costs when you use USPS and UPS to move your packages.

How does stamps work and how does it work?

How Does Stamps.com Work? Stamps.com is both a downloadable and cloud-based software that lets you purchase and print postage on any printer. Stamps.com is easy to use, and the web-based version of the software works with any computer. The downloadable software, on the other hand, is only compatible with PCs.

Is stamps the best way to ship packages?

If you’re used to loading up all your packages and driving them to the nearest post office, Stamps.com may be the time- and money-saving solution you’re looking for. Larger organizations shipping more than 500 packages would be wise to look at other shipping software solutions that are better suited to their needs.

The JJB-″So and so has sent you a package from stamps.com.″

Those that moderated: manties, missmuffins, vivalavix, LisaChasez, meattornado, and proudhebrew23. Is this some sort of well-known spam? I followed the tracking link, which appears to be legitimate, but I have no idea who this individual is or why they would want to give me stamps.

09th of March, 2009 16:18:18 2009-03-09T16:18:18 That’s something I’d just overlook.

Tuesday, March 9, 2009 32009-03-10 16:20:20 What I’m frightened of is that when the stamps arrive, they’ll be customized to read something along the lines of, ″I love you,″ or something like.

The 9th of March, 2009, at 16:28 (GMT). I’m confident that they are not giving you stamps, but are instead using stamps.com to send you the mail.

9th of March, 2009 15th of March, 2009 16:30 Oh. Because of the name, I assumed the establishment sold stamps. Well, that’s the way it goes. I’m hoping it isn’t anthrax.

09th of March, 2009 16:31:09th of March, 2009

9th of March, 2009 72009-03-09T17:02:02 ″I keeeeeel you,″ proudhebrew23 wrote: I’m scared the stamps will arrive and it will be customised to read something along the lines of, ″I keeed you.″ Do you believe Achmed is sending you postage stamps?

9th of March, 2009 82009-03-09T17:09:09 I’m sorry, proudhebrew23 wrote: Oh. Because of the name, I assumed the establishment sold stamps. Well, that’s the way it goes. I’m hoping it isn’t anthrax.

9th of March, 2009 9th of March, 2009 17:15 No, not at all. I don’t believe I’m any longer receiving stamps, which is understandable. Perhaps something more lethal is in order!

09th of March, 2009 102009-03-09T17:16:16 So, did you place a recent order for something?

What’s the Deal With Stamps.com?

  1. Stamps.com is an Internet postage service that has been aggressively pushed on talk radio and other media.
  2. It allows you to print your own postage and avoid long lines at the Post Office, which is a convenient alternative to going to the Post Office.
  3. They also guarantee a $100 prize, which includes free mailing and a digital scale, simply for registering as a new customer with their company.
  4. Is it possible for an Internet postal service to deliver on its promises and make your life a little easier?

Is the $100 bonus that you’ve been promised truly a bonus?I joined up for the service and learned about the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of the company.Consequently, let’s examine the claims made by Stamps.com and determine whether or not they are accurate.

Printing Postage From Your PC?

  1. Yes, you may print postage on your own computer and printer if you have the necessary equipment.
  2. The Stamps.com program allows you to print postage directly on envelopes or on special sheets of ″peel and stick″ paper without having to use any additional equipment.
  3. You can print First Class or post card stamps, Priority or Express mail postage, or any precise amount based on the size and weight of your parcel, as well as any other type of postage.
  4. You save money and time by printing your own postage stamps, and the obvious benefits of doing so (apart from the wow element of seeing actual US postal stamps come out of your printer) are that you save money on petrol and time on your commute.

Instead of driving to the Post Office or standing in huge queues, you may use this service.I believe that less time spent in government offices is a positive development.You may also use Stamps.com to create postage using your photographs or your company logo.Their website includes a customisable interface that allows you to pick a photo, alter it to your liking, add border colors, and then purchase it for a charge, which they provide.

Save Money and Look More Professional?

  1. According to the Stamps.com website, you will save at least ″80 percent as compared to the cost of a postage meter.″ I’m guessing they’re talking to the costs associated with purchasing and operating your own postal meter, which may be rather expensive.
  2. I’ve never done something like that, so I’ll take their word for it.
  3. Some of the other claimed benefits include the fact that your mails will appear more professional and that you will never pay too much for postage again.
  4. This must be referring to the option in the program that allows you to print your own envelopes with your own addresses and stamps on them.

Yes, I believe that’s a professional appearance, and it’s something that’s ideal if you’re running a small firm.As a result, I’ll admit to occasionally adding an extra stamp to overcrowded envelopes, just in case they’re about to exceed the weight restriction.However, using the free digital scale and software, you can figure out precisely how much postage you’ll need for a large or overweight letter without spending any money.However.I was having some difficulties with those final two statements in particular.First and foremost, I never received the digital scale that had been promised.

It’s just been two months, so perhaps it will arrive sooner rather than later.It’s possible that it won’t.In addition, my HP OfficeJet Pro printer was unable to print effectively using the software.Unfortunately, the postage kept printing in the wrong location (half off the page), and after an hour of fiddling with the choices, I decided to just scrap the whole thing and start over.

No Hidden Fees?

  1. I do have a minor quibble with this.
  2. If you go to the Stamps.com website and then click on the Signup button, it’s easy to overlook the information that there is a 4-week trial period and that there is a monthly price of $17.99 to continue using the Stamps.com service after the trial period has expired.
  3. Additionally, this does not imply that you will receive $17.99 in postage to use each month.
  4. The ″convenience″ of printing your own stamps is the only reason for charging that fee.

As a result of using your own stamps and ink, you are saving money for the Post Office.As a result of all of the Stamps.com customers not showing up and making the lines at the Post Office even longer, it is assumed that labor costs will be reduced.Despite this, you’re still required to pay $17.99 each month for convenience.I’ll admit that this service fee wasn’t precisely buried in the fine print, but it was there nevertheless.However, I’m confident that many people will overlook that in their eagerness to sign up and receive the free scale and $45 in free delivery.I’m generally fairly excellent at spotting hidden traps, but I’ll confess that this one went by me completely.

I didn’t realize there was a $17.99 monthly fee until I noticed it on my credit card statement four weeks later.

$100 Signup Bonus?

  1. But what about the ″$100 Signup Bonus″ that was mentioned earlier?
  2. They make it quite clear on their website that the breakdown of this will be as follows: Free shipment worth $45 as well as a $50 digital scale and a $5 supply pack are included.
  3. However, let’s suppose that the digital scale is a good bargain regardless of the real worth of the instrument.
  4. However, they are ambiguous on when you would receive the free postage.

Upon registration, you will receive $5 in free shipping right away.You have the option to print your $5 worth of stamps, cancel the service, and walk away if you so want.The question is, how can you acquire the remaining $40 in free postage?That is the crux of the matter.When your free materials kit arrives, it will include four post cards as a welcome gift.Each one has a certificate for $10 worth of free shipping in the United States.

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And AFTER the four-week trial period has expired, you will be able to submit one coupon every month.However, you will be charged the $17.99 monthly service cost, as is customary.As a result, your $40 in free shipping will actually cost you $31.96 in actual postage.This was not mentioned anywhere on the Stamps.com website, so shame on them for not being forthright about it from the beginning.

How to Cancel Stamps.com

  1. If you want to cancel your Stamps.com subscription, you cannot do it via the program or by email.
  2. When I poked about in the Help screens, I discovered that it is necessary to contact Customer Support at 1-888-434-0055 to complete the transaction.
  3. My phone rang, and after a few minutes on hold, I was connected to a very kind customer service representative.
  4. She inquired as to why I wished to cancel, and she went on to list some of the advantages of continuing to be a client.

I politely declined.My account was then upgraded to a ″Basic Account,″ which had a lower monthly charge of $9.99, and she offered to eliminate my usual subscription price for the next month.That is standard ″customer retention″ language that you will get whether you attempt to cancel a credit card, an AOL account, or any number of other products or services.If you still want to cancel at that time, simply keep saying no, and they’ll grudgingly agree to get you out of the contract.

So Is Stamps.com a Scam?

  1. If you browse on the internet, you will find both those who like and others who despise the Stamps.com service.
  2. I saw complaints from users on internet forums who said they were forced to wait on hold for an interminable period of time while attempting to contact customer service.
  3. Others complained that they were still being invoiced even after canceling their accounts with the service provider.
  4. So I went to the Better Business Bureau’s website to learn more.

They actually gave the site an A, however the majority of the 30+ people who reacted were negative, and Stamps.com obtained a rating of one star out of five, despite receiving an A from them.However, keep in mind that only a small percentage of people who visit the BBB website do so with the aim of leaving positive evaluations.The ″A″ grade indicates that the firm operates in a trustworthy way and has made a good faith attempt to settle any complaints that have been lodged against it.In spite of the fact that the monthly subscription cost was not mentioned at all throughout the signup process, and the fact that there was no explanation provided for the ″free postage,″ I am not prepared to consider Stamps.com a fraud.The program performs as stated, and if you own a small business that sends out a large number of mailings, the convenience of not having to go to the Post Office may be worth the investment.There are also discounts available, such as a ten percent discount on insurance, up to a ten percent discount on Express and Priority mail locally, up to an eight percent discount on international rates, and free United States Postal Service supplies.

However, I seriously doubt that the majority of people who use it for personal home items would consider it a good value.What is your point of view?Stamps.com is a website that you should check out.Please share your thoughts with me by leaving a comment below.

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Does Stamps.com Send Out a Shipment Notification Email to My Buyer?

Yes, once you have printed a mailing label, Stamps.com will send a Shipment Notification email to the package recipient, informing them that their product has been dispatched and will arrive shortly. A customized personal note, as well as a link to a tracking number so that the receiver can follow their shipment, are all included in this email.

Related FAQ

  • Is this going to work with the firewall at our company? Absolutely! Stamps.com requires an Internet connection, and in most cases, it will not have any difficulties connecting across your company’s firewall
  • however, there are certain exceptions.
  • Is it possible to set this up on our server, or do I have to install it on every user’s computer?
  • Individual computers must be configured to run the Stamps.com program in order for it to function properly. Stamps.com is compatible with Citrix virtualization software. If you are using another server program, Stamps.com may give you with a PDK for that application (Postage Development Kit). We charge the same as we do for our standard corporate services.
  • Is it possible to connect Stamps.com to my database using an ODBC connection?
  • Yes. Almost any database, from Excel to SQL, may be used to extract order or customer information into Stamps.com’s system. Stamps.com also generates an export file that contains information such as the mail class, the mail date, the postage cost, and the tracking number.
  • How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Use of My Computer?
  • Each account is secured with a unique password. The only means to alter a password is through the use of a secret question, which is specified by the administrator to regulate the usage of the software. A location can also be cancelled by an administrator at any time.
  • What Is the Process for Cancelling My Account?
  • Stamps.com does not require you to sign any contracts, so you are free to quit at any moment without penalty. You can cancel your order online or by calling Stamps.com’s toll free number, 855-608-2677, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday. We will be pleased to help you through the use of one of Stamps.com’s Customer Care Representatives

USPS Announces Informed Delivery Program – Stamps.com Blog

  1. Home > Letter Mailing> The United States Postal Service Announces the Informed Delivery Program Consider the possibility that you may receive a digital representation of a letter before it ever reaches your doorstep.
  2. This is made possible via Informed Delivery, a test initiative offered by the United States Postal Service.
  3. Imagine being able to view black-and-white photographs of the exterior and address side of incoming envelopes when you’re on the road, at work, or in the middle of a vacation while you’re on the go.
  4. So you’ll be one step ahead of the game and be able to keep track of everything that’s ready to arrive at your front door.

Furthermore, the service is completely free and may be used from any device, including a phone, tablet, or computer.What is the procedure?You can find out if you reside in an acceptable ZIP code and delivery point by visiting this page.If you are, you will be required to login into your personal USPS.com account profile in order to complete the registration process.Each morning, you’ll be able to get an email (with a maximum of 10 envelopes) with photographs of your incoming mail, which you may review.Notifications are only issued on mailing days, which means they will not be sent on postal holidays or on weekends.

The photos are kept on file for a period of seven days.For the time being, Informed Delivery only displays photos of incoming envelope-shaped mail, which is currently unavailable.However, there are plans to expand the availability of this service to include other types of mail, such as parcels, in the future.Improving the effectiveness of informed delivery.Take a look at how effective the combination of utilizing both Stamps.com and Informed Delivery may be!

Home envelope printing is made simple with Stamps.com, and your home office is transformed into a strong mailing hub for outgoing mail.As a result, if you qualify for the Informed Delivery program, your early awareness of incoming mail will help you to remain organized, efficient, and on top of your business or household communication!If you want to print directly on envelopes, visit Stamps.com.

It’s important to remember that the Envelopes portion of Stamps.com allows you to print straight onto envelopes.Mail printed with this option is called metered mail, and it always contains a date at the bottom of the sheet.Alternatively, you may log into your program and select the Envelopes option on the left-hand side of your screen in order to print PC Postage straight onto an envelope.

Using the drop-down option next to ″Mailpiece,″ pick ″Letters.″ The envelope kinds that are available will be displayed in the ″Print Details″ section to the right of this option.Choose the type of envelope you want to use from the drop-down menu.Comments have now been closed.

Stamps.com Reviews

  • This review was brought to your attention through a link. The position of this item on this page may change the next time you come here. How do I know I can put my confidence in these Stamps.com customer reviews? How do I know I can put my confidence in these Stamps.com customer reviews? ConsumerAffairs has 3,626,777 confirmed reviews. We demand contact information from our reviewers to guarantee that they are legitimate. We employ clever tools to assist us preserve the quality of the reviews on ConsumerAffairs.
  • Our moderators examine all of the reviews to ensure that they are of high quality and useful.
For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ. Page 1 Reviews 0 – 10 Robin of Beech Bottom, WV Verified Reviewer Original review: Feb. 18, 2022I’ve been a LONG time customer – with nary a complaint or dissatisfied experience. But recently – after some apparent update – their service S-U-C-K-S! The latest update to their service must have been done by some diversity hire WOKE SJW. Every time I’ve tried to print out a shipping label – which I’ve done THOUSANDS OF TIMES over the past 8 years or so – different error messages keep popping up, my contacts can NOT be put in a consistent order, international labels give a message that I am printing multiple labels when I am not.The past two weeks has had these same issues whether I use my office PC, my laptop or my wife’s brand spanking new desktop PC! At first I found work-arounds, put after 1 or 2 labels, they too fall victim to the same error messages from their site. I’ve talked to them, I have even let them take control remotely of my PC – and each time it’s either ″we’re aware of the issue and are working on it″ or I get an email that says: ″all fixed!″ And no, no it’s not. I going to use ship station through Paypal from now on or at least to they hire people based on their aptitude and not their ″wokeness.″ Read full review Babak of Canton, MA Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 19, 2022They use the ″USPS″ acronym to give you an impression that they are affiliated with the postal services. They send you a packet so that you can print a dozen free stamps at home. You don’t even realize that you are signing up for a subscription service. They charged my credit card for four months, before I realized what had happened. I requested a full refund and they complied. I am very disappointed.Thomas of Seattle, WA Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 11, 2022Like many others, I entered CC info for a one time transaction two years ago to see if Stamps.com could help with some holiday mailers I had to send out. Then, without my knowledge or authorization, they enrolled me in the pro plan for $17.99 per month after the ‘trial’ ended. Yes, they list this stipulation in their fine print but they never send monthly invoices and don’t show the charges easily on their site under the billing section. It is a small monthly charge but I finally noticed it after over two years and several hundred dollars in charges. Upon calling them, they made it very hard to cancel membership and did not offer any consideration or credits for the months billed. They stated that they do not send monthly invoices (like every other online service I use) because they don’t want to ″bog down their users inboxes″. Sounds more like their business model is built on reoccurring charges that many consumers don’t notice on their statements.Christina of Tacoma, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer Original review: Dec. 27, 2021Blank paper stamps are provided for you to print at a high cost. If you fail to print correctly then you 1) are not eligible for any refund at all even if absolutely nothing was printed on the stamps and the paper is pristine (simply because you opened the package of stamp paper) and 2) you must fill out forms, mail said forms and blank stamp pages to the government to get refunded for purchase of postage that never printed. Do not use this site! Much better to go to the post office!william of South Beach, OR Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 7, 2021Horrible website. Don’t miss the printing of your document. If you do you’ll need to fill out paperwork for a refund. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in postage. How about the option of printing labels twice if your printer misfires instead of filling out paperwork for a refund.SO stupid. I’m looking for a full refund from the company. Also the customer rep hanging up on me was a nice touch. Don’t use this service.HANNAH of Goodlettsville, TN Verified Reviewer Original review: Dec. 3, 2021Purchased what I thought were stamps ready to use. My fault I did not realize I had to print them. I purchased with a 1 month free trial, but then began getting recurring monthly charges without approving. Could have also been my fault, may have been in the fine print. Anyway, I closed my account with Stamps.com as soon as I realized this was going on. I had not yet printed my stamps. I tried to go onto stamps.com and find a way to print them but could not. Called customer service who told me I could not print them since I had closed my account. What?! It had been 21 days since my purchase of the stamp sheets. I asked to return them for a refund and was told they could not do that since I had closed my account. I said, ″You have my credit card and my order number, SO seriously, work with me.Either allow me to print what I’ve purchased or refund my money.″I asked to speak with a manager. I was put on hold 7 times while the rep spoke with his supervisor. After 41 minutes, I was finally told they were going to email me a return shipping label. Of course, I have to pay the 4+ dollars in shipping. While I obtained some semblance of resolution, I certainly will not do business with them again. Read full review J. of Minneapolis, MN Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. 25, 2021I entered CC info for a one time transaction. They then without my knowledge or authorization enrolled me in the pro plan for $17.99 per month. Very deceptive as I don’t recall me authorizing any membership. When I found out they were charging my cc every month, they made it very hard to cancel membership. The US laws should be changed to make a temporary membership where you have to cancel after trial illegal. The business should need your authorization after the trial to enroll you in a membership. Take your business elsewhere.M of La Salle, IL Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. 21, 2021Second, I never got the label and the site won’t let you reprint (even though the site states you can reprint within 24 hrs). Lies! Used sample print before completing the purchase to verify the label would fit on the regular printer paper, but when I completed the label purchase, the print preview changed to print the label on half of the page. Once you make any adjustments to the print setup you CANNOT reprint and must request a refund that takes the post office 2-3 weeks to approve and then another 4-6 weeks for the money to be returned. Customer service closed on the weekend so no support!I’ll be reporting this scam to my bank and the BBB. Why would you change my printer settings so you can purposely take my $ in hopes I’ll likely forget in 8+ weeks. On top of that my card was charged 4 times for 1 label! NEVER AGAIN And I’ve used many eCommerce sites that email you the label so you have more than one chance to print it in case something goes wrong. In this case, it is obvious they set it up like that for a reason.to take your $. OH and to tip it off I clicked the button the cancel, received confirmation I canceled my trial.and then got an email saying thanks for upgrading from the 17.99 to the 24,99 package and I will be charged today so I literally canceled my account and was told I upgraded instead! Read full review Alan of Middle Island, NY Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. 5, 2021Do not give this company credit card information. I was charged $10 for allegedly purchasing 27 stamps, despite my only provided sheet of 9 stamps! This is a scam! Even the customer service reps, though very understanding, said there is no vehicle for refund, despite offer.Betty of Portland, ME Verified Reviewer Original review: Oct. 17, 2021When I signed up with Stamps.com I thought I was dealing with an arm of the USPS. WRONG! They make it appear that they are actually affiliated through their site design. After many months of being billed $17.99 I find that they have me in a PRO service. I did NOT sign up for. Their support said it was their policy to put every new account in the PRO service as a default. Even though I only spend a few dollars in postage (Paid separately). Please be VERY wary of this outfit. Their business model is NOT customer oriented and definitely not affiliated with our proud national postal service. My credit card company is investigating them and have disputed my payments. Last
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Stamps.com – Wikipedia

  • Stamps.com Inc. is a type of company. Services Provided by the Private Industry and Business Founded in 1996, this company has been in operation for 26 years. Headquarters are in El Segundo, California, in the United States. Jeff Green (Founder)
  • Ari Engelberg (Founder)
  • Jim McDermott
  • (Founder)
  • Ken McBride
  • (Chairman & CEO)
  • Kyle Huebner
  • (President)
  • Jeff Carberry
  • (CFO)
  • Amine Khechfé
  • (Chief Strategy Officer)
  • and others.
Products Internet postage, Custom postage stamps, Shipping software
Revenue US$757.98 million (2020)
Operating income US$198.152 million (2020)
Net income US$178.665 million (2020)
Total assets US$1.297 billion (2020)
Total equity US$974.119 million (2020)
Owner Thoma Bravo
Number of employees 1,100
Website stamps.com
  1. Incorporated in the United States, Stamps.com is a provider of Internet-based mailing and shipping services.
  2. It was owned by Thoma Bravo until it was purchased by another company.
  3. Stamps.com was a public business that listed on the NASDAQ market under the ticker symbol STMP.
  4. Stamps.com was a retailer that sold stamps.

The company’s headquarters are located in El Segundo, California, and serve as its headquarters.


  1. Established in 1996 by Jim McDermott, Ari Engelberg, and Jeff Green while still MBA graduate students at UCLA, Stamps.com was formerly known as StampMaster when it first opened its virtual doors.
  2. When the United States Postal Service approved StampMaster’s beta testing and introduction of Internet postage to the market, it was one of a small group of firms who pioneered the industry.
  3. In 1996, the United States Postal Service began releasing concepts for digital distribution of postage.
  4. Stamps.com completed its Series A investment round in February 1998, raising $1.5 million in total.

Series B investment, totaling $4.52 million, was received in August 1998.It completed its final round of private financing in February 1999, raising an additional $30 million from investors such as Marvin Runyon, the former Postmaster General of the United States.The firm went public in June of the same year, raising $55 million in its first public offering (IPO).The company’s secondary public offering took place less than six months after its first public offering.Stamps.com was granted authority to market its service throughout the United States by the Postal Service in August 1999.When Stamps.com purchased IShip.com, a company that compared shipping service prices, for $305 million in stock or eight million shares in October 1999, it was considered a major acquisition.

Ken McBride was appointed as the CEO of Stamps.com in 2001.It was in 2004 that the United States Postal Service granted permission for the first commercial test of PhotoStamps.During the fiscal year 2005, the firm generated a net income of $10.4 million.PhotoStamps was re-launched in May 2005 for a second year-long trial period before being discontinued.In January 2006, the United States Congress modified a statute that forbade attaching company advertising to postage, with the amendment becoming effective in May of that year.

This opened the door for companies to utilize PhotoStamps, which were previously illegal.Photographic NetStamps, a product that combines the company’s prior NetStamps product with PhotoStamps, was introduced in September 2006.PhotoStamps were able to be utilized in conjunction with accurate postage produced using the Stamps.com program as a result of this combination.

Stamps.com had more than 300,000 clients by the end of 2008.During the fiscal year 2012, the firm had revenues of $38.6 million.It has roughly 465,000 registered consumers at the end of 2013.

The next year, Stamps.com recorded a revenue of $147.3 million dollars.This company bought ShipStation in June 2014 for $50 million and up to 768,900 shares of stock, making it the first web-based multi-carrier shipping service situated in Austin, Texas.ShipStation was created in 2010 and specializes in the development of solutions for importing orders from shopping cart systems for the purpose of order fulfillment.

As a result of the transaction, ShipStation became an autonomous subsidiary of Stamps.com, which is still managed by the same management team.Importing ShipWorks, a multi-carrier shipping software firm that connects with shopping cart systems, for $22 million in October of the same year helped Stamps.com expand its product offerings.ShipWorks continues to function as a separate, totally owned subsidiary of the parent company.Stamps.com announced in March 2015 that it had reached an agreement with Newell Rubbermaid to buy Endicia, another internet postal provider, for roughly $215 million.

Endicia’s goods are sold under the DYMO Stamps and PictureItPostage labels, among other things.ShippingEasy, Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company that provides web-based multi-carrier shipping software that allows online retailers and e-commerce merchants to organize, process, fulfill, and ship their orders, announced on June 20, 2016, that it had entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the company.Stamps.com has agreed to buy ShippingEasy for $55 million in cash and 87,000 shares of Stamps.com common stock, as well as performance-linked equity incentives for an additional $5 million.Stamps.com announced another acquisition on July 25, 2018, this time of Metapack Ltd., a London-based firm that provides delivery management solutions to e-commerce merchants and brands.There was an agreement reached on a purchase price of around £175 million in cash.

In the meantime, MetaPack will continue to operate as a fully owned subsidiary under the direction of its present management team, with more specifics of the transaction to be revealed on August 1, 2018.Announcing a planned acquisition of Stamps.com at a price of $330 per share on July 9, 2021, Thoma Bravo also launched a 40-day ″go-shop″ opportunity to solicit alternative ideas.


Online postage

  1. Stamps.com offers a USPS First Class Package International service.
  2. In exchange for a $17.99 per month subscription fee, consumers may print authentic United States Postal Service stamps and mailing labels from Stamps.com’s website.
  3. Using a digital scale, Stamps.com users may weigh letters and parcels before mailing them to guarantee that the right amount of postage is applied to each item of mail.
  4. It is then debited from the customer’s Stamps.com account in the amount of postage that has been applied.

Clients may print postage on envelopes, normal paper, and sticky labels, among other options.The system interacts with third-party address book programs like as Outlook and Act!, small business apps such as Microsoft Word and Intuit’s QuickBooks, and e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Magento, and Amazon.com, among other services.


  1. Additionally, Stamps.com featured a product called PhotoStamps, which allowed consumers to upload personal images or logos and have them printed on genuine United States postage stamps.
  2. PhotoStamps were offered as a sheet of twenty postage stamps for a total of $20.
  3. The service was terminated on June 10, 2020, as a result of the United States Postal Service’s decision to stop its personalized postage program.
  4. Stamps.com’s corporate offices are located in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Illegal Activities

  1. While The Smoking Gun was successful in ordering PhotoStamps containing contentious photos, Stamps.com’s current policy forbids photographs of world leaders as well as ″any material that has a vintage aspect or displays images from a previous era,″ according to the company.
  2. Customers are paid their monthly membership payments at the end of each month, and as a result, upon quitting the month-to-month service, they are charged a final payment.
  3. Stamps.com agreed to settle a class-action complaint in 2009 in which the plaintiffs claimed that they were subjected to excessive hold periods when they sought to discontinue service over the phone, resulting in the delayed closure of their accounts.
  4. Throughout the decade of the 2010s, the corporation was dogged by criticism regarding free trials that were later turned into monthly subscription payments with minimal advance notification to clients.

Stamps.com agreed to pay a $2.5 million settlement to resolve a consumer protection lawsuit brought by the state of California against the company in 2015.Several independent technology publishers backed up the news release’s claim of ″false and deceptive advertising.″ Stamps.com believes that such fees are reasonable and well-explained in their terms and conditions.

See also

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Endicia Internet Postage


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  • Official website

Stamps.com vs. USPS

  1. With Flat Rate Select, ReadyCloud presents a new method for customers to save money on flat rate delivery.
  2. It is an excellent choice for any business transporting tiny products weighing up to 20 lbs or less.
  3. This is most likely referring to you if you sell on the internet.
  4. With your ReadyShipper license, you get access to this feature.

Start saving money right away by signing up for a 14-day free trial.Are you curious about which box sizes qualify and what price options are available?Take a look at the full list of options.Learn more about ReadyShipper by visiting their website.To see all of the features, please click here.


  1. Stamps.com is a great alternative for people looking for a more economical method to mail parcels via the United States Postal Service.
  2. The Stamps.com interface allows you to utilize digital postage instead of regular metered postage, which saves time and money.
  3. Without having to make a trip to your local USPS post office, you can quickly weigh your parcels, pay postage, and print postage from your digital scale.
  4. To clarify, it is preferable to remark that it is not a true Stamps.com vs.

USPS comparison, but rather that it is a simpler option aimed to save you time and money.Take for example the ability to print postage without having to make a special trip to the post office to do so.The lengthy queues are no longer there.Time saved is valuable, and time gained is priceless as well.


  1. One of the most compelling reasons to use Stamps.com is the ability to utilize the online postage meters to calculate postage.
  2. The advantages of using them are numerous, and you should not neglect them.
  3. For starters, you may access your meters at any time of day or night; there is no downtime.
  4. Due to the reduced number of trips to the post office, you will save money on personal time as well as petrol and car wear and tear.

You will also avoid standing in line for hours at the post office during peak mailing periods, which will save you money.It is simple and inexpensive to purchase the stamps you want immediately and have the postage printed straight onto your mailing labels.All you will need to get started is a computer that is compatible with the program and a normal printer (inkjet or laser).


  1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) might charge you to lease a postage meter, and you may wind up paying more in postage as a result.
  2. Saving money is made possible with Stamps.com since they supply you with a digital scale, which you may update based on your shipping demands on a regular basis.
  3. You will not be charged a monthly fee for the use of a postage meter.
  4. Furthermore, Stamps.com offers a discount on shipping insurance, which you may take advantage of.

Is Stamps.com, on the other hand, the greatest choice for you?The majority of e-commerce enterprises are aware that Endicia is a direct competitor of Stamps.com.We’ve put up an informative post that compares Stamps with Endicia so you can choose which service is best for your company.Keep in mind that both organizations provide the same discounted postage rate, which is set by the United States Postal Service (USPS).


  • Among the several advantages that Stamps.com provides its customers are the following: Some of them will be discussed in detail so that you may judge for yourself. Increase your savings by as much as 80% over conventional postage prices (as determined by the meters), and just pay a single flat charge with no hidden fees or markups.
  • There is no need to go to the post office if you can print postage from your home computer whenever you need it.
  • Ideal for small firms who mail out a large number of goods on a daily basis
  • You may join up for a free trial and receive a slew of bonuses simply by doing so
  1. For its customers, Stamps.com provides a variety of distinct advantages to choose from.
  2. So that you can see for yourself, we’ll go through a couple of them.
  3. Increase your savings by as much as 80% above conventional postage prices (as determined by the meters), and pay only a single flat charge with no hidden fees or markups.
  4. There is no need to go to the post office if you can print postage from your home computer whenever you want it.

A great option for smaller companies which send out several parcels on a daily basis.In exchange for joining up, you will receive a free trial period and a variety of freebies.


  • Stamps.com provides a variety of various advantages to its customers. In order for you to see for yourself, we will go over a couple of them. Save up to 80% on your usual postage rates (as determined by the meters), and just pay a one-time flat charge with no hidden fees or markups.
  • There is no need to go to the post office if you can print postage from your home computer whenever you need it
  • Ideal for small firms that mail a large number of items on a daily basis
  • Simply by registering, you will be eligible for a free trial that includes a slew of bonuses.

Get started with ReadyShipper shipping software now and you’ll receive a FREE Stamps.com account as long as your membership is ongoing!

Stamps.com – FAQs

  1. Home
  2. Small Office Mailers
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  1. The most effective approach to determine whether Stamps.com is appropriate for you is to give it a try.
  2. As a result, we provide new clients with a 4-week trial period.
  3. That gives you four whole weeks to experiment with Stamps.com.
  4. If you decide that Stamps.com is not the perfect fit for you for any reason, just cancel your account online or phone to deactivate your account before the trial time expires and you will not be charged.

In the event that you decide to continue using Stamps.com after the trial period has expired, you will be charged $17.99 per month plus applicable taxes, if any, for the Stamps.com service, which will include the first month.If you sign up for a Stamps.com trial, you will instantly receive $5 in free postage to use during your trial, as well as a free Stamps.com Supplies Kit ($5 Value), which includes address / postage labels and an instruction manual.As a new client of Stamps.com, you will receive a FREE 5 lb.Digital Scale as a welcome gift.The scale has a $50 retail value and is yours to keep without any further commitment on your part.All you have to pay is for shipping and handling.

During your trial period, you will also receive coupons for $20 in postage that may be redeemed after two months ($10 each month for two months).Your offer has a total monetary value of $80!$17.99/month + relevant taxes, if any – no hidden fees, cancel whenever you want.Stamps.com does not require you to sign any contracts, so you are free to quit at any moment without penalty.You can cancel your order online or by calling our toll-free number 855-608-2677, which is available from 6 a.m.

to 6 p.m.PT, Monday through Friday.One of our Customer Care Representatives will be more than pleased to assist you in any way they can.

How It Works

  1. Nope.
  2. All you need is a computer, a printer, and Stamps.com to get started.
  3. We provide a variety of options for printing: plain paper, your own custom envelopes or labels, or our NetStamps labels, which may be used exactly like traditional postage stamps (no licking necessary…
  4. unless you really want to).

Stamps.com allows you to print the most common USPS and UPS services, including the following:


  • Priority Mail® (domestic and international)
  • Priority Mail Express® (domestic and international)
  • First-Class Package Service® (domestic and international)
  • Parcel Select Ground®
  • Media Mail®
  • Flat Rate Boxes & Envelopes
  • Regional Rate Boxes
  • APO/FPO Military Mail
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute
  • Priority Mail Open and


  • UPS® Ground
  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver®
  • UPS 2nd Day Air®
  • UPS 3 Day Select®
  • UPS® Standard
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited®
  • UPS Worldwide Saver®
  • UPS Worldwide Express®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
  1. No, in fact, it is less expensive.
  2. We don’t add any markup to the postage you print from Stamps.com.
  3. With our negotiated reductions with the United States Postal Service and UPS, our rates are among the most competitive available anywhere.
  4. In addition, you have the freedom to send and ship as much as you wish.

There are no restrictions.Stamps.com offers the same affordable prices whether you are sending one letter or parcel or a million letters and packages.Yes, you can print postage from many of the software applications that you are probably already familiar with, like Microsoft Word, Outlook, QuickBooks, and other similar programs, among others.Additionally, you may immediately import your contacts into Stamps.com from the majority of popular contact management tools.There is no limit to the number of persons who may access your Stamps.com account at the same time, but only one computer is allowed to be signed in at the same time.Furthermore, all users must access their accounts from the same computer or device.

A multi-user account will be required if you wish to have numerous users access the account at once.Please see our multi-user accounts page for more information (Premier, Enterprise or Pro Plus).Companies may also keep track of how much money is being spent on postage by individual individuals if they utilize the multi-user option.Yes!We have a soft spot for ″Mac″ individuals.

Users of Mac computers may access Stamps.com Online, which is a web-based version of the site.Stamps.com Online allows you to print stamps, envelopes, and mailing labels from the comfort of your own home or office computer.TrueShip and ShipStation, two of our partners, offer Mac-compatible shipping software that includes Stamps.com integrated in, as well as other features.

Definitely!Stamps.com Enterprise was built just for businesses like yours.If you have five or more locations, we can set up a network of Stamps.com accounts that can be watched and controlled from any place in the network of accounts.

With total visibility and control over your postal spending, you’ll be in complete command.This is a significant advantage over the use of standard postage meters.Stamps.com is also less expensive than postage meters, saving you money in the long run.

Learn more about our Enterprise Postage Solution by visiting our website.Yes.Stamps.com allows you to keep track of your sending and shipping expenditures by client, mail class, zone, and other criteria.

Shipping and Online Selling

  • Customers of Stamps.com have access to Commercial Base, Commercial Plus, Cubic Pricing, and Negotiated Service Agreements through the United States Postal Service. Save up to 16 percent on all Priority Mail Express® shipments
  • up to 30 percent on Priority Mail® shipments
  • up to 26 percent on First Class Package Service® shipments
  • up to 7 percent on international shipments
  • up to 40 percent on package insurance
  • and up to 7 percent on international shipments.
  1. Customers of Stamps.com can save up to 69 percent on UPS 2nd Day Air® and up to 55 percent on UPS Ground Daily Rates when shipping with UPS.
  2. Many typical fees, such as the home surcharge for UPS Ground packages, are also exempt from being charged.
  3. UPS rates are only available for shipments originating in the continental United States.
  4. The following pricing and discounts do not apply to shipments originating in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Alaska.

It is possible that these tariffs and any related reductions will change at any moment and without prior notification.Stamps.com automatically imports orders from your shopping carts and marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon.com, and Etsy, without the need for you to do anything.You may also import orders from a CSV file, Microsoft Excel, XML, or an ODBC database that you create.Connections to your data source may be created in less than 5 minutes on most systems.It doesn’t get much simpler than this.It’s as simple as clicking, connecting, and shipping.

If you purchase from eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your shopping cart, Stamps.com will immediately transfer USPS tracking numbers, order information, and postal class back to the order source after the label has been printed, if applicable.Yes.Stamps.com allows you to print up to 10,000 labels in a single click using their online service.By offering all international USPS mail classes, Stamps.com makes overseas sending simple and cost-effective.Customs Forms are integrated with Stamps.com, with the right USPS form choice being selected automatically and the delivery address, product description, and item quantity all being included in the form.

Product limits are also displayed for each nation, and we immediately put the date, your name, and a ″electronic round stamp″ on the Customs Form, eliminating the need to visit the Post Office.

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